5 Million White Afrikaaners Warned to Leave South Africa

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More evidence the House of Israel is entering the time of “Jacob’s trouble”, Before angels gather His elect from the four corners of the earth. As the Scripture tells us Judah would occupy the corners of the earth. NW Europe, South East Australia, South West Africa, North East Russia are all occupied by pure descendants of the early waves of the tribe of Judah just as Scripture and History has confirmed.

SA President Zuma is regularly leading chants and songs at army conventions that give the whole hearted pledge and oath to shoot and kill all the white people in South Africa. They have it in their regular constructs of government such pledge to wipe the Boer-Afrikaner white people off the face of the earth.

The US based “Genocide Watch” organization has issued and re-issued warnings that the 5 Million white Afrikaaners leave South Africa. This doesn’t give a solution to the 1.5 Million whites living on squatter camps without any food or government aide, not even for things like shoes. Most of the white children are growing up without ever owning a pair of shoes. All yet this genocide watch organization has the audacity to say they should pack up and leave. Leave and go where?

Genocide expert Dr. Stanton had the following to say:

“We see genocidal demonisation and dehumanisation in South Africa, with the documents of the ANC-government referring to all whites as ‘settlers’, saying that ‘this person does not belong here…’ the same thing the Germans did to the Jews, that the Jews were interlopers who should be eliminated. Whenever you have this kind of dehumanisation you have the beginning of this downward spiral into genocide. In SA there are several groups in the category of groups organising and planning the forced displacement of the white population. (Julius Malema of the ANC youth league was calling for it openly, and the deputy president was calling for war. This is not only pre-genocidal but also comes before crimes against humanity. I was here during apartheid, was very involved in the anti-apartheid movement, and for me this is coming to grips with another reality which I did not fully understand. As human beings we must remember that we are all humans first. Any time you make these racial distinctions is you are dividing up the human race. We are all humans first. There is only one human race. .. it is our characteristic in the sight of God. The stage of polarisation is the stage where you divide those people who are not with you as your enemies, you portray your moderates as the enemies. That’s where we have classified South Africa as a racially polarised society. Advocates from the FW de Klerk foundation, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, invited representatives of the ANC to attend (this press conference). Not one showed up. That’s amazing.
What worries me is the next stage: the preparation: how to carry out the killing, the forced replacement, to drive out the people you don’t want in your country. We are worried that there are organised groups doing this. We raised South Africa to Stage Six of Genocide when the ANC youth league was planning this genocidal massacre and forced displacement of whites from South Africa. The ANC youth league was fined and convicted for hatespeech for singing his hatespeech song Kill the Boer. And then the president (Zuma) started singing this song and that really worries us now. What is also worrying as the actual strength of the South African Communist Party. The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidential. We are calling for an international investigation to try and determine who is planning these murders. We do not believe these are common robberies. Often nothing is stolen, they were just murdered, and these were hatecrimes. The peoples’ bodies were desecrated, chopped up, disemboweled, people left with symbols on them these were hatecrimes like opened Afrikaans Bibles on the bodies. I have seen this before in other genocides, Burundi, Rwanda. elsewhere in the world. Those who would deny this are ignoring the facts. I will be going to the US embassy to meet with the Minister Councillor who is above the ambassador to talk about this. We will also talk about this Green Paper which will create a fourth branch of government and take away so much power from the judicial that it would be totally controlled by the Executive Branch. This totally upsets the balance of power as set up under the Constitution. The Communists in the long run will always take away all private rights to property, this is what they have always done. Every place you go, when the communists take over, they take over private ownership. Once you have taken that away there is no basis in which (private citizens) have the economic power with which to oppose the government. This is a country in danger and we at Genocide Watch will not take this off our screen…” Listen to his entire explanation at his Pretoria press conference:


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