Male-Only Frank/Merovingian Ancient Genealogy of the NW German / Carolingian Emperors

Szerzyć miłość

Male-only line genealogical line of the Frankish Merovingian Dynasty of the Carolingian Emperors. A study backed by conclusive DNA testing.

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The following line of Kings is one of the most confirmed DNA / Haplogroup family of Kings ever recorded. 10 of the Kings’ dna was confirmed deep level tested, who are most authenticated to be an absolute male line from ancient times of this Merovingian/Anjou/Crusader Kings line.
Eleven of the Angevin Crusader Kings were crowned as Kings of Jerusalem, at the Holy land during Crusades. Today the line is known as the French Capets mainly, with some Danish high Princes and Brunswick matches.
You can also lookup this dna match on various sites, even NIH has an article there showing about 10 French Kings of this deep subclade matching dna.
If you like to know the male only line here it is (very few have ever truly combined the male online line, but this is authenticated absolutely):
1 Antenor, King of the Cimmerians, Nehemiah’s time, 443 B.C. Antenor is by Moses Maimonides termed the chief Prince of Ephraim.
2 Marcomir, King of the Siccambri, a.m. 3562
3 Antenor I., called by some Antenor II., a.m. 3600.
4 Priamus, a.m. 3620. They then first used the Saxon language.
5 Helenus, B.C. 339.
6 Diocles, King, 3665 a.m.; he aided the Saxons against the. Goths 3677.
7 Bassanus Magnus, King and Priest. 3718 ; married the daughter of Orcades, or a Norwegian King.
8 Clodomir I., King, 3754, in his third year the Gauls demanded the restoration of their land.
9 Nicanor, King, 3772, aided the Saxons against the Sclavonians and Goths ; he married a daughter of Glidure, or Clidure, King of
10 Marcomir II., King, 3806. Clodius I., King, 3834 a.m.
11 Anterior II., 3845. Clodomir II., 3861. Berodachus, 3881.
12 Cassander, 3909. Antharius, 3930.
13 Francus, 3965, who first gave the name to the Franks.
14 ClodiusII.,3993. MarcomirIII.,A.D.32.
15 Clodomir III., a.d. 51. Antenor IV., A.D. 63.
16 Rathenius, a.d. 69. Richemer I., 90. Odomar, a.d. 114.
17 Marcomir IV., a.d. 128; married Athildis, daughter of Coilus, King of Britain. (See page 33.)
18 Clodomir IV., 149 ; married Hatilda, daughter of King of Rugii.
19 Farabert, King, 166. Sanno, or Hanno, 186.
20 Hildric founded Heidelburg Castle on the Rhine, 214.
21 Batherus, 253.
22 Clodius III., 272.
23 Walter, 298.
24 Dagobert, 306.
25 Clodomir, IV., 319.
26 Richimir II.,337.
27 Theodomir, 350.
28 Clodius V., 360.
29 Marcomir, V., 378 ; he was the last King of the Franks, and was conquered by the Romans ; his brother succeeded as
30 Dagobert, first Duke of the Franks under the Romans.
31 Genebald, died without male issue, his daughter Argota married Pharamond, Duke of the Franks, and afterwards King, 420.
32 Sigimerus married a daughter of Ferreolus Tonantius, a Roman Senator, and son-in-law to the Emperor Avitus.
33 Ferreolus, Duke of the Moselle, married a daughter of Clovis I., King of the Franks.
34 Ausbert 570, married Blitildis, daughter of Clothary I., King of the Franks.
35 Arnoldus, Margrave of the Schelde, 601, married Oda of Swabia; their daughter was
Itha, or Ida, who married Pipin Duke of Brabant, Major Domus of Clothery II. ; their daughter was Begga, died 698, who married
Anchires, Duke of Brabant, 685.
36 Pepinus, the great Duke of Brabant, 685. Maire of the Palace.
37 Childebrand I., a younger son.
38 Nebelongus. Theoderet, or Theodobert, Count of Mascon.
39 Robert, the father of Robert Fortis.
40 Robert Fortis, Count of Orleans, 867.
41 Robert, Duke of France and Burgundy, Count of Paris and King of France, 922.
42 Hugh Magnus, Count of Paris, 956, married Hadwid, daughter of the Emperor Henry Anceps.
43 Hugh Capet, 996. (CAPET MALE LINE OF KINGS OF FRANCE, ie short list as follows)
44 Robert II., 1031, the Pius.
45 Henry I., King of France, 1027.
46 Phillip I., King of France, 1060.
47 Louis VI., King of France, 1108.
48 Louis VII., King of France, 1131.
49 Phillip II., Augustus, King of France, 1179.
50 Louis VIII., King of France, 1187.
51 Louis IX. (Sanctus) King of France.
52 Phillip III., Audax, King of France.
53 Charles, Count de Valois.
54 Phillip VI., de Valois, “la belle fortune.”
55 John, King of France.
56 Louis, Duke of Anjou, titular King of Naples, born 1382.
57 Louis II., Duke of Anjou, titular King of Naples.
58 Reginer, Duke of Anjou, titular King of Naples
etc (all French Kings / Capets, most of Brunswick, Danish high princes / Gothia etc.)
The genealogical line of Dr Stephen Brunswick is of a sovereignty that is active in international law as an estate/domain entity (Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick). Under these absolute tenants of the legitimist philosophy, books are available upon request. Serious inquirers may write to for more information. The blood-rights, inheritance and succession law pertaining to this family is acknowledged to have a higher right than the later French usurpers, with public treaties still existing with the present government today confirming. The Templar Fons Honorum is one of the holdings of the house, as the founders of the Templar.

More on that DNA test of Dr Stephen Brunswick with other succession information.

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