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Defining Our Purpose

We seek to rebuild the foundations and re-establish a new bold vision for the Christian ethic in the world today. Our Christian duty is to provide a better world for future generations - for kith and kin and then the rest of the world. We cannot be light unto other nations until we first heal ourselves.

We were called to take dominion and subdue the Earth for God's glory. If we hope to become the world leaders of tommorow we must define our goals, plan and take action. This is our duty, our purpose, and challenge to the Caucasian people of the world.

Christianity has historically been a religion of the white race regardless of how hard whites have tried to convert the world. (see Christianity - Religion of the West and the Israel-Identity.FAQ.

We desire a pro-active and optimistic Christian agenda. The document How to Defeat the Radical Right in Your Community should motivate Christians to provide an alternative agenda by and for Christians to reform or constrain the Criminal Left. Also, the book The Technology of Illegitimate Power by Ivor Benson should inspire a desire to develop a Technology of legitimate Power". It needs to address all areas of life because God is Sovereign over all life. This Library is for those who desire to work for God's Order Affirmed in Love!


Another needed reform is our understanding of prophecy and the end-times. Preterism is the antidote for the most crippling false doctrine castrating the body of Christ - Pessimillennialism. The despair addicts need weaning from their doom and gloom eschatology and shown the power and accomplished victory of Christ's Salvation. Our Preterist Resources section offers alternatives to the futurist dispensational eschatologies.

The end of the "world", the "last days", etc. spoken of in Bible prophecy are historical accomplished facts. Those with a futuristic view of these issues should read our Q and A for futurists.


Finally, we need a preservationist ethic to replace the Racial Nihilistic Judeo-liberal, "tolerant", egalitarianism that is destroying the races as God created them.

Nationalism must be extended beyond "patriotism" for one's country. The Christian West will not be saved by "America", or any other government, but by the concertive effort of all white nations under the Sovereign God's direction. With the advances in global commerce, communications & transportation we must speak to our international "nation" of Christian-whites throughout the world if we are to stay competitive in the marketplace of ideas.

In addition to being grounded upon a Biblical foundation Reconstruction must be built upon preserving our families which includes the greater racial family (nation) that we were born into. The Racial Compact by Richard McCulloch does a great job in presenting model legislation and moral justification for such an ethic. His ideas within a Christian foundation will be very productive in diffusing the meaningless "racism" charge while presenting a sane racial preservationalist ethic.


The way to turn the tide is to march upstream with theonomic counter-proposals toward all opposition. The only ideas that matter are those that put forth positive solutions for change. We must work for reformation, not revolution -- build and reform rather than tear down and pervert.

Without a vision our people perish. Without faith, hope and love they are disarmed and don't change the world. Without visible duplicatable leadership by example people become inactive, weaponless and lose the "spiritual" battle against the anti-God forces of the world. Without prayer, preaching, instruction and song they are without motivation, power and guidance. Without a God centered faith and conviction of Jesus the Christ's total Sovereignty over all of life there is no hope and belief that He saves His people and that we will overcome.

Dedicated to applying the two Greatest Commandments - Respect for the Creator's eternal Theocracy, the order He established, and preservation of the purity and diversity of His creation. Working to put God first in all things and fighting to "secure the existence of our people and a future for white children". We are calling for Christian Activism in defense of all that is holy, pure and sacred.

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