The Scythian Goths, The True Israel Kingdoms That Form The Foundation Of All European Nobility And Right To Rule

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The Scythians were all called Goths and Goths all called Scythian, ( I have many quotes from Steven Collin’s book on this under their various names Getai/Geats. Visigoths, Ostrogoths, etc). Here is a sampling. You can order his full book on Also order from us the book “Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance”, just Contact Us.

The Goths overall are now concentrated in name as the tribe of Gad who used the name Goths the most. However the nobility of the Goths are all Judah just as it says Judah would be among all the tribes with the scepter anointing. This does not necessarily mean they will all be of the Davidic branch of Judah, but a junior Judah branch (or ROOT of Jesse).
Even the Scots claim to be Scythian in the Declaration of Abroath. I think it’s an important link in identifying Israel between the Scythian times and the last millennium.
We also have LA Waddell’s history which calls us all Goths, and TROY / Asia Minor all the ancient land of ODIN (see map below). You can download his full book here – Copy.pdf. Haberman really helps us be clear on the term “Caucasian” / Cacasus Mts of Asia, etc in His book “Tracing Our Ancestors”. It is clear, the name of our people, it reads on our ID cards “Caucasian” or from the CAUCASUS OF ASIA” if you look on any map you see that’s the same ancient spot (near Israel, and where the twelve tribes supposedly disappeared) where the ancient Scots claimed to have originally recieved the Gospel.  You can also order that book from us, just Contact Us. We have more than 2,000 other books you can order which prove that the Israelites of the Bible are found as the primary stock of the Covenant Christian Nations. 
Thor and Odin's first Aryan Nation of the Goths

Thor and Odin’s first Aryan Nation of the Goths

King Gaut (Gapt) (Also called Geata / Greata) “Father of the Gauti” is King of Trojans in the genealogies of many nation’s kings. He is most recognized as father of the Goths. See his widely confirmed genealogy below. Including Beowa (Beowulf) and many others well confirmed in numerous sources.
These links are vital for our Gothian tribes. I’m in contact with Clergy and Bishops of the Gothian ancient see, more info: They know they’re Israelites and keep the Sabbath. They know who is who, and also aren’t part of the KGB orthodox church of Russia but the church ordained leaders who went to the Catacombs during those early Bolshevik and Soviet persecutions, known as the True Orthodox Church. The Gothian state is being worked on being reestablished  there at Crimea. So we have quite a network who would distribute it across Europe, Russia, and all others who want to get back to our true Orthodox roots.
The Gothic Nations in 485. As taken from the History of the Goths by Bradley.
Map of Gothian nations

Map of Gothian nations

Image attached: The Belgae were a Gothic tribe, and spoke a language like High or Low Dutch.
the Belgae a Gothic tribe

the Belgae a Gothic tribe

The modern Flemings, &c. are either the descendants of the Belgae, or they are not. If they are, the Belgae were undeniably a Gothic race; and if they are not, a Gothic nation must have come into the Netherlands, since the time of Caesar, and so completely possessed the country, that there is not a trace of the Celtic language left in it: a thing that is not very likely, for the Goths that invaded Italy, France, and Normandy, did not plant their language there; nor did the Saxons wholly expel the Welsh and Gaelic from the British Islands. – Barnes – Historical Chronicle. (Map of France or Gaul in Antiquity (1657) – by Jan Jansson))

More Complete Migrations of the Goths Map Poster: 

Comprehensive Map of Gothic nations. Migrations of the Goths.

MIGRATIONS OF THE GOTHS If any are interested in getting this graphic in the larger format contact us. It is 12×18″ on thick poster paper.


Read more about the Migrations of the Goths and Celts


GOTHIAN JUDAH LINE:  (Note it is only a JUNIOR, non-Davidic line, while the higher lines are in Ireland and Scotland, with Davidic blood, see for the other lines listed in order of Primogeniture firstborn from left to right in seniority of the firstborn Judah decendant, ruling over the main tribes all over the world):
Here is the main Gothian line:

Dara (Darda, Dardaius AKA Jupiter *also father of Hercules, Spartans. 1Kings 4:31)
Erichthonius Illium King of Acadia
Ilos (Ilus, Illes) King of Troy
Laomendon (Iaomedon) King of Troy, *accredited as a Spartan leader
King Tithonus Of Troy
Mennon King of Trojans [King of Troy]
Thor (Tror) King of Trojans
Vingener (Loridi) King of Trojans
Hloritha King of Trojans
Einrida King of Trojans
Vingethorr King of Trojans
Vingener King of Trojans
Modi King of Trojans
Magi (Mage) King of Trojans
Seskef (Sechif) King of Trojans
Bedwig King of Trojans
Hwala (Hivala) King of Trojans
Athra (Atbra) King of Trojans
Itrmann King of Trojans
Heremoed King of Trojans
Sceaf (Skjoeld) King of Trojans
Bjaed King of Trojans
Scealdea (Sceaf) King of Trojans
Beowa (Beowulf) King of Trojans
Tecti King of Trojans (Likely greeted St. Paul at Troas)
Greata King of Trojans (also called Gaut, Gapt, Geata / Greata “Father of the Gauti”)
King Godwulf of Trojans
King Flocwald (born 110AD Asgard – East Europe)
King Finn ( born 160AD Asgard – East Europe)
Freothalaf (Fredulph ) born 190AD Asgard – East Europe)

King Sigge (Odin) Fridulfsson (born 210 Asgard)
King Njord I ofSweden
King Fjolnir Yngvi-Freysson Sweden
King Svegdi Fjolnnarsson Sweden
King Vanlandi Svegdasson Sweden
Visbur Vanlandasson King in Sweden
Domaldi Visbursson King in Sweden
Dyggvi Domarsson King in Sweden
King Dag Dyggvasson
Angi Dagsson King in Sweden
Alrek Agnasson King In Sweden
Jorund Yngvasson King Of Uppsala
King Aunsson “The Aged” “Ani”
King Egil Aunsson
King Ottar “Vendilkraka” Egilsson
King Adils of Uppsala
King Eystein of Sweden
King Ingvar the Tall
King Skira Ingvarsson

King Radbard Skirasson King of Garderikke (Russia)
King Randver Radbardsson
King Sigurd Ranversson = Aldhild, Gandolfdotter
King Ragnar “Lodbrok” Sigurdsson
King Sigurd “Snake-Eye” Ragnarsson
Knud Hardeknut of Northumbria Sigurdsson
Gorm Geva Knudsson, King of Denmark
Harald Bluetooth Gormson, King of Denmark
King Sven Forkbeard
Knut the Great, King of England and Denmark

Harold Harefoot, King of England (the last old Orthodox King of England, new British Orthodox and Church of the Culdees prevailed thereafter, although often under persecution.) More references on the line at
For more information about their Priestly and Noble Successors, and how they founded America, search our site on the original Articles of Confederation of 1639.