The All Seeing Eye in America’s Heraldry

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The All Seeing Eye in America’s Heraldry



Commentary from religious leaders and scholars on the “All Seeing Eye” in America’s Great Seal.

The All Seeing Eye of America’s Great Seal

1. The All Seeing Eye:


(Note: Col. Totten was appointed by the congress of these United Stated to  trace the background of our heritage so as to arrive at a better  understanding of our origin in their work to produce the Great Seal for  these United States of America. Col. Totten came to the conclusion that our  forefathers were literally inspired to no small degree, whether they knew  it or not as they produced the statutes for this Seal. After writing many  books about the Westward journey of ‘THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL’, as well as  of the transference of the Davidic throne to the west, Col. Totten then was  to say:..but after all there are no accidents, leastwise could the insignia  of such a land as these United States, and of so great a people as the  descendants of Manasseh have been suffered to evolve by chance. America is  the ‘New Order of the Ages’, and the first born of a New World, and cannot  fail to have been a prominent conception in the mind of Deity from the very  beginning. (Deut: 32:8‑12….Deut: 33:13‑17…Genesis 48:13‑22) That in this  life and orb there is nothing left to chance, is a fundamental tenant of  belief with the truly wise. So of HIS understanding there is no limit for  HE hath ordered all things in measure and in number and in weight. (Wisdom  11:20) In the writings of the mystic numberer himself (Daniel 8:13) we find  the words:…’how long?’…referring to how long before wisdom be brought  forth. The Tetragrammaton, or mystic name of Deity punctuates the  Scriptures, squares the circle of all mundane things, and is naturally  found upon Manasseh’s heraldry, for the Latter is a glowing type of the  Golden Age, whose acme is the Millennium itself.)


The mystical Eye and Radiant Triangle…’I will guide thee with mine  eye’. Psalms 32:8. ‘Who art thou, O Great Mountain before Zerubbabel thou  shalt become (finished) as smooth as a plane; and HE shall bring forth the  headstone thereof with shouting, crying Grace, Grace unto it.’ Zechariah  4:7….or, ‘The stone which the Builders rejected, the same is become the  head of the corner’…..and ‘Who shall fall upon that stone shall be  broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall it will grind him to powder’. Luke  20:17‑18….Daniel 2:34.   

The Zenith of the Capstone is fixed by law. Monsieur Du Simitiere  proposed the Radiant eye of Providence for our Crest, and Thomas Jefferson  improved the conception by surrounding the Eye with the Radiant triangle.  Congress adopted it but to this day we decline to raise it to the Zenith of  our policy. Thus many things have gone wrong in this land of Manasseh, and  shall continue wrong until we correct our National practice, to agree with  our inherited principles.   

We have no King but YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA, so why do we continue to worship Mammon, and forget the ROCK from whence we came? The state of Colorado has  adopted a design very much American; and the Arms of Colorado are perhaps  the most heraldically accurate and simple of any of the states. It features  the 13 stars in a circle with the words NON ALIUS REGIT…we have no King  but YAHWEH (God), and yet the people of that state to a great degree do not  look upon their Arms with any understanding.

            But for our Statute of June 20, 1782…it reads:..’In Zenith an Eye in  a Triangle (spirit, soul, body) surrounded with a Glory proper.’ This All  Seeing Eye and the Triangle is an emblem of THE ALMIGHTY HIMSELF whom the  sun, moon, and stars obey, and under whose watchful care even the Comets perform their stupendous revolutions. It is the emblem of HIM whose glance can search the innermost recesses of the human heart and who will reward  all men according to their merits. The Symbol of the Eye of Omniscience can only be blazoned properly as of  Argent (white), clear as the firmament above, like unto crystal, thus Argent, Pearl, or Lily‑like with radiance, wherein then it is in harmony  because the structure rising from below is also white, as pure as human  hands can build, but will be ‘finished’ from above in ‘White’ whose purity  no fuller upon earth could whiten. This emblem…The All Seeing Eye  surrounded by the Triangle, and the Glory is then one of the most ancient  symbols of Divine Providence. We find it particularly in ancient Chaldea  where it is found to mean the Eye of Providence, some not knowing said the  Eye of Jupiter, and the Holy sacrament or the Sacred and mysterious Eye of  the MOST HIGH GOD. The Greeks swore…’By Jove’…or by himself…HIS EYE.  Jethro the Father‑in‑law of Moses had the Motto ‘I Am that I Am…Allah in  Arabic. This was inscribed in a resplendent sun and with this symbol the  ancient Temples of Arabia were decorated. In ancient Egypt after the  Sethites arrived the Motto…in this triangle was:…’I AM all that WAS,  that IS, and that SHALL BE’ The Word of YAHWEH, of the solar circle in  Arabia superseded the Motto in the radiant triangle in Egypt. Thus our  Race from the beginning carried the symbol of the All Seeing Eye of HIM  whose name is YAHWEH.   

Even in very early Central America was found the mystic triangle which  among ancient Mexicans as in Asia was in high repute. Ancient Masonry also  carried the symbol of the Triangle with the All Seeing Eye. We find it in  the Blue Lodge, again in the council, and finally in the commandery.  Masonry has been subverted but some things cannot be changed.   

This ancient and mysterious symbol forms a most fitting ‘Cap’, or ‘Chief  Corner Stone’ to the edifice upon which it is represented as descending;  and into such a ‘Wonderful’ block, cut out without hands, the great  mountain (nation) of human liberty can rise with confidence upon its  glorious American foundation.        This is the ‘Stone’ rejected hitherto of all peoples, save the Adamic  Race, now the sons of Jacob which have now become the acknowledged head of  all the rest; and when at last it shall actually crown the Pyramid of  hu‑man institutions then indeed shall we dwell beneath the shadow of ‘The Rock’. (Deuteronomy 32:4) The reference to this Stone of Israel by Jacob when blessing Joseph is quite remarkable when taken in its connection with  the Seal, the Pyramid, and the assured destiny of the Anglo‑Saxons Race, descendants of the sons of Joseph with Manasseh being Joseph’s own  performance which must count in the long run we may be sure.       

In the capping of such an edifice as this one on the Reverse of our  Seal, for a reference we find in the book of Job that YAHWEH uses this as a  symbol of completion in his questions to Job in the thirty‑eighth chapter  and in the fourth thru the seventh verses. It is with such a ‘Stone’ that  the Mystery of Adam‑man is to be gloriously crowned at last. (Ephesians  2:19‑22) How significant then this Reverse Crest…the Mystic Eye in a  Triangle surrounded with Glory. How fit an emblem of the

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