Keeping the Sabbath “Love Feasts” More Fully by Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick

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Keeping the Sabbath “Love Feasts” More Fully.

Below is a chapter from the book “Sabbath in the Orthodox Church“. While most of the book is about church history, this chapter is more on Pastoral counselling.

This book would be incomplete without a section that covers the benefits and practices by which a believer can increase in keeping the Sabbath love festival more fully. This chapter puts the reader into practices that leads Christians to more “delight greatly” in His wonderful laws of liberty, especially that higher classification of laws known as the big 10 Commandments.  This 4th Commandment, a central law of God, is a weekly institution that was made for man’s own good and benefit. It was started at Creation when God made the day, long before the Old Testament was given, and Biblically holds a place of continued benefit for all worshippers, even after the New Heavens and new earth.


Christ did condemn some man-made traditions of the Pharisees which “traditions are rejecting the law of Moses”(Mar 7:9). He wanted us always doing healings on Sabbaths, which is why He did seven healings on Sabbath. Another reminder it’s every 7 days, on the 7th Day which He made at creation which is unchangeably the day He specifically said He would visit us on, for a special work(Divine appointment, and rehearsal / Moadim and Holy Miqra / corporate gathering of convocation together for worship). It’s not on a day we can pick and choose based on our own emotions, and in doing so we will be “missing out” on the benefits as it was “made for man”’s benefit. We must also remember it is a scientific entity made by God, and not made by man to redefine or repurpose (Hebrews 2-4 tells us Christ spoke not of an additional day of rest (Sabbath) but only of the original, see Chapter 4).


We will grow in the benefits of faithfulness over time, growing in the rewards spiritually, mentally, socially, and even financially. As we proceed in faith as a common believer in Christ, having forsaken all sins, and being transformed daily by the renewing of our minds in His word, we will witness the fulfilling of the believer delighting more and more greatly in the Sabbath. Romans 10:17 tells us how we build faith, and that is through response and obedience to the spoken word of God. The word there for hearing is traced to the original word “shama” which is is always connected to response or obedience toward what’s been heard spoken. So that faith is gained, and comes through the hearing and responding. That is hearing will be primarily from His Divinely ordained Clergy at worship times that are set specific times He ordained to be done on top of doing it without ceasing (or at every time). As it says, how shall one hear except they are called, and how shall they call except the Clergy are sent. Full time Clergy are ordinarily a requirement for any community to flourish. “And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:” (Eph 4:11-12)


We will delight more in the Sabbath, and more in God Himself as we practice obeying His requirement to gather on Sabbath, and continue implementing more of these following Spiritual truths. We will begin delighting like David delighted in it as often as we renew our minds in these core truths. You too will find that joy, especially if putting the exercises into practice surrounding this “love feast”. We know that now with help of the Holy Spirit, we are finding more Divine Spiritual power which makes us want to obey His beautiful laws. Believers will be delighting more and more in His laws as they are now written on our hearts (our passion and will of the heart).


“His law is Spiritual but we are carnal sold under sin” (Rom 7:14). There are numerous Bible verses, in the Old and New Testaments which tell us His laws are the true and only Liberty. We will all continue to grow and renew ourselves in His laws of liberty and crucify the fallen sin nature of flesh, of which all sin (“sin is transgression of the law” 1John 3:4), and only sin is bondage. Nearly three Quarters of His law of liberty are only Nationally applicable when there is full freedom restored for His true Israel people to worship Him in the fullness, and will happen in the New heavens and new earth (as Christ had told us in Matthew Chapter 5, that not even one jot or tittle will pass form the law even after the new heavens and new earth are made for His covenant people).


The love for His Kingdom laws aren’t an automatic occurrence but comes as a Spiritual growth over time, practice and nurturing the Spiritual part of our nature (born again in Christ). So in this chapter I will lead you into delving deeper in the Spiritual Truths and realities of the holy exercise known as the weekly Sabbath day. The experience of the Sabbath is something that is done by God’s power working in us(Phl 2:13), and is an attitude of the heart. Most of all God sees the heart, which is why it’s the greatest commandment to love with all the heart. As it says, that only after “delighting” in this particular festival, that only then you will find delight in YAHWEH God Himself(see Isaiah 58:14). I will be covering several of the rewards, the increasing in spiritual strengths and the physical vitalities of “entering in” to the Sabbath(Heb 4:11). This is all as Biblically stated. We are told there in the book of Hebrews (chapters 2-4) about “making great efforts like conquering the holy land, similarly as preparing to enter into the original Sabbath… for He spoke not of another day..”. Please take time to read these several chapters. This Nationalist community festival of Christendom will become greater in the end time days. He will magnify His law and make it honorable, and we will be a city set on a hill, and not hid, as a solid witness of His Kingdom. We enter-in together with our family and then climax with the church corporate assembly, feasting and fellowshipping at the highest form of celebration with your tribal people. It is a 24 hour period that is of vital importance above all other festivals (so important as it is listed in the 10 Commandments, and breaking it is ranked on a National level with murder and carries the death penalty in a true Israel Christian/Saxon Government).


We do not condone vigilantism of taking the National laws into our own hands, but do believe in working within the system to have our own representative form of government. We all pray daily, as is in our Orthodox book of Common Prayer, for the freedom to keep the laws of God in peace. Our Orthodox tribal people are classified as minorities in every part of the world. We still have the laws which state we have the freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and freedom of representation, and all that goes with the laws surrounding the lawful “self determination” of any tribal people to not be besmirched in any corner of the world they choose to make home.


This chapter goes more into the benefits and blessings of applying the Sabbath to your life. Generally speaking, the core celebrations by a collective group of people are a major blessing and benefit to the cultural life of the participants. You’ll see more-so that this Biblical 24 hour period, known as Sabbath, is indeed more important than any minor extra-Biblical community festival. You’ll also learn about the daily benefits of benefits of having the guide points of the Sabbath cycle in your life. Many haven’t realized these truths but do them automatically.


We recommend getting in company with other Sabbath keepers of a true-Israel background(Celtic / Saxon and kindred Christian cultural peoples), and especially to get counselling from Sabbath-keeping Pastors who dedicate their lives to teaching the families. This can aide you in a smooth adaptation of Sabbath keeping in your family that would be positive for all. Make appointments, get together, have Friday night meals together with the Pastor and other Christians. Call together potlucks and desserts for celebrating as commanded (with food) surrounding the worship services.


What if you got invited to the greatest party on planet earth? Well even better, imagine the Creator of the Universe sent you a personal invitation to meet together with His Elect? Let’s say He delivered a personal message that included a singing band, a text script, and dancing performers. What more kind of invitation can one ask for? We have such, with all the careful markings (even the 10 Commandments written with God’s hands, liturgies for Saturdays, days off, full movements dedicated to the theme of the Sabbath, Orthodox who declare it etc) all over Christendom. Although some have missed the full benefits of the practice (as highlighted in this book) we want people encouraged to continue in it. There is no condemnation in Christ and so we encourage the benefits are increased for His people (His one body, His temple, His people who are consecrated as Saved through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ). God has given us a covenant (and He never breaks His covenants) that says He will personally visit and speak and perform in a new (or renewed) awesome way in your (and among your church or wherever 2 or more are gathered in His name for the purpose of “hearing” His voice speaking through His word, “there am I in their midst”).


God included for us some simple instructions (traditions often have gone overboard), but we can also keep it simple and just show up and be ready to receive it. Most of all you will have to want it from the heart. Let’s realize that motivation is a big part of the Sabbath. The heart is very much connected to the Sabbath and so we should connect on things we have passion over (as it says in Isa 56 after you find the Sabbath a delight, then you will find delight in YAHWEH). If you’re willing and make an effort, God will meet you halfway and it will be by the power of the Holy Spirit that you are making it to the next steps of Glory. It’s not by our own works of the flesh, but God working in us, both to will and to do of His good pleasure(Phl 2:13).


He has already told us this is His perpetual wedding party rehearsal (“Miqra/convocation for ever” Lev 23 “thus Saith YAHWEH it is a Holy Convocation / Gathering For Ever” “call others to the gathering for ever, in all your generations in all your dwellings..” and He reiterated it so many times that it is unmistakable as continuing for ever, for “after the new heavens and new earth, still all flesh will gather together to worship Him on the literal Sabbath, and on the literal new moon” Isa 66 ). His word settles it, and this is His weekly (7s) rehearsal. It is a weekly Divine appointment, a rehearsal in preparation for the greatest wedding ceremony the universe has ever seen, a full 100% giving ourselves to Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, with much delight, realizing then being filled with the Holy Spirit is the ultimate calling in life, to do His good things on earth, as in heaven. His bride and wedding supper will celebrate the ultimate victory over all toils, and have a time of perfection, greatly done in the 1,000 year reign of Christ when Satan is bound. It is also celebrating when all death is placed under His feet, and there is no more death or rebellion from His wonderful laws. I hope you’re getting ready. He said these are “His appointments for ever” in dozens of verses, and in even more than that, He described how to keep it as a 24 hour feast to bring you deeper into His Kingdom (His dominion governance in your family, your neighbors, communities and ultimately a safe place for keeping the commandments in peace, as ¾ of the laws are indeed categorized as National laws). We will hope and rehearse the celebration of the implementation of the full Nationalist implications of His Nationalist separatist / holy laws, respecting all His good and distinct separate creations on earth and in the heavens, and showing by example how His servant Nation (known as the true Israel) will be a blessing to all in their separate National uniqueness. Only the twelve tribes will be in this party, but also the rest of Creation will be required to come up to celebrate this wedding feast, in the new heavens and new earth. Even the nation of Egypt will be required to come up for these feasts or will not get any rain on their lands (see Zac 14).


Going to church is just a small part of the greater climax of Sabbath. It’s actually a 24 hour period where it begins in the home at Sunset Friday night. Each local orthodox community may have liturgies and traditions that help us remember how to keep it specially as it should, beginning with a feast celebration (centered on Jesus Christ Yahshua). Sabbath is really begun in the home, with feasting, with fellowship, with family, and with reading Sabbath Scriptures to the benefits of each-other. We are to do prayers and activities that are sacred (more special) more-so on Sabbath than on other days of the week(7s). You celebrate in a Christian way, whether it be with special Christian music sung together with the family, or what tradition your family develops to keep the command to keep the 24 hours holy. Yes Christ said there are 12 hours in a day and 12 hours in a night (making 1 day). We should all be doing those best things that will cause our family to have more delight with God and Sabbath. It won’t come overnight, but if you make markers of celebrating the start and end of the Sabbath, with some events, it will eventually become a great family tradition. We want to encourage it to become something looked forward to. Most of all to have the family celebrating from the heart, and keeping it holier than all other days of the week.


Perhaps some family members don’t fully believe, or don’t necessarily want to join in the regular Sabbath prayer times etc. You can just continue to do them yourself. Maybe you have a prayer closet area of your house. We do recommend having one prayer area set up for daily Morning and evening prayers (and following the daily liturgies in the home). We’ve found eventually the rest of the family wants to join, as you inspire them by your pious example.


It takes a regular practice, but things really do grow and blossom as you maintain it. As you continue in His word, then we know the truth and we are made free(Joh 8:32). He did give us prayer times, and throughout the New Testament are mentioned “hours of prayer” and “hour of incense”, etc. Respect the times and do it. As we continue in this great part of His word (a vital part called Sabbath and Sabbathing/Resting) we will see and experience each week these spiritual, physical, social, and even economic things going to a higher level. We know it will be written in our heart (our delight) we will see more love in our heart, more in our soul, more in our mind, and more in our strength. Let’s move forward in faith and do it. This love for truth is called an eternal seed and as you make it grow, it will eventually be the roots in His kingdom which help you overcome more boundaries. Love never fails. We will enter the kingdom more and more as we do these righteous commanded observances (as Christ said unless your righteousness(Nationalist/folkish law keeping) exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees. He said we need to do the righteousness (law keeping) more righteously than the Scribes and Pharisees or else we shall in no case enter the kingdom Matt 5:20).


Spiritual, mental, social, and physical preparations are all a part of the preparations. Throughout the week there are preparations (as you would for any party). This type of Sabbath celebration (experiencing not only physically, but many things from the heart, socially, spiritually, etc) is a way of life throughout the week. “Entering-in” this Divine higher spiritual party gives you a small experience (a rehearsal) of His Kingdom on earth, as in heaven. Throughout the week we have many opportunities for investing in the higher success for your weekly rehearsal. I’d like to give you some tips on the many levels and layers we can take advantage of in preparing for your weekly festival.  We praise God every day, however, on Sabbath we are to praise God and praise our loved ones even more. Sabbatically we praise them all in a 24 hour period way (without any other work distractions). It’s a family day, it’s a community day, and it’s God’s day most of all. He is involved the most via the laws He commanded, as it’s only the transgression of them (sins, 1John 3:4), the sins separate us from God. It’s a higher family day for sure. It’s a King and Queen day, and of course this can have so many layers of preparations for a Royal event! It’s up to you how much you want to enjoy it.


Yes it’s always great when we have come to the completion of the work week, just before Sabbath, we look back on the closure of the week, and smile back on the accomplishments of the week. As God’s word says “think on the good things… and talk about them, what is of good report, and talk on them” (Phl 4:8), any additional efforts you can give for positivity is a great thing to do. We all are watering a plant with what words we choose to speak, so we must have a good practice of praising in positivity. The Sabbath is for this. All the fruits and benefits will follow as God has said we would reap such harvests that we maintain in our lives. On Sabbath we are to especially have prepared the best water in advance for our spiritual garden (we are like trees planted by rivers of living water, Psa 91, 112 etc ). As it says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof” (Pro 18:21).


Sabbath is a day full of activity, performing special things towards God, activities that take up all your attention, so you are resting from your distractions of every-day living. The resting from the worldly work is so we can do something even better at the higher levels. It is a great regenerative period for the physical body to rest, while on the other hand it is a time of the greatest spiritual exercises. Christ did seven healings on the Sabbath (normally by speaking the word of positivity). Sabbath does mean healing, and it surely is fulfilled in healings, as demonstrated by our Saviour. He surely did keep the law perfectly as our perfect Lamb, and showed us how to keep the Sabbath. It says His custom was to attend the synagogue(churches) and also the Apostles which followed Him were daily in the Temples and Synagogues, teaching in them, and called up by the Synagogue elders to always give a portion from the word of God and expound upon the Scriptures (see Luk 4:16, Act 6:4, Act 15:24, Act 17:17). These examples should all play into our methodologies of growing in the Spirit, and following His ways. When we take time off from our worldly professionals, then we have that time to praise God more-so on Sabbath. However, we also find that the 2nd Commandment, loving our brother and neighbor on Sabbath is better kept, as it’s a dedicated period for it all. As it says to do good first to those who are of the household of faith (Gal 6:10). So on the eve of the Sabbath it’s the best time to call to remembrance every good thing your family did throughout the week, and if you’re married it can even be a time of the strongest fidelity romance with your partner, sharing and praising various qualities. Not only we love God this way with all the heart, but as Christ said likewise we love our neighbor. We found that praise and thanksgiving always opens the door to God, but also it’s a way to ensure a good communication with your neighbor. We “enter His gates with thanksgiving and go into His courts with praise”(Psa 100:4).


It’s especially a time to praise your loved ones of your own house!  You play the strongest role in the lives of your children for the future generations. It’s the highest calling on earth to raise(besides that of a Priest) to raise up a child. Secure a great methodology of communication of God’s word to them. It’s time to praise your children also for what they’ve done through the week. It’s a time to pray for the family specifically. Each family may build up other special Sabbath traditions, whether it be singing together even more than other days. While it is commanded to Praise Him and rejoice in Him always, that is more-so true on Sabbath. Make it meaningful, not only in praying together, but in sharing, playing games together, or other family time. We have not just the local church gatherings, but we are to prepare for this greater time of worship to begin in the home. Multiply the love, joy and peace. That stability and confidence should grow in your children as they say faith in their parents. Faith towards God and faith towards our fellow Christians. Showing a confidence, and showing a sense of being fulfilled by the Spiritual things that are unseen but always known. We find our fulfillment in faith which is often unseen until we see the fruit afterwards. Once we build up and multiply these spiritual aspects of love, we have more offerings to give to God when we gather for corporate worship. We bring more joy and praise to God.

This wonderful sacrifice of praise is something we can continually build, and we should. Heb 13:15 “By Him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”


When you do orderly have a time for prayer, it gives you more structure to actually have it existing. Often people who don’t have a set schedule for prayer, don’t do it and it all gets neglected. The Scriptures are full of admonitions to pray at the rising of the sun and the going down thereof.


Malachi 1:11 “For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same My name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto My name, and a pure offering: for My name shall be great among the tribes, saith YAHWEH of hosts.”


I’ve found that whenever you call the family together for “prayer time” it’s then that it actually will happen regularly.  Make a schedule for prayer. It doesn’t have to be rigid if it causes issues. Keep it generally as the way you begin your day and end your days, at least with the Lord’s prayer, or the liturgies we all have for the daily morning and evening prayer for the Orthodox. As found on our website you may follow along with the Clergy and the rest of the church, praying in the power of agreement for “this day’s daily bread”, …forgiveness, ….and deliverances!” as it relates to our collective people for His Kingdom come and be done on earth. “Pray always” can also be translated “pray at every time”, remembering Christ said to keep our prayers short and meaningful. God knows what you are praying before the words come out of your mouth. The best prayer times are done in the assembly, whether it be daily or the mandatory weekly services. There’s also a prayer time at the close of the Sabbath. Each week we go to a higher Spiritual level, closing off the week before, and stepping up higher.


The commanded day of the week for extra (higher holier times) is Sabbath, so we will ensure it is done even better for this day, and think it through. If you prepare a regular party I’m sure you will always buy the items beforehand, and set things up long before the guests arrive. As it begins in the home, you have your home all prepared, and there are no further works to do once the candle lighting (or prayer / devotional time) begins sundown on Friday night. The command (commands are not options) is that we treat Sabbath higher than the other days of the week. Meaning it’s not only a time of refraining from work, but ascending in praise and thanksgiving for all things of the week which we accomplished. Every good thing comes from God so we most of all give thanks for these things which all come by His His grace working in us. Finally we climax in the Sabbath of God by joining together in corporate worship to our great God, how He is to be greatly praised.


If we cannot join together with a nearby congregation for the commanded worship time on Sabbath, then we must do all we can to find one. It doesn’t say the assembly you come to has to be perfect. If all you have is an Episcopal church (which promises to you they don’t promote evil abominations that are now popular in the land) meeting on Friday nights or on Saturday nights, then go for it. Really any Christian assembly who teaches we must repent of sin (transgressions of the law) and walk in righteousness of law keeping should suffice. Nearly every church has a catechism or sinners prayer requirement where they promise no longer to break His laws or fall into sin, but work on being more and more in line with His laws. Sure none are perfect and some are just forgetful that their official doctrines say only those who are repentant from all sins can partake of the communion or be eligible for baptism. Otherwise they can go through a reconciliation and counselling process with the church as they repent of all sins without reservations. We can remind nearly any congregation that renouncing all sins is part of their basic baptismal / confirmation vows, as is in the constitutions of nearly every church across Christendom. Even the Book of Common Prayer / English Orthodox liturgy, has sections highlighting that no one can participate unless they are against all sins(which doesn’t give any exemptions toward practicing or promoting the greater evils and abominations that Paul called “sins unto death”. So nearly any situation can be resolved easily. We have a standby network of churches who can help in most cases, but as it says, be wise as serpents, and don’t grab a dog by the ears. Lawsuits don’t belong anywhere in the church, as it says we “should not dare to take our people to the courts. ..we will judge Angels, so we should be able pick the lowest people of the church to resolve any of our issues”(1Co 6 :1). As I cited earlier that Christ and the Apostles all attended the Synagogues daily and especially weekly. They would never think about skipping out on those services. It was so much believed that they should keep harmony in these “love feasts known as Sabbath” as it was a capital offense to miss out on them. They believed it so heavily that they kept harmony to have their Christians-only gatherings on the First Day of the week “for fear of the Jews”. The first several times Christ met directly with His group of Apostles after the resurrection was on the First Day of the week (Joh 20:19). The Scriptures call it an assembly. Also it was customary to have Kiddush (bread and wine covenants) at every “assembly” of Hebrew males. This would never had been exempted either. In doing that custom He took the bread and ensured it was the Divine institution done in remembrance of Him “as often as ye do it” which was at least daily.

He never said any of the daily Hebrew Assemblies (with Kiddush/Communion) replaced Sabbath, but every indication in the word of God says it was just a temporary situation for fear of the Jews. He sees the heart and knows every situation, including in times of great persecution how we may not be able to meet together safely. As we covered in this larger book “The Sabbath in the True Orthodox Church”, we found that immediately in the First Century the Orthodox Hebrew leaders had immediately re-joined to the Kingdom Government in the British Isles (where the House of David, House of Aaron, Levi, and Ephraim had become established). Over there the leaders did always maintain a safe places. The Holy Apostle Saint Andrew and Saint Joseph bear witness of these realities as celebrated throughout Christendom. We had the regular doctrinal positions prevailing in favor of Sabbath in the farthest the West, while in areas like Constantinople they had been long overran by Rome. Tertullian (c. 155-222A.D.) the theologian, wrote: “The extremities of Spain, the various parts of Gaul, the regions of Britain which have never been penetrated by Roman arms have received the religion of Christ.” (Tertullian Def. Fidei, page 179). While there may be tribulations or other reasons separating us, we must still make every best effort for the Kingdom come and will be done on earth. As we seek first His kingdom, then the necessities of life are added unto us(Mat 6:33). The 10 Commandments and the Sabbath are so central. So while some may still be searching out a congregation, in the interim there are some situations where we have the grace of joining a congregation remotely (like a conference call, live video broadcast etc). That may be permissible while in the meantime it remains a high priority to seek out a good assembly that you can join locally, holding services on Sabbath. If you’re sure a local Sabbath church will not prevail in your area, then it’s advisable to relocate to an area where there are more of our own people. Without a proper place of worship, we are not doing our duties in child rearing. If it’s not possible to gather together where you live now, please highly consider relocating. As it says, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (1Ti 5:8)


The totality of the Sabbath experience is vast topic and for this reason we should have many lessons on it. Pastor Crouch of Restoration Ministries did some of the best teachings on it, as we have recorded in audio format. It is a larger Pastoral counselling topic, which we will encourage the readers to seek out Pastoral guidance to cover it, as God had said are ordained to be professionally employed “for the perfecting of the Saints”(Eph 4:12).


We’ve covered a bit how there is Spiritual fruits you will have at Sabbath. There are also Spiritual garments. Garments are often mentioned in the Scriptures, and as Spiritual garments especially. It says we will be wearing the “garments of Praise” (Isa 61:3), we will have armor that embodies aspects of the fruit of the Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace etc). We already would have been daily putting on the full armor of God daily (Each part of it being a Spiritual quality which fits directly over the Temple of YAHWEH Body parts which house the concentration of each fruit of the Spirit / emotional characteristics), but that’s another topic. We know if we are doing things without the Spirit of Love, then it all is nothing (1Cor 13:2,3). If we’ve already prepared ourselves for the rehearsal / convocation “the bride hath made herself ready”(Rev 19:17). We know at least in the final actual wedding, that those who are not dressed appropriately (spiritually especially) He will command to be cast out of the feast, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matt 22:13). The praying and singing, preparing and rehearsing are all parts of putting on those Spiritual wedding garments. There is much more to this, but it’s the most important foundation to be full of love, and have it showing around us. All of which takes regular practice. This is what Sabbath does is puts us on a cycle of beginning and ending the week with victory. It’s not always how you ran the race but how you finished it. We will have our garments ready. Let’s not be as the unwise virgins who are too late bringing their oil. Lets already practice gathering together and bringing the spiritual and physical necessities for the wedding feast, while there still is time. We would be celebrating the good news, doing what is commanded in exercising His will in our own lives and community.


As we have re-iterated those wonderful words of Christ that Sabbath was “made for man”, or made for our own good. Sabbath is for our benefit and prosperity. There are hundreds of verses that talk about being blessed for delighting in His laws. It says the physical blessings are for us to make His kingdom stronger on earth.


While these days it’s become popular in the new communist owned socialist Bible Colleges to teach against righteousness and promote sins, we will bring to remembrance what has always been the teaching of His church everywhere. That is that while we aren’t saved by works, they who are saved have a delight in doing the good works. It says the New Testament Christians will love His laws so much that they are written on our hearts, no longer on the tables of stones. Meaning we delight greatly in His commands as David had prophetically sung of and celebrated. The Psalms are full of verses of these blessings of “delighting greatly in all His wonderful laws”, as are all the Prophets, and as found throughout the New Testament (as they are made for our blessing). Only Sin is called bondage (“sin is transgression of the law” 1Jo 3:4). We know as it says in Matthew 5 if we teach men to keep the least of the commandments we will be super blessed and great in the Kingdom of heaven, but if we teach men to break the smallest commandments we will be the least in the kingdom. He went on to say that even after the new heavens and new earth still not one jot or tittle will pass from the law (may I add none of the blessings that go with keeping them either). Really all the curses come from a Nation being away from His laws and also when they stop confessing their transgressions and turn away from Christ. Christ would have been the last resort for mercy for His people if they would confess and repent. At least if they had some repenting and overall had Christ as King of their nation (as has been for much of Christendom these last 2,000 years). There is the grace (plus some Abrahamic Covenants where God has promised a continued National strength to the seed of His people). However without Christ then they are all going under the old law which says the nation will be completely destroyed by plagues. That’s especially for a land tolerating lawlessness, see Deuteronomy 29:58-66 “If thou wilt not .. do all the words of the law … YAHWEH will make .. every sickness, and every plague … until thou be destroyed”. Leviticus 26 repeats that the rebellious nation (a Righteous Nation that professed God and turned from Him, which America is and most of the Christian Nations are), that God would send over them terror and destroy them and punish them 7 times worse and worse till finally they for all the punishments will repent. So a Christian nation who turned from God is even worse, as it says “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft/Satan worship” (1Sa 15:23). Note that first is talking about a King who rebelled from the written law of YAHWEH. So there are many formerly Christian nations, that are rebelling who are heavily inviting in all the Biblical National punishments. In Galatians 3 it says through Christ’s blood those Nations of true Jacob seed get exempted from the curses, and only the blessings of Abraham come now on our nations through the precious blood of Christ Yahshua. (When before the 10 tribes were divorced, they’re brought nigh unto Him and remarried as His original lost bride of Christ. We know it says in Romans 9:4-5 “the adoption pertains to Israel… and for their flesh Christ came”. The twelve tribes were adopted back into His family). So there are many ramifications for the whole world when a communist foreign government buys up positions in our colleges and takes them over to promote new heresies against obeying God and against believing in His only begotten son Jesus the Christ (Yahshua), as has been done to America and throughout the Western nations of God.

So many blessings “For Man” come from Sabbath keeping ever since He blessed the Sabbath day at  Creation, and He made it a day that is holier than the other days of the week (Remembrance and recognition of that day “remember to keep it holy” 4th commandment, was not referring to some unknown day of which we can pick and choose). Our people have kept on advancing in those blessings, which have been measured on earth for those who “delight in His commandments” and “meditate on them”. All the word of God is law (or torah / teaching) and the word is Christ (John 1:1,1:14). We see now how the Holy Spirit fulfills in us, that which was done for us.


While on one hand there are so many blessings, on the other hand it has been considered as serious as a capital crime equal to murder and adultery. This is why so many traditions as guideposts were placed up by the Jews to protect people from violating it. Too many of those evolved into becoming “traditions of men that reject the law of Moses” (Mar 7:9). Sabbath can be considered one of the bigger sins, “sins unto death” which Paul talked about. Thank God for His grace for those who confess and from the heart are trying.


When we break it we can run to Him quickly for forgiveness through the precious blood of Christ. Not only do all orthodox have several times a day doing a full confession of any possible sin to be washed from, but we have many more opportunities to ensure all in Christ will be safe. We celebrate on the day of Atonement, the once and for all Sacrifice to give us a grace covering so we may run back to Him in case we did fall short or make mistakes. As it says in Isaiah 59:2, and throughout the word, that sin separates us from God, “But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear.” However we have that wonderful promise, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1Jo 1:9), And “Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation”(Isa 12:3).


However, this mercy of being lifted out of the mire, and from falling in the ditches of sin, is not the “walking in the Spirit” of Grace that He had in mind for the triumphant believer in Christ. It’s an exception to the rule, of someone who has fallen off of the path of life. Hopefully the believer can catch himself and get on the path. However we’ve seen too often that sins effect many people. The fullness of the true grace is “power from God to obey” (Rom 1:15). Grace is almost always the word in Greek “charisma” which has to do with being heavily talented and performing very good. We have to set our sights and aim higher than the lowest ditch of sin and falling short. There is no condemnation for those in Christ, and we consider it “missing out” especially if they are one who has converted and declared all intentions of being among the faithful. There should never be shame in bringing these matters to the attention of your Pastors and Christian counsellors, who are employed for these purposes to help edify and strengthen a functioning part of the body of Christ.


In preparing to enter-in on the Sabbath I would recommend several beneficial orthodox practices. One would be to recite “the greatest commandment being Hear O Israel, YAHWEH Thy God is one…” as quoted by Christ. This was the Temple liturgy of the time, and still is to this day used in the daily services of Christendom. At morning and evening the congregation (or at least the family) gathers together for time of prayer. Within this prayer service is a moment to recite this greatest commandment. This is for our own selves to remember and edify our own souls. It continues on to say  “Love Him with all the heart…”. Even more-so we should say such prayers in the home in preparation for Sabbath.


It says if we call the Sabbath a delight so many blessings come(Isa 56). The Sabbath itself is already a blessed thing. YAHWEH also is a blessed God. The word for Blessing comes from the word for tranquilized. God set these things for “entering-in” to a greater higher state of being. This act of calling or declaring the Sabbath to be a delight for you, is something that comes from the heart. For that word you will be blessed also. The Sabbath is foremost about the heart being happy and most willing and wanting to joyfully confess with the mouth, and with all our heart, declaring the great many benefits in the Sabbath YAHWEH made for mankind, celebrating those multitude of points that are outlined in His word, and all of it culminating in Christ Yahshua our King. As Paul reiterated that by Him, to Him and through Him are all things. So we also know this greatest Sabbath day is a consistence in Him. So once we are at this basic commanded level, then we will be actually at the first base. We should all get into a habit of declaring the blessedness of the Sabbath. What better way to do it as with a Friday night gathering, ushering it in. The Scriptures are full of such examples. One being in John 4:23 “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.”


Sabbath is a time of opportunity in almost any church! There are many who simply rest on Sabbath, and we don’t condemn them at all. Actually, there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ (Rom 8:1). This Sabbath topic should always come as more of an opportunity for growth in the church. The Sabbath for believers in Christ has nothing to do with condemning others. We may show by an example and provoke to some jealously the wonderousness of having His “love feasts” so that more want to attend. However that would be about all. Sin is not always a moral thing, but is more about “missing out” on the blessings and benefits of the path of life. Sabbath is more for opportunities for local congregations to get together for worship, prayer, feasting, Christian music, Bible study events and other such church and tribal Christ-centered get-togethers. If right now your church mostly meets on Sunday, we only have good news for them, about meeting more together in the liberty Christ won for us to have places to keep His commandments in peace. For them this should be treated as just another great opportunity for Christ’s body to gather together. As they keep His commandments they will grow in understanding “a good understanding have all they that keep His Commandments”(Psa 111:10). Most local churches have a spot open every Saturday for a Sabbath congregation to utilize the building. Still everything should be done prayerfully and carefully, wiser than serpents and remembering Christ said we are as sheep among wolves. For the rest who don’t already have Sabbath assemblies, they are missing out, and lets speak to them in an attitude of encouragement in ways that would only be edifying and building up in encouragement. Check that each word you say would lead to the fruit of the spirit, of love, joy and peace. We’re going to always promote more love towards our lawful Christian Nationalist neighbors. It says they who love their neighbor will reprove Him (Lev 19:18). We should share with them the good news, the freedom of His laws, and liberating themselves from the bondage of sins (also when we don’t congregate it is a sin, which is the Greek word for “missing the mark” which often leads to calamity, but we should realize His law / word is a light to our path, with many blessings). Don’t give up. This all is nothing new, and there is nothing new under the sun. So we should do fine in any case to invite them to our festive Sabbath events. Prepare your tithes, spend your tithes towards the assemblies. As it says “you pay it that there is meat in His house, and proving Him that He will open up the windows of heaven to pour out a blessing. He says to pay those tithes that there be meat in my house. It says you have robbed God by refraining from tithes and offerings” (Mal 3:8). We’re to “proclaim the Sabbath as a holy convocation(major rehearsal/assembly) proclaiming it to our neighbors in our communities, all our dwellings and all our generations, for ever” (Lev 23). There is a big accounting system in heaven, and every word we say, and every deed we do we will be required to answer for, including for the times we were silent about Sabbath.


All the expressions of keeping His law are all called liberty throughout the Bible. We don’t do these good works because of legalism, but out of love, as He said “if you love Me, keep My commandments”. Most of the Sabbath commandments are about benefits on earth, rather than the afterlife. So we can put to rest any argument of any one who says we’re into legalism, as we do not call it a Salvation issue. Paul spoke only against those calling works a pre-requisite of Salvation. However we may be able to say that Salvation is a prerequisite of good works. We agree with every church that the initial rebirth into His Kingdom, and our Eternal Salvation is sealed by true faith and through grace, not of works, but through that act of accepting Christ’s blood sacrifice for our sins. In the conversion process of nearly any church in the whole world there is the equivalent of the “sinners prayer” recited, where there is an oath made before God and everyone that they forsake all sins and promise to reform their life to keep all the commandments of God. So God will meet us halfway to give us the “Divine power to obey” (Rom 1:15, which is the purpose of grace), and by power of the Holy Spirit alone, working in us (Rom 6 “as no man can do good, no not one”) we have evidence the Holy Spirit is working when we “seek to do good” (Rom 6 “as no man seeks after God”). In the Old Testament they didn’t have the law on their hearts. This comes only in the New Testament that we do it not out of legalism but out of love for Him, as those same laws are written on our hearts(Heb 8:8, Jer 31:31 etc). The Eternal Christ said “if you love Me, keep My commandments” (Joh 14:15) while He also claimed to be the one Eternal God who gave it to Moses. He claimed often to be that One. The law isn’t so much for the Spiritual salvation as it is for Man’s benefit for us on earth to greater praise God as is commanded for the glory of His Kingdom come and will be done on earth. His laws are the most peaceful, healthful, prosperous and best way to live for any people. We give thanks and praise to Him always for His laws. His law was always was a delight, anywhere you read in the Scriptures. Over the last Century, this Christ centered way of life has been most attacked. The enemies of Christendom understood this all, and sent thousands of communists into positions in the church. There is a fairly new communist takeover of the churches and their colleges. It continues to grow in all the destructive effects that come with lawlessness. He said many will say “..Lord lord, but I will say depart from Me I never knew you, ye who practice lawlessness”(Mar 7:23), so I pray there will be quick repentance of anyone who have strayed on this new philosophy of promoting sins in the church.  However, our purpose, as all in Christ do, is we want to encourage everyone to continue growing in Christ. That will mean walking as He walked, keeping the Sabbath services, and fulfilling it as is intended for the full 24 hours, as a festival of joy and agape unconditional love.


One of the many climaxes of the Sabbath celebrations are at the beginning of the festival. It begins on the Friday night with a great family Sabbath meal. Many celebrate it with the lighting of the vespers candles(as is in Orthodox Christian and Hebrew liturgies around the world), celebrating that true spiritual light of Christ, as it says also “the spirit of man is the candle of YAHWEH…” (Pro 20:27). There are so many deep spiritual truths reflected in this aspect of celebration. There are many loose Biblical traditions and local church leaders guidance for the celebrating Friday night in the home. We mark the beginning of entering-in to His spiritual presence of love and positivity (His Moadim), going to that place at the start. In which ever way your family does it, it’s a great benefit to mark the start of the Sabbath. It’s a great to declare the start of the Sabbath, and begin resting in the finished victories of the work week. In Hebrew lands there was a blowing of the Trumpet to start the festival. In many Orthodox areas there is a Vespers church bell that rings, timed to the Biblical setting of the sun.


In Hebrews 2-4 it says we should seek to “enter into” that rest of the literal Sabbath with much force. It compares the effort and force we should use to “enter in” to that rest with the same efforts they made to enter into the Promised Land. That is a lot of force. I hope we will recognize it may take some real Spiritual praying and intercessory prayer to bring each and every believer to Sabbath. There will be much Spiritual warfare to overcome, but the battle belongs to YAHWEH. So to seek to “enter into the sabbath” is to be done with as much effort as they sought to enter into the promised land (conquering the Canaanites, of which all were afraid but Joshua and Caleb). Now there is a great reason as the first 4 of the 10 Commandments have to do with our relationship with YAWHEH. Breaking Sabbath is sin(falling short), and sin separates us from God. However it’s nothing special once we’re doing these required gatherings. It’s just a minimum on His path of life. Christ said “when you do keep all the commandments perfectly, say you’re only an unprofitable servant, having only done that which was your duty to do”(Luk 17:10) it’s just called our duty, as we read in Ecclesiastes 12:13: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man”. His law is Spiritual (and always was a Spiritual living thing) it says, “the law is Spiritual but we are carnal sold under the slavery of sin” (Rom 7:14). This bondage is broken by “crucifying the flesh” and “walking in the Spirit” which is always with His help. We can thank God any time we are “seeking after God” as no man does that. We only “seek after God” by the power of the Holy Spirit (as we had earlier quoted “it’s God who works in us both to will and to do”, and “no man seeketh after God, no not one”. This is more about being on the real Spiritual path that Christ was on. It may take effort to crucify our own flesh, but we should do so in faith. He said unless you “deny yourself, and take up your cross you cannot follow me”, and said “if your eye or your hand makes you sin, it’s better to cut them out to go into heaven with one ye or hand, than to go into hell with a full body”(Mat 18:9).


While many perhaps haven’t prepared correctly for Sabbath, you can always count your losses, confess your sins, and get back on track. At the morning service of the Sabbath is a good time to confess all sins and get right with Him.


I cannot emphasize more the biggest part of that epic effort of preparing to “enter-in” as we read, is that we indeed have prepared on Friday to get into the spirit of positivity with our minds on YAHWEH. That would mean getting full of His love, joy and peace before it comes time to light the vesper candles. Taking time well before is a good thing, it’s called a day of preparation. We can pray about it and make best steps to ensure we have a great entering-in festival. We then are lined up to catch that Spiritual bus to enter into His Divine appointment when the gate does open at sunset. In heaven the gates would open at this time, and also in Jerusalem the Temple gate did open at this time. At this time the Trumpets did blast, as they do every morning service. The church bells will continue to ring. Some areas also have the Midday prayers bell (the Angelos bell) which is also a “time of prayer” mentioned in the Scriptures. We have many indicators about entering in. We know it says in Isaiah that “in the new heavens and new earth all flesh will worship before Me, from one new moon to another and from one Sabbath to another.” It is a set time He ordained and literally does fulfill in the life of the believer, where we go into that Spiritual place.


As it is an appointment, it’s also possible to miss the appointment. Like missing a doctor’s appointment, you missed what was going to be performed. These are losses not only for the now, but there are still some losses that may go with you into eternity (As every work will have a reward, and Christ told us “the least in the Kingdom will be those teaching breaking the small laws”(Mat 5:19). Sabbath is a more important bigger law, and breaking it is still classified as a sin unto death. What good can come to an area dry His foundational commands? So we must emphasize the many blessings of having made the preparations. It’s best to go through the Pastoral trainings and know how best to guard (or take advantage of) this holy time of Sabbath for this high Royal Priesthood family time, as commanded by Christ. It says in that passage about “entering in” to the literal Sabbath that it is the same Sabbath that remains. It says “He spoke of no other day”. We will start it out right by recognizing this is His Royal time, with His Royal priesthood. Each and every member of the family are at least princes and princesses.


Take advantage of the blessings of starting out the “Sabbath rest that remains” (Heb 4:9), a time of setting your mind to “rest in the finished work” celebrate the accomplished spiritual work and physical work from the week. We start in a relaxed and appeased state, giving thanks to our heavenly Father. We will for sure know when we’re coming near His Spiritual gate when we are giving Praise and Thanks. We will be Praising Him Spiritually and Truly from the heart (“entering His gates with thanksgiving and go into His courts with praise”(Ps 100:4)). If you want to bring it to the highest levels, then throughout the week you’re collecting things you can praise your loved ones, for the great things they did through the week. Recall those great things (that’s called praise). Everyone loves praise, and God already ordered it for us all to build each-other up.  (“Love your neighbor as yourself” is nothing compared to the love for our family). It’s a time of joyful Psalms, melodies, more than the other 6 days of the week, to be heard in the home. It’s a time of reading Sabbath Scriptures together, of reading what God says about the other person (Psalms 112 is read by the women for the men, and the men read Proverbs 31:10-end for the women). There are many other verses which highlight a great start of the Sabbath for spouses and homes. It is a time we have meat and drink together (as it is a commanded feast) enjoying together. If ice cream or some favorite desert perks up the family, include that too, it should be all the best food and time, higher than the rest of the week. We practice doing it in the highest way, and sometimes it takes refinement, and improvement.

Most of it all should be automatic for a believer as something that we like. As a converted believer we are looking for any excuse to praise God more. However still we need a renewing of our minds. So we share and talk on that weekly cycle as God ordained. We can remind how we love to read together, we love to pray together, we are converted so of course our Spirit wants to. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Trust God and do what He commanded. When we read these verses to each-other about these blessings, we are declaring the victory of who YAHWEH says you are in Him. Reading Psalms 112 and Proverbs 31:10-end is like a great affirmation to each-other, recognizing and calling out what He has ordained and placed in their spirit for victory. In Proverbs 31 it says her children will arise up and praise her as well. This is also a time of praying for the children, a good prayer would be the one for the children to be multiplied like Ephraim and Manasseh who did receive the promises and did multiply to be a nation and company of nations. These are ways to praise the children, and you may think of more. You will be blessing each-other, praying for each-other, feasting together, and doing the best things together in our homes, in the God ordained safe places of heavenly Zion, where the best things of this world truly are. We remember every good thing comes from God and increase in the thanks and praise from things throughout the week.  The expressing from our heart any thanksgiving and joy, are called the true spiritual sacrifices that are well pleasing unto Him. We celebrate the greatest gifts ever, provided us by our King Jesus Yahshua.


We stay in that spiritual love/joy/peace mode of Sabbath, a place where there is no negativity for 24 hours. We disconnect from the cares of the world, where you don’t discuss finances, no buying things, or plans, or any problems (except on rare emergency situations). We do read and declare from God’s word all the victories we have through Christ. We declare how every bad thing is under our feet (legally) and will be realized fully in the 1,000 year reign of Christ. We can still declare through Christ’s blood the rights (for example declaring those blessings of Abraham that we’re the head and not the tail, we’re above and not beneath, we lend and do not borrow, we walk in health and not in sickness” (Deu 28:13) as comes on our nations through the blood of Christ (Gal 3:16). We rehearse also the complete victory of Christ when the last things of death are placed under His feet. Yet we practice now the legal facts that we can have more fullness of God in our lives on Sabbath than the other days. It’s a day He said He will fill in a more meaningful days than the other 6 days of the week. We declare all coming to a close in victory, as we believe we are in Christ and so we are in the head and not the tail. For this 24 hours we focus on the great victories we now have magnified through Christ, and celebrate that all things are placed under our feet.


Remember it’s called a rehearsal, and like a wedding rehearsal you will not do everything perfect. Sabbath today is a training camp for the ultimate coming fulfillment, the 1,000 year reign of Christ. Part of having that best wedding rehearsal of all time will include working together with the members of His body. So it’s a time of activity, a time of feasting together, and a time of great fellowship among believers. A community “love feast” should always accompany Sabbath.


Sabbath is especially a time to hear God’s word in the Assembly. We should hear it especially being taught and spoken aloud, and taught in a format of which we can apply to our lives. Sabbath is Covenanted time by YAHWEH Himself, that He anoints the speakers and hearers in a special way by the power of the Holy Spirit, that as His word is declared, that together they may hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. As it says in Romans 10:17 It is the “spoken word” and “responding to it” that builds our faith. “Faith is the victory that overcomes the world”(1Jo 5:4). So beyond this victory time in our homes, the feasting, fellowship, prayers, readings, songs etc, we proceed on to the higher things, to go to the Assembly to worship together with the greater community of the faithful Saints.


There are many other benefits of being gathered together. As it says when two or more agree, or two or more gather, “there am I in their midst” (Mat 18:20). It says “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty”(gods Psa 82:1), “one of you can put 1,000 to flight and two will put 10,000 to flight”(Lev 26:8, Deu 32:30). So there is at least 10 times the power as one worshipping by himself alone.


This still should all be considered as nothing special for a basic believer. It’s just a minimum requirement in the word, as it says “proclaim throughout your neighborhoods that the Sabbaths are holy convocations, to gather together, in all your generations, for ever”(Lev 23). These highest intended climaxes of the week, and of the Sabbath can then be known to the people by obeying this National law for all Christian peoples. Through being in covenant with God, and the relationship with Him that’s embedded in His cycle of loving Him that He shared with us (known as the weekly Sabbath), we can take each week even higher.


The grandest style of Sabbath keeping is only done in the church. This would include partaking together of the Holy Communion, celebrating in remembrance of our King of Kings that Sacrament that He gave us to do as a perpetual memorial as often as they did it (at the time they broke the bread at every Assembly). There should be almost no reason to not Assemble. Paul admonished us “not to forsake the assembling of ourselves” (Heb 10:25). Even when Synagogues were overran with Edomites and other Canannaite enemies of Christ, still all the Apostles did not forsake the command to Assemble at the Synagogues. It says they met at the Synagogues although the leaders there sought to kill them. It says still they worked there and were able to work their way up in the ranks to get given the turn to read and teach out of the Scrolls of God’s word. It says they taught in the Synagogues, sometimes all night. Several times Paul gave very long detailed lessons. The feasts help sustain the participants so the lessons can go on all day. There’s no way that anyone would have ever considered not attending on Sabbath, as it’s called a “sin unto death. It’s one of the very few laws that carry the death penalty. Even idolatry isn’t the death penalty. The 4th Commandment (the Sabbath remembrance) is part of the commands that relate to the community having a love walk with YAHWEH the Father. The other 6 commandments have to do with the Nation’s love towards each-other. Yes as these are all Nationalist laws toward your neighbors (hopefully you have Biblical Israelite neighbors, and not in a Babylonian system where we would be kept in bondage from being able to celebrate the keeping of His Nationalistic Christian laws of the Bible). All of it is towards His Kingdom come on earth, our daily prayer. As we “seek first His Kingdom” it will have the 10 commandments (especially Sabbath) so central to it. We know that only after seeking His kingdom first, that then “all these things/ necessities of life will be added unto us”(Mat 6:33). If you think your needs were met now, imagine what He has in store for you in blessings on earth now! Riding upon the high places of the earth and fed with the heritage of Jacob! (Isa 58:14).


I hope you too will “enter in” and stay in His Sabbath Day. May we all enter in more-so every day, and every week (as He commanded to be done even more-so) entering-in to His love, His tranquility/blessings, His Spirituality, for 24 hours, and reach the heights of it.

Heb 4:11 “Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.”

I encourage you to read the whole Sabbath teaching of Hebrews Chapters 2-4. It is so clear how Christ did not speak of another day, but of this day the original Sabbath that remains. He kept this particular day made by God as His 7th day of Creation, Blessing it for a perpetual blessing. It says His people will continue remember it as well, as a sign they are His Nationalistic people, for ever (Exo 31:13-18).


Yes, we all love to celebrate together with our families, and it’s one of those family events. So lets treat it as such. Let’s prepare all the highest things for our Sabbath times. Let’s enjoy the best food, best time together, celebrating everything, Celebrating Christ especially, who is the center of our receiving every good thing (by His grace alone). Do it with the satisfaction as God said “it is good”, and as God celebrated His finalization of Creation and He Himself also rested on it and Hallowed it for ever, so we should too.


So if you haven’t been a Sabbath keeper yet, give it a try, and we think you then also will find that great delight in Him. It will be a deeper walk for you, your family, and your community. You can’t beat being placed on high places, being fed with the heritage of Jacob, and finding the great delight in YAHWEH (Isa 58) by simply enjoying Sabbath. You will enjoy it with Him. It takes very little faith to do, as the tiniest grain of mustard seed, but it grows to a huge tree. So have that festival of the highest and best, and keep it holier than the other days of the week. Christians love to see flesh crucified. It’s in the end the best way to go. As we forsake our own works on Sabbath, but do His works, the rest of that blessing is activated. We’re not doing our own righteousness either, but His righteousness “YAHWEH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS” (Jer 23:6). In all the Scriptures we know it says this is accomplished praising and glorifying Him in the Assembly.


None of this we’ve seen to be grievous. 1Jo 5:3 “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.”


“And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep His commandments. He that saith, I know Him, and keepeth not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoso keepeth His word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in Him. He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.” (1Jo 2:3-6)


The Commandment regarding Sabbath is firstly to remember it, to keep it holier than the other 6 days of the week. So we see it’s not just a full 24 hours where we rest in our finished work. It is a day of delighting, being blessed, and renewing our spirit, soul, mind and bodies.


I hope you see that the social life is a huge part about Sabbath. Social issues are primarily in those who are anti-social. That’s what psychology is for is helping people who don’t spend time socially with others. As Christians we should always be ready to hear each other, listening and “caring” for each other . Caring for each other and listening over the delightful feasts are some of the best climaxes of being a great fun person. The Christian true Israel people are a very social, loving and outgoing people. We are called the “children of laughter”. There will be much fewer psychologists needed in Sabbath keeping areas, as the social issues will be far far fewer. We promote people to go out and interact very much in this framework of regular events.

Extra services can be added to any Sabbath congregation also, more potlucks, more seminars, liturgical evenings of Saturdays, of Fridays, and the like.


You can write us at St Andrew’s O.C.C. for assistance in getting more Sabbath services together. You may use this book “the Sabbath in the True Orthodox Church” as an encouragement to advance Sabbath observance in your local areas.