Peace Conference Results , September 2015

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From the desk of Grand Marshal Abp. Stephen M.K.
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Your thoughts, prayers and discussions are greatly appreciated. It has been a trying time during the last several weeks of peace sessions listening to several sides of the refugee crisis. Working together with Marshals and assistants within the “Priory of Salem” has been fruitful.
Some details that came out:
1. Only 1/5th of the Muslim refugees are from Syria.
2. Most of the refugees have no identification, and could have been captured and released terrorists from the terrorist host countries.
3. Only this year about one million refugees have already settled into Germany.
4. No Islamic countries are willing to take in these people, and it raises many questions as to why.
5. “Forced mixing” and secularization of the refugees is clearly failing. Even among their closer related groups (ie Afghan against Syrian) they are averaging 50 injuries per day across Germany (example
6. The largest protests in Germany since World War II have taken place by members of the Soccer group “Hooligans” in a situation that is quickly getting out of control.
7. European Governments have basically decreed that all the citizens must recieve another 10 million undocumented Islamic refugees.
We’ve updated our peace document (as attached) for signing between government and community leaders. This is the bitter truth and reality.
 If our honourable compromise is still disrespected then heaven help them because we who have acted honourably will be avenged from on High, for vengeance is His. We will still act in love.
Yours truly in Christ,
Abp. Stephen MK.
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