English Orthodox Private Devotions For the Hours of Prayer, as Published in 1560, added footnotes of Scripture and Church Fathers in 1626

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We encourage every home to use the Book of Common Prayer in Private Devotions. One of the best compilations of our English Orthodox Liturgy for private home use is in this book, John Cosin’s “Collection of Private Devotions For the Hours of Prayer”.

You can download or view the book here. Buy a hardcopy at amazon: https://amzn.to/3L9ofaL

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The work was originally published and approved in 1560. In 1626 it was updated to include footnotes of the Scriptures and the Church Fathers admonishing the hours to be kept as such.

A superb work of Liturgy for home use. The faithful will find it as a great tool as preserved and handed down to us today. Most of which is in our standard Book of Common Prayer.

Please study more background from this article:

Free book: “Primitive Worship and The Prayer Book”, Appreciating Our (BCP) English Orthodox Liturgy