Several Items Showing Russia is Anti-Nationalistic

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Is Russia Nationalistic or Just Convenient?

There are some in the West who think Russia is more Nationalistic than Ukraine.

I don’t want to give too much commentary. I just would list the following recent facts, that seem to negate nationalism in it’s traditional sense. Ukraine has been far more Nationalist conservative on each point below.

Law passed in 2016: Banning All Religious Evangelization Outside of a Church (registered state church)

It’s a crime for anyone to share their faith outside of a church:


Biggest Mosque in Europe

Putin oversaw the construction of the largest Mosque in Europe, built in Moscow


In 2014 Russia Banned Holocaust Denial and Anti-semitism.

Perhaps this one is nationalistic as to focus on Germany as the only perpetrator of a holocaust. Recently to deflect this perhaps, Poland was blamed for doing the holocaust of Jews.


Academic Research into World War II banned:

Russian University Professor Investigated For Holocaust Denial


Russia is a LGBTQ Country

Even more than Ukraine, the Russian state protects homosexuals to adopt children and indoctrinate them, it’s protected legally to change their gender, and they protect lgbtq in the military to serve without discrimination, etc.


OK So They Don’t Force Churches to Do Homosexual Weddings

Just because they haven’t forced churches to adopt liturgy that promotes homosexuality, and have orgies in public that doesn’t make them now all of a sudden so conservative. However every country in the world has a vast majority of churches who still believe the Bible’s definition of marriage, so this is nothing new. It is also protecting homosexuals to say they shouldn’t be doing lewd acts in public, as some may take offense, no matter the sexual orientation.

It may be that the banning Evangelization outside church rule will help promote nationalist Christian tradition over the LGBTQ new views? It may be that the state negates this as the solutions to these problems requires more speech, not less. When it’s restricted this could backfire the other direction.

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