Strange Effects Manifesting From the “new strand” of DNA / mRNA vax injections

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A follow-up from Mandatory Gene Editing To “Change What it means to be a Human” says top world leaders.

In this article we’re discussing the Strange Hallucinations and spinning around before dying, post covid vaccine:

As we’ve been reporting you would be getting an extra ‘spiral’ to your DNA if taking the injections. It would mimic or even be superior to (if your dna is degrading) your double helix dna.

In our report sent to our members “The Most Widely Confirmed Toxic Ingredient Listed in the COVID Vaccines“, we demonstrated as listed in any of the health .gov and mainstream medical journals on what all the covid vaccines do at the DNA level.

For example:

“Role of Ionizable Lipids in SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines As Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations: From Membrane Structure to Interaction with mRNA Fragments”:

(Above graphic from

So we are now seeing the manifestations of those effected by this spiral pulsating throughout their bodies. After a long time of getting injected with the equivalent of another strand of the dna, (which is on the vaccine ingredients called “ionized lipid nano particles) a “triple helix”, it would manifest as being reported. Here is CCTV footage on the these rounds of triple vaxxed getting the spiraling sensation:

More information as world leaders discuss rolling out the DNA change, that will be mandatory: Mandatory Gene Editing To “Change What it means to be a Human” says top world leaders.

The Norweigan Government is debating whether to use the Nuremberg code violations, “of coercion to do a new state medical experiment, that has not received safety testing” (safety testing is planned to be done after 8 years with this new method of DNA / mRNA therapy now purposely mis-labelled as a vaccine).


Norweigan Govt. Debates “Death Penalty” for Covid Vaccine Advocates

Response from Priory of Salem:

There is still no Vax Genocide lawsuit, although Nuremberg medical experiments code, section 1 etc greatly violated (Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies, Institute of Law).

You may also wish to see the new Documentary “Died Suddenly” that’s taking the world by storm, disclosing the hundreds of deaths caught LIVE on major TV footage, shortly after taking the vaccine.