Spiritual, Biblical and Scientific Reasons of Clean and Unclean Meats

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Teachings by Pastor Crouch, on Clean and Unclean

Within the sub-teaching of the Power of Life or Death is in the Tongue we had to get into the topic of clean and unclean. In the following teachings we get to know more about the spiritual understanding of what it means to be clean vs unclean.

In the following three messages a lot of create material was covered on this topic. Several eye opening pieces are shared from leading theology and scientific studies. (Transcripts of these follow)

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/live/b0Uzo6qnc2c?si=FLTlziq2XSVVjMJH&t=2434

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/live/VAVIJqW8KPk?si=W5foDaaN9a02XOV4

Part 3:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgNswaStbwo&list=PLDaz-Zogf_OAj3586nHyA7QogPborkuc0

We have another related study Dietary laws in the Orthodox church

Transcripts 1-3 follow:

Transcript 1: 

Isn’t it good to see Bobby and
Joey here tonight they’re on the front row. Good Baptist boys got their Bibles did you notice
they got a pen and they got a notepad and they got their own Bibles and
they’re sitting on the front row and they’re daring me to teach them yeah I don’t know that’s
right it’s cool it’s cool I think I brought everything but my
Bible oh there it is okay here’s my Bible let’s go to Leviticus
Leviticus 11 12 13 14 and 15
all five chapters deal with clean unclean every basis of clean and unclean
in the Bible comes out of these five chapters and they’re all linked the beginning of the discussion of what’s
clean and what’s unclean is found in animals first to give you a an
analogy or a contrast that we want to start breaking down for you tonight so we’ll begin together reading
at Leviticus 11 verse one and Yahweh spake unto Moses and to
Aaron saying unto them now I want you to get the order of how this comes out
Yahweh speaks to who Moses and Aaron now
who were Moses and Aaron anybody know they were brothers what
tribe nope theyes Levites Moses was a
levite Aaron was a levite the tribe the Priestly tribe father’s not going to
talk to anybody unless you’re a priest if you’re not a priest he ain’t going to talk to you he only communicates through
priest now Yahweh spoke to Moses and he spoke to Aaron who was the high
priest Moses was the prophet so now you see the prophet and high priest Ministry
going together he spoke to both of them both of them being anointed one a
prophet is one who speaks the word and a priest is one who ministers the word so Yahweh speaks to Moses and to Aaron and
he says to them what I’m telling you I want you to Now teach the children of Israel so he’s not going to teach you
without teaching you through a prophet and a priest you got that this is a Bible
standard you can go from Genesis to Revelation he’s never taught anyone he
doesn’t speak to anyone except through a prophet or a priest anointing it’s the
way it operates speak unto the children of Israel saying these are the Beast now
see that word Beast what number do you have
2416 so it’s really not Beast is it what is it huh living creatures
creatures that are full of life okay these are the living creatures which you
shall eat now what kind of creatures are you going to eat living which means you
don’t want to eat dead stuff got the picture if you’re going to eat you better eat something that’s alive now
it’s going to tell you what live constitutes for life now remember what
what’s our theme Proverbs 181 what is it no the power of life and death is in
the tongue now the tongue is where it’s in the mouth now what do you do with the
mouth besides talk eat so if you don’t eat something
alive you can’t speak something alive did you get
that we have turn it
how do I get the next two hours and 45 minutes side of tape I think going to be
easy these are the living creatures which you shall eat among all the beasts
that are on the earth whatsoever parteth the hoof and is CLO footed and cheweth
the cud among the Beast that shall you eat now we told you there’s only two
qualifications they part the hoof meaning there’s a the hoof is clothing
meaning it’s two things built into one showing a
distinction kind of going off in different directions showing that father wants a separate walk he doesn’t want
you to walk as others walk notice the first song in the Bible Psalms one
blessed is the man who walth not after the counsel of the ungodly know what it
says the very first song in the Bible blessed is the man
that walketh not after the counsel of the
ungodly here’s what you’re going to eat people that have a separate walk they
don’t they they don’t do what other people do they do only what Yahweh says
to do so the the foot describes the walk
the walk describes the behavior meaning that your lifestyle is to be separate
from those around you they gripe don’t you gripe they swear don’t you swear
they lust don’t you lust they take don’t you take you’re to be separate don’t
identify with people around you who are not alive so the first thing you got to
do is find out whether they’re alive or not and the Bible said life is only in Christ so first of all you don’t want to
have a an an attitude connection with somebody who’s not a Christian a
separate walk it doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them but don’t associate with
their behavior that is negative do you see
that yep now questions require an answer yes we do
this is a black church not a white church expect some amens that’s right thank you nevertheless these shall you not eat
of them that chew the cud or of them that defied the hoof as the
camel because he cheweth the cud but divideth not the hoof in other words you say well his walk is good but his talk
ain’t too hot or his talk is good but his walk ain’t too hot the Bible said you better
watch the walk and you better watch the talk and if the talk and the walk ain’t together don’t touch it or touch him
right because he doesn’t have any life the symbol of life is that the walk and the talk
merge now if every person who fell in love would just learn that one simple thing you you’d start off with a good
relationship at least even if it wasn’t a good marriage that’s just that’s just one of the
points he is unclean unto you and the cony because he cheweth the cud but
divideth not the hoof he’s unclean and the hair or the rabbit how many know rabbit food’s really good everybody eats
rabbit and they say well rabbit is just like chicken but the Bible says don’t eat rabbit rabbit’s unclean well it
tastes good tastes good don’t care if it tastes good how
many know that sin tastes good you don’t go by taste taste is not the determin the the the young people of today in the
world say well if it feels good do it Father’s word say says if I tell you
it’s wrong it’s wrong it don’t make any difference whether you like it or not whether you think it is that way or not you learn to distinguish between what’s
good what’s not good and I’m the one telling you what’s good and what’s not good and later on I’ll tell you why it’s not good and if you hear me you’re going
to live see and the hair because he cheth the cud but divideth not the hoof
he’s unclean unto you what verse seven what’s the next one swine what’s what’s what’s swne pig bacon bacon ham
ham pork pork chops they smell
good they taste good but boy do they do havoc in your
body and the swine though he divide the hoof and be clo andf footed yet he cheth
not the cud he is unclean to you of their flesh shall you not eat and their
carcass shall you not touch they are unclean to you these
shall you eat of all that are in the waters whatever hath fins and scales in the waters and in the seas and in the
rivers them shall you eat and all that have not fins and scales in the seas and in the rivers of all that move in the
waters and of any living thing which is in the waters they shall be an Abomination unto you they shall be
even an Abomination unto you you shall not eat of their flesh but you shall have their carcasses in Abomination
whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters that shall be an Abomination under you and these are they which you
shall have an Abomination among the fowls they shall not be eaten they are an Abomination the eagle the office fridge
the Osprey the vulture and the kite after his kind every Raven after his kind and The Owl and the Nighthawk and
the cuckoo does here and the
cuckoo and the cuckoo verse 16 that means anybody’s cuckoo get away from
him and the hawk after his and The Little Owl
in the the corant in the what what’ you say what’
you say I missed it what was
it it’s got to be good say go ahead say it go ahead say it what do you say
everybody get up and leave
okay yeah she didn’t want to say it CU she was looking at
me and the Swan and the Pelican and the carry and vulture and the stor that means no more
babies the [Laughter]
heroin oh Heron thought we had heroin there okay
the heron after her kind and the lapwing and the bat where’s the
ball all fouls that creep I will not say it going upon all
four shall be an Abomination unto you and on and on and on and on and on and
on it goes let’s go to Leviticus 13
yes well that’s in a later study we haven’t broken them down yet
[Laughter] the reason why you looking at
me do I look like a bird that walks and crawls no don’t answer then Leviticus 13 Yahweh spake unto
Moses and Aaron saying when a man shall have in the skin of his flesh a rising a
scab or bright spot and it be in the skin of his flesh like the plague of leprosy then he shall be brought unto
Aaron the priest PR under one of his sons the priest and the priest shall look on the plague and the skin of the
Flesh and when the hair in the plague is turned white and the plague in sight be
deeper than the skin of his flesh it is a plague of leprosy and the priest shall look on him and pronounce him unclean
now notice in all cases it’s the priest who says unclean how many know that people want to say what’s unclean and
they’re not priest and it’s the priest that has to announce it
clean you you can’t determine whether it’s clean or unclean unless you are a priest that’s why father said the only
way you can know is you have to go to a priest if the bright spot be wide than the skin of his flesh and his sight be
not deeper than the skin and the hair thereof be not turned white then the priest shall shut up him that hath the plague seven days and the priest shall
look on him the seventh day notice that six and seven again and behold if the plague in his sight be at a stay and the
plague spread not in the skin then the priest shall shut him up seven days more and the priest shall look on him again
the seventh day and behold if the plague be somewhat dark and the plague spread not in the skin the priest shall
pronounce him clean now it’s the same word for clean and unclean are you getting it same word clean unclean it is
but a scab and he shall wash his clothes and be clean but if the scab spread much abroad in the skin after that he has
seen of the priest for his cleansing same word for Christ cleansing the leper
he shall be seen of the priest again and if the priest see that behold the scab
spreadeth in the skin then the priest shall pronounce him unclean it is a leprosy when the plague of leprosy is in
a man then he shall be brought unto the priest and the priest shall see him and behold if the rising be white in the
skin and if it have turned the hair white and there be quick raw flesh in the rising it is an old leprosy in the
skin of his flesh and the priest shall pronounce him unclean and shall not shut him up for he is unclean and on and on
and on and on and on it goes verse after verse after verse go down to verse uh
43 then the priest shall look upon it and behold if the rising of the soar be
white reddish in his bald head or in his bald forehead as the leprosy appear in the skin of the flesh he is a leprous
man he’s unclean the priest shall pronounce him utterly unclean his plague is in his head and the leper in whom the
plague is his clothes shall be rent his head be and he shall put a covering upon
his upper lip and he shall cry unclean unclean and all the days wherein the
plague shall be in him he shall be defiled he is unclean and he shall dwell alone without the camp shall his
habitation be now let me put that in King James English 20th century style verse
45 this is what every Jew does to this day when somebody dies it’s called the
death declaration that interesting the same
thing that somebody does at a funeral is what you do when you find out you’ve got leprosy which means you hold
your own funeral three things you have to do by yahweh’s own word if you find yourself
with Leprosy number one his clothes shall be
rent meaning you don’t wear your clothes straight you let everybody see that your
clothes are messed up and
torn if something’s wrong in your body you must wear clothes that declare
it your clothing must declare it when somebody dies you always read in the Bible they rent their clothes right when
they die they still do that to this day I know certain churches still follow the same custom they rent their clothes now
the moment moment that a man found out he had leprosy the first thing he’s to do is Rend his clothes he cannot dress
nice isn’t that interesting that’s the first thing he had to do second thing his head be now what does that mean it
literally says in the Hebrew he must never comb his hair his hair must be uncom anybody know
what you look like in the morning when you first wake up a leper’s got to do that every single day got to let his hair become wild why
you’re a mess who wants to get around a mess see what father is saying if it’s
what’s inside you then you’ve got to let other people see outside you what’s inside you he’s trying to show you
something here so you can distinguish between clean unclean but did you notice the person that had to do this was the man that had the leper what’s the one
thing that most people that have leprosy don’t want you to do they don’t want you to know what’s inside them we hide our
sins okay number three he shall put a covering on his upper lip no one is
allowed to see your upper lip now the power of life or or death is in the
tongue which hides behind the lip now he’s got to cover his mouth and then he’s going to cry he’s not going to say
this softly okay this this is not a soft speech this is not clean no he is to cry
unclean wherever he goes whoever he meets don’t get near me I’m
unclean boy if we could get every person that had a lust problem if we could get every person
that had a drug problem if we could get every person that had an alcohol problem
if we could get every person that had a wicked temper problem if we could get every abusive person if we could get
everybody that had a nasty disposition to not comb their hair wear messed up
clothes cover up their upper lip and walk down the street crying unclean who’
want to be around them but none of us do things biblical
ways anymore that preachers have to call them out anybody getting a picture here okay
then if you go back to chapter now 13 talks about leprosy chapter 14 talks about how you get a leper purified or
cleansed what is the cleansing process of a leper then uh 15 talks about female
problems and uh chapter 12 talks about children born and all of these things
are unclean and there’s a reason for these things these are the five chapters in the Bible that deal with clean and
unclean to give you different pictures and aspects of what’s clean and unclean so before I really get into that let me
explain to you I have in front of me a number of Christian books all of which were purchased at some leading
fundamentalist gospel bookstore like celebration uh Christian Discount Books
uh Calvary Chapel uh Vineyard these these books can be found in any of the
local gospel bookstores okay so that you understand that I’m not making this up this is not my opinion these are the
actual comments of people who read these scriptures these are born again people
not all of them necessarily agreeing on the details but agreeing on the other aspects of it and and so I just want to
read a couple things to you as to what they say here’s a book that I bought several years ago at Celebration it’s
really a good book it’s called food for God’s children by rapael gason the
spiritual significance of the dietary law of Moses put out by logos International if anybody know see when
you’re in the business that I’m in over the years you understand that any book printed is printed by a certain company
and that company has what are called qualifications for printing which means you have to meet certain doctrinal
qualifications so they not print in other words if you say I don’t believe in hell and you go to a publisher who
believes in hell and although they believed everything but that they they would not print it they will not print a
book that does not conform to their doctrinal beliefs everybody what I’m talking about so once you wonder the
first thing when I was in Bible school they said if you want to know truth first of all learn how to go find it and
the first place you find truth are in teachers who write books second find out
who the Publishers are and then find out what the Publishers believe and then you don’t ever have to worry about the
author because the manuscript is Thoroughly inspected before it ever goes to
print and after a while you soon learn that there are certain books that you can trust regardless of who wrote him
simply because of who published it logos International is a major publisher of all fundamentalist literature that’s
accepted by all Baptist Nazarene assembly ofon for square some fundamental Presbyterians
and and and we we could go on and name all of the fundamental churches but this is a major publishing concern are you
with me this is not put out by some some flying by night company that is has only one denominational standard this is
called basic understanding okay um under chapter 3 called the
dietary laws of the Israelites here’s what it
says the Hebrew word koser which from which we get kosher how many you heard
of kosher food denotes food which by virtue of its pure nature which is the same word for
clean in the Bible cleanness clean cleanliness and Purity are one and the same is conducive to proper nourishment
in other words does it provide nourishment how many know what the purpose of food is it’s to nourish isn’t
it if it doesn’t nourish you is it good food no so it’s called clean or pure if
it provides something that will Build You Up therefore an unclean food would
be something that tears your health down and if it tears your health down it
will cause what well death and disease but what goes along with death and disease
no pain how do you know if you have a sickness pain so pain is what you get
when something is not right but in Bible language it’s called you got something
unclean going on so if you don’t want to have pain you’ve got to get rid of the unclean now
you and I I’m not talking just physical pain you can have emotional pain anybody with me spiritual
pain mental pain you can have all kinds of pain in
your life you can be pained with frustration pained with anxiety pained
with fear pain with hurt pain is the sign that something is
unclean and if you don’t deal with it it will kill
you so a pure or clean food therefore is a food that father says will build you
up and will not cause pain so what he’s telling them is remember what’s the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil it’s
the the tree of the knowledge of pain and pleasure and and what did Father say
Don’t eat of it because I don’t want you to have pain in your life but see we’ve got to do it our own way I’ll go ahead and do it my own way then I then I get
pain over it is anybody with me so far okay Tera conveys the idea of that which
is unhealthy toxic now if I have time tonight I’m going to get into
toxemia inadequate for the need or capable of causing an ill
effect anybody heard that capable doesn’t say it necessarily will because some people say well I do that and it
doesn’t make me sick yet hang in there you will jumping down a couple paragraphs
the various repia malusa I hope I’m pronouncing these right because I’m not
a Boton not a butst but a biologist I can’t some of these names I can’t pronounce good Mesa crust chaia is that
right are not in themselves sufficient for diet furthermore their flesh can
induce various forms of intoxication for these lower forms of
animal life are infected with a variety of microorganisms which have a weak power
of resistance and very low Vitality in other words the the lower
the animal that if you eat a lower form of life you are getting away from something that’s alive they’re loaded
with bacteria how many know that bacteria is a major cause of a lot of disease and sickness isn’t that right so
the idea is if you’re going to be pure you got to get rid of the bacteria well if you eat something with bacteria in it
what are you going to get okay you’re going to get unclean and you’re going to get sick cuz you’re
unclean the simpler the animal Construction the less fit it is for human
conception now let that one just sink in for a minute will you okay the simpler how many know that father made you
complex but we don’t want complex things I want it easy I don’t want to have to
chew my food if it’s soft let me swallow it how many know if you ate nothing but soft foods you’d soon die simply because
your the chewing mechanisms of the mouth are not providing the enzyme that will
break the food down that will cause you to digest consequently you’ll simply die of malnutrition no other reason you’ll die
of malnutrition Because unless it’s digested it will not be consumed by the body the simpler the animal construction
the less fit for human consumption for it is too easily decomposed and more likely to create a number of physical
and constitutional disturbances the tortoise carries a number of organisms under its shell while the turtle flesh
has been found to be the cause of a number of deaths how many know that there’s people who eat Turtle flesh it’s
unclean likewise the snail the muscle and the different varieties of crab have the same harmful
potential um another fact often mentioned in
hygiene textbooks is the danger of communicability of typhoid through the eating of an oyster how many knew that
oysters cause typhoid it’s common knowledge this is just medical knowledge did Father know this
well see but if I didn’t go to school and I didn’t know that see my people perish for lack of knowledge because if
I don’t know it Satan can get to me that’s why we’re to know that’s why we’re to study and find out when father
says it’s wrong don’t say well I don’t think it is wait till I read to you some of these
commentaries what they really say about this stuff you’re going to be shocked because the church is in two extremes
and I’m in neither the eel is difficult to digest
EST we know that animals which depend on vegetables for their nutrition possess
delicate and tender muscular fibers which demand little effort in digestion which says that when you eat something
it must have little effort to digest in other words the simpler the processes of
what you eat the easier your body will assimilate it but if it’s hard to digest
it’ll be harder for you now how many of you have ever eaten something and by the
time it even got to the stomach and not into the colon you already had heartburn gas headache what was
happening it was already decaying and and being and and and turning into fermentation before it ever got into the
intestinal tract it’s unclean something’s wrong so
when father tells us about clean and unclean are there hygienic rules but I’m what I’m here to tell you is there are
hygienic rules but there’s also something that the church world hasn’t realized in these things that’s why I’m
bringing this out the Flesh of the rodent is hard to digest and is prohibited because of its filthy habitat
the swine is one of the most dangerous animals to eat this is a Christian book
found it in celebration hello the swine the hog the pig bacon sausage pork chops
oh I’m didn’t right this that’s not my opinion anybody get there see if I just
told you that will pastor’s opinion where is he getting it and I know it’s hard some of you don’t like me to read it all but you see I’m trying to let you
see this is not my opinion I brought out all the authorities and you can decide for yourself then then that’s where I’m going to take you that’s going to set
you free everybody got that okay the swine is one of the most dangerous
animals to eat tronos attacks the swine it’s intestines can become infested with
the Tania Solium and the Tania medoc Canal types of tapeworm as well as other
parasites there can be great danger to the partaker as domestic fowls exhibit
delicate muscular fibers they are more Savory and digestible than wild duck and other birds one of the potent sources of
TB was discovered in the meat of consumptive animals
um okay that’s that’s all I want to read you in that chapter now let’s go to the Beast of the earth section
here we’re told that clean beasts have cloven hoofs and chew the cud animals considered as prohibitive were
the solap heads or those with one hoof as the horse and the ass while those
which were regarded as clean were the FIP heads or those with the hoof divided into two parts or cloven such as the
oxen the deer the sheep and the Goat we shall be considering these in a later chapter but let us confine oursel to
these verses when we think of the animals with clo and hoofs the question naturally arises as to why such creatures are
clean the answer answer is to a great extent wrapped up in the circulation of the
blood everybody get that now father is a botanist and he’s also the Creator who
better understands what he created than the Creator since he created the animal
would he know whether or not you should eat it does that make sense anybody follow me but see I don’t want to take his word for it because if Jo blow down
at the butcher shop tells me that there’s nothing wrong with it there’s nothing wrong with it and I’ll take his word before I’ll take the
Bible ever heard that mentality okay the answer is wrapped up in the
circulation of the blood and I’m not even going to get into the circulation of the blood Factor tonight so it may be a little bit if we have time and in the
excretion of waste matter through perspiration anybody know why you
sweat why do you sweat get rid of toxins what happens if you don’t sweat don’t get riday but then
what happens if they stay in you can die in other words you’ve got
to get rid of your toxins that’s why you sweat and if you don’t
sweat now animals that do not have clothing
hoofs keep their
sweat okay okay no if the
feet now remember the foot is what type and Shadow of the walk the Bible says that we walk in love what what is the
Christian Behavior you’re to walk in love have you ever seen Christians who were not loving do you know why they’re
not loving they got a lot of perspiration in their
veins how many know that’s how we have deodorant carry a can with you
everywhere you go folks somebody says something bad you spray their mouth with
it I’m just being scriptural if you ain’t going to get rid of it then I’ll spray it that’ll put them in their place
whatever living Christianity in the 20th century according to Leviticus 11
yeah if the feet are completely covered by a hoof they will not perspire freely
and therefore have no contact with the air now does anybody know what the word
for air is in Hebrew Rua which is the same word for
Spirit if you don’t have contact with the spirit and if you don’t let him move through you and if you don’t let him
flush out of you your daily hurts you will get
sick the Holy Spirit wants to flush you he’s the heir and so perspiration ducks
are for air to get in that’s what you have lungs for to get air in to cleanse
you that’s what your lungs are for to clean your blood up how many know that I got a medical book right here by a
doctor one of the best doctor books you can find anywhere you find this in a used bookstore it’s worth its price in
Gold it’s worth ,000 just one chapter in this book is worth a thousand dollar of
information food is your best medicine Dr Henry Baylor he he was on TV
throughout the nation and around the world and the AMA tried to ban him for what he was given in this book and they
couldn’t do a thing because he’s an AMA doctor just Prov me wrong
first a parallel might be found in a man wearing boots without ever taking them off how many of you have ever wore your
shoes and socks and never took them off for a couple days anybody ever notice what happens let me tell you something I don’t want to be in the room with you
when you take them off I’ve been around some people that
just taking their shoes off daily is a bad thing to be in the same room with them there are some people that can
bathe two times a day put on two different sets of socks take off their
shoes and stink up the whole car or the whole house you ever been around those kind of people I hope you haven’t but
sometimes you’re married to him what are he going to do I always said in Father’s humor He
he’ll always take somebody with a nose problem and put them with a foot problem that’s the only way you can get
along so you see there’s there’s more to finding your mate than what you may realize
yeah I I I want her to take off her shoes before we even begin to have a
relationship can’t drink out of her slipper
without that’s right I’m not going to drink out of her slipper no
okay okay such an animal with a covered hoof would be subject to disease that would escape
the notice of the Casual eye and this would increase the danger of eaten flesh what could be unfit for human
consumption on the other hand a clov and hoof will allow free perspiration and contact with the air while any existing
disease of the feet would be easily noticed before there is any danger of consuming unclean
flesh the second qualification for Fitness is that all clean creatures must chew the cud this means that any food
eaten is chewed swallowed brought up shoot over and over again now I don’t suggest that some of you do
that this is talking about animals that do it not humans that do it I I
recommend to everybody here don’t chew your food swallow it and bring it up again okay I’m trying to prove a point
some of you don’t like it when I try to prove a point but I’m trying to prove a point these animals which chew the cud
are referred to as ruminants which suggest musing that’s a musing isn’t it
they have four stomachs four how many did you have one
they got four so in order for your one stomach to work you better make sure
that whatever you eat has passed through four stomachs I want you think about that for a minute
okay if it’s only got one stomach and then you put it in your one stomach something’s going to happen to your
stomach you know how many stomach problems we have today it’s in the Bible folks it’s in the Bible okay
they have first they have four stomachs the first is called the
punch why does everybody look at this stomach and call it the punch well I guess that’s my first
stomach it’s also my fourth stomach that’s right the first is called the punch and receives the food after it
has been moderately chewed now how many of you how many what’s a en what is it how many times are you supposed to chew
the food you were telling me one time 100
is it really minimum is what 35 35 times minimum that’s you’re talking about that
one bite okay 100 times for one
bite saturate with pepsin and and all the other digestive AIDS in order for it to be processed properly now do you know
what that means do you know that that means some of you can never go to a restaurant and be done in 15
minutes yeah do you know what I would you know what it would do to your jaw if all you did
was well some of you do that anyway without even having food in
it the first is called the Ponch receives the food after it’s been moderately chewed the work is then taken
over by the second which is called the honeycomb when the beast eats it takes in as much as it is able as fast as it
can and then lies down to ruminate which is chewing while ruminating the two stomachs began to dilate with the
pressure of the food which has not been fully Che chewed and which swells with the heat of the body the food then
passes back into the mouth for a second chewing so that it is rendered softer before passing into the third stomach
called the manifold from there it passes into the fourth stomach where it is softened and soaked until it becomes a
white milky fluid called help me out with this c h yle e Kyle child call call
okay by the way have you ever wondered the bread that came down from heaven it was white
and it was Fluffy think about it the bread from heaven was sweet and could be
instantly digested isn’t that interesting when father gave us bread it was already in a digested State and
Christ is called our bread I just wanted to pass that on for you okay from this
it will not be difficult to see that chewing the cut indicates that if the food is regurgitated over and over again
the result will be good digestion and a healthy body this will ensure that the animal will have clean flesh for man
consumption now how many of you you hear the word
and as soon as you walk out the door it’s already
forgotten now in the Bible there’s a word for
chewing h
no I thought it was interesting I’m I’m gonna tell a story on Elise okay just
I didn’t ask her permission but she went out the other day and got
herself a Greg Hebrew Bible and
uh she called me up and she says I I want to ask you a question I just opened my new Bible and
I was interested in something and the first word that she wanted to look up when she looked into the Bible I thought
this was interesting for somebody that goes out and buys a new Bible she went to Leviticus 11 and looked up the word
cheth I thought it was interesting what is the number anybody
know some of you that’s got Leviticus 11 open there what is the
number 5927 okay let’s go to
5927 in the
back I always love it when people buy this book and then go to work on
it 59 57 no
17 okay 59 27 now I’m reading from the complete
word study Old Testament by the same person I don’t you may have the same thing in your Bible if it’s just the Bible itself 5927 is the Hebrew word
Allah now she read through this and it said I don’t see anything in here about
eating I thought this was interesting she had my mind going
because I couldn’t figure it out either it’s not too often that a female can ask me a question I don’t have the answer to
it we love you I know you do well that’s what Lilith does to
[Laughter] you see beginning of tape to understand
what I just said okay 5927 Allah to ascend Mount up go up rise to grow
up to grow up how many you know you’s got to eat to grow up to be lifted up how many of you need
to be lifted up you ain’t going to be how many of you have ever felt weak and ate something within 30 minutes you
began to feel strength come back in you hear me say put up to be led up LED away
how would you like to be led away from your problem to be high oh you don’t need heroin you just need to learn how
to feed on his word be exalted cause to go up lead up bring up raise to impose
to take away to remove to Overlay to be offered to be elated and it goes on and
on and on and on then I pulled out the the
uh I don’t think I brought it out with me this oh there it is wiggum’s wigram
Hebrew concordance and began to look it up in there and then it says cheweth the
cud which is the same word and it says to raise up the cud and then I took another Hebrew
dictionary and began to look it up and it’s the same word for the burnt offering in in Leviticus one to rise up
or to ascend or to give to Yahweh so when you put all these meanings together to chew the cud which is a synonym for
the word to meditate means to bring up again to your remembrance what you’ve heard and begin
to think about it so you can digest it do you understand that if you don’t think about what you’ve heard you will
not digest it and if you do not digest it it will not become a part of your life you can sit here and become gospel
heart and hear the word for the next 20 years and it’ll do nothing for you and the only thing that’ll make the word go
in you and make you strong is if you start to think on it and think on it and think on it and think on it and think on
it which is what your spiritual teeth are you got teeth in order to chew not
to snarl Bible says be careful that you be not that you don’t devour one you don’t
bite one another your teeth are not for biting they’re for chewing well I read something else that
reason that what you chew however is got to be a specific food how many of you will chew painful
things you chew on you think on you bring up all the time negative
things you bring up bitterness you bring up suffering you bring up your attit I can’t stand that person I want to kill
that person I don’t want to be around that person and all you do and then you wonder why you’re so bitter your stomach’s messed up we got
to learn how to digest good food and if you don’t understand the
physical side of eating you’ll never grasp the spiritual side of eating you
have a mind you know what your mind is your mind is the mouth of the spirit and
only to the degree that you think on spiritual things constantly and bring the word into it are you going to be a
winner and be an overcomer you and I have been trained to think what everybody else thinks we want everybody else’s opinion except father’s opinion
what does Father say about it I need to know what father wants to say not what I
think it means I need to be willing to be taught and then when the word comes what does this mean to me how can I
apply it
who what’s the what’s the number one commandment in the Bible any know what it
is is is it necessary now the first commandment not
option first commandment is Thou shalt love that’s positive isn’t it doesn’t say thou shalt hate first commandment is
Thou shalt not hate evil that’s what most Christians
say first commandment is don’t Bible says first commandment is Thou shalt here’s something you’re
supposed to do Christianity is not a don’t religion it’s a doe religion what’s the first thing you’re to do love
him with all your heart not just your head with your
affections learn to relish him I want to ask you a question how how
can you love something you’ve never seen how can you love a food you’ve never seen how can you love a food
you’ve never tasted I don’t think it can be done personally I I think the only way you
can love something is you’ve got to know it so the Bible says you’ve got to know him and that’s why I keep repeating this
to know him is to love him and if and and and what is true in the spirit has
got to be true in your relationships you’re not going to love a person until you know them but most of us love people
without knowing them Satan wants you to
jump it takes time to know
somebody and it takes equally time to know father do you think you’re going to know father
just because you come to church one day and say Okay I accept Christ that does it now you know him you don’t ever need to read the Bible again just go to
church once a week and say that’s all I need just go to church and worship a couple songs give my ties witness once in a while say yes I’m a Christian
Hallelujah and then go out and live like the rest of the world lives and that’s going to get you to heaven something’s wrong with our
Christianity Today folks 95% of Christianity isn’t even
biblical the first commandment is to love him and you can’t love him until you know him and that’s why Christ was
given so that you could learn through what Christ did what who he is so you could fall in love with him because when
you fall in love with him you won’t fall in love with anybody who’s not like
him no woman wants a man who can’t act like Christ and no man wants a woman who
can’t act like Christ but I don’t know of anybody who acts like Christ all the time do you so we got a
problem well problem can be solved if each one of us would just simply start chewing the cud
that’ll make you clean how do they get to be a clean animal because they got stomachs they’ve learned how to digest
they’ve learned how to bring it up they’ve learned how to think on it chew on it over and over they don’t think on
negative things they think on positive things now turn with me to
that has ever come to me in the last 35 years has got this verse from me and
hardly anybody ever does it I counseled one woman for five years
almost on a nightly basis just with this scripture and she never did get it finally got mad at the church and left
then want to figure out why why I wouldn’t help her Philippians chapter
4 let’s begin with verse four rejoice in Yahweh when things are
going good H always always always how about
when things aren’t going my
way do you know that if you can’t rejoice when things aren’t going your way you’re
unclean we’re going to get heavy almost rejoice in who doesn’t say
rejoice in the problem the point is don’t ever let any negative in your life
become more important than Yahweh what’s the first commandment love
him not love to see the problem solved
because if you follow him first seek ye first the kingdom of Yahweh and his
righteousness and all these things will be added to you now what it
says how do you do that first thing you got to do is Rejoice now the word Rejoice comes from the word to Joy does
anybody know what Joy is it’s not the girl that lives next door who’s Joy my first girlfriend
that’s your first girlfriend it’s also Al the third boy counting from my left on the
[Laughter] couch Joy means
full of laughter
excitement and love it means whatever you love you love it with excitement until it makes you
almost laugh hysterically that’s what Joy is that’s why when some
of you get even it just fills you with such Joy
am okay it’s called pastor’s rejoicing session I counsel them they walk out in
Disobedience and then something goes wrong and I say I’m rejoicing
no rejoice in Yahweh learn how to find joy
in him in the midst of the negative see most of us can’t have joy until the
negative’s gone we’ve missed it we haven’t learned how to be clean and you become clean by chewing the cud okay now
do you think that’s enough Paul says I don’t think you heard me and again I say
rejoice verse five let your moderation or your B
Ence you’re not an extremist you do things moderately not an
extreme a moderate dresser in biblical language is not one who shows themsel
off physically and also not one who covers thems up completely moderately means you put
things in such a balance that instead of people looking at your body or looking at your
clothes they see you that’s proper
dress anytime you wear something that makes people look at your body you’re going you’re in
sin anytime you make somebody look at you to be looking at your clothing you’re in sin you’re
unclean you have to so dress that you Reveal Your Inner personality so that
people see you sometimes we tried to hide ourself through our
dress you can always find a woman with low self-esteem in the bar because she’s
always showing herself off right right Bible says don’t go after
that kind of woman because you see she has no value and therefore she’ll have no value of you any person who does not
value themsel cannot value you therefore they are unclean so the Bible says let
your moderation let that not being extreme to cover up or to expose did you
get that don’t expose now I’m going to say something right here I’ve been wanting to do this for two years and I tell you
maybe I’ll do it
tonight father according to this book created your
sexuality in Bible language known as the holy of holies you know what that means there
wasn’t a person in Israel that could ever see into the holy of
holies only one person could ever go in Beyond the Veil
and find his presence and the Hebrew phrase holy of
holies synonym is Song of Songs which is the song of love that as you read The
Song of Solomon it becomes the same same expression in a man and a woman as in
our relationship to the creator meaning your body is not for you to share with
other people it’s for you to share with the one that loves you it’s a value
system on the other hand we want to cover up our distinctness we go to the see we go from
extreme to extreme when you should be able to reveal yourself
men and women are to dress moderately when you have value in
yourself you will neither cover up
yourself or reveal yourself you get what I’m saying that is
called moderate in the Bible we can we can take it all the way through the Bible but I I want
every every single person person in this room to understand that by a person you
choose their dress code lets you know what you want to see is the
person not how the person expresses themsel behind something because they’re
a Hider or a revealer if they reveals they’ll also reveal you they’ll expose
you see once you expose anything you’ll expose anything and it’ll destroy
some things are sacred folks and sacredness means it can only be shared
by two and that’s what Love’s all about I hope that helps you see
something as you look at it anyway back to the word let your moderation be known to all men Yahweh is at hand or Yahweh
is at your side be aware that wherever you go wherever you are yahweh’s right there
too he’s at hand he’s right there verse
six be careful for nothing anybody have a translation here that says be anxious for
nothing anybody have a different translation says be anxious for nothing or don’t be anxious don’t worry about don’t worry about anything what
translation that living living okay the word literally in the original is have
no anxiety don’t let anything upset you
nothing why now this is called this is you’ll see in a minute why it’s called clean this is called
clean but in everything how much everything by prayer and
supplication with Thanksgiving let your request be made
known unto Yahweh and the Peace of Yahweh which passeth all understanding
shall keep your hearts and Minds notice there’s a distinction between the heart
and the mind now the mind is the mouth and the heart is the stomach of your spiritual
nature exactly what goes on in your body is exactly what goes on in your
spirit verse eight here it comes verse eight finally Brethren whatsoever things
are true now what did we speak on last week truth the truth will set you free
don’t think on anything that isn’t true now if we took this Bible study and
just dealt with the word what’s true knowing that Christ is truth that the Holy Spirit brings truth and that his
word is truth and when his truth is in our hearts it is known as Purity which
is the word for clean did you get that truth operating
in my thinking becomes known as clean so I can only be clean if I have
truth so truth and purity are the two sides of a single coin one
produces the other finally Brethren whatsoever things are true if there’s no truth in it you
better do something with it if anything has any truth in it any
truth is there some evil in it let’s find out if it’s true does it have any good in it let’s find out if it’s true
don’t be afraid of finding out whatever things are honest or could
there be deceit whatever things are just what if it’s unjust whatever things are pure
there it is what that that’s the word clean whatever things are pure does that imply there could be some impure things
whatever things are lovely how about things that aren’t lovely whatever things are of good report how about bad
reports now watch this if there be any what virtue virtue or power and if there
be any praise think on these things
think on means bring it up and put it into your conscious
mind see the devil is always telling you think about this think about this think
about this your mind is always chewing what you’ve got to do is be in
charge of your mental mouth because the power of life or death is in the tongue
includes the spiritual tongue and therefore don’t put something in your mouth that isn’t
clean if it’s got truth in it it’ll set you free but if you don’t think on Truth
you’ll think on an untruth so here’s an untruth I don’t mean anything to
anybody nobody loves me I’m
ugly think about that long enough and you’ll soon have a behavior or a walk
that will correspond to your thinking and as you think about you you will then begin to relate to People based upon
what you tell yourself so instead of being honest with honest people you’ll start to deceive people because you’ve
deceived yourself because you can’t admit who you really are you see that think on these things
this phrase here think on this is the same word as ruminating or meditating or
bringing up because your mind is always being challenged by TV by movies by magazines
by your friends to think on that thing and you have to bring every thought in control and put it under this and say
wait a minute where’s the truth in this if there’s no truth spit it out if it’s not honest spit it out if
it’s not just spit it out if it’s not pure spit it out if it’s not lovely spit
it out if it doesn’t have a good report to it spit it out it doesn’t give you power spit it out if it doesn’t cause
you to praise spit it out don’t think on it you’re wasting your mental energy and
then you say father help me can he help you if you’re griping can he no
no can you see that okay
now lesle brought up as the tape went off on that other
side the little phrase here that we’re going to go back and pick up where we left off
because to ruminate or to chew literally means to bring up what am I going to bring up into my thinking
processes to bring up more than 100
times do you know what it means to bring up a single verse of scripture over 100
times in your mind you know what the first thing the devil does to stop that process what’s the first trick the devil
uses to get you to not do that anybody know well he can put your mind on other
stuff what else what’ you say tired get tired
boring Bor as the first number one trick of Satan that’s boring I’m tired of hearing that
verse how can you love now think about this now you’re to love him right
there’s only one way you know him his speech what makes you fall in love with each other do you understand it’s your
words the power of life or death is in the tongue you and everything we do is a word system words have meaning words can
build up words can tear down so can Behavior your behavior towards me can
build me up your behavior towards me can tear me down my behavior towards you can build
you up my behavior towards you can tear you down I am responsible but my behavior is based on my
chewing so I’m going to speak certain things based on on how I perceive things
can you see that so now how many of you women who have who have been married or
who are married how would you feel if your man walked up one day that you madly love
and said to you you’re so boring I’m gonna go find me another woman
tonight wouldn’t that be cool no even bobby gets
[Laughter] it
[Music] I appreciate that Bobby
sensitivity it’s one of the signs of clean unclean people are
insensitive one of the signs by their fruits you’ll know them you that say I’m Gonna Give You Keys pretty soon you’re going to say unan you don’t need to
rinse your clothes you don’t need to leave your hair undone you don’t need to go around screaming unclean I’ll do it for you unclean get out of
here I’ll mess up your hair if you get around me I’ll Ren your clothes if you get too close to
[Laughter] me oh I love it yes okay see there’s a
proper way to take Vengeance you don’t have to be vindictive just be
scriptural find out how Yahweh does it and help yourself he
doesn’t he doesn’t do anything without love and he loves doing it
[Music] you’ll have to forgive me I’m I’ve got some ENT thingss entertaining
me you’ll never know
okay now when you say that scripture has no
meaning to me it has no value to me you’ve just slapped father in the face see if you expect him to bring to
you the right mate or the right love relationship and meanwhile you don’t have a love relationship with him it won’t work that’s what it means to have
a spiritual relationship a king is one that is a has
a spirit relationship going with his Heavenly Father a queen is a woman who
has a love relationship going with her heavenly father and when every word he
says is continuously exciting and then these two people meet that are
on a word level everything that each one says is so exciting they can never get tired of
it I mean what man has ever said as the woman says I love you honey and he says
oh that’s boring you got a sick man that is
insensitive I have found that I have never gotten tired of a woman saying to
me I love you of course my reason I don’t get tired of it is I’ve never heard it
but okay yeah
yeah but I envisioned we know that that that you know most people live to hear
the words I love you I don’t know how you could ever get tired of it I think
that three times a day minimum Every Woman ought to tell her man I appreciate you and I love you and
if he’s got ears to hear he’s going to have rejoicing that’s going to make him want
to say to her I love you too and when you start to learn to live in that you
create a love bond that can never be broken and that is the the same relationship you now have with father
becomes the same relationship you have with a human that’s when you have a Biblical marriage do you
understand some of you Queens are going to have trouble finding your kings because the king is looking for that
kind of a woman and some of you aren’t there yet and vice versa some of you men thinking you’re
Kings have not yet let your kingship show because you see you can be a king
and you can be a queen but it’s not showing because your words are not always 24 hours a day
gold so you got to learn to get to the point what is your value system now we
were right here on Sabbath as I pointed out we have the tree of the knowledge of
Good and Evil and out here we have the
individual I know
I didn’t put it on the board I simply described it now here we have an
individual looking at the tree and I said this tree represents an
object of which there is at yet no meaning and all meanings in
life are learned by every human being by one
criteria I learn by whatever meets my
need so I learned to like or dislike based on what I think I need that’s
basic 101 in all Realms so I look at this person who becomes my tree and I
don’t know whether they’re good or evil but if I begin to eat the evil I will
become unclean if they are good I will eat from
them and I will become clean so whatever tree I open myself to will produce in me
clean or unclean can you see that so but I have no meaning to you yet so I’ve
decided to attach a meaning to you and I can learn to love evil but I don’t know that it’s evil because I’m listening to
your words that turn out to be a lie because I didn’t look at your clothing feet to see that you had a separate walk and one of that was a walk to
father and I didn’t look at your chewing the cut and see what you keep bringing up all the time you keep bringing up
negative things you keep bringing up the past you keep bringing this up and you keep bringing that up and it doesn’t benefit and it doesn’t help you see it’s
evil so I need to attach a biblical meaning and a biblical meaning becomes
clean and unclean why wait until you eat it to find out it makes you
sick find out whether it’s clean or unclean before you eat that make sense I
went to Mother’s the other day and I bought had a whole section I love Peaches I went to those Peach SE a
sign organic peaches I found every once in a while
you buy fruit and you feel of it heart is a rock how do you get juice out of a
hard rock fruit you bite into them you break your teeth can’t even chew them it won’t even
process in your body so I start feeling around and a couple of them are really soft and I said oh that’s a good one I
grabbed it based on what I know and I’m looking for the best of the best and I’m
picking out these clean peaches and I take them home and then I basic AG them and and uh process them and put put them
in the freezer and then the next day I come to eat my organic breakfast and I take that peach and I bit into that
peach and something strange was taking place pulled the peach back from my
mouth and I looked at it and all different kinds of discoloration in it
it had no taste it had no flavor it had no juice and it was loaded with brown
spots and I looked at it and something in me said unclean
it was a peach it was bed others it said organic but something was still
wrong I could have said to myself well it’s a mother’s
peach got to be good I’m eat it that’s right anything that mother produces is
good enough for me if mothers produces it it’s good enough for me if mother said it are you getting it
if mother said it the store that deals with food if they say it’s good if
they’re willing to sell it you ought to be willing to eat it wait a minute I have a choice in this
thing something doesn’t feel right to me I simply put it to my mouth my mouth
gave me direction out not
in now some of you do not have yet learned to use your mental mouth
and learn to spit it out if something doesn’t taste right you know what it can come from the right place give you all
the right answers but something’s not right you see when you eat something nourishing father lets you know because
if it’s loaded with nourishment number one it’s loaded with
taste did you get that what’s the most delicious
taste to our moral nature it’s love what feeds you more than
anything love folks if you what you want to do is test
it at least a hundred times keep creating the same
circumstances about a hundred times and see how they still respond you bring up his word a hundred
times bring it up chew it chew it what did Enid say how many times you got to
chew a hundred times isn’t that interesting chew the cud do you do that
with each other no well I told you you know how many husbands I’ve talked to the wife says to me we’ve been married
for 25 years and for the last 23 he’s never once said Thank you or I love
you and I’m hurt and I look at him and I say well why haven’t you told
her he says in his spiritual cocky manner
she knows I do why do I have to tell
her do you know that’s 90% of every male I’ve ever
counseled in a marriage what sick no wonder our marriages are sick does a woman need to
be told every day that she’s special yes why do we think do somebody once we
tell them that’s all they need do you think once Christ comes into your life that’s it I need him every day and I
still need him I still need to hear he loves me today it’s a daily love walk what’s your
walk it’s it’s not what you walked yesterday or last year it’s got to be every day you got to
eat you wake up hungry why you need nourishment the number one spiritual
nourishment of your life is love you’ve got to say with your mouth I love you
now the church has never learned this love today is a word that’s only used between two people madly in
love that’s why most people when they use the word love never really means it because they don’t even know how to say
it to anybody else if you could learn to say to every believer I love you then when you get to that one special person
you better pass them up that’s how you know see every one of you need to fall
madly in love with each other and be able to look at each other and say I love you with all that your heart then
when that special person comes around they better give you more that’s how you know you got a king or
queen oh that’s a priz who can find a virtuous woman who can find a virtuous man I’ll tell you what it’s hard to find
because it’s finding somebody who can get excited about you 24 hours a day
when they got real love they never get tired they just want to wait on you all day long can some you handle that how many of you could handle somebody just
waiting on you 24 hours a day man I wish I I I’m I’m ready to
preach now I could turn loose and preach for five hours just on this one subject just
as an introduction it’s good my favorite message Exodus 21 the love
slave every Christian is to be a love slave and only among love slaves can you
find a wife or a husband it’s in Exodus 21 some of you never seen
it it said if you buy a Hebrew
slave and it says well the man is working as a love slave because the word
is love slave not just slave but love slave meaning one who does it out of love and he’s simply loving the home in
which he’s in that has a different mother and father and brother and sister than what he is he’s coming into someone
who’s not blood related to him how many of you here are blood
related or not if you’re not a blood relationship in the natural you are in
biblical language a Hebrew slave you’re now coming into a new relationship in
father’s house and it says while he was in father’s house he looked at one of
Father’s daughters and he fell in love with father’s daughter and they got
married under father ‘s blessing and under that same roof they had children
and then it says the day came that the slave was allowed to be no longer a slave but a full grown man filled with
freedom and it says on that seventh year Sabbath year when he found his
rest he could then walk out and then it
says but if this slave says these words
I love my wife seven years later now are you with
me seventh year marriage Sabbath marriage you’ve learned
to rest in each other I love
you and I love my kids and I love this
home and I love the father and I don’t want to ever leave
this love it says then this man that has this new love
family will stand in the door now who’s the door John 10 I am the
door and it said he’ll have his ear bored through with an
all signifying that my ear is open to hear you
always and for ever he will serve in father’s
house and Christ became our Hebrew slave Philippians
and he had his ear bored through Hebrews 105 Hebrews or Philippians also and he committed himself to you and then he says as I have loved you now go
and love one another now all of us are brothers and sisters in that one family of Love there better be a lot of love
here folks but when that one person becomes special there better be a love that far
supersede how are you going to know if the right person is really loving you because it’s got to give you more than
what everybody else’s love gives you most of us fall in love because we’ve never had any anything sounds
good to some people a kiss is better than anything else because they’ve never been touched they fall in love with the
feelings they fall in love with experiences we’ve never fallen in love with people who are you you’re valuable
you’re to be loved where does it start it starts in an
assembly as you become slaves one of another I used to tell certain
people HS Hebrew slave simply yours I your servant I love
you unconditionally and I’ll always be here I don’t need to have a relationship to love you but in today’s world what
does the world tell you you can’t love unless you have a relationship and a relationship will bond you that’s not biblical
folks you don’t need a relationship for love but once you learn how to love
without a relationship I’ll guarantee you you’ll soon know what a relationship is because it’s got to be better than
that and some of us have never been loved at all unconditionally that’s why we blow in
are you hearing me I hope you are cuz you see every one of us were made for love but love begins with father and
that word love also is the word for clean how do you get it I’ve got to
bring it up I’ve got to ascend up I’ve got to go up I’ve got to bring something back to my mind and I’m to think on it
I’m to dwell on it a mother always thinks upon her
children you mothers that are here tonight that have children how often do you think of your children tell me to be
honest all the time how can you get rid of them how do you get rid of them you
can’t it’s in you well let me tell you something whatever love you have for your children had better be stronger for
the one person in your life I’m talking both to men and women that because that’s what it’s all about but you can’t
learn that apart from knowing him because that’s what he is he is love you see that he is love and love is clean
and therefore unclean and so father in love is giving you of how to learn to distinguish between CLE clean and
unclean now let me let me I’m going to have to bring this to a close and I know that let let’s just look at another scripture real fast second Peter chapter
2 verse 22 second Peter now notice it’s all twos
second Peter chapter 2 verse 22 2 2 22 Okay so that way you won’t forget it
you’ll always remember this 2222 2 Peter chapter 22 right
2222 two two two two
to to those who toot their own horns this is for them this is for
tutors tutors two two two two is for
tutors well we’re going to have to back it up into some
humor Verse 18 chapter 2 Peter 2 ver 18 for when they speak great swelling words
of vanity they Allure through the lust of the flesh through much wanness those that were clean escape from them who
live in error while they promised them Liberty they themselves are the Servants of corruption for whom a man is overcome
of the same as he brought in bondage for if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the
knowledge of Yahweh and savior Yeshua Yeshua
hamashiach they are again entangled therein and overcome the latter in is worse with them than the beginning for
it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after they have known it to turn from
the holy commandment delivered unto them but it has happened unto them according to the true proverb the dog is turned to
his own vomit again and the s that was washed or her wallowing in the M what is that talking about any person
who has uncleanness in his life that every time you go back to an unclean
Circumstance the Bible calls you a dog or a swine right now Leviticus 11 a dog
and a swine are unclean why because they go back how do you know if you’re clean you
don’t go back
can you see that Bible says the Sheep returned to the shepherd but the S
returns to the m pigs love
slop what’s your value system I was raised on a pig farm and I
noticed that after we in the family ate everything that we could eat they’re eating began where our
stopped huh right they eat slop they eat all the stuff we don’t eat
that means the best that pigs eat is what’s in their
veins so whenever you eat a pig you’re eating something that never came
up think about it and they live in the M how how many of you have ever
smelled a pig does it smell clean whatever you eat you
become there’s nothing in there that’s clean because they don’t eat anything clean they eat what you don’t eat and so
by putting it into you it makes you unclean a medical doctor will tell you that it takes all of your intestinal
tract 15 times as long to process a single bite of pork than it does any other kind
of meat average meat will process between 3 to 6 hours the minimum for S meat is 15
hours food’s already fermented in your stomach before 15 hours it just cannot be
processed is’t that interesting the S returns to its mire a dog returns to its
vomit how many of you ever seen a dog do that how many of you want to marry
one I’m serious folks I got to shock you a dog walks up to you and says I’m
the sweetest human being you’ll ever know wags his
tail and you’re a puppy lover and it’s so strange because he don’t look like a puppy
it’s got fleas but you just figure that’s his
Norm it’s hard for you to tell and so you marry the
dog but he just can’t eat what you eat he’s got to eat his own special
brand of food and you know what he never apologizes for
gas a dog has never how many of you have ever heard a dog excuse
me dogs lay there and just smell up the whole room and their tail goes at the same
time anybody that’s got a dog knows what I’m talking about Christ said there are dogs barking
at me at the cross he was talking about the Pharisees and I told you the word for
unclean was only used twice in the gospels one of lepers which we just read to you and the other were
Pharisees they’re dogs and their SS let me close with one other
thought doctor’s book Dr Paul bran and Philip anony fearfully wonderfully made you can this book’s been available for
20 years and all the gospel books St is a medical doctor who writes on the human body in
scripture and he studied leprosy he said as I studied leprosy patients in
India several findings pushed me towards a rather Simple Theory could it be that the horrible results of the disease came
about because leprosy patients had lost the sense of pain the disease was not at all like a
flesh devouring fungus rather it attacked mainly a single type of cell
the nerve cell how many of you have ever thought to yourself when somebody did something what nerve didn’t even da on what you
were saying think about it even your mind knows better what nerve how could they
do this to me they’ve hurt me and they don’t even care what nerve well that’s
the trouble they didn’t have any nerves after years of testing and observation I felt sure the theory was
sound the gradual loss of the sense of pain oops you get that what’s a leop how
do you know in lepers unclean and he better recognize it in himself CU he can’t comb his hair and he can’t wear
his clothes straight and he’s got to cover up his upper lip and he’s got to cry with a loud wailing voice as though
every day is his funeral and he celebrates unclean unclean why the gradual loss of the
sense of pain leads to the misuse of those body parts most dependent on Pain’s protection a person uses a hammer
with a splintery handle but he doesn’t feel the pain and in infection will flare up another steps off a curb
spraining in an ankle and oblivious to it he keeps on walking another loses use of the nerve that triggers the eyelid to
Blink every few seconds for lubricating moisture the eye dries out the person becomes
blind lepers become slowly blind they slowly lose their parts and they don’t even have any feeling and they don’t
even know it an Insight they can tell jokes and laugh and be just as happy as anybody else totally oblivious to any pain
around them leprosy unclean when a leper came to Christ and
had to be cleansed what’s the first thing you think he got felt
pain millions of cells in a hand or foot or the living alert rod and Cone cells
in the eye can be rendered useless because of the breakdown of just a few nerve cells such as the tragedy of
leprosy a similar pattern can be found in other diseases in CLE cell anemia or leukemia the malfunction of a single
type of cell can quickly destroy a person where if the cells that keep kidney filters in repair fail a person
may soon die of toxic poisoning I have a doctor’s report here I want to read you on toxic poisoning why you get sick
quite interesting the fact of the body the worth of each of its parts is graphically revealed by a disease such
as leprosy the failure of one type of cell can bring on tragic consequences one who studies the vast quantity of
cells and their startling diversity Can Come Away with a sense that each cell is easily Expendable and of little
consequence but the same body that impresses us with specialization and diversity affirms that each of its many
members is valuable and often essential for survival how many of you know your body’s essential lepers can’t leprosy is
a type of sin and each time you get into a negative attitude and think of something that is negative you will lose
sensitivity called the callous heart no longer bothers you you can say something crude it
doesn’t mean anything and you can hurt other people and it doesn’t mean anything to you the
Bible says unclean I ask all of you to tell from yourself how sensitive are you to the
touch of other people your sensitiveness is known by one gospel word love and what did Christ say herein
shall they know that you are my disciples and that you love one another
folks if you can’t love one another you’re not fit to be a
wife because if you have kids they’ve got to be birthed and raised in love because
their whole value system is built on nothing else but the love between two
people and them a proper man a proper woman and a
proper child becomes the triangle of love that becomes the symbol and expressing the father’s divine nature
and in that sense the home is then called a clean home rather than an
unclean let us think let us chew our cud let us bring up
continuously as we learn to Relish in each other that if you can’t even say to
each other on a daily basis I love you you’ll never be able to do it to a mate
don’t be afraid to say I love you because it does not have anything to do with relationship what I found in the church
is sickening because the reason that pastors the reason that Christian lay
leaders fall into sexual abuse is because they’ve never been told they were loved and all of a sudden somebody
just comes to them with normal Christian love and they fall in love with love that eventually becomes
known as adultery that would never have happened had there been love in the
first place and it could have been totally prevented if you and I get used
to being told that were loved by people who are not in relationship so that it’s more natural
to be told that you’re wonderful and loved without any needs to give
anything can you imagine you be no way in the world you’d
ever again choose the wrong mate and you see that
because they better give you more than anybody in the church and then
you’d never have another Act of fornication or adultery ever take place in the church I believe that with all my heart it’s built on love and love is
simply the value at which you place upon each other are you
valuable don’t be afraid to say not only with your
mouth but with your feet your actions I love you and I separate you from the
world Christ said I’ve told you not to love the world I’ve called you from the world but I’ve
called you to love one another and from that group you choose your mate and so it’s easy to find a mate when you’re
already in love father I pray that you’ll help us
tonight see clean and unclean love and unloved our speech our walk our thought
life what we chew on what we eat what we consider may we look at what we
think you are our lover the lover of our soul and
the only way we know how to express our love is by losing oursel in your word and we love your word and as your word
comes alive in other people you will lead us to fall in love with them because of their love for the word and to those that love the word
great we can love them greatly and then from that you lead is
to the one who can love us the most who becomes the type and Shadow and also the
reality of our savior thank you Father that you call us
to a love walk that at the same time becomes a walk of gold the purity of gold and at the same time becomes the
Fulfillment and satisfaction of every drive and every need inside of our life
help us father to live the life help us to speak the talk and to walk the walk
that we’re to love one another as you have loved us in yeshua’s name we pray
amen yah we bless you no one


Transcript 2: 

we’re going to continue where we left off on Tuesday
night and I was going to bring to you several Christian commentators of books
that are found in all of the bookstores Christian
bookstores and although I would like to ignore them the problem is that most people do
not receive one person’s Viewpoint because usually if somebody would hear this tape who’s of the normal
fundamentalist concept of way of thinking today because the church World
teaches that we’re no longer under law there is therefore no law to the Christian there’s none you can eat
anything do anything and it’s okay and all Christianity is is a matter of getting forgiveness that’s what is
taught today and I want it understood that leaders and theologians in the
fundamentalist movement don’t even accept that view these are books that you can find in any gospel bookstore
that I want to read to you their comments so that you can understand what we’re dealing with that there’s an air
that’s crept into the church concerning the law it’s amazing how we can be
sick we can be broke and things can go wrong and just believe it’s Father’s
will and it has no relationship to sin that that that’s what’s amazing today
we’ve got so far away from Biblical scriptures and biblical
understanding in fact I’ll tell you what I’m going to there there’s a
section when Christ was preaching in The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew

Matthew 5
verse5 Matthew 5:15 neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel but
on a Candlestick and giveth light unto all that are in the house let your light so will shine before men that they may
see your good works glorify your father which is in heaven think not that I have come to destroy the law that is to
remove it now Christ said I don’t want you to think that what I’m saying and what I’m
doing is going to remove the law now you got to understand in Bible
days there are Bible terms today Christians have a concept of what a word
means and they have no concept of what the Bible means by that word the word law here is Torah and
Torah means the first five books of the Bible Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers
in Deuteronomy think not that I’ve come to destroy the Torah I’ve not come to do to
remove the Book of Genesis the book of Exodus The Book of
Leviticus now that’s interesting I’ve not come to remove the Book of Leviticus Leviticus 11 is the
what you can eat what you can eat Christians today say he’s now I can show you right some of the commentaries I
brought it says for Christians today he’s removed all the law there is no law
well let’s find out what Christ said think not that I’ve come to destroy the law or the prophets and when he says
prophets see you got to understand that in the days of Christ the Hebrews the priesthood had defined the entire Old
Testament under three categories the law the prophets and the Psalms
the whole Old Testament was cataloged in three groups and if you buy any book today in the bookstore that deals with
bibliology or the study of the Bible that deals with where we got our Bible and how it’s developed still holds to
this day this three-fold breakdown of the word when Christ said I’ve not come to
destroy the law or the prophets he’s referring to the law being the first five books of the Bible I want you to
see that I have not come to destroy Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy or the prophets Isaiah
Jeremiah is see how he’s saying this but you see these were phrases or idioms in that day that Define certain books of
the Bible now here’s Christ talking about it I have not come to destroy that
is to do away with to remove or cancel out the law or the prophets I am not
come to destroy but to what fulfill it to show you how it’s done and how it
must be done is that what he said right I might tell me if I’m taking it wrong for verily I say unto you until
Heaven and Earth pass I want to ask you a question when is heaven and earth going to pass
away no can’t pass away at the End of the Age we couldn’t have a
millennium Heaven Earth still going to be here thousand years of Peace coming on
this earth right the Earth’s still here do you see what I’m saying Heaven and Earth is not passing
away there’s going to be a thousands of years yet before Heaven and Earth can pass away he said for verily I said Toto
you till Heaven and Earth pass one jot or one title which in English means the
crossing of the te or the dotting of the eye now now we’re getting technical
aren’t we he says when I say a word to you I want you to understand that even the crossing of the tea and the dotting
of the eye is going to remain that’s technical language folks
for verely I say un you until Heaven and Earth pass one jot or one ttle shall in no wise pass from the law until all of
it be fulfilled now what is he going to fulfill in
you do you know what salvation is salvation is salvation from sin and sin
is violating the law if he removes the law there can be no sin if there is no
sin you do not need a savior therefore why do you say father forgive me if there is no more
law we mock the scriptures folks look at verse 19 whosoever therefore shall
break one of these least
Commandments and shall teach men so he shall be called the least in the
Kingdom of Heaven but whosoever shall do and teach them the same Shall be Called
great in the Kingdom of Heaven now folks I’m gonna tell you something I take this
seriously I don’t want to be called least in the kingdom and you know what you’re called
if you’re leasing the kingdom in his Viewpoint when you decide to say the law is no longer in
effect for verily I say unto you that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteous
of the scribes and Pharisees you shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of
Heaven that’s pretty strong language he said I’ve not come to destroy Romans 10:4 Christ is the end of the law for
righteousness right know what it says Romans 10 let’s take a look at it
show you how people pervert things Romans 10 verse four
Christ is the end of the law see that word end yeah now I haven’t even looked it up
but let’s just do that I have a number here 502 5056 you have the same number okay let’s go to 5056 and find out what
it means does the end of the law mean it’s over let’s find out 505 now
remember I’m reading from a Baptist Bible everybody got that yeah okay let’s find out what these Baptists really
teach talking the Baptist now
Telos neuter usually with t the definite article which is the Greek word for
thee the end the goal the limit either at which a person or thing
ceases to be what he or it was up to that point at which previous activity
ceased it does not as commonly supposed mean the extinction the end or the termination
with reference to time but the goal reached the completion or the conclusion
at which anything arrives either as issue or ending and including the
termination of what went before or as a result Acme consummation when we speak
of the end of the war we speak of Victory when we speak of Telos Andros the end of man we speak of the full age
of man also used to the ripening of the seed it never denotes merely an end as to time time a termination in and for
itself for which another word is used death is always used in other words teos
in in in school to this day if you take any philosophy course in any college regardless of religion if you take a
philosophy course there is what is called a cosmological argument for the existence of deity it’s called
theological design the teos means it has
a design in it and what it literally says in the Greek is that Christ is the
design of the law not the end of the law not the termination of the law he is its
design he’s going to teach you what it is he is the law how many know sin still
exist today you can’t have sin exists if there is no law the Bible says that you cannot have sin unless you have a law
because sin is the violation of the law Christ died to save us from sin he did
not die to save us from the law when it says we’re not under the law but we’re
under grace it does not mean he’s removed the law it means you’re not under the law as a means of getting to
Heaven because the law says the soul that sinth it’ll die that means if you blow up one time
you’re dead if you if you’re going to try to get to heaven on the basis of your effort you better hang it up now because you’re not going to make it I’m
not going to make it we’re all going to hell I’m under grace you know what Grace means he in spite of the fact that I
broke his law has found a way to not only forgive me but to cleanse me and
make me clean when I was unclean and then to teach me how to make a distinction between clean and unclean by
giving me a separated walk which is what the clean and unclean animals are all about in the first place to teach me how
to distinguish in my walk before him can you see that he is the design of the law
and when he comes into your life he’s going to fulfill it now go back to Romans 8 verse4 which I’ve challenged
preachers over the years on this issue verse three of Romans 8 what the law
could not do and that it was weak through the flesh see the law can not just by somebody saying to me Thou shalt
not steal doesn’t mean that in my Humanity when I’m broke and now I’m in a grocery
store that I want to steal some food because I’m hungry can you see
that my flesh is
weak my my flesh is weak when I look at the opposite sex Bible says Thou shalt not commit
adultery my flesh is weak when somebody contests me and I get angry and I could
kill the law says Thou shalt not commit adultery Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt
not murder he’s telling you what you can’t do if he removes it it now means you
could we’re opening ourself to Rebellion by saying there is no law remove all
legal law enforcement you’ll have Crooks running Rampage over our land what a dangerous thing to teach
there is no law and so Christians now do whatever they want we’ve denied Christianity Christianity is a person
who so loves us that he’s coming back to redeem us to save us from our sins and to keep us from breaking the law and to
teach us how to keep the law and as we go into the types and shadows you’ll find out that as you apply Christ in
your life you will be brought to a place where you will not sin that’s what salvation for if
sanctification means anything it means no longer able to sin read it in Romans
he tells you you’re to be dead to sin shall we continue sinning what does Paul
say no tell me folks how do you sin you can’t sin if there is no
law Christ is the design of the law not the end of the law now watch this what the law could not do and that it was
weak through the flesh Yahweh sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemn sin in the
flesh read it with me verse four that the righteousness of the law might be
fulfilled where in us he said I didn’t come to destroy it I
came to do what fulfill it same word right here what’s he now going to do in you fulfill
it in you now talk about stupidity in the
church you got one group that says there’s no law then you got the other group that says we got nine Commandments
but the the 10th one which is the fourth one that that remember the Sabbath no longer exists nobody has to keep the
Sabbath anymore it’s funny how the church has done that where in the world can you show me in the word where
anything’s everever been removed our brother earlier in Sharing Sabbath rules asked the question why is
there a death penalty on the Sabbath how many of the Ten Commandments have a death penalty can I ask you that
is there a death penalty for worshiping other gods
no is there a death penalty for stealing no is there a death penalty for
lusting after your neighbor’s Goods or his wife no tell me where does the death penalty
stand now the Bible does say thou shalt not kill and if you do kill you have to be killed there’s a death penalty on
murder but there’s also a death penalty on the Sabbath which means father says it’s even worse than
killing it isn’t my view whether I think that should have a death penalty he’s telling me his value system is so
critical to him that he wants you to understand and took a death penalty and I want you to understand that when Christ went to the cross and died he was
taking the death penalty that I would have taken because I broke the law and part of the death penalty he took on the cross was broken
sabbaths when he come to save me am I supposed to say go ahead I’m gonna keep
you on the cross because I’m going to keep on sinning folks we saved to stop
sinning and if you don’t stop sinning the evidence the evidence is you haven’t
been saved how do you know when it’s clean how do you know when a leper finally gets clean because something changes in
their life can you see that how do you know walk and the talk now just I wanted
to emphasize that factor of of law as we go into that here is just a a marvelous
books of types written by a Reformed Presbyterian pastor called through new
eyes developing a Biblical view of the world a lot of good truth in here also a lot of err but listen to this clean
unclean animals he summarizes the entire unclean unclean situation in in two
pages what was it that made some animals clean and others unclean during the old
Covenant some of suggested that it was the food value of the meat and but this cannot be
so the distinction between clean and unclean was known Before the Flood when men apparently did not yet eat
meat how many know that nobody Before the Flood ate
meat they were all vegetarians meat was never eaten from
the Garden of Eden through the entire next 10 Generations until Noah came Noah
crossed over on the ark came out of the Ark still had clean unclean animals there were clean unclean animals from
the uh Garden of Eden as there was a Sabbath in fact you can go to any textbook and they’ll even prove to you in ancient history that every nation in
the world from the beginning of time until Abraham kept the Sabbath the seventh day
was sacred in every culture that’s in AR theology don’t even have to get
religious books to do that so from the foundation of the world a law was set up
Moses didn’t give us the law Moses simply said now I’m going to take that law that everyone in the world is broken
and I’m going to give it to a nation and show you through types and shadows how I’m going to deal with broken law and
Christ become the type and Shadow there was clean unclean from the
Garden of Eden he already made it that way why because father says I’m going to when I tell you what’s unclean I’m not just making it a
type my car is not a type of a male now I might be able
to pull some typology out of my car that relates to a
male got to step on their brakes you got to turn their
wheels to make them do anything you you you you can do all kind of things a car is is not a type of a
male we have different types for various beliefs that we have well when father
uses the type and Shadow it’s because in itself it contains all of the ingredients necessary to teach you how
to live every Bush every green herb every green plant every flower in this
world every tree in this world every animal created in this world is a type
and shatter of some characteristic that is either clean or unclean and it’s been that way from the beginning of time and
what he has called is always the same it never changes it doesn’t deviate it has nothing to do with law that’s just the
way it is so you can learn that he is the unchangeable he doesn’t say today it’s
clean and tomorrow it’ll be unclean he doesn’t say yesterday it’s unclean therefore today it becomes clean can you
see that he’s unchanging folks if he said it was unclean for 4,000 years and
all of a sudden Christ raises from the dead now it’s clean think about it all of a sudden he
rises from the dead and everything he’s declared from the beginning of time is unclean now it’s clean because some Theologian says that’s what it meant
when there’s no scripture for it I challenge
you it is an interesting thought however when was the first time anybody ever ate
meat never before Noah
vegetarianism now did you know that every animal that’s
clean as versus every animal that’s unclean do you know what the one and the only distinction between a clean animal
and an unclean animal is apart from the chewing of the cud apart from the clothing hoofs do you know what it is
there’s only one thing that separates between a clean and an unclean anybody
know what it is me eater and vegetarian that’s
right every clean animal was a vegetarian you know why father said it
is not to be your diet to eat flesh then he uses the word flesh you and I have been born in flesh what’s he trying to
tell you do you really think you could be clean fulfilling the lust of your flesh do you think when you sit there
and you get angry at somebody else you’re giving them flesh you’re feeding flesh you’re not feeding vegetables
there’s nothing in a vegetable that can destroy you
lettuce never killed anybody you can’t overdose on lettuce you can’t overdose on peaches
you might have a little diarrhea you can’t overdose fruits and vegetables cannot
kill you meat Can Am I a vegetarian not necessarily
now let me let me show you something because there’s a lot of biblicist who
also hold a vegetarianism from a Biblical standpoint we know for a fact that to be
a Hebrew you had to eat lamb you can’t eat lamb be a vegitarian lamb’s also a very nutritious
healthy animal or Christ would never have identified with it because he was a clean
animal Christ himself ate fish and Christ himself ate lamb that’s biblical
history but Christ was not a vegetarian and he never sinned so let us understand
understand something between what is called eastern and western theology I am a Hebrew I understand
Hebrew law and I want us to understand Hebrew law in reference to your own personal walk now with that Concept in
mind let’s see what he says After the flood I want to transpose
his regular names to Sacred names that’s okay so if anybody buys the book they say well that’s funny that name’s not in
the book after The Flood Elohim gave Noah permission to eat the Flesh of all
animals without restriction as to kind oh is that right yeah where did he
get that Noah could eat pig he could have bacon every morning pork chops every
night he could have Oysters he could have lobster he could go to any of our modern restaurants and have a
ball oh okay where’s the scripture well he gives Genesis
I hav even looked up this one yet so it’s interesting I going to find out where he maybe I’ve been reading the Bible wrong all this time okay Genesis 9
verse three every moving thing that
liveth shall be meat for
you you know I can make the Bible say anything I wanted it to say take one
verse out of context is that right yeah has Yahweh ever changed his law I got a
good Baptist in fact the number one theology text for over a hundred years to this date which you can still buy in
any bookstore which is sold in every Seminary regardless of denomination is
called strongs not not the guy that wrote the concordance but it’s a guy who wrote A theology book you’ll spend
probably 20 it’s a page the print’s so small you got to have bifocals that have bifocals to read
it it’s a masterpiece very thick theology
book he’s got a chapter in there called the law proving that the law and Yahweh are
one and the same and there is no variableness in him there is no changeableness in him and
whatever he made was made to function at a certain level there are certain things
your body so father never contradicts himself it’s like the old Parable that we used to teach on says
um a man was looking in the scriptures one day to have Yahweh speak to him to
teach him and he opens up the scripture and it says Judas wouldn’t hanged himself he said doesn’t sound like a good thing for me to do so I don’t think
that’s what Yahweh wants me to do in fact I know he doesn’t want me to do it because he doesn’t want us to kill oursel and so he said father I need
another scripture for today and then he opened up another script close the Bible he done this you know how many Christians have done this they close the
Bible and they open it up looking for a Divine word which is same as witchcraft and he opens it up and then it says go
and do th likewise that was his next scripture now folks let me tell you something you can
twist the word you can make it say anything you want you you you can do that and I could take this but now if we
go back to the original we’re going to find out that’s not exactly what it said even as the green herb have I given
you all things but flesh with the life thereof which is the blood thereof shall you what not eat but flesh with the life
thereof which is the blood so he didn’t say every living thing and the word meat there isn’t meat in the original it’s
food which means there are some things you can eat but there are some things you can’t eat and one of the things you
can’t eat is a blood animal so there were even more restrictions in Noah’s day than there
was in Moses’s day anybody see that now if everything was
clean I want to ask a question since everything was uh clean let’s see where
is it here if I can find it real
fast oh yeah okay go back to chapter 8 Genesis 8:20 let’s look at
some Noah built an altar unto Yahweh and and he took of every clean Beast see the
word clean which implies there had to be unclean beasts because remember when he took animals into the ark does anybody
remember it says take seven of the clean and two of the unclean with
you when every animal went into the ark it says that Noah distinguished between
clean and unclean animals when they went into the ark is that what it says yes no you’ll read it in Genesis 6 and 7 now in
Genesis 8 when they come out of the Ark are they still clean and unclean well let’s look at it Noah built an altar under Yahweh took of clean Beast of
every clean fou and offered burnt offerings on the altar so they were doing all the things that Moses taught
1500 years later Yahweh smelled a sweet saver and
Yahweh said in his heart I’ll not again curse the ground R man sake so we find out that there was clean and there was
unclean animals and then he tells them he can have anything and so what he does he takes this one verse and just takes that one context and says therefore he
could eat anything he wants and that’s not exactly what it saids yes but anyway this is how people
interpret the Bible this this is a great Theologian by the way he does some expert expositions in the Bible except
in this one area it was only with the Mosaic Covenant that unclean animals were
declared inedible that’s his comment I I disagree with him see we’ll take one
scripture and then make an absolute declaration and every denomination there is on the face of this Earth that separates himself from another
denomination that’s why they are a denomination because they’ve made a Doctrine out of one scripture and a
state that cannot be upheld as you study it all through the scriptures and if we get back to a Biblical understanding we’ll
find out there’s only one church he goes on it says the distinction between clean unclean animals must be symbolic here again we
must be careful it was not the overall lifestyle of these animals that made them clean or unclean it
wasn’t it wasn’t the lifestyle of the animal then why did Peter in second Peter chapter 22 you want to go to an unclean room two two two two
all tutors go there the S has returned to the Meer and
I don’t know about you but that’s a clean animal right he’s made it clean yet in the New Testament after he’s made
it clean Peter still uses the proverb that was very prevalent in his day the S has returned to its
filth but it’s clean how does something clean return to filth does that make sense I just washed
my hands and now they’re filthy that’s nonsense the S throughout the Bible
including the New Testament was still unclean but not according to this wonderful
Theologian the Bible has many fine things to say about the eagle now we already talked about this I
don’t want to read this part the eagle in Leviticus 11 is an
unclean bird you’re not to eat it but it’s also the symbol for one of the four
faces of the cherubim when father’s talking about
food that’s one thing when he’s talking about characteristics that’s
another can’t he take anything he’s made and find something good and bad in
types we do that with human beings we find special kinds of human beings that are really great men and women and we
find another class that are dregs of society but they’re all
human you see there are no absolutes except Torah Torah is the only
absolute that there is when he creates something it cannot be perfect it has
the ability to change and when law is violated you now have a change taking place called death and we’re still on
the power of life or death is in the tongue and the tongue only speaks according to what it thinks and if you do not have correct thinking you will
not have correct Behavior because all behavior is a product of your thinking and if you think everything’s clean then
no wonder you can do whatever you want and there’s no conscience how does the Holy Spirit
convict of sin Christ said in in in John 14:1 1516 and 17 that the Holy Spirit
would come and convict the world not just Christians convict the world of sin
how can he convict the world of sin if there is no sin and there can’t be sin if there is
no law because sin is the transgression of the law 1 John
anyway just because the eagle is clean in terms of
expressing Christ or the lion because Christ comes as the lion of the tribe of Judah but the lion is an unclean animal
to eat in Leviticus 11 just because it has a good characteristic in one area doesn’t mean it’s good in another area
we’re only talking food now are the food laws still applicable that’s what we want to find
out and the reason is is that you you and I have three parts to our nature right or
wrong you have flesh and you have Spirit your spirit nature and your flesh nature
live parallel to each other but they live by the same law if
you cannot have a law of clean unclean to your flesh there can be no law of clean unclean to your spirit they both
live by eating food so father takes everything in the natural since we’re natural Fallen
creatures to teach our spiritual law by natural things if there’s nothing wrong
in it itself it would be stupid for him to say see it it it’s a type of wrong but there’s nothing wrong with
it he could never use the S as a type of Filth if it was a clean animal it
wouldn’t even make sense that’s like using uh a piece of
sheet metal as an example of light now the Sun that that’s an example of light
I don’t mind him using the Sun as a shadow type and Shadow of his glorious nature of light being but you can’t take
some that’s dark and and use it as a type and Shadow it doesn’t reflect so when he talks about clean or unclean he
uses things that are definitely unclean to your body that if you ignore that law it will
make you sick now have you ever wondered when the children of Israel were in Egypt they ate whatever the
Egyptians ate because that’s the only food they got because they were slaves and they were sick
but the Bible says that night during Passover that as they ate the lamb it says they were regenerated in their
body they ate lamb on Passover night and it says from that moment until the day
that they put their feet on the promised land 40 years later it says there was
not one sickness there was not one disease among them you know why because
he said on the 90th day out of Egypt Leviticus
he said if you will do these things I will not let the sicknesses and the
diseases that came upon the Egyptians they’ll not come upon you because I have
separated you from their lifestyle if you want to die then you’ve got to live like them go back there but if you’re
going to stay with me here’s my lifestyle and if you do it my way you’ll not be sick and you know what it said
Not only was there no sickness among them it also said their clothes didn’t wear
out they were supernaturally preserved even in a natural state called the
Wilderness you and I go through a Wilderness experience where everything’s dry nothing makes sense everything is
pressure everything is struggle can he be what I need or do I need what’s in the world
what the world calls clean it’s unclean now I’m GNA pass all the junk
that he talks about let’s I’m going to pick up however let’s see if this isn’t a
contradiction okay picking up again from this Theologian in fact the primary
feature of clean animals is their feet now all of a sudden we’re talking about there are some features in them
that are now good oh is this is this really true okay the primary feature of a clean animal is their foot in one
sense or another to understand this we must bear in mind that the ground was cursed under the old Covenant Genesis 3:17 everybody agree with that
the ground was Cursed Men normally wore shoes and it was ceremonially important to wash the
cursed soil off one’s feet before entering the house and then he gives all the scriptures including the day that
Christ washed the disciples feet we’ve taught on this for years why do you have to wash somebody’s foot why
did they have water in every Hebrew Home and moment you walked in from outside
you could not enter that house till you had washed your feet because the Holy Spirit saying you can’t go into a home
with a negative attitude our homes today are filled with negative attitudes he said if you wash your walk you’ve been
out there mingling with all kind of unclean people unclean speech unclean thinking unclean emotions people this
age today is as unclean as it has ever been in the history of the world the Bible said as it was in the
days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of man and if you look into the days of Noah you’ll find out their behavior their walk was
gross there was murder everywhere there was filth everywhere there was sensuality everywhere there was
corruption everywhere we got it today and when you go out there you when you turn on a TV set it’s going to hit you
when you turn on the radio it’s going to hit you when you pick up a newspaper it’s going to hit you and if you’re not aware of it you’re going to pick up the
very attitude that the world has you’ll gripe you’ll be you’ll be frustrated you’ll have anxiety you’ll have worry
you’ll have doubts you’ll have all these attitudes but the Bible says when you walk into your home wash off your feet don’t you dare take anything into your
home that’s outside that touch the ground it’s a type and Shadow everything that Israel did was a type in Shadow
including the ground what’s on the ground the only thing that touches the ground is your
foot now if you want to learn how to walk on that ground and not be touched
you got to be a clean animal because an unclean animal when it touched the ground it absorbed the
dirt Holy Ground where the curse was removed required men to go barefoot of course he gives the illustration both of
mes Mo and Joshua how many remember Moses on the mountain top wearing sandals sees a bush burning the I am
speaks out of the Burning Bush Moses take off your shoes for the ground
that you are standing upon at this moment is Holy Ground don’t need shoes
anymore why why do we wear shoesday to protect oursel from the stuff that’s on the ground that could hurt that could
cause dirt some people people in fact have such clean shoes that when they go to bed at night they don’t even have to
take a bath their feet are still clean might smell a little but they’re
clean but how many of you know that if you let your kids go barefoot you let a kid go barefoot I guarantee in one hour
you wouldn’t want to lick that foot I don’t care but your baby oh I just love my baby just suck on
his toe oh yeah you won’t do that not when that kid’s been where you think he’s been even that kid all a sudden
becomes unclean to you you love that child but you would not lick his foot because of where his foot just
walked any of you ever seen children on a farm you know children think it’s funny Walking In Cow
Patties don’t walk over there why War the that’s right oh it squishes
real good look at that you you’ve seen people in Rain kids love walking barefooted in
Rain there their their shoes are up to their ankles and the the the rain’s up five inches and so it goes over their
ankles and it goes into their foot andless they’re just walk in it and that night they got a I think I got a cold in my no what happened you went barefooted
you see our feet are not designed even in the natural to put up with certain things that we would normally walk on so
we have shoes to protect oursel but when you start walking on the ground that Yahweh gives you to walk on you don’t
need shoes anymore because you can’t get dirty walking on his ground take off your shoes Moses for the
ground you’re on is now Sanctified ground how did that ground become Sanctified when at one
point it was under the curse somewhere somebody must have removed the curse which means broken
law bear in mind that animals are symbols of men and we find that clean land animals wear shoes unquote he’s got
a quote on that word shoe now listen to this bear in mind that animals are symbols of men we find that clean land
animals wear shoes while uncleaned animals do not how many understand that if you look at a clo footed clean animal
biblical clean animal look at them it’s like a shoe if you look at an unclean animal it’s not a shoe it’s a foot big
difference father created a clean animal with a shoe he wears the shoe all of his
life he’s born with the shoes on he’ll always have that shoe that’s why he stays clean you know why because no part
of him that touches the ground touches the ground it doesn’t touch the curse how many of you would like to never be able to touch the curse anytime you get
you touch somebody that’s under it you’re going to go under it anytime you touch somebody that’s disease you’re
going to let the disease eat on you that’s why even a medical doctors today quarantine why because they know that if
you go in you’re liable to get it who do you think you are so perfect that you’re like God
himself there are some things you can’t touch without it affecting your life clean unclean still part of us folks
Christ died didn’t remove the unclean still here cleanland animals chew the cut
traditionally regarded as an image of meditating on yahweh’s word to be clean an animal must must both chew the Cod
and wear proper shoes that is hoofs that are split perhaps so that the animal can distinguish between the things with
which he comes in contact and so that he can travel on high places called holy
mountains now that’s pretty good I mean he says a lot of junk but then once in a while he says something pretty good pretty fascinating then he quotes
scriptures finally got some scripture in here fish must also be shaw in their case it means having scales scales are
like armor that keeps the fish from contact with the environment the fish must also have fins enabling him to make
purposeful movement through the water the man of Yahweh symbolized by Clean Fish does not drift with the
tide now all of a sudden he recognizes that animals do have certain characteristics that when applied to a
man would make a man sin right so how can you say they have no value that’s what I don’t
understand finally animals that oh passed up something here clean birds
are those that are careful and particular about where they land or where they put their feet how many know
that birds that fly that have wings also have feet because when they come down the land they got to put their feet on
something so the birds that are clean are birds that have certain kinds of feet so no matter what the birds are
they’ve got to have a certain kind of foot and if they don’t have a certain kind of foot even that Bird’s unclean don’t eat it it all depends on where they plant
their feet unclean birds will land on anything
caaaa especially on rotting carcasses Christ uses the parable over
and over how the vultures and the Eagles will land on Rotting Flesh during a war you’ve seen it in every single movie The
Birds the vultures Circle overhead eating waiting to devour decaying flesh
sounds like the IRS sounds like some politicians I know
sounds like the New World Order and why the Bible calls them dogs leaders that are dogs and
SS so once in a while in their denial they still come up with a purpose involved I thought was quite
interesting finally animals that swarm around in the dust that invade homes are unclean how many of you would love to
eat a cockroach now in some cultures they’re
classy there are cultures who consider the Cockroach clean there are cultures believe it or
not where cockroaches are regarded as Divine Spirits they’re
worshiped and so they will let something unclean come into them and that their house is filled with
disease he always says they’re still unclean honey they’re still
unclean I went shopping one time in a grocery store major chain unit only this
one grocery store uh had a aisle on it that was not in any of the other chains
it was called imported Specialty Foods foods from France foods from India
foods from Asia foods from Taiwan and I’m going down the list and I’m looking and man they had you couldn’t believe it
you if it crawled in your home it was in a can somewhere on that [Music]
aisle clean unclean animals that swarm around in the dust
that invade homes are unclean they attack the woman’s domestic environment spreading death to her kitchen utensils
the woman is at enmity with
that’s right all unclean animals resemble the serpent in the garden they are boundary
transgressors who break into the domestic garden and bring death they crawl in the dust they eat dust and in these ways they image the life of the
serpent but in only these ways the unclean lion as we’ve seen is also a noble and a mighty beast in the New
Covenant of course this distinction is removed Christ has cleansed the world
once and for all where I still see that dirty rotten cockroaches when does he cleanse the
Cockroach how many of you will go out there and you’re you’re so hungry you got no money but you got a dog so now
you’re going to eat him tonight they do that it’s in history you
get broke enough you’ll eat anything to stay alive what about the movies they made of
plane wrecks that died that crashed up in the North Pole people that died you know the only
way they could survive was to eat the dead flesh of their own people people would do anything in 70 AD
when the temple was being destroyed and the nation of Judah was
being destroyed because they had rejected Christ it said for months Titus the Roman general had surrounded the
city and no food could get into that City there were literally starving there was no food there was no water and it
said that mothers and fathers ate their children to stay
alive three million people in one day
died because they would not bow their knee to Christ 40 years after the
resurrection in the Holy Land in the city of Jerusalem That’s History That’s
History anyway I just wanted you to know that there’s a lot out there but then they wipe away
everything it’s all gone in history
it’s an interesting
article I want to read this is a commentary I bought at U
um celebration bookstore about year and a half ago it’s called studies in
Leviticus in the commentary section you can still go over there and buy to this day it’s called studies in Leviticus
Tabernacle worship and the daily life of God’s people by sh Kellogg printed by kraal now krael publishing is the same
person who puts out uh uh really some heavy material it’s more than Evangelical they really publish some
things that pastors who see some meat they will usually publish it you’ll you’ll find better material from krael
than any other publisher that’s out there and you can guarantee it’s all biblical it’s all Evangelical it’s all fundamental there’s nothing warped
there’s nothing occultic in it but crao will publish deep stuff they’re one of the few publishing companies if I don’t
care who the if I never heard of the author and I just see the Publishing Company krugle I’ll be willing to buy the book I’ll lay my life I’ve never had
a bad book from krael k r e g l anyway here’s a
commentary on The Book of Leviticus and I’m going to be reading some excerpts from his uh chapter on 13 on
leprosy I thought it would be interesting for some of you to see why leprosy is the type of sin and why it’s
unclean and I want to go back to the animals in his own comments but his leprosy section is so powerful I want
you to see this from among all diseases leprosy has
been selected by the Holy Spirit to stand in the laws the Supreme type of sin is seen by Yahweh in the first place
leprosy is undoubtedly selected to be a special type of sin on account of its extreme
loathsomeness loathing to look upon if you ever saw anybody with Leprosy there
you do not want have you ever been around somebody you ever been around the bag lady you ever been around somebody
hasn’t bathed in six months or nine months there’s an odor would you like to pick them up in
your car would you like to take them to your home and give them a bath uhuh now
when I had the rehab center and I was the head of it we took people in that hadn’t bathed in a month or two months
they were loaded with scabs they were loaded with filth they were loaded I remember
sometimes some of the filth that came into those in fact they finally passed a law the
second year that I was there we no longer brought them in because as soon as we let somebody in that had lights
the whole house everybody had headlight finally they got smart and they said you can’t come in here without a clearance
from the health department but I was so glad they passed that because until
then I won’t tell you some stories that I’ve personally encountered beginning indeed is an
insignif ific an spot a bright place a mere scale on the skin it goes on spreading progressing ever from worse to
worse till at last limb drops from Limb and only the Hideous mutilated remnant of what was once a man is left and as
you describe the physical characteristics of leprosy you come also to watching somebody get into habits of
sin another characteristic of the disease is its insignificant and often even imperceptible beginning it remains
quite d in early life and only gradually appearing in later years how many of you that have ever
been married have ever noticed that your mate sometimes has some weird habits you never noticed before may not be too
healthy gradual breaks out something causes what was inherent in them to
ultimately bring out then it comes to another Mark of the
disease is Progressive it progresses slowly but it progresses surely it comes
on by degrees in different parts of the body the hair Falls from The Head and
the eyebrows the nails the fingernails and the toenails they loosen Decay and
drop off joint after joint of the fingers and toes shrinks up slowly Falls
away the gums are absorbed the teeth disappear the nose the eyes the tongue
and the pallet are slowly consumed and finally The Wretched victim sinks into
the Earth and disappears I’ve seen films of lepers
that I could not believe were still alive their eyes had been eaten out of their sockets their noses gun no
teeth they look like a skeleton and they had no pain Fully Alive in a
dysfunctional body No Hands no feet only
stubs there’s a law of cleansing you can restore a leper
Hallelujah but you cannot restore a leopard to
leprosy in this respect again the fitness of the disease to stand as an imminent type of sin is undeniable no
man can morally stand still no one has ever retained the innocence of his
childhood except as counteracted by the efficient Grace of the holy spirit in the heart the word is ever visibly
fulfilled evil men wax worse and worse 2 Timothy 3:13 how many know that evil men
get worse people that have habits do not get less they get worse sin may not develop in all with
equal rapidity but it does progress in every natural man outwardly or inwardly with equal certainty it is another Mark
of leprosy that sooner or later it affects the whole man and in this again appears the sad Fitness of the disease
to stand as a symbol of sin for sin is not a a partial disorder affecting only one class of faculties or one part of
our nature it dis dis orders the Judgment it obscures our moral perceptions it perverts the affections
it unduly stimulates them in One Direction while it deadens them in another it hardens and quickens the will
for evil while it paralyzes its power for the valtion of that which is holy and not only the holy scriptures but
observation itself teaches us that sin in many cases affects the body of man weakening its powers bringing in by the
inexorable law pain disease and death and sooner or later sin affects the whole man and for that again leprosy is
set forth as a preeminent symbol it is another remarkable feature of the disease that as it progresses from bad
to worse the victim becomes more and more insensible this numbness or
insensibility of the spots affected in one most common variety at least is a common feature in some cases it becomes
so extreme that a knife may be thrust into the affected limb or the diseased flesh may be burnt with fire and yet the
leper feels no pain
people that sin have no pain to sin they’re
numb nor is the insensibility confined to the body but as the leprosy extends
the mind is affected in an an knowledges manner a recent writer said though a mass of bodily corruption at last unable
to leave his bed the leper seems happy and contented with his sad condition a leper can lay there in his
own bed sores and be happy and talk to you as though nothing’s wrong there seen Sinners Like
That is anything more characteristic than this of the malady of sin the sin which when first committed cost a keen
pain afterward when frequently repeated hurts not the conscience at all judgments mercies which in earlier life
affected one with profound emotions in later life leave The impenitent Sinner as unmoved as they found him hence we
all recognize the fitness of the common expression a seared conscience as also of the Apostles description of advanced
Sinners as men who are past feeling Ephesians 4
19 last of all the laws of leprosy is given in this chapter now he’s got
massive pages in this commentary I mean there’s I think 30 pages just on a description of leprosy I’m only reading
a couple paragraphs that I picked out that were very explicit that I wanted to give the point last of all the laws of
leprosy have given in this chapter teaches the Supreme lesson that as with the symbolic disease of the body so with
that of the Soul sin shuts out from from Yahweh and from The Fellowship of the
Holy as the leper was excluded from the camp of Israel and from the Tabernacle of Yahweh so must The Sinner and less
cleansed be shut out of the holy city and from the glory of the Heavenly Temple what a solemnly significant
Parable is this exclusion of the leper from the camp he is now by the way the lepers were Israelites heirs to the
covenants these were not Egyptians these were Covenant children and they were cast cast
out he is thrust forth from the congregation of Israel wearing the Insignia of mourning for the dead within
the camp the multitude of them that go to the sanctuary of Yahweh and that joyfully keep holy days without the
leper dwelling alone in his incurable corruption and never- ending morning and so while we do not indeed deny a
sanitary intention in these regulations of the law but we’re rather inclined to affirm it yet a far more consequence is
that that we heed the spiritual truth which this solemn symbolize and teaches it is that which is written in The
Apocalypse of the Book of Revelation chap 2 27 and chapter 22:15 concerning
the New Jerusalem quote he’s quoting from the Bible now listen to this there shall in no wise enter into it the city
anything unclean now if if he’s made everything clean why would father in the
last book of the Bible say nothing’s going to Ender unclean if there still isn’t a unclean thing you get
it nothing and he’s already spelled out in an entire book that took 1400 years to
write by 44 different authors unclean unclean unclean and
it’ll never get into the City and if you’ve got anything in unclean in you you will not make it to the city that’s
why I’m teaching on this didn’t say you won’t be saved didn’t say you wouldn’t make it to
the lower Heaven you’ll never make it to the city you’ll never sit with him on the throne you’ll never see him in the
glory and you won’t have the glory in your body either
without are the dogs dogs are still there folks and the sorcerers and the
fornicators and the murderers and the idolators and everyone that loves and
makes a lie is a liar
unclean oh how we need as parents to tell our children line will damn you ly
is worse than eating cockroaches worse than eating
pig people used to put soap in people’s mouth still
do Louise of experience do you put soap in his
mouth it’s been a long time since you had anything unclean to say isn’t it yes
okay it’s working that’s right all [Laughter]
yeah now I want to back up a chapter because I wanted that on leprosy
first I want you to see what this Christian commentator says about food okay it is of much significance to note
in the first place that a large part of the animals which are forbidden as food are unclean
feeders now this is a Grace preacher folks this is not an offthe wall
denomination that teaches just one aspect this is this book is found in
every Christian bookstore put out by a fundamentalist press written by a man
that is fundamentally strong that would classify himself as Orthodox not unorthodox listen to this it is well
ascertained fact that even the cleanest animal if its food be unclean becomes dangerous to health if its flesh be eaten did you hear that even in even a
clean animal that eats something unclean will by its very nature become unclean
to you and convey to you the very disease that eat itself
gets that’s just Common Sense the Flesh of a cow now how many
know that a cow is clean in the Bible but it says the Flesh of a cow
which has drunk water contaminated with typhoid germs if eaten especially if
insufficiently cooked communicates typhoid fever to him who eats
it you can get typhoid fever from eating a clean animal that got a hold of
something unclean don’t tell me that Christ removed all that by his death on the
cross still happens today how about the people that had a bad hamburger at Jack In The Box they died became a public
issue don’t tell me that meat was clean meat it was unclean by the way they have a new law
now they you should a new law within 90 days anybody know what it
was all meat has to to be well
done sustained heat burn it why because all contamination in the blood and they
have not learned how to do biblical Dr Blood draining walk into any restaurant have
the meat not cooked well just pink put your fork on it press
down what will you see coming up BL blood that means what the blood is still in the meat now the Bible said you can’t
have blood come into your body you know
why in that blood besides that anybody know what happens when an animal dies and the
blood’s still in it how many know that the only way your blood this toxic gets cleansed is when
it goes through your lungs when the animal dies there are no lungs so the blood in the body the moment it stops
flowing becomes instantly diseased and Corruption and filled with filth and
that is in every piece of meat that’s in every
Market well you better make sure you really do your cooking well or that you eat a lot of fruits and
vegetables there’s abl way drain there is kosher kosher all blood is drained
automatically there will be no blood in that animal at all you can eat clean animals if you do it
there is no blood in that animal therefore there’ll be no disease in that animal father knows what he’s talking
about those laws haven’t changed folks what I’m trying to say is that if according to this Theologian if he’s now
cleansed everything then how come when a person dies the blood is still filthy walk into any slaughterhouse you know what some butchers tell me I won’t even
eat it and they’re the they’re the slaughterous they said if you if any human being ever goes to slaughter
housee they’ll never get e another piece of meat simply by the manner in which they’re killed by the way when they slaughter cows they don’t even care
whether the cow’s disease or not there could be disease on it they’ll just chop the disease off and make it look like it’s still good and you still get it in
your store a lot of people are not aware of these things uh Lloyd can probably tell us a
lot of stories having been a
butcher it is true indeed that not all animals that are prohibited are unclean in their food but the fact remains that
on the other hand among those which are allowed is to be found no animal whose ordinary habits of life especially in
respect to food are unclean in the second place now you hear what he just said he said if you classify the clean
animals in Leviticus 11 this a Christian Theologian Grace preacher if you take every clean animal that’s in that Bible
every one of them if you watch this animal eat it always eats
clean in the second place an animal which is not unclean in its habits May yet be dangerous for food if it be for
any reason especially liable to disase disease one of the greatest discoveries of modern science is the fact that a large number of diseases to which
animals are liable are due to the presence of low forms of parasitic life to such diseases those which are
unclean in their feeding will be especially exposed which none will perhaps be found wholly exempt another
discovery of recent times which has a no less important bearing on the question raised by this chapter is the now ascertained fact that many of these
parasitic diseases are common to both animals and men and may be communicated from the former to the latter all are
familiar with the fact that the small pox in a modified mild form is a disease of cattle as well as of men and we veil
oursel of this fact in the practice of a vaccination surely less familiar is the communication of the parasite trck which
often infects the Flesh of swine to those who eat such meat and research is constantly extending the number of such
diseases turkeys we are now told have the diptheria May communicate it to men men also sometimes take from horses the
loam disease known as the glanders now in the light of such facts as these it is plain that an ideal dietary law would
as far as possible exclude from human food all animals which under given conditions might be especially liable to
these parasitic diseases and which if their flesh should be eaten might thus become a frequent medium or communicating of them to men thus they
are unclean that’s a good statement for a Grace preacher to say isn’t that that
good then he I’m going to just pick up another phrase from the bottom of another paragraph he excludes from
Hebrew dietary animals particularly liable to parasites and as it is in the blood that the germs or spores of
infectious diseases circulate he orders that they must be drained of their blood before serving for food and then he
reads a book that was published in 1889 course that’s over a hundred years
ago called diseases caught from the butcher meat immediately upon death begins a
process of corruption which produces compounds not only obnoxious to to the senses but actively poisonous in
character and what is still more consequence to observe in the case of all parasitic and infectious diseases
the energy of the infection is especially intensified when the iner infected person or animal
dies long ago in the days when the plague was desolating Europe the Jews so
universally escaped infection that by this their exemption
the popular susp I was excited into Fury and they were accused of causing the
fearful mortality among their Gentile neighbors by poisoning the wells and springs how many knew that is
history when when when this plague went all over Europe the Jews didn’t get it
the Jews weren’t sick everybody else was sick and they said aha they must have caused it because they’re not
sick and so they started a story in our own day the recent colera epidemic in
Italy a correspondent of the Jewish Chronicle testifies that the Jews enjoyed almost absolute immunity at
least from Fatal attack Professor Hosmer says quote throughout the entire history of Israel
the wisdom of the ancient lawgivers in these respects has been remarkably shown in times of pestilence the Jews have
suffered less than others as regards longevity and General Health they have in every age been noteworthy and at the
present day in the life insurance offices the life of a Jew is said to be worth much more than of men of other
stock and then down at the bottom he says the reason they obey scriptural laws I thought that was
interesting those are facts
anyway I thought that was good
Hebrew food law they eliminate the
blood yes yes
yeah there’s a special laws that they follow to this day and uh it would do
well we you know Yahweh hasn’t changed anything he gave these laws for our health and we ignore them
um I closed the Tuesday night bible study reading from this doctor’s book
and unfortunately I just pulled the thing out at the wrong place and lost the place where I was at oh here it is
this was a doctor who dealt with Leprosy and I’m trying to combine the clean unclean animal with Leprosy because they
they deal with the same thing the gradual loss of the sense of pain leads to misuse of those body parts
most dependent on Pain’s protection now what we talked about was the fact that in pain where does the pain of a leper
begin does anybody know I mean where where it really begins to show it’s in their hands and in their feet and in
their mouth so a lepers disease will begin to
come out now in Leviticus chapter 13 where it describes the laws of leprosy
you’ll you’ll find this phrase that said if you look at his hair and his hair
turns white then you know he has leprosy what does that mean see you can look at
an external skin problem and you could say oh it looks like a disease yet not everybody that has a skin problem has
leprosy but it says if the hair turns white then you have the disease it means
the roots go down to the blood level and it means therefore the disease is in the blood not just in the skin which
therefore has affected so there’s a sign that you can tell when it’s deep rooted
and the disease is within him now in the Bible the blood is circulated by one
organ anybody know what it is the heart but now the Bible says out of the heart
proceed evil thoughts isn’t that right out of the heart
produce stealing lying all the corruption that comes comes out of our heart what’s he trying to tell us my
thought life is blood my thoughts is the blood flow within me so when you see the
behavior of my lips and you see the behavior of my walk it is to tell you
leprosy unclean so that leprosy at one side of
the coin unclean and clean clean meaning no leprosy
unclean meaning leprosy linked to the clean and unclean
animals which they’re noted by their feet and their mouth by what they eat
they don’t eat flesh but a leper is consumed in his
flesh but when it consumes his flesh which in Romans 8 talks about the mind
of the flesh brings death it tells you a specific thing that you can note in the
disease that literally happens in The Sinner when I use the word sinner I’ll use it referring to both saved and
unsaved Church uses it only of the unsaved and what he do with the Christian who sins he didn’t
sin the gradual loss of the sense of pain what what means this is that all of
a sudden what would normally cause you pain when something goes wrong no longer bothers you you become
insensitive to wrong you look at other people and they say oh that’s horrible
you say what’s wrong with it I don’t see nothing wrong with it you can lie and there’s no feeling of
remorse how many know I don’t know about you but if I even thought of telling a lie I’d be plagued for the next two
months I’d feel so bad Abraham Lincoln was noted because he went to a store one
day and bought something and as he got halfway home he realized that he had one
penny too much anybody heard that story one penny too much
he turned around walked he’d already been several miles he didn’t have he was walking he walked all the way back to
give that Penny because he did not want anyone to ever think that he was a thief had it ever been found out but he
couldn’t handle the fact that he himself could be a thief one penny I’d love to see that in
the church today Bible said will a man rob Yahweh
yet you have robbed me they said whereing have we robbed him in tithes and offerings ties plural
plus offerings people give 10% and that’s all they give they say I’ve paid my ties and offerings you haven’t paid
any offering until You’ paid your ties and there’s three ties you pay your three ties you pay offerings you’re now
a giver because money is the is the symbol of your effort you will buy what
you put into something you will spend your money on what has value to you
young men put their money into cars
sports activities we’ll all buy something that has value to us that is
money Yahweh wants that money to show that he has value and so that you can
learn through money what this clean and unclean is Thief
stealing there are no thiefs in heaven folks that’s why we have to really look at oursel and say am I am I giving I’m
not just talking money now I’m talking about there’s many things we have to tithe to him there’s more what would
somebody do that didn’t have any money but they had to tithe what do you tithe whatever is exchanged in your life is a
tithe 10% of anything you own belongs to him everything every your time belongs
to him 10% of your time belongs to Yahweh 10% of your conversation belongs to
Yahweh do we give it to him he’s put that claim on us 10% you know the amazing thing is that it’s been
proven by science that only 10% of our nature Works 90% is is nonf functionable
because we’ve fallen in atom when we got our new bodies back we’ll we’ll operate at a 90% higher ratio than we operate
right now it it is a common fact in science that men only use at their best 10% of
their brain now I know some people that by that qualification haven’t used any
yet 10% in men of high mental
caliber now I’ve met however Christians who are in such touch with him whose
walk is so Heavenly that their brains probably at 50 or
60% he’s restoring folks parts of us are dead and we don’t even know it and there’s no sense of pain when I say I
the greatest commandment is to love him and I look inside me and I say how come I don’t love him have you ever asked
yourself why don’t I feel more for him or is it just
me sometimes I just whail before him I want you to put something in here
that just makes me just be consumed with you I’ve got that sensitivity that I
need more than I’ve got and it drives me it drives me but you see if I had
disease if I had leprosy I it wouldn’t bother me and this is how I can tell where people desire the word
who get into the word they how much leprosy you have is your desire or lack of desire for the word because you’re
insensitive to your own pain see that a per a h a person uses a hammer
with a splintery handle does not feel the pain an infection flares up another steps off a curb spraining an ankle and
oblivious keeps walking another loses use of the nerve that triggers the eyelid to Blink every few seconds for
lubricating moisture the eye dries out and the person becomes blind millions of cells in a hand or foot or the living in
the alert rod and Cone cells in the cell in the eye can be rendered useless because of the breakdown of just a few
nerve cells such is the tragedy of leprosy and I often wonder when I’ve looked at people who’ve really blown it and I say what nerve didn’t even Don to
me they have a nerve problem a similar pattern can be found
in other diseases inle cell anemia or leukemia the malfunction of a single type of cell can quickly destroy a
person if the cells that keep kidney filters in repair fail a person will die of toxic poisoning the fact of the body
the worth of each of its parts is graphically revealed by a disease as leprosy the failure of one type of cell
can bring on tragic consequences isn’t that amazing I want
to read that again the failure of one type of cell can bring on
tragic consequences now the power of life or death is where in the tongue do
you realize that one member James 3 we have an unruly member the worst member
in the Bible is called the tongue
unruly one member do you know that that tongue can wreck havoc in your life most
of you have emotional abuses because of what people have said to
you you use abusive language you tear down it will have a
consequence women chop their men men chop their women parents chop their children children chop their parents and
then they wonder why there’s no love you can’t build love on death one cell can bring on tragic
consequences one who studies the vast quantity of cells and their startling diversity Can Come Away with a sense
that each cell is easily Expendable and of little consequence but the same body that impresses us with specialization
and diversity affirms that each of its many members is valuable and often essential for
survival and he goes on the rest of it I just wanted you to see that we we become
insensitive by these things my heart is concerned
because we seem to have so little touch of things that are wrong is does it really bother
us you know I I don’t know maybe it’s my age maybe I’m coming into an awareness that I’ve never had before or maybe I’m
just getting sicker every day I don’t know what it is but I’ve come to the point in my life where if I even think
that somebody’s upset with me I have a real rough time living with me it affects me so bad that I literally
get physically
sick there’s there’s so much in me that wants to bless bless people I have no desire to hurt and if I think I’ve even
hurt anybody I’m sick I get sick over it I am so
sensitive but I remember there was a day in my life when I could just somebody would read me off and I go
so didn’t mean that much but I’m so sensitive now I don’t want to ever say
and I’ve said to many people I said if you ever hear me say anything to you that offends you I don’t want you to
hold it in I want you to tell me I want you to rebuke me because I don’t want to hurt you I have no desire to hurt anyone
by anything that I say because I love you and you know to me love is that inner ability to be sensitive leprosy is
a is a disease that causes you to be insensitive and the only thing that can make you sensitive is a love walk does
that make sense that’s why the Bible says that life is in the blood and blood
circulates but as there are blood diseases and blood circulates and the
heart and the lungs work together to keep me alive I need to understand by the same law my
spiritual lungs my spiritual heart are critical for life in my own body so that
when you chew the cud it becomes very important now we closed Tuesday night with this and I thought this was good
maybe this is a good point to close again because I want to double emphasize it to you but in this book food for
God’s children by Rafel gason the spiritual significance of the dietary law of Moses again I bought this at
Celebration bookstore gospel bookstore written put out by logos International again fundamental Christian born
spiritual it’s really good and this just deals with Leviticus 11 and it lists
some interesting things but as we were closing the study uh that night it talks about
animals that are called clean and all of these clean animals which are vegetarians are clean animals because of
this one thing which means to chew the cut and we started to read that word chew by the way does anybody remember what that number was for
chewing okay will somebody go back to Leviticus 11 get that number and and let me know what that number is while I
continue and then we’ll look it up again and read it because we closed with this and it was very important because I want
you to really grasp what clean unclean are referring to 59
27 okay 5927
okay to chew the cud which means means to ascend up to rise
up which means the food must come up the pallet must come up there must be a chewing process but it’s more than just
chewing let me read again from the chewing of the cud in this book that
these animals have four stomachs the first is called the Ponch receives the food after it has been moderately chewed
the work is then taken over by the second stomach which is called the honeycomb when the beast eats it takes in as much as it is able as fast as it
it can and then lies down to ruminate now that’s that’s folks is what Bible study’s all about that’s what you should
be doing here I should be able to go as fast as I can you take it in as fast as you can you swallow it you get it in then you go home and you lie down
ruminate the rest of the week listen to the tape over and over and over and over get it into your spirit while ruminating
the two stomachs began to dilate with the pressure of the food which has not been fully chewed and which swells with
the heat of the body the food then passes back into the mouth and that coming back to the mouth is that word
chew meaning to ascend up which is the root meaning of that word the food then
passes back into the mouth for a second chewing so that it is rendered softer before passing into the third stomach
called the manifold from there it passes into the fourth stomach where it is softened and soaked until it becomes a white milky fluid called CH KY whatever
from this it will not be difficult to see that chewing the cud indicates that if the food is regurgitated over and over again the result will be good
digestion and a healthy body this will ensure that the animal will have clean flesh for man’s
consumption now as we were reading this I I stopped and lesie says you need
to read the next sentence and I at the same time it asked Enid based upon the laws of Health that she has studied what
is the proper length of time to chew food and for each amount of food that
goes into your mouth she said a 100 times then we read this in in this
Baptist Bible under the word chew to bring up more than 100
times isn’t that interesting here’s an animal that brings up its food more than
100 times yet they’ve discovered that for you to have good digestion which means to assimilate it so that it works
in you so that you become healthy you’ve got to chew it 100 times how many of you
today is only one chewing I’m giving it to you what you do with it when you leave here is chewing the cud and you’re
not going to be clean in your walk and in your talk unless you learn to chew the word that is being put out upon you
can you see that you want to be clean gotta learn how to chew the cud you got to learn how to bring it
up how many of you and I you know this has been a strange week for me
because as I’ve been counseling people through the week as I’ve been uh talking
with people my message is coming back to me holy spirit says well isn’t it time
you do it I usually preach my messages and
forget them somebody says that was a great message you preached last week I said what did I preach
on holy spirit says to me are you clean or unclean I’m having to deal with me
I’m having to bring it up I’m having to look at it I want you to realize that we must chew and that an animal is clean by
chewing and that if you’re going to be cleansed by him you’ve got to study the Bible says in 2 Corinthians chapter 7:
one cleanse yourself become clean clean up
yourself by taking away the filth of your flesh and of your spirit what’s the filth of the spirit your spirit gets
filthy by not using it how many know that a Bible left on the Shelf be collects dirt your spirit unused becomes
filthy your spirit is the four stomachs what do you think the four
faces are for peete’s sake you have Within You by virtue of the four faces the four mouths or the four thinking
intelligences or the four stomachs that will cause you to bring it up and see yourself as you really are in Christ
when you’re in Christ you become clean but what makes you clean 1 John 7 and
1 n if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us and to what cleans
or clean up us from all unrighteousness there’s a cleansing
process that takes place I become clean now since that is based on chewing the
cud what am I chewing on when I take his word into me let me give you an example the Bible said as he
is so am I let’s bring that up a hundred times this week let’s chew on it this
week if I’m like him then how come I’m acting like me
if I’m like him how come I’m acting like you if I’m like him why am I letting you
treat me this way we have got to learn to be Christ
thinkers most of us are Satan stinkers our stinking thinking causes
the drinking that’s used to be the phrase in our rehab our thinking is what we chew on
folks you’re going to chew your problems and I’ll guarantee you Satan wants you every day to chew your problem up he
wants you to think about how destructive your life has been going he wants you to chew on the fact that you’re sick he
wants you to chew on the fact that you’re broke he wants you to chew on the fact that you’re not things aren’t going good for you he wants you to think about
it unclean don’t chew it what am I supposed to chew on what
father says you have let me close by turning to Romans chapter
4 Romans
verse 13 for the promise that he that is
Abraham should be heir of the world was not to Abraham or to a seed through
the law but through the righteousness of faith for if they which are of the law be AES faith is made void and the
promise made of none effect because the law worketh wrath for where no law is there is no transgression now there’s an
example of what I said earlier if there’s no law there’s no transgression but he hasn’t removed the law he’s only removed it in terms of getting you saved
but he hasn’t removed it in terms of getting you blessed therefore it is of faith that it
might be by grace to the end that the promise might be to all the seed not to that only which is of the law but to
that also which is of the faith of Abraham who’s the father of us all as it is written I have made thee a father of
many nations before him whom he believed even Elohim now what are the next five
words who quickeneth the dead or the word quickeneth there is the same word for
life what number do you have 2227 right Zoe K power of life or death is in
the tongue life’s in the tongue right you want to speak life Yahweh who quickeneth who makes
that which is dead come alive isn’t that exciting and calls those things which be
not as though they were do we have to turn it over or oh man I hate to waste a whole
Abraham’s condition turned Abraham’s death
sentence into life the power of life or death is in
the tongue and you’re either going to speak what is
which is Satan’s control or you’re going to speak what must be which is father’s
control you live by faith or you live by sight and so it is written I have made
thee a father but you can’t see it yet and your body doesn’t respond yet and some of you sit there and you look at
your billfold and you say ain’t no way and the bills are piling up I know I got the same
problem but you know what Yahweh said father father father day in and day out
25 years Yahweh said to Abraham father father father father do you think that
yahweh’s word to his dead body do you think his body couldn’t respond to it after a while at some point it had to
finally give in and say I’ll forget it let’s make him live again before him whom he believed even
Yahweh who quickeneth or makes the dead to come alive now look at the second part and calls those things which be not
as though they were did you see that call those things that are not here as though they
are already here I am the
head but I feel like the tail I am a above but I sure feel
beneath it I land but I keep on
borrowing I’m in health but I keep on being sick I am in prosperity but I keep on
being in poverty dualistic isn’t it there’s nothing wrong with your faith
folks that’s a common experience in all of us the problem is not whether you
feel that you’re the tail the problem is not that you feel that you’re beneath it
the problem is not that you are borrowing something has to now take
place in the chewing area of your mind because you’re chewing the problem instead of the
solution Yahweh is the solution his word is the solution but what you and I have
to see is that we’ve become unclean because we’re eating parasitic thought
processes that eat us up a parasite is something that lives off of you and when
your thoughts eat on you it literally tears you down did you notice how fast you can lose a good feeling just by a
bad thought when somebody tells you you ain’t GNA make it you’re GNA die yeah
you’ve eaten parasitic food you need to start eating clean
food the cleanest food you can have his word is pure gold it’s clean gold you
got to start eating it how do you do that as he is so am I Christ wouldn’t have this problem well
I do so where do I start my faith how do I restore cleanliness to an unclean
condition I hope you’re with me he’s the one who quickeneth the dead but he’s placed the law of calling or
speaking to the dead thing in your lips so the power of life or death is in your tongue but the tongue is where you did
you notice that the tongue is in the chewing part the tongue absolutely sits between the lower and the upper pallet right or wrong you can’t chew your food
without involving your tongue type in
Shadow you’ve got to take his word that declares what will be and you must learn to think and chew
on what must be while you are not there that is biblical
faith and he calls those things which be not as though they were which meant
father he didn’t have any kids father Verse 18 who against hope
believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations according to that which was spoken and only word that
Abraham had were five words from the mouth of Yahweh five words so shall thy
seed be that’s all he had to hang on to five words so shall thy seed be or so
shall your children be I’m going to be a father I’m going to have children I’m hanging myself on that he didn’t have
any hope his body was impotent his body would not produce but a but Abraham not only had a biological problem he had
some other problems verse 19 but he was not weak in faith he considered what not
his own body now dead see his body was dead but he didn’t consider it as a problem some of you sit there and say my
finances is my problem no it’s not my pain is my
problem no it’s not
anybody hearing what I’m saying being not weak in faith he considered not see
consider not means I’m not going to put it in my mouth I’m not going to consider the
negative of my problem right now I’m not going to chew it because if you chew your problem it will kill your faith and
faith is the victory that overcometh the world Hallelujah never forget the story of
that woman in New York that was dying with cancer and the doctor gave her three days yet to live and called in her whole
family some Baptist Spirit-filled preacher was told about the
circumstance so he went up to this Cancer Ward walked in saw this
woman mated dying they’re just trying to make her comfortable in the last few hours of
her life and he said do you believe that Christ is the Healer
today yes do you believe that he can touch you
today in spite of the condition of your body
yes do you know the word says by his stripes we were
healed she said if that’s what the word says so let it be in her weaken
condition he prayed for her walked out finally that night everybody walked out
of the room she was just there and she began to bring up everything the preacher said by his stripes I was
healed by his stripes I was healed she’s chewing by his stripes I was healed by
his stripes I was healed by his stripes I i w I was I was if I was then I ain’t
this how she started to talk to herself she says well if I was I must be healed
then so she simply took the covers she felt nothing no no difference in her
body she took the covers now meanwhile they’re monitoring this is a true story they moned her behind a
window she threw away the covers got she hadn’t moved in weeks she got up off that bed turned around started to get up
and get dressed two doctors I think and and and three nurses come running into the room and grabbed her physically and
put her back to bed they thought that the the the disease had gone to the brain and and literally destroyed her mental capacities and thought that she
had flipped out they tried to hold her don’t hold me down I’m Healed you can’t
be healed you’re dying with cancer so no you don’t understand and they fought like that for 15 minutes they realize
hey we’re going to kill her by what we’re doing so they called in the chief they
they said just just wait a minute you you you’re giving us problems just just hold on there for a minute and they
called the number one Chief doctor in the hospital and came in and said she says she’s well they said well she’s probably just flipped
out so they took her down and took an x-ray real fast so they could show her
that it was in her mind and they could find no cancer she got dressed walked out that
night from a dead dying death sentence chewing the word now sometimes folks it
comes that fast but sometimes it doesn’t come that fast and that’s why sometimes I don’t like to tell these
stories cuz some of you will sit there and say I did it for 15 minutes the pain got worse forget it it doesn’t work for
me and that’s what most church people do how many times you bring it up 100 times how often every day Abraham waited 25
years before his body changed but I don’t think it took 25 years for it to happen I think what it was is Father
wanted him let let him get way old to prove that there ain’t no person
that could absolutely have a reversal in age and then at that point the word kicked in and he became alive and the
next night that he made love to Sarah she got pregnant something happened because of
the word that was spoken so it says being not weak in faith he considered not his own body now dead when he was a
hundred years old neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb he staggered not at the promise of Yahweh through
unbelief but he was strong in faith giving Glory to Yahweh now verse 21 is the key and being fully persuaded that
what he had promised he was able also to perform I ask you something are you
persuaded that Yahweh wants to make you whole does Yahweh want you clean does Jo
want you to be the head yes or no does he want you to be above does he want you to be wealthy does he want you to be
healthy you’ve got to be persuaded that that’s what he wants cuz if you’re not then you’re going to start chewing those
doubts and fears that says oh well I never could he was persuaded do you know what
there’s only one way every mind book in the world will tell you there’s only one way you can be persuaded you have to tell yourself for at least 90
days but you can when you think you can’t even the brains got to be psyched
out every sales meeting I was ever in they made us psyched
out when I sold insurance insurance meeting always started out with some getting up on a
chair in front of the room with a raw raw raw Rave it’s like you were at a football game I thought how stupid but
some people really got turned on by him you see my mind was I don’t know if it’ll work for me or not so I wasn’t getting excited with the thrill Yahweh
has come to give you life folks no matter where you are he’s the cleanser he’s the Healer he’s the restorer when
now all you have to do is say yes I want him being fully persuaded that what he
had promised he was was able also to perform and therefore was imputed to him for righteousness now it was not written for his sake alone that it was imputed
to him but for us also what’s its meaning he wants you also to share in the same thing folks I don’t care how
unclean how bad your present state is as long as you will be sensitive enough to
the reality of everything that’s not right to not focus on it but focus on
the solution to it that the power of life or death is in my tongue that I have the ability to speak the promises
of father to my own problem Oh Hallelujah I have to think on
that every day why because you will speak what you think what you think will come out at
some point it doesn’t me I just I’m I’m probably the worst discourager I’ve got I can discourage me faster than anyone
else can I could have 10 people look at me and say oh Pastor you’re so great and I
sit there and look in the mirror one time and say to me you’re a dud and you know you know what my own word to me in
that moment cancels out the 10 of you that tell me otherwise I Am My Own Worst
Enemy how about you folks you got to start talking the word to you what has
he done for you has he redeemed you has he saved you are you clean you see he
said you are clean remember he told the disciples he says you are now clean since I’ve spoken to
you when you speak the word it cleans you it cleanses you in the Old Testament
types that was the Laver you washed yourself as Paul said in Ephesians 5 the washing of the water of the word as you
wash in his word you find out what his word says to you you get cleansed Hallelujah father in the name of Yeshua
I just ask you to minister Your Grace healing restoration to this body
of Believers you cause us to be bold in our faith that we reach out above beyond
all of the concerns of where we are that we love one another that we love oursel
that we love this assembly and we start speaking your word to it and to one another and we declare what will be not
what is and we know what will be we know how it’s going to end up we are going to
be the head you told us in your word you are the king of kings and then you tell
us to say to you in Revelation 59 and 10 thou Hast made us Kings and Priests and
we shall reign on the earth and we know that even now we are seated with Christ
in Heavenly places far above all principality power dominion and might we’re already there they’re under our
feet and so we say to every disease to every pain to all poverty circumstances to Every Mountain to every obstacle to
Every curse we put you under our feet and we declare you defeated by the blood of the Lamb we declare you defeated by
the name of Yahweh Yeshua hamashiach we loose this congregation from all of the
curses of the broken law we loose this congregation in faith and in Grace and
in the finished work as we rest in him who’s done it all who’s come into our life to give us the fruit of that
Redemption we receive You Now by simple Faith declaring what your word says in
spite of what we’re feeling and seeing your word is true so father we come to you and we say that we look not at the
things which we see but we look at the things which are not seen which is your eternal power your word and your
promises and we thank you that we walk by faith and not by sight we thank you
that Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the spoken word of Yahweh that faith
is the victory that overcometh the world that faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not
seen that if we had the faith of Yahweh we would say unto this mountain be thou moved and be thou cast into the sea and
if we doubt not what we have said from our heart we shall have what we say therefore knowing whatsoever things we
desire we pray believe that we have received them we shall have them we offer your word to you that says your
word will not return unto you void of power but it will accomplish that where unto it is sent we allow you now to take
that word drive it into us cause us to become your oracles upon this planet cause this people this week to rise up
and to be strong removing all pain removing all disease removing all sickness removing all discouragement
removing all unbelief removing all hurts father in the name of Yeshua we command
healing upon this congregation we command blessings upon this congregation we bind Satan from this church we bind
Satan from our minds we’re going to chew on good food we’re going to chew on the word we’re going to speak the word we’re
going to speak your glorious word to your face and to Demons we thank you Father that you’ve made Us Victorious
and you’ve made us rulers and you’ve made us winners on this glorious day as this sabbath comes to a close we rest in
the finished work of Calvary and we rest in your Resurrection we rest in your Ascension we rest in your exaltation
that you have sat down once and for all waiting for your enemies to be made your foot stol and now you tell us to put our
foot down and to claim the land and to walk upon it that you’ve given us the shoes of the gospel of peace that we can
now declare peace to the storms that are around us and we therefore say shalom to
every obstacle we say shalom to our circumstances we say shalom to our
parents we say shalom to our children we say shalom to our loved ones let there
be peace for you are Yahweh Shalom and all of your enemies will be under our
feet we receive your word working in us this day in the name of Yahweh yes yesu
hamashiach and everyone said amen and amen hallelujah chew the cud chew the
cud let us gather together and we’re going to
thank you for listening in we are definitely increasing the audio quality
there was some delay there with some equipment at the
beginning say there all blessings to you take care
test test testing one two three


Transcript 3:


things that will enable us to be closer to you that will enable us to obtain the
gold that will cause us to participate and partake in your glorious Victory and
your throne room experience we ask tonight for that wisdom that anointing of the Holy Spirit upon this message
that all that hear this tape will hear what you’re trying to say and not just
an interpretation of the word father we just ask you to Enlighten us to the
richness and the depth and the Magnificent of your Eternal wisdom and knowledge how we desire you to live in
us to completeness that you will loose us and set us free from all that hinders
we can walk in your love and in your joy we receive this Bible study blessed as
we pray the blood of the Lamb upon it that you will uh take that Precious
Blood that we’ve applied to our life and bring Deliverance knowing that that which was done at the cross is now to be
done in Us by the indwelling Holy Spirit Grant now your grace Upon Our Life in
yes in yeshua’s name we pray amen happened to look for my weekly
magazines today and saw this magazine saw it the other day and just kind of went by it but the Holy Spirit kept
nailing me to get this magazine this is the recent discover magazine you know which is a Science magazine and there’s
a picture of a woman uh having an operation upon her stomach and it’s called the beast in the
belly very long article by a doctor it’s called the strange tale of medicine and
Faith by Dr Sherwin nulan it’s it’s the prime article on the front page of the
book I recommend that every Christian buy this magazine and uh the article in here is
worth $1,000 and if this doesn’t prove what I’m preaching I don’t know what will you talk about it being appropo that I was
preaching on this subject tonight and here’s the magazine right on the newsand to illustrate what I’m preaching so I said that that’s the Holy
Spirit uh it’s called the beast in the belly and it starts on page 59 February issue 1995 of the Discover
magazine uh it says the surgeon’s tale of microbes and medicine and unre
reasonable faith of new guini and New Haven and a young woman on the edge of a mysterious death not long ago a
24-year-old woman named Grace lot registered for assignment as a
substitute teacher in the elementary school system of a small town outside New Haven Connecticut and although Grace
walks nowadays with a barely perceptible Shuffle in all other way she presents the perfect image of vibrant good health
it comes as no surprise for example to learn that she Place third in a country beauty pageant a few years ago and even
forewarn with the knowledge that since the age of eight she has required twice daily insulin injections to control her
diabetes anyone meeting Grace would have good reason to see in her the personification of that idealized image
of a past generation Sketchers and artist the American Girl certainly it is a great deal easier to think of her as a
wholesome smiling Beauty contestant than it is to imagine her mtled and swollen and in Del delirium of fever and near
death being wrapped ly wheeled toward an operating room one spring afternoon four years ago she had been assessed a class
5 risk for anesthesia in the opinion of every physician who saw her to this day she’s not sure whether to credit her
survival to the flabbergasting marvels of modern scientific medicine or the spiritual intervention of her long dead
father and even a few of her doctors sometimes wonder either way it took a miracle to save her life the American
Society of anesthesiologists describe a person in class 5 as a morban patient
who was not expected to survive without operation no one doctor otherwise seeing
Grace lat just before these pre-operative moments had reason to dispute that description and most
observers would have projected her survival period to be ours rather than days I was her surgeon and I’ve now had
four years to think about it I’m absolutely convinced that I have never taken a sicker patient to the operating
room even if I include in my Recollections those few who didn’t leave it
alive the reason for Grace’s survival is no easier to pin down than is the
origin of her sudden catastrophic illness and although our clinical team
was later able to trace the details of the process that made her so sick we’re
still puzzled by the why of it we know the culprit but have no idea how it
managed to get as far as it did as fast as it did now did you get what he just
said we know the culprit we’ve traced down the root of this
disease even the instructions we gave Grace after her recovery were based on
guesswork she was told never to eat pork
[Laughter] again now if I read this whole article it will take the entire Bible study so
I’ve just picked out selective paragraphs but it will get you the picture that’s why I suggest you go out
byy it yourself read it and and see what happens the injunction had no scientific
basis of course not in fact it was nothing more than a kind of clinical rabbit’s foot that none of us were
willing to throw away probably because it was the only piece of advice we could think of Grace never shared our concerns
however and I recently discovered that she eats pork whenever she can actually
the amount of pig meat consumed by our patient in the days before the onset of her illness was not enough to indict it
she had had a Chinese dinner about 40 hours before her first symptoms and it included pork fried rice
and spare rips other than that she has no recollection of having eaten anything
at all different from her usual fair that was 40 hours before her attack okay
Grace’s medical Saga began in May on the Monday a final exam week at the state University where she was completing her
sophomore year as an education major she had just taken the performance exam for a dance course in which she’d been
enrolled that semester it was about 3:00 in the afternoon and she was walking across the campus feeling pleased with
how she had done and thinking about the coming series of finals all of a sudden I was on the ground I couldn’t imagine
how I got there I got up quickly because of course there was a thousand people around the campus and I was thinking
dear God I hope no one saw me fall I looked around and there were no Stones no Sticks no cracks in the sidewalk
there was absolutely nothing nothing that I could possibly have tripped on it was like my legs gave out and I thought it must have been because I just danced
for an hour my roommate said later that I was such an idiot I must have tripped over my own two feet on the following
morning Grace awoke feeling sick I was vomiting I was running to the bathroom with diarrhea and I was sweating I
thought oh great I caught some kind of a gripe or some kind of a flu I went back to bed but I kept going in and out of it
finally my roommates began to get worried because there had been several times in the past when I got dehydrated
didn’t had to go to the hospital because my diabetes went out of control but I tested my sugar and it wasn’t any higher
than usual finally the girl started to get scared they called my mother at work and she took me home I drank lots of
diet ginger ale the rest of the day on use suppositories to stop the vomiting the whole night I was dizzy and throwing
up and drinking water and vomiting Again by early the next morning my abdomen was aching and I couldn’t feel my arms and
legs I tried flapping my arms around and I still couldn’t feel them no matter how weak I’d been in the past nothing like
that ever happened before I was in hysterics and it was like a nightmare an lat Grace’s mother had been teaching
Elementary School for more than 20 years and after her husband Bill died suddenly of a coronary when her only child was 10
and became not only the small Family Soul Breadwinner but Grace’s entire support system after Grace’s juvenile
diabetes was diagnosed in 1978 Anne took it on herself to learn all she could about the disease and to become
something of an expert in the various ways it manifested itself in Grace her job wasn’t always easy and like most
diabetic kids Grace had a way of breaking the rules and it sometimes took all of an’s accumulated diabetic wisdom
to extricate her child from the consequences occasionally her efforts failed and it would then be necessary to
rush the dehydrated girl down to the Yale New Haven Hospital emergency room and over the years actual admission had
been necessary seven times always to treat acidosis the rapid buildup of
metabolic products in the blood of diabetics which can lead to air hunger coma and finally if not reversed death
the last admission had been only 6 weeks earlier but knowledgeable as Anne was about the way Grace’s diabetes behaved
on that may morning she found herself facing an entirely new symptom when she woke me at about 5:30 and said she
couldn’t feel her arms or her legs and I knew I had to get her down to the hospital right away while I was helping
her to the car she told me she couldn’t even feel her feet touching the ground there was no prolong wait in the emergency room when the low Pat signed
in at 619 as Grace recently told me generally you can come in holding your head in your hands and they tell you to
wait but when you’re a diabetic they take you right away blood samples were drawn intervenous fluids were started
without Delay about an hour and a half after her arrival Grace was told that her test results seemed reasonably
satisfactory but she couldn’t be reassured she began to feel herself become increasingly panicky and soon she
was shouting nothing felt right at that point the doctors and nurses were changing shifts and no one was paying
any attention to this screaming person I was yelling well someone listen to me there’s something wrong my abdomen
really hurts like it was a tight tight muscle spasm and everything was all squeezed together it frightened me but I
tried to blame it on the 24 hours of vomiting but what really scared me was that I had no body perception I didn’t
feel like I was there it was that same Spacey feeling I had when I had a tooth fi and been given gas it’s like I have
no body at all my mother kept talking to me all the time trying to calm me down because I was yelling and thrashing
around and then she asked me if I knew was going to the bathroom and I didn’t then I heard her yell my God it’s blood
and she began calling out nurse nurse the nurse came right away and after that my only perception was dribs and drabs
of the faces of the doctors and the nurses around me I’m going to skip over to a another
section here skip over two pages I stood for a
moment at the entrance this was the doctor speaking now I stood for a moment at the entrance to the glass en closed
cubicle where Grace lay attached to electronic monitors a nasal oxygen line and a tangle of plastic intravenous
tubing as I observed her from the foot of the bed I asked the nurse to pull the sheets away so that I might look at the
patient’s entire body from that perspective now remember this is 40 hours after eating a Chinese pork
dinner are you with me yeah it’s 24 years old 24 even to me a case hardened veteran of
other people’s afflictions the exposed site was heroine the model object on the bed looked like a bloated
corpse 24 years old just had pork Chinese
food the modeled object on the bed looked like a bloated corpse somehow prenatally animated by the terror of
yielding to Eternal Stillness its thrusting chest was straining up and down like a perverse Bellows sucking air
into itself while the head and all four extremities were flinging about in a frenzy of attented Escape in the glare
of the brilliant micu illumination the skin looked almost eerie and although I had been told of the lto reticularis I
was unprepared to see the depth or extent of the large now I’m not a doctor and there’s a lot of doctor’s terms in
this so bear with me by olaus burst especially as they were so harshly revealed by the many foot candles of
piercing light the pattern of blotch and poor involved every visible inch of the body and was much deeper in its purplish
than I had ever encountered except on the freshly dead the thing’s legs were quite swollen from the knees down and
even its face had become puffy almost paradoxically the swelling of the lids made the open frightened eyes seem to
bulge very lightly the tissues behind them were also swollen the abdomen was so distended that it partially obscured
my view of the heaving rib cage in answer to my question the nurse said the abdominal girth had reached its grossly
perturbant size over the previous two hours when I stepped to the bedside and tapped on the belly in the diagnostic
maneuver called percussion the amphoric boomlet of resonance that filled the small cubicle had the pitch that might
be produced by a felt Hammer hitting a kettle drum with good reason CL
clinicians call such a note tic Grace’s tic abdomen told me that her intestines
were blowing up with gas and the absence of gurgles when I listened through my stethoscope meant there was no
peristalsis no rhythmic contractions that normally push along the intestine contents when I pressed down as gently
as I could into the Abominable surface the Grimace on Grace’s puffy face let know I was hurting her she had stopped
speaking some time earlier but her bulging uncomprehending eyes stared fearfully at me when an abdomen is
expanded by a large volume of gas in a short period of time it rises like an over yeasted loaf of bread years ago
clinicians used the word meteorism to refer to this rapid belly ballooning
which is encountered only in certain unusual circumstances the word seems to be archaic these days it’s not to be
found in my 1974 edition of dorland’s medical dictionary although curiously it does appear in my much more recent
Websters on a bridg perhaps it has been preserved for literary use rather than clinical in any event I haven’t met a
medical student in the last two decades who knows what it means what it means almost always is a belly with dead bowel
in it in my clinical experience almost no other
acute abdominal disease will raise the white count as high as intestine does
when it is in the the process of dying now she just got through with a
dance class she’s 24 year old can one dinner affect you this fast in your
youth now why does Yahweh say Don’t eat unclean food we’re going to find out in a
minute a drastically risen white count in a patient with a drastically risen
belly is a surgical call to action unless something is done quickly the patient will not survive the presence of
a dead bow furnished a logical explanation for Grace’s sepsis and also explained why all of the vigorous
measures being applied were not resulting in any Improvement in her acidosis as long as a major source of
infection remains untreated there is no way to stop the process of decline obviously Grace needed an operation soon
now I’m going to skip over again a number of pages true to their plan the anesthesia
team got Grace to sleep very rapidly and with the surgical resident and a medical student assisting me I made a long up
and down incision in the midline of Grace’s very distended abdomen as I opened the in innermost layer the
peritoneum a gush of malodorous yellowish fluid poured out onto the
drapes when we had finished sucking it into several large trap bottles the nurse told us it amounted to some six
pints with Grace positioned on her back the gas filled gut had been floating on
top of the fluid explaining the drum-like resonance produced by percussion we inspected the
small bow and although most of it was alive there was a length of about 15 in
near its origin that was either dead or barely viable it was suffused with a
Dusky bluish Hue and was completely without perosis even when I tried to stimulate it into some kind of action
the discoloration gradually faded out at the upper and lower margins of the involved segment so that there was no
definite line of demarcation between healthy and sick tissue the vessels entering the dark and peace looked
normal and arteries pulsated vibrantly when the electronic listening device called the Doppler was applied we heard
the healthy whooshing sound of good circulation and yet the bowel looked affixiated I explored every portion of
the abdominal cavity seeking an instigating factor for the imminent intestinal Gang Green but when I had
concluded my probing and peering I knew no more than I had at the outset no obvious cause r revealed itself that
might explain the rapid death of an otherwise normal appearing length of intestine in a youthful pristine looking
abdomen cavity the guts blood supply appeared perfect there were no adhesions or similar fibrous bands that might have
pinched off the involved segment and the bowel wall seemed free of inherent pathology nevertheless it was near
death my puzzlement is summarized in a sentence of the operative note I
dictated shortly after the conclusion of the surgery quote it is very difficult to know the cause of this ischemic lack
of blood pattern which is a form that no member of the operating team had seen before unquote there is only so much
time to cogitate when the belly of a failing patient is wide open and begging that some action be taken no encouraging
words were heard from the head of the table where three anesthesiologists were huddled periodically issuing Gloom
summaries of Grace’s dwindling condition I fired a surgical stapler across the intestines an inch above above and then
an inch below the dying segment divided its blood supply removed the specimen handed it off to the Pathology resident
whom I had subon to the o on the slim chance that he could add something of value he looked at the piece of gut made
a few cuts into it pronounced himself as styed as we were um I’m G to leave the
rest of this operation a consultation was obtained
with the chairman of the Dermatology Department the next morning the levido reticularis had not lessened so much as
we might have liked his list of possible diagnosis reached like a tabulation of esot a group of diseases I’ve almost
never encountered in any patient during my entire clinical career lavito
vasculitis polyarteritis Noosa wers
cryog lmia he added a much more familiar entity at the end collagen vascular
disease but obscured it beyond beyond my recognition by by parenthetically adding
including sneden’s syndrome as though he expected anyone other than his own staff to know what he meant like the rest of
us the professor was looking for a rare disease to explain Grace’s rare symptoms when it was finally revealed the true
diagnosis proved for more far more esoteric than even the dermatologists anticipated while on rounds that
afternoon I received a phone call from Brian West the pathologist in our Hospital whose specialty is disease of
the gastrointestinal tract West had been in our Institution for less than four years yet in that relatively brief
period he had quite transformed his Department’s capabilities in the area of his expertise with his arrival from the
medical school of Dublin’s Trinity college Yale gii pathology had become what West colleagues call world class I
find the lift lifting ups and downs of West soft County Court brogue to be one of the few reassuring sounds I ever
perceive in the jumbled cacophony that is the background noise of a modern University Medical Center if hearing
could somehow be transformed to Vision it might be said that West speaks with the gentle smile the first time I saw
his voice sounds like yahwe speaking it was over the telephone and I distinctly
remember visualizing not only the smile but his blue eyes and the reddish beard that makes his still younger face appear
craggy and wise soft though it may be Wes smiling voice speaks with persuasiveness and the authority that
comes from an impressive ability to interpret the Arcane microscopic Clues left in the gut by obscure diseases do
you have a minute to come over to the lab he asked and then there was a hint of expectant promise to his Rising Rhythm that told me it would be well
worth my while to get there right away the words weren’t said with any sense of urgency but more in the tone he might
have used to invite me in for a pine of some longa way to brew just arrived I wanted to show you what I found in the
specimen you sent me yesterday anticipating his Discovery I burst in before he could continue what do the
what do the microscopic vessels look like his answer surprised me the vessels are fine what I think she has is
enteritis necroticans the thing they call Pig Bell or Pig
belly it was an embarrassing moment and I was grateful to be on the end of a phone in a far distant part of our
sprawling Medical Campus I’m sure there must have been a confused look on my face while I paused for just a second
uncertain of how to reply but speaking to West I knew I’d stumble over my tongue if I Fain familiarity with these
abusive terms so I confess my ignorance okay Brian what’s that he gave me a brief explanation but it wasn’t until I
got down to the lab a few minutes later that I really began to understand what he was talking about peering down the
Twin barrels of West microscope I could see that almost the entire mucosa the interlining of the specimen was dead
although most of the main layer of encircling muscle called the M the muscularis propria was still within the
definition of being viable the most striking structure on the slide were the thousands upon thousands of Rod shaped
bacteria forming a lengthy rank along the surface of the mucosa palisaded like
an regular picket line of soldiers standing at attention this thing been dead
already almost a day now thousands of living bacteria from
the pork dinner that had been eaten only a day before their appearance and later
lab tests showed that they were a Genus a basilis called closterium closely
related to the organisms that caused tetanus and gas Gang Green in fact microscopic gas-filled spaces were
visible within the layers of the bow wall the toxins produced by these particular microbes are capable of
causing inflammation and necrosis that is death and decay of the intestinal wall hence the process is called
enteritis necroticans Grace’s sepsis was caused by the clidia and all of the
bowels neurological and skin symptoms were the result of the bacterium and its
toxins isn’t that amazing okay I’m going to skip another
section getting down to the meat of the article now and then as we read the scriptures to you you’re going to see why y always said what he did it’s not
easy to tell the mother of an attractive Young American Girl that her daughter has a disease whose name is Pigeon
English for pig belly but no more likely diagnosis has appeared in the four years
since Grace’s narrow escaped except for the complications added by diabetes the clinical course of Grace’s disease and
the microscopic appearance of the excised tissue are exactly the same as they are in the
thousands of New Guinea tribes people who have died of the same process does
anybody know what the number one disease in New Guinea thousands of people die every
year pigbelly number one disease in that country okay doesn’t happen in America
here’s a girl 24 years old had a simple Chinese pork dinner now She lays at death’s door
acute Pig Bell is a major cause of premature death in the highlands of Papua New Guinea with a mortality rate
among those Contracting the disease of almost 85% second only to respiratory disease
it is a leading killer of children in the area now I I’ve I’ve worked with missionaries over the years I had a
missionary I supported for 10 years in bapa New Guinea and I’ve supported other missionaries uh in many countries and
they tell me the the number one disease is is a disease that kills
children and young people by the thousands simply eating pork think about
it its prevalence is highest at times of the year when ceremonial Pig feasting
takes place and the disease has been so carefully studied that it is possible to describe its Evolution with considerable
certainty now I want you to understand this is this is not a medical magazine this is not a Christian magazine this is
a humanist magazine sold at every new store I’m reading for those of you just walked in from the recent discover
magazine main article on the front the beast that’s in the belly of a doctor
who performed an operation in New Haven Connecticut recently of a 24 yearold
girl who simply ate a pork Chinese dinner and she was in seemingly perfect health other than controlling her
diabetes and almost died within 36 hours as this doctor explains in the most
intimate detail I’m leaving out most of the Gory and good parts but I what I’m trying to do is get
you to a root cause as we go into the bible study tonight because this is setting you up for some heavy heavy
truth I hope you can see it otherwise it doesn’t do me any good to do
this the pig Feast is integral part of many of the ceremonials attached to various kinds of Highland celebrations
and sacrifices the meal is always prepared in a traditional manner after the animals are clubbed to death their
intestines are removed while washed and wrapped in leaves alternating layers of filtered carcass guts Fern fronds banana
leaves and bread fruit are placed into Earth pits along with sweet potatoes or
bananas chopped greens and stones that have been preheated tier by tier amount of the ingredients is fashioned with
insulation provided by a final packing of pigs quarters and flanks after a large quantity of water is poured into
the vapory structured Mass more leaves in an outer layer of Earth are added as a covering in this way a large stream of
is created whose internal mean temperature when visiting Health officers have tested it has been
172° F not only does such a heating system result in inadequate cooking of the meat it also provides plenty of
opportunity for bacterial contamination and after the festive cooking is completed the banquet takes place under
conditions that would throw a sanitation inspector in the fits of a apoplectic
convulsions those conditions are ideal for the proliferation of dangerous organisms particularly clustr
ordinarily much of the the chuster
clustal clustal toxin would be destroyed in the body by an enzyme called Tron to
which it is very sensitive unfortunately sweet potatoes contain a chemical that inhibits the action of Tron and sweet
potatoes are not only a major conuent of the pig Feast but also a staple of the Highland diet the ingestion of large
amounts of clust Rich meat accompanied by plentiful doses of Tron inhibitor
provid the perfect concoction to induce fting outbreaks of pig belly the situation is made even more egregarious
by the common presence in local Children of the intestinal roundworm
ascaris eum britis a parasite that secretes its own brand of tripson inhibitor adding to what is already in
the poison food as for the clinical aspects of the disease they are precisely those that were exhibited some
10,000 miles away in New Haven Connecticut by Grace lat absent of of course the components attributable to
diabetes in other words they attributed this whole time that she was having an outbreak of diabetes that was in
uncontrolled State and it had nothing to do with diabetes while they were trying to treat her for a diabetic condition
and then on this page it shows a pig coming out at the bottom of her being now this is an author’s view in a
humanist magazine we’re not talking right or wrong here I just want to emphasize
something to you based on what we’ve been preaching for two weeks does this make sense what I’ve been saying okay
another of the few individual case reports of pig belly in the medical literature describes a young diabetic nurse in the Netherlands who died 24
hours after being admitted with characteristic symptoms in 1984 he had eaten an unspecified quantity of pork at
a party the day before becoming sick but no other guests were affected as the papers authors write it is well known
that diabetic patients have a lowered resistance to infections it is therefore tempting to speculate that this may have
been a contributing factor neither the Dutch doctors nor those of us who treat Grace can go any further than that
they’re they’re at a misnomer they’re at a a dead standstill but they knew that
it had something to do totally with something or a microb found in pork
isn’t it interesting now with that magazine out of the way I want to I got to remember where I read
it in one of these two commentaries I was reading from a this is a book found at uh
oh various gospel bookstores in the area you can buy it Andrew boner is probably
one of the greatest devotional gospel book writers in the world you can find
his books for years in All gospel bookstores and edra boner has written hundreds of books and I used to be a
collector of his books this is probably the most popular book ever written called commentary on the book Leviticus
it’s a devotional study of Leviticus by a Christian saint and he he he’s I I’m
assuming I’m not sure but Andrew boner I think was a Baptist pastor uh but from a fundamentalist standpoint it’s the
finest biblical commentary on The Book of Leviticus from a lightess I mean for somebody who’s never read the book
doesn’t know how to read it to buy this book at a gospel bookstore is worth a thousand dollar to anybody who buys it I
mean it’s worth that it’s not deep but it’s Rich okay let me uh just uh read to
you something that we were on the other day um in Leviticus 11 as we talk about
clean and unclean in fact let’s go to Leviticus 11 let’s look at something as we study the New Testament
also on it does anybody remember what we’re still
on Proverbs 18:21 the power of life or deaths in the tongue and the tongues in the mouth and we’re talking about two
kinds of eating what you eat physically and what you eat spiritually and if you don’t understand the one you
will not understand the other and as you understand that we live in moral death
emotional death Financial death physical death relationship
death there’s all kind of deaths in our life isn’t there and somehow it’s all connected to the
mouth okay mouth disease Leviticus
Yahweh spake unto Moses to Aaron saying unto them speak unto the children of
Israel saying these are the Beast or the living creatures 246 if you look at the
Hebrew these are the living creatures notice they’re not dead creatures they’re living creatures these are
creatures that have life in them that you shall eat among all the beasts that
are on the earth whatever part of the hoof and is CLO footed cheth the cud
among the Beast that shall eat we’ve talked about clo footed meaning meaning their their web feet they’re they’re
two-toed up and down completely separated they’re called shoes in the
agricultural world and uh this is the only beast that’s called clean and in the Bible it tells us we must have a
separate walk from the world we’ve got to be clov footed the foot talks about our walk and if our walk is not separate
from the world if our walk is just like the world we think like the world we speak like the world we eat like the
world we’re going to act like the world we’re going to blow up we’re going to stay in sin father calls us out of the
world to have a separate walk so this is how you know when you’re clean the only way you’re going to know when you’re
clean is you look what father calls clean in the created world see the first creation he’s created clean things
unclean things so that you can apply things to your life so you know when he says you’re clean or unclean you don’t
sit there and take your own standards and that’s the difference between most denominations every denomination has its
own standard of clean and unclean but there’s only one standard it’s the word Cho the cud divide your foot in
other words your walk and your talk your thinking processes and your
actions what you think and what you speak and how you live determines clean
and unclean verse four nevertheless these shall you not eat of them that
chew the cud or of them that divide the hoof it’s the camel because he chews cheth the cud but divideth not the hoof
he’s unclean even if you have one of the good ingredients it’s not good enough
what if he’s got the talk but he doesn’t have the walk you ever heard people say
hey I’ll do this for you and they never do it got to walk not to talk oh I want to serve you Yahweh then go right back
out in sin or there’s people that’s got to walk they look pretty clean in their walk but their thought
life is not there you see it’s got to line up both Inward and outward based on
Mark 7 and Matthew 12 and the Coney because he cheweth the cud but divideth not the hoof he’s
unclean unto you and the hair of the rabbit because he cheweth the cud but divideth not the hoof he’s unclean unto you now verse seven I want to notice
this we’re going to do a study on this tonight and the swine I’mma give you a Biblical study on
swine and the swine though he divide the hoof be cloven footed yet he cheweth not the cud he is unclean to you now here’s
Andra Bonner’s comment just want to read it to you so you understand this is not my view only I’ve been bringing to you
all the various views of Christian doctors and Christ Chris books and Christian commentaries of many faiths to
show you that this is not just my view so that somebody doesn’t get the idea that I’m teaching something that’s not
biblical page 206 of boner book of The Book of Leviticus all that chew the cud
live on vegetable food now remember I told you about that the other day they’re not flesh
eaters when we preached on leprosy the disease of leprosy being unclean on
Sabbath uh why why he’s unclean you know it talks about about the way you know
that you have leprosy is that you have raw flesh appear on the skin remember
that reading that in Leviticus 13 raw flesh you remember that word take take a
look just hold your place right there but just just go over to Leviticus 13 look at it now because you’re going to find the same words Leviticus 13 you
find Leviticus 11 Leviticus 13 it says
uh let’s start with verse 10 the priest
shall see him and behold if the rising be white and the skin and it have turned the hair white and there be quick raw
flesh see the word raw what number do you have 246 same as the word for Beast
24:16 same as the Tree of Life 2416 same as the living creatures in Ezekiel see once you understand that word it starts to have a different meaning in the Bible see the Bible’s inspired not
translations that’s why we have so many views but what is Yahweh saying go to his word and find out what word he uses
find out what that word means because when you go back to the Greek and Hebrew I don’t care what faith you’re in you can’t make the Hebrew say what it
doesn’t say and every Hebrew scholar whether Catholic Protestant or Jew has the same
meaning remember I told you about a group of meeting a number of years ago I think I think at least 10 years ago now
where they wanted to prove a point these Scholars got together and said we want to find out if denominationalism is
really biblical or what would happen if we got the best of the Roman Catholic Scholars the best of the Protestant Scholars and the best of the Jewish
Scholars and there’s only one criteria number one they all understood Hebrew as
a as a spoken language so they wrote to the pope and they said send us your two greatest
Cardinal Scholars that know the Hebrew of the Old Testament know the Greek of the new speak it and teach it know it
fluently without using any dictionary then they sent to the biggest the Lutheran the Episcopal Church the
Baptist Church the Presbyterian churches that they sent to all the main denominational Mainline Protestant
churches said the same thing they wanted to from each denomination then they sent to various
Jewish synagogues and seminaries and they asked for their number two greatest Hebrew Scholars and they were all going
to joined together in one place and all they were going to have was the original Hebrew scriptures they said now we know
you fellas all disagree when it comes to Doctrine but what we want to do is pose
the 50 things that make us all disagree what we want you to do is forget what you think it means and just
tell us from your personal study of the original what is it
saying we’re going to leave you alone for three days they brought in the drinks and the
food and just left them alone says you just pray just no talking nobody can talk just sleep and eat don’t move just
study the question study the scriptures and we want everybody to turn in these reports and the 50 things that divide
all Catholics from Protestants from Jews when it was all said and done saying
what the word said they all 100% gave the same
definition can’t make the Bible say what it doesn’t say no I’m a
biblicist people say well what are you I’m a biblicist is what I am
I can preach in a Catholic Church I can preach in a Protestant church I can preach in a Jewish synagogue I have no problem because I don’t have to
contradict any of them I know what the original says and I’m trying to teach you how to study it for yourself to know that I’m teaching you
truth if I wasn’t teaching truth I wouldn’t want you to study I’m willing to bring the material out and show it to
you from all sorts of Standards the word for raw flesh literally is living flesh
may I put it to you another way may I put it into an idiom in 20th century when your flesh breaks out out how do
you know when you got leprosy your flesh breaks out what does it say in Romans 8 the mind of the flesh bringeth death the
mind of the flesh leprosy is the type and Shadow of sin in our life it’s a
flesh disease you got to get rid of your flesh activity or you’re going to
die Paul said in Romans 7:25 that with my flesh I will commit sin see you you
you’re not going to just because you pray doesn’t get rid of your flesh it’s unclean and one of the symbols for flesh
in the Bible is pig now Yahweh isn’t going to use a s as
a type in Shad if it was clean you don’t use something clean to illustrate something unclean he’s going to use
something unclean to illustrate why it’s unclean so that even a medical Professor
will admit that it’s unclean if a doctor with no religious knowledge tells the patient you can’t
have pork why because he knows what it’s going to do and your type of body he’s
not talking religious what does Yahweh say don’t eat the Flesh of a swine it’ll
kill you don’t do it it’s unclean and he uses the same word for leprosy then we
went all through the New Testament explaining are you with me so far now with that context let me read to
you what he says no carnivorous animal or flesh animal was was clean no flesh
eating animal was clean did you get that no flesh eating animal see all unclean animals eat
flesh how many of you are born with flesh we got flesh in us that’s why we have to be born again born of the spirit
but you and I are used to eating flesh called the mind of the flesh we think flesh thoughts the flesh Wars against
the spirit according to Paul in Galatians 513 to18 My Flesh Wars against my spirit my
number one enemy is flesh and S I sit there I say well I I I rebuke Satan you can rebuke Satan to your blue in the
face but as long as Satan can get you to operate in the flesh all your rebuking Satan is not going to remove him you
have to get out of the Flesh in order to have any power to rebuke Satan if you try to rebuke the devil and you’re still
in your flesh he will grab you and choke you in your
sin Christ didn’t come to save you as I’ve heard it I can’t believe in the last two weeks I’ve heard Christians say
to me salvation is just forgiveness that is not what it said
Matthew 21 thou shall call his name Yeshua for he he shall save or deliver his people from their
sins don’t call yourself a Christian if you’re not on a campaign to get set free
from your sins and no one is sinless including yours truly I have to
fight the disease of sin that’s in my flesh I have to crucify the old man
Ephesians 4:24 Colossians 3:10 I have to crucify the flesh with
its affections thereof Galatians 5: 24 the Bible is filled with crucify the
flesh lift up the spirit reckon the old man dead put on the new man these are phrases that tell you that you and I
have a responsibility to behave I’m no different than you and you’re no different than me don’t tell
me that you got a special temper problem your temper ain’t no different than mine it’s flesh but it’s unclean I need
cleansing and so in 1 John n the number one scripture that is given to every brand new born again Christian
regardless of Faith what is it if we confess our sins he’s faithful and just
to forgive us and what to cleanse us from all unrighteousness cleansing
follows forgiveness and if you get just forgiveness and no cleansing you got
nothing there has to be a change Christianity is dynamic not
static the swine in the East if eaten produces
a tendency to itchy diseases and to leprosy Now isn’t that
interesting the swine this is from the Christian commentary on this section
relating itself to now see some of these commentators they they’ve studied agricultural uh and biological diseases
and medical reports and and agriculture reports uh all kind of reports on ious
things to know this and this is an old commentary this isn’t even relatively new with the newest science I’ve got some other stuff to give you on that
this is just old says the swine in the east of eaten produce a tendency to itchy diseases to leprosy and in short
to contous diseases of all kinds and then he ends this long paragraph
with in the more Woody and wild scenes he sees the swine and the wild boar
which are all part of the S Class enjoying their retreats in Savage
filthiness now we quoted last week 2 Peter chap 22 remember we called it the 2222 second Peter chapter 22 and
the swine or or or or the S hath returned to its mire referring to people
who go back into their
there he again is reminded of the law of Yahweh and there he reads at the same time the filth of iniquity its impure
loome aspect the swine wallowing in the Meer and the wild boar stretching his carcass at ease or sharpening his his
Tusk for some effort of Destruction you know when you open your mouth and you attack somebody you are in
Bible language a wild boar or a wild s unclean unclean now what kind of spirits
did Christ cast out in the New Testament unclean spirits about a South spirit and
I’ll prove that to you in just a moment we’ve preached on this before so the dog returns to its vomit
and the Pig returns to its mire but in 1 Peter 4 25 it says and the
Sheep return to the shepherd now the question is when you get
cornered what do you run to you run to your own
vomit do you throw up regurgitate you make yourself sick with
life go back and eat it again all you do is eat your own filth you’re a dog in
Bible language or you s you just go back to the the M you go waddling around in filth just live in
it or are you sheep you realize you get hungry and he’s the only one that’s got
the words of life and you go running to him at some point whenever you’re hurting you’re going to go to one of
three things two of them are unclean one is clean Leviticus 11 is taught all
through the gospels so anyway I wanted to mention
that to you here’s an article in the uh Shaban press
September 18th 1993 Fort McCoy AP improperly cooked ham that was not
served until hours later created the problem that made 49 soldiers from Chipawa Falls violently sick while
training in June military officials said today but exactly how the ham became contaminated remains on no one said
Chief Warrant Officer Dave Clark a food service specialist for the 88th Army Reserve command in St Paul the bacteria
that caused the food poisoning may have been transmitted by one of the cooks or an unsanitized cooking utensil he said
officials at Fort McCoy said in June that the ham became contaminated after it was removed from its original
container cooked in a field kitchen and served to 84 members of company C 397th
Engineering Battalion on June 12th of the 49 soldiers who suffered vomiting severe diarrhea dehydration and
dizziness after eating the ham for breakfast 14 required hospitalization sergeant Herman Russ Jr 47 a Chipawa
fall suffered a heart attack after getting sick with the others and died the Army resered today attributed the
food poisoning to time temperature abuse and has ordered all units to get special
sanitation training said Sergeant Bill brockberg spokesman for the St Paul office in addition 31 Battalion members
responsible for food preparation have completed safety and sanitation training he said end of article I thought that
was a neat little article
this little piggy went to Market this is by Ken Anderson any you
remember him he he’s a health expert he was thrown in jail for two years for his teaching on health uh the AMA didn’t
like because he was teaching the truth and they didn’t want it known and he’s still out there writing articles this is
one of his earlier articles I think this was back no this is February of 1994 it’s only a year ago this is an article
he wrote year ago and it says um yahweh’s word tells
us to not eat unclean meat and he goes to Leviticus 11 and he goes to an explain I’m not going to read the whole article it’s too
long and it says uh it says in verse four whatever these shall you not eat
whatever part of the hoof is CLO and foood that youth the cut among the feast that shall you eat did you see that there was a difference between verse three and four this shows the separation
of food into two categories clean and unclean I believe through my Bible study that we’re not to eat the unclean
animals but we’re we are to eat the clean animals there are also clean meats that we may eat but aren’t required to
do so they’re found in Leviticus 1 222 I’m going to skip all that get down to some meat here why are Beats
unclean should we only use the word unclean or can we use words like unsafe
toxic or spiritually dangerous how many never heard of that one does unclean mean that the meat from
these animals is dirty can we wash the meat and clean it my understanding that unclean meat is dirty or toxic because
Yahweh has made these animals for cleansing the Earth or for some purpose other than food for
man Noah was told to take seven of the clean animals and two of the unclean this way they could eat up to five of
the clean animals and still have a couple left to reproduce pigs for example well he doesn’t know I’m
preaching on this because this article was a year ago pigs for example can eat about
anything I talked about that Sabbath pigs eat what you don’t eat eat if you
can’t eat it throw it to a pig he’ll eat it including leftovers they’ll not even
get sick why are they unclean their meat has many toxins and worms in it and some
say that if we cook meat from pigs real well that it’s safe to eat you ever heard that one it’s not true one study showed that
after curing pork there are still 18 live worms left in the
meat cooking only kills some of the parasites or worms and leaves their dead
bodies behind to make whoever ate the cooked pig meat age faster and get sick
the cooking will not remove all of the toxins from the pig meat one study on meat and fish of all kinds was done at
John Hopkins University a few years ago the study set out to determine what percent of each meat carried a
biochemical benefit to human cells called the index of normal growth it was discovered that there was none between
63% and 80% all the meat was either under 63% or over 80% with not one
exception catfish rated the lowest and Pano fish the highest it might sound
strange but no one figured out that all the meat and fish that were under 63% were biblically unclean and that all
that were over 80% were clean meats a’t that interesting according to
the biblical definition found in Leviticus and Deuteronomy 14 there are no exceptions to yahweh’s Rule now I
want to talk more about the clean unclean why the difference I it is plain simple that when people eat meat from unclean food such as Pig they’re eating
a meat that is toxic poisonous and worm-infested in other words it is harmful to them I should also point out
that unclean meat digest at a faster rate it is not digested completely like clean meats and has a different pH acid
or alkaline range all in all it sure makes sense not to eat it in any of its forms pork chops bacon ham so forth
according to yahweh’s law we’re not even to touch their carcass is state in Leviticus 118 of their flesh shall you not eat verse seven we’re just talking
about swine of pigs and their carcass shall you not touch they’re unclean to you now it’s at that point and it tells
you not to even touch them um this is this is a good point to do this Lloyd
was sharing with me something because he’s a butcher he shared with something that I’ve never heard in my life and
it’s a profound testimony can I get you to come up and just share your testimony for a moment of what happened the last
six months you were working and what you were
touching oh the last six months that I was working I was a sausage maker for
van I handled 95% of every work day I handled
pork and I progressively got sick sick sick and I wound up going to a clinic in
Mexico to try to find out what was wrong with me because nobody really could find out what was
happening I started losing weight became very
sick and um they started running tests on me and they found that I had all types of um
parasites and I had all types of U uh failure in the um whole system of
cells in my body and they said it was due basically
from the toxins and the impurities that I was picking up from the meat that I
was handling because that was the only place that they they could trace it down to they
traced out what they actually had found and all of these various diseases
was coming from the animal and I didn’t eat that much because I was pretty much
a vegetarian at that time but it was just through the
Assumption of the skin from touching the animal and handling it
daily that I was a consuming into my body the impurities and all the
toxins and amazing you can get pig disease Through Your Skin he said don’t
touch it you think he knows what he’s talking about now remember I read to you from Matthew Chapter 5 where he said I
didn’t come to destroy the law I came to fulfill it came to magnify it look it up
in the Greek he came to build on it he has not come to destroy the law he did Christians they say we’re not under the
law well not for salvation you’re not no law can’t save you and that’s what they don’t understand but you know there’s
more to getting to Heaven there’s also Staying Alive on Earth you can eat whatever you want just go to heaven
faster that’s all i’ I’d like to live well anyway just I thought that was good thank you Lloyd
I appreciate
that it’s interesting how this message came together isn’t it 24 hours ago I didn’t have any of
this knowledge
says the their carcass shall you not touch they’re unclean to you yahweh’s word States carcass meaning only after
they are dead if it meant when they’re alive we couldn’t ride horses Mary the mother of Yeshua and Yeshua himself rode
a donkey pet a dog or a cat or even Shake another person’s hand because we are unclean you see people do not chew
the cut or divide the hoof Leviticus 1 39:40 says if an
animal dies it is not to be touched that’s pretty powerful yahweh’s word calls these dead
animals carcasses Deuteronomy 148 ends with this statement about swine’s flesh or Pigs meat quote and the swine because
it divideth the hoof yet cheth not the cud it is unclean unto you you shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their dead
carcass let’s look at meat and their carcasses all is some of the products from pigs lard often used in Donuts
cookies crackers reffed beans pocket Pies refried
beans read the labels number two
medication medication thyroid tablets are one example hormones are another it was just
recently reported in the news that some hormones are made from dead people that were diseased and now their diseases are
being passed on to the people taking the hormones number three enzymes pancreas
tablets can be made from pork organ transplants some are other
peoples and some are from pigs I would also like to point out that organ transplants other than the eyes
have to be taken from live people many times the person is killed before the organ is taken abortion isn’t the only
murdering that is going on have you heard that bodies are being found with organs missing they have been killed for
the sole purpose of selling their organs to the medical establishment number five heart valves
usually from pigs six sutures or stitches all of the
internal stitches must dissolve and these are made from unclean animals usually cat gut stitches on the outside
are okay number seven hair brushes and toothbrushes made from
Pig now I tell you what I’m going to start doing investigation on
toothbrushes it’s better to have plaque now go to Viva America just put a
tablet in your mouth it’ll brush your teeth safely don’t even need brushing okay number eight hard gelatin
caps containers for medication vitamins minerals and so forth can be made from unclean animals from a horse or a pig
many of the companies are now switching to beef I just bought some vegetarian hard capsules from a health food store
and they were $17 .50 per 100 the cost is what has prohibited the companies
from switching to them you can also pull apart the capsules and sprinkle the vitamins and so forth on the food or buy liquids or powders number nine
marshmallows number 10 Jell-O and gelatin made from horses hoofs or other parts of the unclean
meat 11 you enjoying this it’s Bible study folks gets down where you live
don’t it in your mouth got it in your mouth
okay I didn’t know before this either I don’t know I guess
so marshmallows blood yes they have now bred one class of pigs to have blood
compatible with human blood number 12 pig skin fried pork rinds and footballs
and boots and gloves and belts still made with pig you have to handle them protein supplements made from
collagen which can be pork or beef 14 course we all know this one Cosmetics we’ve taught a lot on Cosmetics
especially the hand and face creams containing collagen beef pork or aborted babies placentas used in cosmetics can
be made from animals clean unclean and humans number 15 glandulars some from pork some from beef if you will say Bine
for beef por sign por sign is that right por sign for pigs in my Ministry it is
my Ministry to inform people of the different ways they may be breaking yahweh’s law it is also my desire that everyone see hard it is for us to live
within the letter of the law and uh that’s the total article I thought was a pretty good article then he’s got a long
one in here which I don’t want to take time to read but just mention it to you uh it’s called the name of the article
is called Port capsules
uh justification for selling how many know that almost all of the little capsules you buy in a store health food
store any other store are almost all 100% pork from the intestines you know
that okay yeah it’s been knowing for quite some time
huh yeah but they’re also a lot more expensive that most companies however don’t use them that’s what you don’t know so you can have real good stuff
inside them but you’re still putting pork and some of the live bacteria into your stomach just by taking Good Health Products if you don’t know see it’s what
you don’t know that can kill you my people perish for lack of knowledge how come Yahweh took him at such a young age
because he got something in him and Yahweh cannot violate his own law you see there there’s one condition for
Yahweh to touch your life it’s called repentance if you don’t repent you can’t get him pretty simple law isn’t
it my word the justification for selling and consuming these capsules is based on
the following premise one pork derived capsules have been processed in such a way as to make them pure no longer a
violation of yahweh’s commandment that’s the first thing I heard I’ve heard that before by the way these are the reasons
that Christians who were in the health business tell you and I had one Christian tell me it’s okay now for this
reason number two pork gelatin chemically is collagen which is made of amino acids identical to those in the human body now
wait till you read the answer to that one though that’s really this is heavy this is heavy I mean this will this will
make your hair curl inside of your brain okay number three since pork gelatin is
made from collagen it no longer looks like Pig anymore so it must not be pork fourth justification pork derived
capsules have such a small amount 50 milligram or 112,000 of ounce of pork in
them that the effects are imperceptible I’ve heard that one the Nutri five the nutritional benefits that pork capsules
deliver outweigh any harmful effects that pork might have number six all tablet manufacturers use preil or
collagen in the manufacturer of tablets so if one takes vitamins it is impossible to avoid the consumption of
pork collagen therefore it would be hypocritical to condemn or avoid pork gelatin
capsules number seven to object to the safe sale and consumption of Port capsules is straining and that exhibits
an unlawful festical attitude lacking Christian love I’ve heard that one too always are condemned for that festical
attitude simply because we say can’t and again I always go back it’s not what you say it’s how you say it that’s where the
Pharisee attitude is Christ also kept the Sabbath just like the Pharisees but their attitude was so bad that you
couldn’t have any Joy on the Sabbath now he wants to go through and he wants to answer all seven of these
which is a long thing let me just read a couple of them from you because it’s too long to give it any of you want to look
at it later I’ll let you read it let us Begin by taking a look at how these capsules are made the following is taken from a booklet on gelatin published by
the gelatin manufacturers Institute of America this is taken right from their own book okay quote gelatin is derived
from collagen an insoluble fibrous protein that occurs in vertebrates and is the principal constituent of
connective tissues and Bones pork skin is currently the most significant
raw material source for production of edible gelatin in the United States this is from the gelatin
manufacturer this is their own words supplied as either fresh or frozen
pork skins come from slaughter houses and meat processing plants already trimmed of fat flesh and hair when pork
skins are utilized for production of typ a gelatin from pork only or a
combination of pork and beef they are washed with cold water and then soaked in cold mineral acid for several hours
until maximum swelling has occurred hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid are most commonly employed the remaining
acid is then drained off and the material again washed several times with cold water the pork skins are then ready for extraction with hot water the dilute
gelatin solutions from the various hot water extractions are filtered deionized and concentrated by cross flow membrane
filtration and or vacuum evaporation unquote gelatin manufacturers Institute of America Inc gelatin Pages five and
six now after looking at the gelatin making process and comparing it back to Leviticus 11 is simple for anyone to see
that since these capsules are made from pork skins to intentionally touch or swallow them would be a direct violation
of the instructions in Leviticus yahweh’s word by the way this is not from Ken Anderson this is another doctor
this is a let’s see who else wrote this one wal a Reverend Walter Foster the
Pastor Walter Foster just make you understand not everybody there’s a lot of people that have this knowledge
okay if we take a look at the gelatin making process we learn that the acid is used
to maximize swelling of the skin not to make it clean the fact that the process results in a higher concentration of
collagen does not take away from the fact that the collagen is the same collagen that was in the pork skin to
say that the collagen is now pure is misleading pure does not mean clean in the Bible it does because the word for
clean the word for PR remember blessed are the pure in heart for they shall be they they shall see Yahweh that word for
pure is the same word for clean but now the medical establishment has separated the word pure how many remember pure
sugar pure sugar is not sugar at all because all the nutrients have been removed from pure
sugar that’s a AMA medical misnomer that brings
death pure does not mean clean or edible or non-pork Pure Heroin is still heroin
soaking a pork skin a cold solution rinsing it with cold water then heating it and extracting collagen from it then filtering drying the collagen gives you
nothing but pure pork collagen free from extraneous matter can we dare question yahweh’s reasoning and declaring the pig
unclean and he goes on and talks about that now he says number two is the collagen and pork identical to that in
your own body because that’s what they’re assuming this is this is what’s going to throw you now indeed to assume that collagen extracted from pigs or
cattle or humans is all alike is scientifically incorrect there’re about 20 20 commonly occurring amino acids and
they bond together in long chains of no less than 50 amino acids to form each protein molecule collagen is made up of
these complex protein molecules encyclopedia Banica 1960 Edition article
gelatin unquote sometimes these 20 amino acids are referred to as the protein alphabet because the individual amino
acids join together to spell each different protein word just as the 26 letters of our alphabet are linked
together to form a myriad of English words amino acids are linked together in various sequences to make an astronomical number of different protein
words that’s quoted from the biochemistry the chemistry of life science of the physical 1983 Pages 172
to 176 the amino acids and collagen extracted from pork skins areed in a
unique sequence pattern that differs from the sequences extracted from beef or other animals by reading the sequence
of the amino acids in the protein words scientists can determine the kind of animal from which the collagen was
extracted that’s taken from the collagen and amino acid studies by Robert Nova University of South Dakota Medical
School biochemistry in other words collagen from pork skin spells a a different word from the collagen taken
from beef or even from humans to explain further let us take two English words consisting of exactly the same letters
God and dog you ever heard that one both of these words contain exactly
the same letters in no way can we claim that they are the same word nor would they elicit the same responses when used
in communicating significantly one of these words indicates the Creator whom scripture tells us we are to solely
worship whereas the other indicates an animal a mere creation whose worship scripture condemns likewise although
beef and pork collagen proteins may contain similar amino acid letters they spell all together different words with
different meanings and responses scripture authorizes the consumption of one condemns the consumption of another
furthermore not only is this dissimilarity between collagens obvious under the microscope it is also readily
discernible by the human body in its tendency to develop specific allergic reactions to one type of collagen
independently from other types in fact this tendency of the body to identify and react to specific collagens
facilitates the current use of pork collagen in developing allergy serum for people who are allergic to Pork from
colleg in and amino acid studies by Robert Novia University of South Dakota Medical School
biochemistry that’s
so what’s happen those animals it’s another that’s another
study we’ll talk about that here’s a book I got at Mother’s about a couple months
ago called guess what came to dinner parasites and your health okay
now over half of all Americans will at some now listen I just said father what do you want me to teach on tonight he
just say that book that book that book I hadn’t read them I didn’t know what was in them so whether you like it or not
you’re going to get what he always says now if you don’t do anything with it that’s your problem I’m having fun over half of all Americans will at
some point in their life become host of parasites according to health experts since the effects of infection
reach far beyond the gastrointestinal tract that behooves all of us to be on the alert for the wide array of bodily
symptoms that signal the presence of parasites signs and symptoms may come about during initial exposure shortly
after that exposure or many months later what many of us are attributing to old age dist stress or plain old poor health
May in fact be due to an Uninvited Guest the word parasite is from the
Greek word para meaning beside and cyos meaning food in other
words you’re getting something besides food okay most medical dictionaries
Define a parasite as quote an animal or plant that lives on or in another
organism from which it obtains its own nutrient a basic element in the par now
you’re supposed to eat to receive nutrients but when you get a n a parasite infection inside of you it eats
what you eat and sometimes eats a hole in you a basic element in the parasite
definition is that a parasite is usually injuring or without cont contributing to
survival the relationship that is formed between the two organisms is defined as
parasitism my concern in this book is endoparasites which live inside the body rather than ectoparasites which live on
the body like mites and ticks the organism that serves as the home for the parasite is known as the host and the
transmitting agent that carries the infecting pathogen is called a vector the human being becomes a host through
one of four Pathways the first is infected food or water sources of round
worms amoeba and gardi the second is via a vector such as a
mosquito a carrier of a dog heartworm Feria and malaria or a flea carrier of
dog tapeworm the common house fly transmitting Amic cyst don’t let flies land on your
food they’re going to the bathroom telling you the
truth some of you just don’t understand health
understand it very well and the Sandfly carrier of Le
manases the third is from sexual contact infected Partners can transmit tronis
Gardia and Amia and the fourth is through the nose and skin pinworm eggs Toxoplasma Gandhi can be inhaled from
contaminated dust hookworms schistosomus and stoidis can penetrate Exposed Skin
or bare feet the the airplane can be considered another parasitic pathway or vector in its own right because
extensive foreign travel is exposed Americans to a whole gamut of exotic diseases never before encountered in
their Homeland then they give page after page
after page of uh what different parasites do says the following are
warning signs for parasites constipation diarrhea gas and bloating now we just
read that article right irritable bow Sy Drome joint and muscle aches and pains
anemia allergies skin conditions granis nervousness sleep disturbances teeth
grinding chronic fatigue immune dysfunction and then uh page after page
it tells us it says it gives the name of all of the different types of parasites
and then it tells you the length of their size and it tells you where they live inside of you then it tells you how they get into you and it’s either skin
by touching through your skin or foot in other words you can get these parasites through bare feet if you have an animal
in your house and you walk around barefooted the parasites on the animal go onto the carpet you walk on the
carpet it comes in through your skin goes into your body okay it’s either it’s through your
skin or it’s through your mouth the only two ways you can get it okay and in here
it then we’ll tell you what the what what the various names are
um and what is a therapeutic agent to deal with these parasites page after page is the doctor’s uh breakdown of all
of these things and then it discusses each of these things and under the word pork tapeworm here’s what it says pork
tapeworm is similar to beef tapeworm but it is shorter with less than 1,000
proglottids pork tapeworm infects man through the eating of infested undercooked pork such as fresh or smoked
ham or sausage unlike the beef tape worm pork tapeworm infection is usually caused by multiple worms rather than
just one the larvae stage develops in the muscle spreads through the central nervous system into other tissues and
organs and finally hooks onto the upper small intestine pork tapeworm causes great harm to the human host when the
immature larvae invades the muscles the heart the eyes and the Brain the laral
migration of pork tapeworm represents the most dangerous infection of all
tapeworms in the brain the worms can create a condition known as sister C
sosis which can produce seizures and brain deterioration and often is misdiagnosed as
epilepsy and then he gives a how to cure any parasitic condition you may have
it’s an excellent book guess what came to dinner now we talked about how Lloyd touched just touching the sausage got it
through his hands and made him sick uh here’s the other commentary I was reading from studies Leviticus by sh
Kellogg again another commentary sold in all the gospel book stores and
uh one of the greatest discoveries of modern science is the fact that a large number of diseases to which are which
animals are liable are due to the presence of low forms of parasitic life or parasites this is in a commentary now
just want to add emphasis from all fields of endeavor are you with me
uh in the light of such facts as these it is plain that an ideal dietary law would as far as possible exclude from
human food all animals which under given conditions might be especially liable to
these parasitic diseases in which if their flesh should be eaten might thus become a frequent medium of communic
ating them to men now this is in a gospel commentary
of a man who believes in Grace yet understands the reason for biblical law
without making it law so it’s not just my view alone there there’s great men in
the church who understand this he excludes from Hebrew dietary
animals particularly liable to parasites and as it is in the blood that the germs or spores of infectious diseases
circulate he orders that they must be drained of their blood before serving of food and he goes on and lists a lot of
parasitic things in his commentary and then gives biblical reasons why now why have I gone to this much labor to give
you these things I came home Sunday night the holy spirit said to me look up the word swine
so I said okay so I went to Young’s concordance and uh I looked up the word
swine and I traced every scripture where it’s found so let’s find find out if there’s a Biblical reason for believing
these things okay let’s see if we’re really Christians can handle the pure word just this level now some of you are
going to be shocked I think because some of you have probably never done a study on the swine um the first instance that it is
found in the Bible is Leviticus 17 which we read to you tonight the next scripture we’re
going to read all of them together uh Deuteronomy chapter 14 let’s go to Deuteronomy 14 I just want you to see
what the word says about it and you decide for yourself whether you want to live biblically or not okay Deuteronomy
now see the difference between me and most other health teachers and most other preachers is the fact that I don’t
go out to eat with you to condemn you anybody that’s in the health field
once they’re convinced that it’s wrong they’ll tell you you can’t do it all right I don’t care what you
eat health help yourself I’m not going to judge you but but then you better have enough
money to let me hold your
funeral Deuteronomy 14 [Laughter]
ver8 and the swine because it divideth the hoof yet cheweth not the cut it is unclean to you you shall not eat of
their flesh nor touch their dead carcass now the next scripture is in Proverbs
and you know what Proverbs is it’s a comparison book talks about foolish and wise
people talks about people who are instructed and people who aren’t instructed talks about pride and
humbleness talks about lewdness and pure love talks about comparisons let let’s
see what we can find about the swine Proverbs
if it’s in the Bible it must be there for Risen how many know the Bible says that you know all preachers say all
scripture is given by the inspiration of Yahweh right I quote that verse 2 Timothy 3:16 we had to memorize that in
Bible school all scripture we believe in the full plary full inspiration of the
Bible and we all said amen and then we quote the scripture well that’s not for today wait a minute it’s either his word
or it ain’t he’s either the unchanging Malachi 11 says Yahweh says I am the
unchangeable I never change it doesn’t change his mind Hebrews 13:8 Yeshua hamashiach the
same yesterday today and forever he’s never changed his mind but all of a sudden Christ rises from the dead
cancels out the whole Old Testament that’s what the church now teaches Old Testament is now void since
when that’s theology not Bible he’s never changed his mind just changed the
method by which we oppold hold it Proverbs 11 say I still believe the only way to heaven is through the blood of the Lamb are you with me you ain’t going
to get to Heaven by not eating pork you cannot eat pork and go to
hell you you can break every law I mean you can keep every law in the Old
Testament and still go to hell you can break every law in the Old
Testament and still go to heaven uh There’s No Greater Grace preacher than me
no one teaches Grace more than me no one gives you Grace greater than
me you can steal from me barf at me cuss at me and I’ll still love
you preachers can’t most preachers can’t do
that but No One Believes In the law more than me now if you can put predestination Free Will together then
you’ll understand where I’m at Proverbs 11 oops back in Isaiah again
okay just want to emphasize some things people always twist in what I’m saying Proverbs 11 verse
22 as a jewel of gold and a swine snout so is a fair woman which is
without [Laughter]
discretion okay now as as as
a yeah this becomes a Lloyd special now
yeah okay yeah yeah that’s right a jewel of gold now this is just a a gold ring
okay a jewel of gold in a swine snout is as a fair woman which is without
discretion now there’s a there’s a number there I can’t even read it what is it 2940 is that what it is 2940 let’s
go back to 2940 and see what it says and I did that last night I thought it was quite
interesting a fair woman means one who has great
physical Beauty and charm now how many know men love female Beauty
[Applause] oh okay okay that’s the gold got it
that’s the gold she is something to look
at now you you just about bordering on lust but you can just stay in
[Music] love that’s gold
yeah that’s gold but now go for gold let let’s go for the discretion part
okay H okay I got to stop talking and turn Okay
29 40 okay
to this masculine Hebrew noun derives from 2938 it is
taste in other words a woman that is
beautiful but if you want to describe the swine part of her it’s that she has no discretion but the word discretion is
the Hebrew word to which means no taste no flavor no
feeling understanding judgment Royal Decree the Hebrew Bean 995 emphasizes
understanding as well as decision-making it is more comprehensive and includes perception through all of the senses not
merely taste another Hebrew synonym Nar 5234 stresses recognition and
acknowledgement this word has the sense of discretion and discernment through experience after a judgment has been
made and formalized it is a decree so a gold in a wine snout swine snout is the
same as a woman who’s beautiful but she has no ability to see
correctly her perceptions is are is is gone she has no feeling for Value her
value system is wasted now that’s called the swine so in
Bible language swine is described as the
inability for value can you see that inability for Value do
you and I have a swine’s nature when we’re not saved we all have a swine’s nature we don’t have the
proper spiritual value system for our life a woman that has high
values will never go to bed with a man until she gets the price tag she
wants but most men offer her a quarter and she takes
it I teach price tagging don’t give them what they want at the physical level
until you get what you want on the spiritual level holding up your value system because the man that only wants
to use you who doesn’t really love you will quit going with you the test of
whether you have the right man or not is whether not he can hold out long enough to want you instead of want what you
have you understand the price thing some you got real quiet on that
one see and that goes the same thing for men you don’t think of the physical
until you think of the spiritual value that you have in yourself knowing that
you’re worth more than your bodily parts and that’s going to make you get back
your worth and your value and a man who Treasures your value will not take advantage of you and if a man leaves you
because he can’t get you to bed it’s no love at all it’s pure lust that’s a Biblical standard that’s
why it’s used particularly in the Book of Proverbs and what aound means now there’s only three more
scriptures in all of the Old Testament and there’s a lot in the new okay now the next three are all in the prophet
Isaiah Isaiah 65 we’re given a lot of information this
time in this tape Isaiah 65:4 now in order to pick this up we’ve
got to go back and start with verse one though to get the picture Isaiah 65:1 I am sought of them
that ask not for me I am found of them that sought me not
I said behold me behold me unto a nation that was not called by my
name in other words there’s people who want him to come into their life who don’t know they’re the chosen but but
his chosen people don’t call on him at all I have spread out my hands all the
day unto a rebellious people which were his people referring in Isaiah’s day to the house of Israel and the house of
Judah which walketh in a way that was not good after their own thoughts a people that provoke me to anger
continually to my face that sacrificeth in gardens and burneth incense on altars of bricks which remain among the graves
and Lodge in The Monuments which eat swine’s flesh
get that they anger me all day long why they eat swine’s flesh did you notice that eating swine’s flesh is linked to
all these other attitudes they’re in rebellious and broth of abominable
things is in their vessels now the whole chapter of Isaiah
is a judgment that is coming now let’s go to Isaiah
again let’s pick up at verse one thus sayith the ywe Heaven is my Throne the Earth is my foot stol where is the house
that you build unto me and where is the place of my rest for all those things ha my hand made and all those things have
been sayith Yahweh but to this man will I look even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit and trembleth at my
word you want to know who you know how to get Yahweh to answer your prayer you got to have a poor and
contrite spirit and you tremble at his word take it seriously put a high value
on it folks I watch this verse three he that kth an ox is as if he slew a man he
that sacrificeth a lamb as if he cut off a dog’s neck he that offereth an
oblation as if he offered swine’s blood what does that mean that means all
of the religious activities that Israel was into was done with the wrong attitude and oblation is the same thing
as prayer it means offering up sacrifices of praise to show your value
system to Yahweh and if you don’t do it properly it’s the same as offering up swine’s
blood an ox for atonement on the day of
atonement but when they killed the ox instead of showing Mercy it was the same as killing a man in Anger their attitude
was wrong they were doing religious things correctly but with a wrong attitude he that sacrifices a lamb
remember the lamb and Passover is if cut off a dog’s neck no value to what you’re
doing religiously you pray just prayers you go to church you just sit there
no respect he that offereth an oblation as if he offered swine’s
blood unclean he that burneth incense as if he blessed in Idol ye they have
chosen their own ways and their soul delighteth in their Abominations and Al I will I also will
choose their delusions I will bring their fears upon them no wonder they got fears their hearts not right so they’ll
have their fears come on them just like job did verse uh
17 they that sanctify them themselves purify them themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst eating
swine’s flesh and the abomination in the mouth shall be consumed together sayith Yahweh it’s talking about the last day
of judgment referring to this day now why is he referring to this day of judgment and people are eating mouses
and they’re eating swine’s flesh today are they doing that today better believe they’re doing it today and he says
they’ll be consumed they’ll die yahweh’s laws have not changed folks
now let’s go to the New Testament and see all the scriptures on it there Matthew 7 ver time this is all
chronological sequence of every s verse in the Bible going to get something out of this I
hope nowhere in the Bible does it say I finally cleanse the S and he that
eats pig will now be blessed enjoy The Taste My Children it
shall do thee no harm any longer show me the verse yet every
preacher preaches that Matthew 7 verse 6 this is the red letter Edition
yeshua’s word you with me give not that which is holy unto the
dogs are there still dogs don’t give them holy things now if
you don’t know what a dog is a dog
Spirit no value neither cast ye your Pearls Before
Swine there’s people that you have to live with or deal with every single day
in your life and scripturally they are swine showing us that food laws were to
teach something Beyond food I hope some of you are not going to get the idea that all I’m teaching on is food
laws food laws if you don’t understand the food law you won’t understand why
they’re types and shadows of a greater law if a swine is not unclean and all
the scriptures he teaches about swine will have no value to you there are things that you and I do
that when he looks at it it’s called swine there are people whose attitudes
you come in contact with are swine and if you don’t understand the physical swine you’ll never grasp the spiritual
swine Christ said don’t cast your Pearls Before
Swine now how many know a pearl is a gy I used to sell pearl
jewelry we went into homes took oysters real oysters still in the
water we take the oyster out of the water take a knife and open it up pull
out the Pearl and then we tell the story of the Pearl that somewhere in that oyster’s life a piece of
sand or something from the ocean floor would get inside and cause an irritation
to the oyster and in order to protect itself from Pain it would begin to build
a coating over it so that it wouldn’t feel the
irritation now the Bible says that um the walls of the New Jerusalem
City one Pearl over each gate one big pearl you know there must be one big
irritation that’s going to get you through that wall some of you are saying I want to
get rid of this irritation father ain’t going to get rid of the irritation he wants to create the
Pearl but once you’ve learned the lesson of building your own
jewelry becoming jams mounted on gold and silver precious
stones don’t cast them before swine you know how many people you tell just blab off your spiritual experiences to
non-believers swine then you wonder why they mock you they laugh at you and they make fun of your beliefs and never
really listen to you because you cast your Pearls Before Swine if you don’t understand swine you
won’t understand swine see I have The Uncanny ability
that the moment somebody opens their mouth one time to me I hear
a my mind is very Vivid I pick up weird sounds now they’re
they’re just that don’t mean nothing to me that’s what they’re telling me but what I hear
is do you think you’re right on everything Pastor what I he
is I translate
all I see little animals coming out of everybody’s mouth I see unclean animals just jumping
out of Christian’s mouth cuz they ate some unclean meat it now comes out of their mouth what you don’t understand is
that father in his humor has given me perceptive ability to see into this spirit and I see these little Spirits
jumping out of your lips and you wonder sometimes why I’m looking at you in a strange
way plan a or yeah plan a or C how about Plan
B nothing worse than when I got up one day and looked in the mirror and saw a
pig give not that which is holy unto the dogs neither cast you Pearls Before Swine now did you notice that Christ
uses in one sentence a dog and a swine together did you notice that dog and a
swine a dog and a swine a dog and a swine now last week we quoted from second Peter 22 remember anybody
remember what that is second Peter D hold your place right there in Matthew 7 go to Second Peter 222 which is the last
scripture in the New Testament that deals with dog and South this is New Testament now not old
Testament right 2222 2 Peter chapter 22 it has happened unto them according
to the true proverb the dog is turned to his own vomit again and the s that was washed to were wallowing in the M now we
assume that when a s is washed it becomes a sheep a washed s is still a s not
everybody that comes to church is a sheep they’re still SS they act like
sheep that’s why it says the s has clothing feet but doesn’t chew the cud
it doesn’t have the talk it’s got the walk they act they
they walk like Christians they can raise their hands in church they can read the Bible but when
they leave the church they’re still living their old life they can’t take what’s spiritually
being taught and go out there and live it with their mouth or their
brain and we call them Christians because the church is taught just come forward receive Christ he’ll
save you I’m sorry folks that’s not what the Bible teaches of Salvation the Bible said you must be
born again born again is a process got to be the planting of the seed and sight of a womb takes nine
months to develop it in the natural when that baby’s born it mean it’s born with a whole new body he said
you must be born of the spirit when you’re born again that which has been working in you for several years the
word working in you to produce conviction and one day you finally say I got stop thinking the way I’m thinking you turn to Christ you don’t turn to
Christ cuz somebody tells you it’s scaring you out of hell you turn to Christ because you realize I’m blowing it I need his grace I need his help and
something in you was motivated from within not from without you’re born again you become
sheep but there’s a whole bunch of ss they get washed up and when you see the
SS and the sheep in the church they’re just another farm animal to most
people SS can read the word they just have no understanding of it John 3:16 is
the only scripture that SS know he loves me even if I wallow in the
mire he still loves me
Hallelujah there is SS in every Church there are Pastor
SS in a whole bunch of churches they got past
preaching and eventually you’ll know them cu the Tog dog turns to its vomit
in the s that was washed to her wallowing in the
Meer now you can take any s bring him in put him in a bathtub wash him up real
good put a pink bow on him take your Fufu juice and spray it all over
him [Music] take
ecstasy pour it on him he’ll just sit there look at you
going speech is still the same doesn’t how to chew the cut put a little dress on
him dress him up put a sign on the S
Christian but he can’t talk without going and when you get a Christian aside
and you start talking to him about natural things it’s amazing what they talk
about Sola forgive me but I got to mention this she’ll know who I’m talking
about no nobody else here will know who I’m talking about I had a pastor that I associated
with we go to our pastoral meetings I shared some of this with some
of you before we sat there that one morning having a pastoral staff meeting the
other two pastors couldn’t come so it was just me and him and I guess he decided because I was so laidback that
he could finally W day just be himself and it was one of those early
hot summer mornings when some women come out early
already wearing hardly anything starting their day and we would just ordered breakfast
in this restaurant and this woman walks by scantily clad
now he and I were at eye to eye contact and I kept my eyes fastened on
him and while I’m looking at him because he’s talking I’m trying to give him the respect that he
deserves he’s starting to go like
this all of a sudden his mouth stopped speaking in the middle of a sentence he became quite silent and just
stared in another Direction I thought what is he looking at so I had to look look just to see
what he was looking at I didn’t know he was looking at what he called the
enemy and he said to me as he realized all of a sudden that I was looking at
him there goes the enemy I said enemy why is that an
enemy because I’m married but I want
that used to go to Vegas couple months out of the
Year he’d come back after going to a special room with a
hired prostitute then come home tell his wife it was a glorious experience with Yahweh but he tell me another
story and I was with him a lot of times condemn me for going to bed with a
prostitute and then went to bed with her himself and then told me because he went to bed I might as well confess up
and called me a hypocrite because I wouldn’t give in to his foolish winkers and to this day still won’t have
anything to do with me but blesses all my enemies s returned to the
Meer it’s even in pastors he look like a sheep talk like a sheep when he got in the
Pulpit but I lived with him in his daily life had Playboy channel in their
house watched x-rated movies at night together bragged about it then decided guilt got
too heavy decided to have it taken out because too many Christians were coming in and
noticing now am I getting nasty no I’m just trying to explain some things folks not all things are what you think they
are every church has pastors that are SS there’s also some that have
sheep and every church has in it you you can’t sit there and I’m not saying for all of you start looking around and see
if any of you have web feet and chew the cud we tell you to be fruit inspectors
but not that kind none of you have the right to come pick up my pants leg to find out what kind of feet I
have that’s not what it means to judge buy their fruit you’ll know them talks about actions not checking out
their legs to see what kind of fruit grows what kind of microbes are crawling on them I hope I’m getting through some
points here there’s SS out there you have no idea what a s is in a human
being until you understand what a s is in the natural when he calls it unclean it’s because it is unclean he’s not
going to call it unclean because he wants to use it as a type of unclean because someday some Farm kid saw a pig go into the mud and just lay there in it
and says oh that must be why he said it was unclean because it got in the dirt no it’s unclean from beginning to end
from every aspect of its creation it does not have the ability to shed toxins
it does not have the ability to shed parasites its whole body is filled with worms it eats worms it eats decayed
material that go into its skin and stays in its feet and when you eat it you eat
all of the bacteria that goes with it and it’ll kill you just takes sometimes a long time for
it to be processed in you I’m trying to emphasize that there are food
laws not saying it’s going to save you doesn’t add anounce to your salvation in Christ but it does add to how healthy
you’re going to be if you understand there are food laws but he took natural physical food
laws to explain something deeper that is that there are moral distinctions
between people if you don’t understand that person over there as unclean because of their walk and their talk
you’re going to go join them before you know what you’re going to be doing what they’re doing how many of us have fallen When We Were Young into the realm of
everybody else well they’re doing it we got trapped in a cycle many people
got caught in drugs not because they wanted it their friends were doing it
they went out with unclean friends but they didn’t know they were unclean friends they didn’t learn how to distinguish between clean and
unclean that’s why in the Jewish economy to this day children are still taught at the age of three The Book of Leviticus
children are taught to understand clean unclean hoping that when they grow up they’ll understand clean and unclean
personalities if every woman knew that every man she goes out with is either clean or unclean how’s she going to know
watch his walk watch his talk and give him nothing else and tell it’s G to make a difference if every man goes out and
realizes he’s going out with a clean or unclean woman do you really think that you want to go out with an unclean s when you’re a sheep you’re going to
contact s disease it has to do with who you go out with don’t have Fellowship light does
not fellowship with Darkness the unclean does not fellowship with the clean that distinct ition of
class is still here we must learn to get along with our kind Satan keeps you in your sins and in your weaknesses because
he keeps you around sinful and weak people get away from them when you come to Christ the first thing you got to do
is separate day one of creation and we’re a new creation what was the law of
the creation he separated the darkness from the light when Israel came out of Egypt it said that the Egyptians were a
kingdom of darkness and the children of Israel were a kingdom of light and he said he put a wall between them and
separated them what is that clothing feet you must learn to separate yourself
and until you do the first day work of Grace of coming out from among the unclean thing mentioned in 1 Corinthians
and 2 Corinthians chapter 3 in chapter six come out of the unclean it’s still
there until you do it you can’t go to the second day work of Grace between the clean unclean Waters the third day the
separation of land and sea that which is solid from that which is not solid until you do the first three days
and get into the Resurrection Life of Christ you can’t finish the next three days which brings to the sixth day labor
of Grace under the new creation the sixth day Man was created in His image you want to be like him you got to do
all six day work of Grace then you can rest that’s the Sabbath you’re not rest means finally come to a point where you
have the problem no more you’re clean finally you’re clean you’re resting first six day work Grace is the
holy spirit moving on you first to separate you from the unclean so that he can begin to build on the
clean once he separated the darkness from the light took only three days to do the separating work the next three
days were simply working on the clean part the fourth day was the
establishment of the Sun the moon and the stars as lights in the Kingdom of
Light SE separating the waters work of day five is putting life forms in those
Waters upper and lower Waters signifying the spirit and the flesh separating
them third day is always resurrection and it was on that third day of beautification that he created man the
ultimate creation is Christ came out of the Tomb on the third day the ultimate created me
being once you come back to that original image in Christ you can find rest your soul come
unto me you that are weary and heavy laden what are you weary of the unclean tired of getting dirty tired of goofing
up tired of all of the ramifications of having things go wrong in my life I need something I need to be cleaned up that’s
the message I hope you can see what I’m saying it’s simply a Sunday School Story pardon the
expression well getting away from my theme now let’s go to the only other
section that you find comparable in Matthew Mark and Luke it’s the same exact story let’s go back to Matthew 8
and we’ll finish up this message some of you saying I’ll be glad when it gets out of the
South Matthew
verse 27 we’ll close
here Matthew 8 verse
27 the men marveled saying what Manner aband is this that even the winds and seal Bame and when he was come to the
other side under the country of the gines there met him two possessed with Devils coming out of the tombs exceeding
fear so that no man might pass that way behold they cried out saying what have we to do with thee Yeshua now son of
Elohim Art Thou come hither to torment us before the time and there was a good
way off from them a herd of many swine feeding so the Devils beside him saying if you
cast us out suffer us it’s Old English for allow us allow us to go away into
the hert of swine now demons love s demons unclean spirits love demons I
mean love swine now that means if you love pork
you have something in common with unclean spirits why would an unclean Spirit want to go into the into that particular
animal have you ever think about it so the Devils or the demons besought
him saying if you cast us out of this man then allow us to go into the herd of
swine if you if if if we can’t stay in this man mess him up and at least put us in the swine at least we got something
in common because the word for unclean Spirit the word for unclean s is one in
the same word in the Hebrew I hope that one sinks
in and he said unto them go now if the S was already clean he
wouldn’t have told him to go an unclean Spirit into a clean thing right and when they were come out
they went into the herd of swine and behold the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep Place into the
sea and perished in the waters they that kept them fled and went
their ways into the City and told everything what was befallen to the possessed of the devils and behold the whole city came out to meet Yeshua and
when they saw him they sought him that he would depart out of their Coast they couldn’t handle it you ruined our trade
we deal with SS they were angry they weren’t blessed here was a man that got delivered from demons they didn’t care
the S was their livelihood anytime something makes makes us give up what we like we get angry
people get angry when I preach it’s okay there evil spirits in them
why don’t I get mad when people get upset with me because I know the
source what does this story say well I’ve shared it with some of most of you already but let me close again with this
some of you that are new that may not have heard it the unclean spirit said let us go
into the unclean s but you know what the the the the
unclean s said now wait a minute I may be unclean but I ain’t that
unclean and I’ll die before I let that thing live in me
which means that SS have more value than humans it said when the demons entered
into the herd of ss the SS ran towards the
water why well remember Christ talks about the unclean spirits walk in dry
places remember what an unclean spirit is tells you in the Book of Enoch an
unclean spirit is a disembodied Spirit from the days of
Noah they hate water because it was the flood of Noah that destroyed their natural bodies and water to them is horrible
that’s why to this day a Roman Catholic in an exorcism right will cast water upon them and it burns
them any on a demon and have paralyzing
effects why the Bible uses water over and over and over as a symbol of the word wash yourself in the washing of the
water of the word cleanse yourself his word is clean this is called a clean
book it’s his clean word and he wants to clean you up and he does it as you learn to obey the
word these demons said I got to get rid of the I mean the swine said we got to get rid of the Demons think of it we’re
unclean but we ain’t that bad demon I mean swine want to get rid
of demons yet most of us will keep them around what an atrocity that an unclean
animal will run violently from the demons and you and I will bring them in
bring them into our life bring them into our home bring them into our walk and we’ll entertain them because well they’re nice people they just have a
funny speech impediment
CA they ran into the water the demons refused to stay in that watery grave and
the SS would rather die in the watery grave than keep the demon which showed they had a higher value
system folks you got to understand the whole Bible is nothing but a value
system there’s the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and it would bring death if you ate of it and there was the
Tree of Life only two trees and the power of life or death is in the tongue
two trees are in your Source called The Flesh and the spirit Romans 8 the mind
of the flesh will bring death and the mind of the spirit will bring life that unclean things are death and clean
things are life so that the curse and the blessing the first Adam and the
second adom and death and life and good and evil and Heaven and Hell are twins
in opposite opposition I to each other to tell you that life is as simple as
black and white whatever you think whatever you do
whatever you say it’s going to produce death or life and you have to make a decision do you want
death your finances will continue to go down or they will begin to turn around
and go up if you will obey Financial clean laws and if you disobey Financial
law you cannot be blessed financially even if you obey all of the moral laws of the
universe there are Health rules you could be the most spiritual Christian in the world but if you violate every
biological Natural Health rule you will still get sick and die oh yes you’ll go
to heaven but a lot sooner yes you’re saved by grace but your quality of life here is not based
on Grace it’s based on obedience to his word father wants you to enjoy the kingdom
here so what does he tell you in the Great Commission cast out
demons cleanse lepers heal the
sick and when you applied that phrase Healing The Sick it refers to
lepers causing SS to be transformed into sheep and that’s the hope of the Gospel
there isn’t a s made that can’t be transformed by the renewing power of the
Holy Spirit made into a sheep what you and I need to understand
that in Bible language my flesh is given the title of dog and
S and no matter what I take into me if it’s coming out of the dog scene or the
swine scene that is what is making me blow it in any realm that I’m
in and if I become a sheep which is clean Behold the Lamb that taketh away
the sin of the world the lamb that was clean the lamb that taketh
away the sin and if I’m going to be a lamb creature made into a lion that Roars
with authority the lion of the tribe of Judah then I’ve got to learn how to become
clean so we come to that great phrase that we verse that we’ve been on for three weeks now it 2 Corinthians 7:1 let
us cleanse ourself let us become clean in the
original by washing oursel of the filthiness of the Flesh and the
filthiness of the spirit filthiness of the flesh is simply
playing with your natural human nature and its lust not realizing that behind
everything you do it’s going to cost you and someday you got to get tired of the cost
got to learn how to financially think straight you got to learn how to treat
your body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit and feed it right you got to learn how to treat everybody else as
special people to love them you can’t just do one thing and say I’ve got it made going to church does not save you
folks going to church only enables you to hear the message so that you can do something about your life Christianity
is a love affair with the Creator it’s a love affair with with each other until you are so consumed with love you cannot
become unclean any man who loves a woman will not cheat on her why no other
love I’ve counseled for years thousands of marital disputes all
of them in the Christian realm never I think only one time in my life I ever counsel a sin couple always Christian
couple talk about man I’ve seen more problems in the Christian couples than I have in the Sinners
couple this man was in my church for years he was a on the board
and and he was very close to me very special never missed a
service never missed a prayer service had Bible study in his home we
ministered together over 30 years but in about 15 years after that
time of never missing a service his wife came to me in tears and
said my husband does not love me because I have small
breast so he went out and bought some Playboy magazines and some other magazines and he’s always holding them
up to her saying this is what I wish you were I can’t make love to you you don’t become
that so he had to have the magazine open while he made love to her it consumed her she ended up Contracting
cancer died a most vemo death but it all
started when a man became a s claiming to be a
sheep and yet as soon as his wife dies in two weeks time he went out and
married a waitress not even time for the funeral to get over with
the walk and the talk exposes the real you you think you can hide it you can’t
you walk and talk show when do we get to the idea that when we leave somebody their physical
doesn’t have anything to do with it you love somebody for who they are not what they have you love what they
have you’re into lust if you love who they are you’re into love we’ve got learn how to love one another folks
that’s what Christianity is the whole world is dying of love out there even some Sinners understand more about love than most Christians do because
Christians are into their selfish ways we’ve God learned to fall in love that’s the message of Christ what did he say he summed it all up in one thing herein
shall they know you’re my disciples you love one another love is a passion it’s not a thought process it’s
a passion there’s nothing that is more beautiful than love because love is a
commitment love says as it says in Song of Solomon chapter 8 verse 4 to6 or 6
to8 whichever it is love is stronger than death and many Waters cannot quench it it can take the worst tragedy of life
and pull through it because there’s love you know why people break up because the love was not strong enough to deal with
the problem but when you truly love the worst becomes only a stepping stone to
Victory you want to be clean you simply got to learn how to love it’s so simple the Bible says even a fool wouldn’t air
therein you and I don’t need to find out more laws to find out which ones were breaking just learn to fall in love with
the word and do what it says he said if you love me keep my Commandments he didn’t say there weren’t any more
Commandments he said if you love me you’re going to obey me God learned to hear him folks because
until you learn to hear him you can’t hear each other but the sign that you’re hearing him is the sign that you’re hearing
others meaning you want to love you want to care in spite
of I love SS I think they’re cute I love their no know as ugly as it
is I go to a country fair and I love the S I love the Sheep love the goats like
it all they’re each a unique creation of Father they’re not unclean when they’re alive they’re not unclean as long as you
don’t use them for food they serve a purpose they’re cute they’re cuddly I love I love
SS and human SS I love them when I go to a s though I don’t try
to put perfume on him I don’t try to change him I try to introduce him to a higher style of life and see if I can’t beget a sheep in
him that’s just the nature of Flesh you must be born again born of the spirit
when you’re born of the spirit it’s called Sheep if you’re not born again you’re simply a s the danger that most
Christians don’t understand is that once you’re born again you’re both a s and a sheep father said crucify the sa in
you and live out the Sheep In You And if you’ll allow the Sheep In You to conquer
the sa in you you’ll have life and you’ll be Victorious and there’s nothing
in life you cannot conquer including loving your
pastor father we receive your word tonight thank you for your word on the
clean and the unclean may we recognize in our own life that which is clean and
unclean and turn from the unclean and let us become clean but as
you cleanse the leper so cleanse Us in yeshua’s name
amen next service the cleansing of the leper I’ll guarantee you a process of
biblical cleansing that will restore the worst hardened sinner to a state of joy and Holiness Yahweh bless you and no one
leaves without 10 hugs love