We were hacked badly obviously for the high impact ‘anti-communism’, ‘true christian defense league’, and ‘Donald Trump support groups’ content.

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Dear members and inquirers of our website. You may had noticed how the site was hacked and you could only see japanese characters in google, and the site itself offline. We had been badly hacked, and then after that experienced a bad hardware failure.

After increasing security, we were repeatedly hacked in new ways over the last year.

It all started once we became the highest ranking website for various keywords such as “fighting communism” and on the renegade agents who have sided with antifa. All of a sudden russian and chinese ip addresses had broken in to our site.

All of that coupled with the hardware failure rendered our backups stuck in a not easily restorable format. Our main office was also in a major transition to new facilities so restoring from the hardware also needed it’s time.

These things all happened at such a bad time, and so all was taken offline for the last year against our will.

Here are some sovenerirs from this period:

As our Primace wrote “Get together with the movers and shakers “FIGHTING COMMUNISM”, top 3 spots in google:watchman.news the True Christian Defense League, The Orthodox Church! “

orthodox church hacked for exposing antifa crimes by city leaders and members of government


” Our church website celticorthodoxy.com has been hacked. These have been traced to Russian and Chinese. All has mostly been recovered. Mainly they stopped thousands from seeing the pages for a period.”

orthodox church hacked for fighting communism and supporting trump

So we are resuming publishing quality video, audio, and text for your edification in Christ.