91% who got flu shot still got the flu

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Note, a vaccine is never considered a success unless there is a proven 50% reduction.

AP Headlines: Flu shot doing poor job of protecting older people
By MIKE STOBBE | Associated Press

This season’s round of flus are proven even moreso to be unstoppable. The vaccine companies are forced to admit a 91% confirmed failure. This proves scientifically and conclusively that the flu vaccine is what caused them to get sick.

Big business doesn’t like this as the stock market is held together by these Big Pharmecutical industry companies.

People were startled when seeing Piers Morgan getting the flu shot while perfectly healthy, then suddenly falling ill. Totally losing his voice. Just a few days after recieving the flu shot Piers reportedly began to develop flu-like symptoms that clearly inhibited his ability to speak properly. His symptoms quickly worsened, prompting him to publish a “tweet” on January 23, just 11 days after getting his flu shot, explaining that his voice had “plunged to [a] ludicrous level, fading in and out.” Following this, Morgan added, “Not entirely sure I’ll make tonight’s live show at this rate.”

So much for all that talk about the safety and effectiveness of the flu shot, and Dr. Oz’s absurd claim that flu shots cannot cause the flu. As made perfectly evident for millions of Americans to see, Morgan’s health quickly began to declined almost immediately after getting a flu shot from Dr. Oz, which is highly suspicious and greatly concerning. Morgan himself essentially affirmed just days later during an interview with country signer Dwight Yoakam that the flu shot he received was responsible for spurring his illness.

“We’re both doing the math, aren’t we,” retorted Morgan to Yoakam, who had just advised the controversial television personality to never again get a flu shot. “We both saw him put that thing in my arm, and within 10 days I’ve been struck down.”

You can watch the segment with Morgan and Yoakam here: http://youtu.be/X5SQPPvR-JA

Millions of Americans now know that flu shots can make them sick, thanks to Piers Morgan

It is difficult not to chuckle at the whole ridiculous charade. What was meant to further pull the wool over the eyes of gullible Americans literally blew up in the face of those that perpetrated it, as millions of Americans have now had their eyes opened to the fact that flu shots are dangerous and can, indeed, cause flu-like symptoms and other health damage.

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