Supreme Court Inches Closer to Decision in Major Election Integrity Case

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This was the pimary matter that was in the complaints submitted to the court to challenge the validity of the 2020 election. It now is being heard if they were right, but this wouldn’t have impact on the election itself. Some may not see this as exactly the matter. However, it is the Constitutional matter on whether state courts can override the legislature’s sole authority to set election rules.

The biggest mistake was that the Texas Attorney General submitted his challenge late in the night, it was full of flaws and said he wasn’t interested in investigating what the other states were doing anyhow. So he set his complaint to the court to fail on it’s face. Somehow other State’s Attorneys General allowed theirs to be classified as within the Texas complaint, as the Supreme Court had deemed. They did not have to hault other aspects, but they did. This is one measure to get consistency in the voting system and it should be welcomed. We hope to see election integrity continue to be protected.

Supreme Court Inches Closer to Decision in Major Redistricting Case