Several Thousand Library Articles Back Online

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Several thousand articles from the Anglo Israel Library is back online. We’re proud to bring these research articles back online to you once again. These theologians dedicated their lives to laboring to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, as identified in the Western (and Eastern) Christian nations.

(Disclaimer: We don’t agree on every point of doctrine in every article in our Library. However, we urge each student to rightly divide the word of truth. As it says, “let every word be established by two or more”. We believe you should compare also when at least two Bible verses say the exact same thing. We can never build a doctrine on just one verse, nor upon the private interpretation of one man(or woman). Everything we believe has been taught by thousands in every generation. )

Dr. Bertrand Comparet

Rev. Richard Giesenschlag

Rev. Robert Record

Col. Jack Mohr

Mr. Mikkel Kragh

Dr. Wesley Swift

Rev. Ted Weiland

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