CHRISTENDOM: The Forbidden Cultural Society

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The words European and Christendom have been one and the same thing as widely recorded for well over 1,600 years, as nearly every city of Europe had copies of the gospel in the 2nd Century AD via the Apostle’s Creed and were officially a united Christian Empire in the 3rd Century. Arabs recognize that Europe is Christendom they’re at war with and seek to conquer it to become their land, Islam. Anyone can do a quick survey of church history to confirm the fact that until the dawning of the 17th century, Christianity was confined to the Caucasian population of Western Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and the British Isles. Rome didn’t organize the first councils on Missions to the Non European world until the 1600’s.

Loving our own culture is taboo

When foreigners and classes of other cultures promote their culture to be superior, no one in the west imagines calling that racist or hateful. We actually believe it is beautiful for foreigners to take pride in themselves, to love and respect what God has made them. It is only in the non-Christian, non-European countries that foreigners are so completely disregarded. Only in  Western Christian countries are foreigners allowed to protest against our governments in the streets, even if they are presently in the country on a purposeful illegal basis (such as the 6 million Mexican march this year waving their Mexican flags on US Soil). Their home countries don’t so openly welcome hostile foreigners, let alone give them such additional rights. Many of these peoples flooding our borders have different ideologies; to some they all agree on Islamic conquest of the West as their religion requires; while others carry an ideology that Mexicans are entitled to conquer Canada as repayment for so called stolen lands by a race which they blindly hate, called Caucasian. Many Asians feel they’ve been kept under the thumb of Tyrannical Western Occupiers and their trade embargos. No matter what country they’re from all agree they must prevail in destroying our economies, exporting all our jobs, and shutting down companies for their homelands to finally rise above third world status. Many foreign nationals share this closely knit opposition to the host and unite together with one another on common attacks toward & against all that they hate. Their hate is not concealed, you can hear their biases loud and clear any time European culture and history is discussed. All are united for the fall and destruction of Christian society under demonic/satanic guidance against Jesus. Our views and news are carefully handed to us by criminals who have hijacked our country, who profit off of our own destruction. Powerful Banking Families, Thieves, Tyrants, Liars and Blasphemers who speak against Christ the Savior run our media, and nearly every institution outside of God’s church that affects our lives. They all think they have us ensnared but God and those who are with God will laugh at that.

The Big Mistake

The first warning sign to our people should have been if they speak against Jesus not to listen to them or believe them. It was illegal up until the mid 1900’s to openly speak out against Jesus in America. God had forewarned us, “He that does not believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God is a DECEIVER, LIAR, and an ANTICHRIST”(1John 2:22,1John 4:3, & 2John 1:7). Quick proof someone is on the side of good is that they will say Jesus Christ is Lord, confessing it openly. Yet many Christians are led to get all their guidance from those who actually say the opposite; who reject Christ, many who despise Christianity. To our shame many Christians go to unbelieving counselors and psychiatrists who do not believe in Christ; not to mention attorneys, financial planners, Doctors, etc, putting all of their trust and life under their control, just as God had forewarned us not to do. The answer however is simple, just refrain from non-Christian counsel. A quick warning sign is you hear they’re from another religion, or there’s just no Christian symbols in their offices. Some churches these days even get their theology consultations from openly deniers of Christ, such clergy should be ashamed. Instead of hearing the standard beautiful things of love and Christian cultural practices in the media, we have alien-based sources of cultural indoctrination that is against Christ. The biggest (most well funded) radio commentators speak out against everything moral, against everything of common decency & Christian culture. You’ll only hear and see glorified the profane; just a few minutes of MTV or a common channel proves this point. We hear how new steps are being taken to go even more against the very fabric of what kept our people Blessed and protected. Perhaps it is worse having so-called Christian leadership that are indoctrinated by these AntiChrists; the blind leading the blind into a ditch.

God’s Protections & Blessings

There are three major covenants (promises) of God’s Blessings & Protection of His people as outlined in His word.

#1 Blessings & protections for receiving Jesus Christ’s Blood atonement for our sins (Galatians 3), even the great blessings & heritage that were given to Abraham.

#2 Blessings & protections for obeying God’s word.

#3 Blessings & protections for keeping the purity of one’s blood/race.

All of our blessings come from the Graces of Jesus Christ and living by His word. The devil and all the powers of the world are against the Christian peoples who have the divinely promised prosperity. The only Curses come from straying off God’s path. We’re recorded primarily as a Blessing and Servant people to the world throughout history. The one people that give freely to the whole world of our abundance, truly blessing all of the nations of the world with inventions, enterprise, food, sanitation and medicine with the Blessings God has divinely only given to our people by the Graces of Jesus Christ. The one people who have Jesus are also the people who are the most blessed so they can do their job of being the blessors and priests, loving the rest of the world. God controls the rain, the increase, and the ideas within our minds. Everyone from all over the world want to flood our borders, because we have the blessed cities of peace, the cities of God, the new Jerusalem cities all over our lands, for the reasons outlined above. As the Pastor of the largest non-Denominational Evangelical Church in America, Chuck Smith, rightly stated, “God is allowing all the misery and curses to come upon our land for bringing in all the foreign idols and gods”.

Christendom has remained European for 2,000 years, God’s same bride of the old testament is the same Christian-Israel bride of the new testament. Simply put, those in right standing, living as Christians, are used by the Holy Spirit. Their Bodies, Minds and Spirits are used by God. Even our bodies alone are called Temples of the Holy Spirit. Once the Spiritual People are “taken out of the way”, then the great wickedness of the Beast will be revealed as described in 2Thesselonians Chapter 2, describing the great tribulation period. Yet, in all this, the answer is simple in verse #15: “Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.”

Advancing in the Face of Growing Opposition

The peoples of foreign societies and their allies are a thousand times worse than Hitler against the jews, they never flinch in their assault on Christendom. There is now the greatest market going (because of out-of-control immigration) and funding campaigns going solely towards the attack of anything Christian in our own Christian communities and
lands. “Discrimination” is a term used only against Christians. “Discrimination” is now a charge against any Christian who is so persecuted that they are forced to disclose their injury. Hate speech against Christianity doesn’t apply. They expect us to ignore any assaults and be In-Discriminate.

Dictionary Definition of INDISCRIMINATE: “Confused, Chaotic, Not making careful distinctions, Random, Haphazard.” (American Heritage Dictionary) Take your pick.

If we bring light to give exposure to the majority of crimes committed against ordinary Christians there is a plethora of government funded slander committees with their weapons all aimed for the attack. One example is the LaRaza organization in America, a Latino version of the KKK, except they’re openly funded by the Federal Government, and Bank of America, Budweiser beer, and a big number of additional major sponsors. Currently one of the few political parties in Britain, who currently won about 170 local seats, the British National Party, was on trial for releasing a statement that Second Generation Pakistanis will Bomb the Tube tunnel. Then it came true, not once, but twice, that these same people who grew up in a multicultural city could not tolerate what is now mere remnants of a Christian society. Several B.N.P. members who were on trial for disclosing the truth were thankfully decided NOT GUILTY by the jury. This type of free speech can be as vital as saving us from cold-blooded murder bombings that did, in fact, happen July 7th 2005, and July 21st. It is too bad that opposition to free speech is found within our own Governments. Millions of Muslims openly confess to anyone on the street of their racial and religious struggle of Islam, even in spite of much of the bad rap people are giving them. Mexican reconquista is taught in all the community colleges of America, where complete hatred for the white race is taught. There is only one taboo over which anyone will want to spill your blood, and that’s promotion of Christendom. This is a spiritual warfare that can only be won through praying, confessing our sins to God and obeying God once again as His servants collectively. Only Jesus can get us out of this mess, if we repent, humble ourselves before Him, and return unto Him, then He will return unto us and heal our land.

In many Asian countries Christian churches have been forbidden for thousands of years because they openly promote their Ethnic culture to be supreme. We all know Arabs believe Islam is supreme, and many of their countries have a death sentence on anyone who converts to Christianity , such as the constitution of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran currently. Black Islamic groups in America threaten, kill, and burn down houses of any white person who openly promotes historical Christianity, just as the Moroccans threaten Europe, yet this is tolerated. We have to use pennames, PO Boxes and Self censorship for fear of reprisals from any non European, and even non Christians and the immoral who can be even more easily offended than a Muslim when we profess openly we believe in Jesus Christ. He is the one they fear the most so we must be prayed up and prepared, God will lead us to victory in Jesus name. It is them who have the fear, so don’t let their anger & fear intimidate you. Our Christian Love will always win. It is through His name we have the victory, not only speaking but using the name / Character, by being a good Christian. Yet our own people seek to not only retire Christian principals but actively fight against the poor and innocent; even becoming warriors for the other side such as the sodomite liberation groups, etc. Many of these groups seek destruction of the Christian family unit with cruel intentions such as NAMBLA(North American Man/Boy Love Association) that has been changing laws in regards to allowing pedophilia around the world. By their fruits you will know them, and we learn who to separate from among acquaintances. The bible tells us the time is short and we don’t have time to make the unjust to become just, or the filthy to become clean, but let him that is righteous be righteous still, and they that are holy let him be holy still. We should be interacting with people who are churched in a good upbringing, or have the fully willing and dedicated heart to do so if their parents never gave them the benefit. There is such a great counter-culture against everything Christian, it makes it necessary to beware of nonChristian influences in your family, and give your children every opportunity for an unhindered Christian upbringing. Again you may wonder why there is such an attack on our culture and not any other. It is simply put that Satan isn’t concerned with the other Cultural Societies because only Jesus is the world’s Savior and is the only threat to the devil who knows his time is short. Also God is raising up heirs who will earn their inheritance by yielding to the power of the Spirit and being overcommers, not just falling asleep or being a baby Christian their whole life, but growing in grace & knowledge, to then use what God has miraculously blessed and specially given you. However let not this discussion end with statements of the problem, but in the solution, speaking the positive things. That although we enter into the time of trial, and Jacob’s trouble those who still listen and obey God will be saved out of it. “we will overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.”

The paths of righteousness may lead us in the valley of the shadow of death, but we shall not fear, as Psalms 23: 3-4 states. According to Matthew 5:10 those  who are persecuted for Righteousness’ sake, have the kingdom of heaven operating in their life.

God wants to lead us into unity within Christendom “For Judgment must begin at the house of God first”, then social injustices naturally will work themselves out on their own. Although Bible Believing Christians are a Minority voice in politics and media, still 93% of Americans profess to believing in the Christian God, and 70% think Christian prayers should go back in schools(Gallup Poll). Christians must unite.

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