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“Old Races” or Pre-Adamites, the Most Scientific, Biblical and Respectful Theory for all Races

Is there a good spiritual basis in the dominant Christian separatist doctrine that kept nearly 100% of America’s churches racially segregated through the 1960s? The below genetics studies, mainstream Universities and theology textbooks, demonstrate that the non-white races did not descend from the 6,000 year old Adamic-man but were part of the “older races”. This […]

Tracing Our Ancestors (British Israel book of the month)

For our British Israel book club subscribers (local or online members), the book of the month is “Tracing Our Ancestors” by Frederick Haberman. Freely available for download below. Contact us if you wish to order copies https://celticorthodoxy.com As Paul told the Greeks: “do not be ignorant that your ancestors were with crossed the red sea” […]

CREATION… or CHANCE! God’s purpose with mankind proved by the wonder of the universe

Creation or Chance! God’s purpose with mankind proved by the wonder of the universe Sections: “A World Gone Wrong” The Theory of Evolution The Cause How Clever is Man? The Evil of Evolution Has Man Penetrated Space? When Pygmies Look Up! Symbols in the Sky The Evolutionist Caught in a Fly-Trap! The Marvel of Man […]

OGŁOSZENIE: Późny Bp Pastor Leroy Crouch Teachings w trybie online

Messages are now on youtube: Pastor Leroy Crouch, Restoration Ministries Youtube Playlist Lets give a great thanks to our Associate Minister Rev Jeff Smith (Orthodox Church of the Culdees Bishop, successor of Bishop Boyle), House of Joseph Ministries. He was most hospitable receiving me on my return from the European mission, at his Texas office. […]

NOWY WIDEO: Paweł nauczał praw żywieniowych i praw dotyczących krwi lewickiej (NIE dla duchowego zbawienia, ale dla fizycznego przetrwania)

Seria nauczania „Jak nauczał Paweł, MUSIMY przestrzegać prawa”. Lekcja pierwsza „Podstawa dla pogan” Jak Paweł nauczał pogan MUSI przestrzegać prawa. To badanie dotyczy w szczególności praw żywieniowych i praw dotyczących krwi. Rzeczy uduszone i krew. Doskonałe studium na temat czystości i nieczystości. Czego Bóg chce dla nas wszystkich, […]