Consequences of the Feds Claim to “Focus on White Supremacy”

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Consequences of the Feds Claim to “Focus on White Supremacy” (Singling out people on the basis of white skin color alone to mistreat them disproportionately to others.)

All races of the world love to think there is something special about their own people who should be preserved. A basic instinct of every living creature has been to love your own culture and heritage. However that core instinct of nature(creation as created) itself has come under the most major threats. America (which was always a segregated nation through the 1960’s), is now duped by a foreign Communist ideology to now hate what nature has always practiced.

Now even Biden has declared those who like their culture to be “white supremacist”. He says every person in his government is committed first and foremost to dismantling “white supremacy”. Some would say that means any peace loving person could be targeted for an upcoming purge. In more than half of his speeches he has said that his whole government is dedicated to fighting White Supremacy. This is itself a very discriminatory statement of Biden against one group of people. Who can be part of that group, no one knows.

However, we do know that these days, people’s whole lives are destroyed over  one mis-quote. Many liberals are finding out the hard way they can easily be misquoted by anyone who hates them for their skin being white. They have been losing their jobs in droves although these have dedicated their lives to the integration programs for equality of all races.

We saw recently Gina Carano, Rosanne Barr and Piers Morgan finding out about this heartless “cancel culture”. Not only companies’ reputations come under fire, and lawsuits happen, but some also could be fined by the Government whenever such accusations fly.  We saw at Nascar how one piece of normal rope got a whole squad of FBI agents down there to look at ethnic intimidation accusations, saying they were holding up a noose to a black man.

Such attacks against one skin color have been like death sentences for many families. It is not just confiscation of our livelihood and possessions, it affects all future dealings. People are being killed by  the Corporate state-enforced “cancel culture”, killed by the loss of a job when a company comes under fire for retaining a white employee who was attacked, killed in the courts, killed with kids taken away, killed with losing education and work opportunities (based on skin color of white), imprisoned for false accusations of discrimination also, imprisoned for fake hate crimes also. It didn’t matter if they had any number of character witnesses proving the accusation to be false. It is state ideology to show them no mercy, or the companies will also get punished. It didn’t matter if their whole life all they did was promote this radical-leftist ideology of the forced-mixing programs (calling itself a number of different programs paid for by 15 Trillion Dollars since President Johnson’s war on poverty was started de-segregating the true Christian America). It didn’t matter if their whole lives they mixed, and even married outside their race. So many get killed. Even the bigger companies are threatened to be fined and have their reputation destroyed by the government if they don’t immediately fire any employees who are suspected of having said any such mis-quote.

Then a media props up (for corporate profit or other reasons) stories of false racial disparities by rogue groups like BLM who will also attack the reputations of those companies as they are promoted under the microphone of a runaway corporate press. It is an enslaved Press inside of America that is owned and funded by foreign Communist enemy nations. As many of these companies are co-owned by influential politicians, these become state Communist entities calling themselves a free press, hijacking and exploiting what was for a free Christian self-governing community.

Even then still they get thrown under the bus and killed for the color of their skin. One small misquote can get them killed.

Russian Bolshevist Communists relentlessly killed anyone who was suspected of being “Capitalist” in the most dishonorable ways. This is well admitted in their own words which was clearly documented. They killed without mercy, without courts and without charges. Just on suspicion of being Capitalist.

The innocent men, women and children were lined up and killed without mercy and their farms etc were stolen and taken. There was no attempt to look Noble in any of it, and this was fully admitted.

These food suppliers and many other industrial businesses were stolen by the internationalist Communist Party leaders (internationalist because the party leaders were all foreign shareholders in foreign Capitalist countries where their real wealth was made as they implemented the same abroad).

As owners of influential companies in foreign (mostly Western capitalist countries) they profited off of death, inflation, and raising tariffs in the other countries also. They easily took over the education system by exploiting the holes in a Christian capitalist society that guarded the rights their population and the rights of private ownership, due process, etc.

The Bolshevists slaughtered 66 million of their own people and burned 30,000 places of worship.

An easiest maneuver was the insinuation of racism

The easiest charge to get them lined up to be shot, was racism. Some famous quotes how they used this is found below.

Biden has said in almost every speech (probably to prop up his ownership in foreign countries) that his number one agenda is to fight White Supremacy. They accuse anyone, even Trump who is praised by all racial groups, of being White Supremacist. So it looks like yet another attempted purge of the middle class. Nothing new under the sun.

Is the Feds’ “White Supremacy focus” gearing up for a Trotsky style holocaust of the middle class?

There are a lot more quotes about the internationalists being the true supremacists in Communist places. This would mean traitors to their country, and profiting off of destruction in multiple countries. The oldest tactic from the Communist playbook was the charge of racism.

The following audio is testimony of one Black man who was trained in Russia for Black Revolution in America. He recanted all that was trained, after having long been duped. Everything that BLM and Biden’s cohorts are doing today was engineered by the Communists, taken straight from the Communist playbook:

They still think it will work today. The Communists actually did take over the school system in the 1960’s. They knew it would only take 15 years to conquer America.

• Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel Prize-winning writer and former Soviet political prisoner, who claimed that 66 million people died under Soviet rule in his book The Gulag Archipelago

• R. J. Rummel, a professor of political science and an expert on democide, who estimated that 61.9 million people were killed by the Soviet regime from 1917 to 1987 in his book Death by Government

• Vadim Erlikhman, a Russian economist and historian, who calculated that 66.7 million people died as a result of Soviet policies from 1917 to 1953 in his book Population Losses in the 20th Century

• Stephane Courtois, a French historian and editor of The Black Book of Communism, who stated that 65 million people perished under Soviet communism in his introduction to the book