Hillary Repeatedly Says Children Belong To State, Not to Parents

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As Hillary has maintained throughout her career that children do not have the right to be raised by their parents. She has formally and repeatedly re-iterated that if any new flavour of government sees fit to remove children from the parents they may do so, and bring up the children according to the very extreme fringe or stunt politics of the time (examples like forcing schools to put men’s urinals in the girls restrooms).

In her book “It takes a village” to raise a child, she bodly advanced her ideology of prejudicial discrimination against regular Christian families in favor of communism and atheist policies to enforce a mandatory religion of the state. Here is one analysis of the book: http://www.leaderu.com/orgs/probe/docs/village.html

Obama has been doing just this with his forced programs on sex for 5 year olds. They have to learn about sick and disgusting sexual practices, as well as get school books that talk about it. The schools who don’t teach on it, are kept from getting any federal funding. That’s one of many forms of blackmail they use. While honestly that would be circumventing the constitution to try and play roles in enforcing policies anywhere outside of Washington DC, Post Offices or other Federal buildings (which are supposed to be very few).

Examples of this State brainwashing of children abound. One such example as Obama’s Secretary of School Safety being an activist member of the pedophillia lobby group Nambla (who is working to make it legal for men to sodomize 4 year old boys). Then they take away federal funding for 5 year old’s meals in the schools who refuse to teach such divergent sexual practices to the children. Any who speak soberly about such topics are subject to persecution up to and including children confiscated by the state.

Such radical revolutionaries of time past had also taken away children to be raised by the state. Hillary has again re-iterated these devious plans, that only some of the worst dictators have undertaken.

She has just posted on Twitter the following:

As @FLOTUS said, the choice in this election is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four years of their lives.

Such terminology has been embedded throughout her speeches. She called half of the Republican voters “deplorable” and “unredeemable”.

She uses all sorts of character attacks which are totally untrue about Donald Trump. Then she says that all his supporters are deplorable and half of them unredeemable.

These recent statements about shaping the children are no doubt from this central philosophy that she has the right to attack and change those she disagrees with. She is on the heels of some of the most major proof she has dealt very corruptly with her positions in the Clinton Foundation and US Government. Then she has also mishandled much classified information. No doubt it was to divert the attention from this all, and to say just the people were “shaped” into being against her. Rather than her being at fault.

This is more of her extreme character attacks against the American people and against Trump for being honest and following the laws of America. All the while Trump has not lodged any character attacks, and has not disrespected any percentages of the communities of America.


She’s starting to run out of cards. HaleluYah!


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