Numerous Gothian Brothers Are Being Deported From Crimea!

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News has just come to us that several Brothers of Gothian Crimean decent, born in Crimea are being stripped of their Russian citizenship and are being deported to Ukraine!

The Gothian churches (of the older Russian Orthodox, pre Bolshevik church) AKA Catacomb Church of True Orthodox Christians, have remained under heavy persecutions.

These persecutions have recently intensified in Gothian Crimea. Please pray for + Bishop David Akimoff. Around the 17th of July there was destroyed a cave church in Tepe-Kermen. That is a very important historical and religious site of the ancient Gothian Church! Destroying churches often falls under the category of war crimes.

+Bishop Akimoff was arrested and released with a solution to strip him of his Russian citizenship, and he has been set for deportation. Now we have word that, Ukraine denies he is Ukrainian. He was born in a Ukrainian town there, in Nilolaev. So Ukraine is also going along with this Russian oppression against the True Orthodox Church. Attacking yet another peaceful clergyman who has many flourishing missions in Crimea, active with the youth, and popular.


It comes as a shock that Ukraine is complacent in these new crimes being committed against the Gothian cultural people of Crimea.

So now at this moment Bishop Akimoff is a “stateless person”. The Gothian church is struggling to help him get some sort of humane status during this terrible situation. We have heard that all this information will be submitted to the proper human rights departments in due course!

He is a more visible figure, but this has been happening to all our brothers in the Gothian church there in Crimea. It’s the current policy to strip them of their citizenship and put their lives at extreme risk.

Please pray for +Bishop Akimoff! The Culdees will be keeping a constant vigil!