Street Marches for Festival?

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Street Marches for Festival? Dear Friends of the Pilgrimage Festival Crusade,       The Question was asked. “Are You Doing Street Marches” at the Pilgrimage Crusade (Feast of Tabernacles 2010, October 22nd – Nov 1st).   We originally were only bringing the Israel Tribal banners of TCAWW to have setup during Bible studies. The banner march idea came about when the Pastor leading us in Scotland said he would like a banner march. However, he immediately clarified that he wants a more solemn event, so it’s a very small chance we do any “street marches”, unless several we meet in London demand it. We will have a solemn spiritual processions at various holy sites. These aren’t considered “street marches”.   The feast days are called rehearsals of God’s coming Kingdom, which is why we must be ready to do the marches, and attendants should be practicing these lyrics and singing them on Sabbaths (along with their other worship music). We must be with one accord with our King Jesus who is soon coming back on a White Horse to Armageddon to tread the winepress, where the blood of the wicked will flow out of that winepress will be up to the horse’s bridles for 200 miles, that is well past Jerusalem, and the rest of those dens of dragons it says those places would be.   REMINDER: Ryan Air provides flights to the festival for 9.99, from nearly anywhere in Europe.   All Europeans who love their God and people should be flooding to this event to make a stand against the forces of darkness.
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Highland BagPipers, Online Registration Form, ChipIn Widget, New Songs, new web page, radio broadcasts and more is being added for the Pilgrimage Festival Crusade scheduled for October 23 – November 1st. Please check it out and spread the word!
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