*VIDEO: Doctors & Medical Experts Worldwide Warn Humanity Against Taking the COVID19 Vaccine

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Update on latest information:

URGENT CDC Report about the Covid-19 Vaccine, Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA COVID-19

Doctors & Medical Experts Worldwide Warn Humanity Against Taking the COVID19 Vaccine

Priory of Salem, Institute of Health

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Original title: Ask The Experts : Covid19 Vaccines

Dear Friends in Christ,
We have a very important message for you.
Are you ready to see people get a permanent change of their DNA, altering their DNA to be adapted in a new untested way, permanently inducing this disorder to all their descendants? The so-called Covid Vaccine will be (or is already law in some countries that it must be taken) the FIRST EVER TEST of mRNA vaccines.
 It was said there could never be a coronavirus vaccine, but President Bush pushed forward the SARS program and exempted all vaccine producers from lawsuits. For 18 years since then the medical pharmaceutical industry have tried making a coronavirus vaccine, and they failed at every turn. In each study done on comparable host animal immune systems (ferrets, rabbits etc) which mimic the adult human immune system, the results were the same. They each ended up with a paradoxical immune response in which the antibody levels that were very high, actually accelerated the infection, made it much worse, and allowed the pieces of the virus to go inside of the cell and be incorporated into the DNA of the recipient of that vaccine by a process called transduction. That transduction irreversibly puts a snippet of that virus into your DNA and transforms your cells. Although this is known everywhere, the coronavirus vaccine was still chosen. The “emergency situation” has enabled this to go forward anyways, increasing it with more new experiments that have never been done.
The new vaccine bypasses the normal 5 year test period, and rushes to make us all the guinea pigs. To make matters worse, they will be deploying it as RNA several other untested methodologies (based on short term information, not long term studies into new autoimmune disorders happening from this permanent DNA change).

Hear it from the experts what they have to say about the new untested (first ever on numerous untested methodologies) covid false vaccine:

Hundreds of medical experts have endorsed the above video, and many of them are the main speakers. This information is not readily available and is censored by Big Tech, so it will be up to you to forward it on.