Buy book “Foes of the King James Bible Refuted”, the Sequel to “Defending the King James Bible” by Waite

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This book is the Sequel to Dr.  Waite’s “Defending the King James Bible”

If you haven’t read it, you may want to start with “Defending the King James Bible” by Dr. Waite, available on amazon.


Foes of the King James Bible Refuted is available on Amazon.

     This book is important because it answers various arguments set forth by foes of the King James Bible and its underlying Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts. The arguments of the foes are not new. They have been around ever since the days of Bishop Brooke Foss Westcott and Professor Fenton, John Anthony and their forerunners. Look at the principles discussed in this book, rather than at the personalities involved.

Free download the PDF ebook “Defending the King James Bible by Waite”

Buy the printed copy of “Defending the King James Bible” from amazon.