Local Church Jurisdictions

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Please utilize our church directory to gather others to keep Sabbath services in your local areas. God’s church “ecclesia” / ruling elite gather and “call OTHERS” to yet gather locally for Sabbath services.

The church directory is in the progress of uploading, please be patient. However if you’re already an associate ministry of the Christ’s Assembly Worldwide, we encourage you to take over and help develop your local assembly page.

To satisfy God’s minimum requirement for assembling together on the 7th day with other believers we are recruiting volunteers and are ordaining ministers for the local churches. For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). Ecclessia means more than simply called out. In Hebrew and Greek it means to call others out to Sabbaths and Feasts of YAHWEH. First take a moment to Email TCAWW Headquarters and tell us why you think a 7th Day Sabbath assembly needs to be held in your local area. We started this page because there is a demand for a Sabbath assembly in your area, but honorable men and women need to rise up to officiate the weekly services. Do not delay in keeping the commandment to assemble weekly with other Sabbath keeping Israelites! At minimum you can immediately join our weekly broadcast with fellowship chatroom and listen to past mp3s for free. We are taking appointments to interview candidates for all levels of positions for the purposes of gathering the flock to Sabbath services. We are a protestant and we are an Original Seventh day baptist church. We trace our roots as Anglo Hebrew 7th day Messianic Hebrew Culdees.

Religious orders of the Christ’s Assembly Worldwide consist of Deacons, Priests (or community Chaplains), Bishops, Archbishops, Evangelistic Prelates, and a Presiding Archbishop, over various Regional, State, County, and City jurisdictions of Jesus the Christ’s Assemblies Worldwide. Read our Ministry Definitions.

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