Segregation being the cultural vitality of Christendom

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Segregation being the cultural vitality of Christendom


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Segregation Being the Cultural Vitality of Christendom
(From The Good News of the Kingdom)

Segregation Being the Cultural Vitality of Christendom

Europe hasn’t had this problem, simply because there were no blacks or nonwhites living there, and very recently was illegal for nonwhites to live in any European country! It wasn’t until the 1970s that any European countries ever BEGAN to allow third world immigration as “guest workers”. Iceland and Latvia only 2 years ago changed their laws to permit nonwhites in their lands.

FACT: In America 41 states outlawed interracial marriage until recent years.

One reference on recent US state laws:

For 99% of America’s existence we’ve maintained in 41 states that inter-racial marriage is against the law, even in recent laws.

It REMAINED a SEVERE FELONY CRIME 28 States of America until the year 1968!

It remained illegal in Alabama until the year 2000. In 2002 the constitution of Oregon still included the reference that any Negro or Mullato could not be inside the state or own real estate there, if they weren’t already before the adoption of the state’s constitution.

In the year 1967 the supreme court passed a civil rights decision, much like the gay marriage decision, that other states then began to follow removing Christian laws that criminalized interracial marriage. Of course, some states didn’t follow course until much later as in the case of Alabama in the year 2000. So for almost 400 years in this nation “America”, One Nation Under God, it has been a SEVERE FELONY CRIME to mix your race! This rebellion from God to allow interracial marriage is much worse than allowing gays to marry, as the bible commands racial segregation over 200 times, and homosexuality is mentioned only a few times.

When crime was at an all time low and school grades were at an all time high, our Christian ideologies were enforced as the law of the land and we prospered. In those days you could freely own a fully automatic assault rifle and even a 50 caliber without paperwork, and it was the highest time of racial harmony. When black folks used black toilets and whites used white, no one had a problem with it. It was so protected that if a Pastor married a mixed couple he’d go to jail for a major felony in any of 28 states. There was only harmony and goodness with the protection of black culture and white culture through segregation. Many of us can remember these ideologies which were enforced by law in 28 states just 35 years ago. We should look at the 99% of our nation, what made our nation great, then look at all of the RECENT problems that are a direct result of Tyrants restricting down the First and Second Amendments. As for people who think it is immoral to own a gun, well, they should look at what has always been immoral and what always has been Christian. There were no school shootings when a leash were kept on the culturally nonChristian races.

Check out a listing of state laws on inter-racial marriage:
The same course of events is happening now with the recent gay marriage supreme court decisions as states take down felony laws prohibiting such unions. In America it was proper to do a citizen’s arrest on a mixed-race couple. Should we be doing the same on gay couples? Most state laws allow citizen’s arrests when you just have “knowledge” of a felony being committed. Sodomy is still a felony in several states.

What does our God require?

Over 200 bible scriptures command racial segregation. That is a lot.

 Isa 58:1-2  

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