Trump is the Most Humble and Good Man For America and For Humanity

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For those who think Trump won’t be any good, I think they didn’t know that all three BUSH’s from the Bush family all publically said they were voting Hillary. That should tell you everything. We are seeing the worst recorded problems happening in America and only Trump has offered to help make a true change. The Obama administration just proved to be more of the Bush’s, and the Bush’s were more of the Clintons. Hillary was part of the Obama administration, and of the worst failures in it. Only Trump has offered to help all groups, rather than only these socialist liars who have been stealing from the people like has been disclosed now, billions into their own family foundations etc.
The worst problems on record, race relations never worse, and we see Obama feeding the fire left and right, rather than help bring peace. In America only Trump has only offered to help all groups to help and do good things differently from the ruling elite crime families and Obama. It’s mainly the Rothschild banks that don’t like Trump and were boycotting him. The most evil rulers in the world have been spreading lies and used the media as a weapon they thought would defeat Trump, through the non-stop humiliation. They paid and sent countless professional actors to disrupt his events and do violence (as has come out in Hillary’s and DNC’s emails! You must see through the lies.
It has taken much HUMILITY for Trump to endure all the major charactor assaults and attacks that have totally been false. Trump must be one of the most humble and loving men on the face of the earth, to put up with all those lies and attacks.
It proves he is the most humble and compassionate person to forgive all those people who said all those lies about him as paid actors etc. Soros admitted to pouring in more than 40 million Dollars just to pay to stop the voting process and get Trump out of the election. It’s mainly the elite level of banks like Goldman Sachs and the biggest multi-Billion dollar companies that don’t like Trump and were boycotting him. What do they have to do with the regular people? It took a billionare (Trump) with guts who is the only one who could stand up against these tyrants. Can you see their machinery? Who else, and how else could any other who tells the truth get through? These the most evil rulers in the world, have been non-stop inserting their millions over the last year in spreading lies. All found out to be FALSE and the truth has prevailed. Honestly, he is the most loved by all groups.  So don’t believe the lies of the media. If you check really what he actually has said, let me know any words he said that were wrong please. :-), then I will take it back and publically appologize. We can check it out together, if we really are sincere, **send me a private message**. However with all community groups he has only done good for all time, very consistantly. However, we see Obama taking these BLM charactors into the whitehouse who are publically saying innocent white women and children should be killed at random. Obama praised them, and also said they have a right to shoot the police, and they went on massacring many policemen (All when 30 times as many whites are shot by police rather than blacks?).
Dictator Obama has signed numerous illegal “executive orders” that discriminate against regular christian families. Trump has promised the real change. Trump has never tried to change anyone’s beliefs. However Obama says it’s so important everyone believes like him that he will use the government to FORCE everyone’s beliefs to be changed! Obama has been promoting full term abortions without any reasons, the destruction of families and definition of man, woman, and re-writing the definition of families in all the school books. If any federally funded school doesn’t brain wash the children according to Obama’s very extreme and radical OBAMA BELIEFS system, then they are discriminated against very strongly, and will lose all school funding, even children’s school meals from those schools have been stopped. Only because they refuse to teach homosexual sex to 5 year old children. That goes for all ages, if they don’t teach that homosexual families are normal families, etc etc.
That is absolutism, and a dicatorship of beliefs worse than the worst socialist days of communist countries. America has been sinking deeper and deeper into the worst pits of hell financially, politically, morally, spiritually, and even healthwise with record diseases, record poverty, record sins! Finally a candidate who doesn’t promote that most evil monster ruling elite, finally someone had the guts to stand up, although all were against him. The media lies, lies and have sent even worse lies, and yet they all came to nothing because there was no truth in those.
Regular Americans had to “humble” themselves and realize those attacks are all false, and to stand up for the truth, for law and order. No matter how much violence, lies and humilation was done against the regular families, we have stayed the course. This is because it is TRUE that we need true CHANGE,and we ourselves are willing to change and endure suffering for sticking to our good and proper spiritual convictions.
Don’t believe the media total lies of the present evil dictatorship of Obama. Just check what Trump really said, and most of all, what he does, and I’m sure you only see patience, love, compassion and goodness…. To all who are SINCERE we must thank God for giving humanity a second chance.
For the rest of us we must celebrate, sing praises to our God and promise to bless God back in return for giving Christian families a second chance. Mainly, we’re glad that Trump has promised to undo the mountain of Obama’s tyrannical executive orders that discriminate against regular Christian families. Thank God for His grace. We have humbled ourselves to be ridiculed for truth. We saw through the total lies of the media and the truth prevails. May God see our willingness to change as a form of repentance that will allow our land to be healed. We are right now seeing record poverty, record diseases, and record sins! May this willingness mark a turnaround for the nation. It is God that prospers us and punishes us when rebellious(just like God punished us with Obama to discriminate against all regular families). So now we choose to turn around, and turn back to righteousness. Make America great? Only righteousness will barely get us to survive, but maybe not get things as great as it once was.
Below is my message from last Sabbath, I hope you enjoy and are encouraged in God’s promises that will come to pass and His Ekklesia will be stronger than it ever has been! Learn more about our Celtic Church.
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Today’s message is entitled “Vote or Float”. Answering questions is it Biblical to vote, and also how we will get the puninishment we deserve if we do not strive for His laws to be upheld on earth. YAHWEH has allowed Obama to punish his rebellious children. Even taking away school meals and getting other non-profit schools shut down for not including books that teach 5 year olds that homosexual families are completely normal.
However, we now have a hope there is a turning around in this season. HaleluYah! It’s an awesome day and time we live in! The epic levels of corruption and stink in the Obama administration and his cohorts (Like Abedin, Wiener, and Hillary) are all being exposed. Soon again the poor school areas can have their federal funding restored, although they don’t choose to teach transgenderism and read homosexual family books to the 5 year olds! Join us in prayer today that all these attackers against regular families are confounded! May all their evil deeds and stink be found out and discovered! May they be covered in shame. Let Jah arise, let His enemies be scattered! Pray it with us together in Jesus name (Yahshua) Amen.
YAHWEH Has NOT Forgotten America! YAHWEH made covenants with us, “and He is ever mindful of His covenant”. Since 1639 America’s first constitution started defining our “perpetual / un-ending Union” as being only under God. It made no reference to any worldly powers. All later state constitutions adapted similar wording. Also the “articles of perpetual confederation” , as it reads our union is “for one aim, the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and maintaining the purity of the gospel….and whereas we live encompassed with people of several nations and strange languages which hereafter may prove injurious to us or our posterity.” This text is called “perpetual confederation”, and for our very separate/holy posterity, made in the name of YAHWEH (and His son Jesus the Christ). So it is binding. These same families who signed these documents were educated at the Universities like Princeton, Union and Harvard who all taught that America is the Western and Modern Israel of God. So we are reminded YAHWEH is ever mindful of His covenant. If we go astray He punishes, if we repent and come back to Him He will forgive and give us another chance. I think His remnant is finally had enough of the punishments and are repenting. IF AMERICA WILL BE HOLY/SEPARATE AGAIN, that will prove the repentance. There will be then a restoring of order. Trump’s wall is one start in that direction of repentance. It’s still on our money, it’s still on our dates, “year of our Lord” and it’s still the legal foundation and basis of our union which is perpetual, un-ending, of which our present constitution says “for the perfecting of that un-ending union”, the only union operating inside of Confederate/Covenantal America.
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