Lines of Apostolic Succession of the Primace, Dr. Stephen M d’Guelph Brunswick, Primace OCC

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The Prince-Archbishop Dr. Stephen d’Guelph Nott-Brunswick (von Wolfenbüttel), PRIMACE OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE CULDEES, and Protector of Ecclesiastical and House Orders.

Download pdf: Lines of Apostolic Succession Dr. Stephen M. d’Guelph Brunswick

Heraldry of the new House of Nott-Brunswick (von Wolfenbüttel), proposed in 1929 and adopted from 1935 during the House of Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick succession crisis.

The purpose of demonstrating these lines are as obliged as an international Minister visiting other jurisdictions and officiating in the administration of Sacraments. To gain access to the church of Jerusalem was a primary concern. As we know the Elect will be regathered. The Jerusalem based orders of Chivalry are also referenced. So we are covered for all venues, whether they be of Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, or of other Christian backgrounds. It is also often customary to consecrate a Minister anew in foreign(or local) jurisdictions, to further confirm the valid accepted succession, or preferred succession via the lines of their regional Saints.

  • Archbishop Parker, the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth promised in his letter to Calvin, concerning the proposal of a union among all Protestants, reminding him that the Church of England would “retain her Episcopacy; but not as from Pope Gregory, who sent Augustine the monk hither, but from Joseph of Arimathea.” (“The Life and Acts of Archbishop Parker ” By John Strype, Published in 1711.)

These are a few of the lines. Certificates, Diplomas and references are available.

Our English Liturgy (BCP) is not only used in Anglican Celtic and Protestant circles. It is also canonically established in several Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran communions.

Personal Arms of Stephen Michael awarded for the Office Archbishop Elect from 2009.

Download pdf: Lines of Apostolic Succession Dr. Stephen M. d’Guelph Brunswick

Another view of several lines: