Queen Announces New Magna Carta for the 21st Century For a New Gay Lifestyle of the West

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In an apparent “deal with the devil”, the Queen bounces off her hospital bed with the pledge to sign a Charter called “the Magna Carta for the 21st Century”. This is a once in 1,000 year occasion! Recalling the time of the last Magna Carta, it was an agreement forced only after much bloodshed and civil war. It shaped the next 1,000 years of our way of life in the West. Such a revolution is now being pledged by the Queen.
Without getting into the content of the Charter, the timing indeed seems to correspond with her hospital illness. She had the same bug Hillary Clinton got. It seems such rash acts are nothing new. Evil Queens who were losing strength, making a pact with evil spirits and pledging a revolution is something cataloged even in the folklore such as Snow White.
As is reported in the “Daily Mail” the Queen is by this charter “fighting for gay rights”. The content of this Charter is seen almost entirely as a pledge to wage war against anyone who believes marriage is between one man and one woman, or is born heterosexual.
The Daily Mail goes on to state:
“Nothing this progressive has ever been approved by the United Nations. And it is most unusual for the Queen to request to sign documents in public, never mind call the cameras in.’Insiders say her backing for full ‘gender equality’ and ‘women’s empowerment’ – using language until recently considered the preserve of Left-wing activists – is equally significant.A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: ‘In this charter, the Queen is endorsing a decision taken by the Commonwealth.’ But he added: ‘The Queen does not take a personal view on these issues. The Queen’s position is apolitical, as it is on all matters of this sort.’This goes in step with Obama’s strictly enforced Transgender-Homosexual pride month. Where all government employees are required to praise them for their contributions to American (religious Babylon) society. We’re seeing this all as just more of the one world “state religion” of Babylon.These attacks on the family unit will only further weaken our nations very fabric. Mental health professionals have not had enough time to assess the damage it will cause in childhood confusion and identity crisis of normal heterosexuals.Such radical state laws have been forced through we believe in order to further control the regular people. This seems to be yet another program from the same credit fraud bankers that have enslaved us all in the worst debt crisis known to mankind.

Russia on the other hand is passing laws to ban any public demonstration of homosexuality or what they call “gay” click here.

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