EU Covid Vaccine Supervisor REFUSES ALL the Vaccines, says wouldn’t take it even if offered $1 Million Euros!

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Always consult your physician about medical conditions. You may also want to ask them if they and their families are getting this untested vaccine. Ask any expert anywhere if they can point you to any single vaccine safety study that has been finished regarding any kind of mRNA or Coronavirus vaccines on “safety”. Ask if they can also point you to the results of the present so called vaccine (as so far, everyone agrees that ZERO “safety” tests were done). If anyone tries to pressure you into taking it, request that they sign responsibility of any condition (or injury) that’s found to arise from it within the next 2 years, because the vaccine producers are exempted, and bypassed all safety tests (with 20 years of failed tests). The only item they measured was 2 months of re-infection rates, nothing about safety. Adverse affects is only going to be recorded by a small group over 2 years, as rolling-tests was the only way this could get approved, by re-categorizing the mandatory tests and bypassing most normal 5 year test requirements.

Covid Vaccine Doctor and Expert says she wouldn’t take the vaccine if she was offered $1 Million Euros, even if it’s in 5-10 years from now. mRNA vaccine experts seem to agree.


She cites 20 years of failed covid(corona virus examples where all the animals died and never one vaccine was successful). Important vaccine information from one of the many many vaccine experts saying the same.
watch the interview: