Where is Armageddon?

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The “Valley of Jehosephat”, “the place of Armageddon”, and “the Kidron
Valley” are all one and the same. “A place east of Jerusalem extending down
to part of the Dead Sea.” (Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary)

Revelation 16:16 “And He gathered them together into a place called in the
Hebrew tongue Armageddon.”

“Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles” “. ..Assemble yourselves all ye
heathen.” “Come all to the valley of Jehosephat where God will judge.” (Joel
3:9-11) (we know Gentiles are the Multitude of Mighty Nations of the TWELVE
TRIBES of Israel, rather than just the ONE TRIBE of Judah. In Latin the word
gentile is “gentilis” (Definition: “race, tribe, people, clan or stock.”),
used in old & new testaments when speaking strictly & only about Israelites.
Even the one tribe of Judah (or separate southern kingdom house called “Jews”) was called gentilis, and same thing with Greek and
Hebrew Scriptures. In English it was translated as nation and gentile, and heathen, but the Bible uses it to name Israel’s chosen seed. Write the Christ’s Assembly for a listing of the verses which are unmistakable. You’ll find gentile
exclusively refers to the Great Israel Nations, while if it ever speaks
about a non Israelite it will be very specific, and is almost non-existent.)

The heathen & gentiles of Joel 3:9-11 being those of the most blessed Israel
nations (Western Christian Nations) agrees with nearly every Evangelical
Church that “Israelites will be the ones in the Battle”. We will be
re-gathered to this “VALLEY OF JEHOSEPHAT”. We already have forces , and
battleships off the coasts of Israel. Also surrounding in Iraq, in
Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kuwait, and only expanding.

WHERE is this “VALLEY OF JEHOSEPHAT ” that this great battle of Armageddon
is set to take place? Where is this Battle spoken of in Isa 31:1-8; 63:1-6;
Joe 2:1-11; 3:9-13; Zep 1:14-18; 3:8; Zec 12:9-11; and 14:1-3?

The “Valley of Jehosephat”, “the place of Armageddon”, and “the Kidron
Valley” are all one and the same. “A place east of Jerusalem extending down
to part of the Dead Sea.” (Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary)

God said many of us Saints will re-gather during the great time of Jacob’s
trouble to the land of our Fathers in Jeremiah 30:3 & verse 7.

Pro 22:2828 “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”

On the topic of “regathering to the land of our fathers”, see also Jer
16:14-15; Isa 11:10-12; Eze 11:16-17; Eze 20:41-42; 37:21-25; Mar 13:24-27;
Luk 13:29; which speak of the “re-gathering in the land of our fathers…
during the worst times our people have seen..”. Matthew 24:29-31 shows how
it will take place, that angels will gather His elect, and Isa 59:20 again
reiterates it will be during Jacob’s trouble when we call out for Jesus
Christ the King.

However, let me add this, that I think we need a “Christian Separatist Colony” to be planted right there in Jerusalem. We’re assured by scripture that it will happen during the time of Jacob’s Trouble, and it will be part of that “witness of the Kingdom to all nations before the end comes” (Matt 24:14). Only from there may a Separatist Christian Colony then govern the rest of the Christian Colonies of the world in a planet restored back to divine order.

The KING OF KINGS, Jesus Christ will be there on a White Horse, with all His
armies of heaven, standing against the armies of satan. The scripture says
even when they see Him they will try to attack our Most Sovereign Lord, but
then He shall wipe them all out, except for one prisoner, satan who would be
bound for 1,000 years. It will all depend at what rank we’re at in the
resurrection (if we’ve passed on before this event) or what rank we are in
the earth if we’re counted worthy to be there for this great battle and so
privileged to witness the destruction of all evil! I pray I’m prepared
enough to be there in the flesh as having been part of that witness of the
Kingdom of God, before “Every Knee Does Bow and Every Tongue Confesses He is LORD (YAHWEH).”

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