Antifa’s “attempted murders” are endorsed by Berkley area judge

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This is a call to pray for protection for the Trump supporters against the increased violent attacks. This case only emboldens antifa to carry out even more extreme acts of violence.
Antifa violent activist, positively identified as University “ethics professor” Eric Clanton, was recorded bashing in heads of Trump supporters. At least 7 of the Trump supporters sustained permanent wounds. In each case he used a metal rod (bike lock rod) striking them from behind, which could have killed any of them. His statements before and after the assaults back up the idea that his intent was to kill.
At the conclusion of the court case, he will not receive a jail sentence. He used the case as platform to promote communism and legitimization of brutal assaults on all non-Marxists. His propaganda was played over and over again by the activist group antifa. The video hosted on facebook above shows more detail.
The initial felony charges could have given anyone life in prison. His leftist radical attorney did it on a pro-bono basis with plans to really rack in more clients.
Clanton got off with just 3 years probation, probably because the judge supported his indoctrination efforts as he promoted marxist violence in his position as ethics professor. The story was primarily carried by local news, in areas that will be more supportive of his stances. Diable Valley College has not issued a statement.

The word racism was invented by the mass murdering communists (who killed 66 million of their own people). One of the most evil people who ever lived, Trotsky, the biggest mass murderer of Stalin and Lenin, invented the word racism. RACISM IS A COMMUNIST WORD! They wouldn’t just label you as being a racist, they would kill you. Just like today so many leftist leaders in society are saying “Kill All White People” and they say they want to kill the US president when he has never said anything racist. They all don’t just label they attack and often with lethal attacks against those who they call racist, which are furthest from being racist.

Trotsky invented the word racist, used it as a justification for killing millions of people.

So do you have this communist word in your vocabulary? Under US law then you ca be arrested and tried for supporting communism and their successor organizations like ANTIFA. One can argue that using the word racism to overthrow the government, can land someone 20 years in jail. We recently covered those laws that several US Mayors may be found guilty of, who are presently conspiring with terrorist communist organizations to shut down ICE and promote sanctuary cities.

The left supports Antifa communist groups that call for assassinating the President.