Ordination and Orthodox Re-integration

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The O.C.C. is an authority with ecclesiastical responsibilities and obligations to re-correct rightly and canonically all debatable ordinations of the wider Orthodox Celtic Church(Culdees) descended congregations. After doing some research on our site you will find many of the first Century Apostles (and their direct assistants) officially were Culdees. Any church tracing back to the Celts and keeping an Orthodox liturgy (like the Book of Common Prayer) may be a candidate. We must return to the purity, re-establish, re-integrate and align to the Orthodox faith of our fathers.

A confederation of larger Orthodox bodies recognize, accept and defend our acts. The Primace of the Orthodox Church of the Culdees (Stephen MK Brunswick) represents (by Synodal decision) in office in defense(diplomatic) assistance of Christians in cases where they have been victims of damaging and intolerant acts of prejudicial discrimination against their freedom of beliefs, which may even be committed by renegade agents of government and society. He may circle the affairs of any branch, whether political, religious, or social organizations towards their suspected incompetence, and issue specific instructions towards the broader reintegration.

Bishops, Priests and other Clergy may inquire to join our growing communion as Apostolic Successors of the ancient Orthodox Church of the Culdees. We are the literal canonical Orthodox Celtic church with succession lines from the Apostles’ First Century ministries in Great Britain. We assist you in delivering the daily, weekly and monthly and annual Divine services. We must restore God’s pure Sacraments to our local communities.

We also hold succession lines from Russian True Orthodox (Catacomb Church) Bishops, who survived the major Bolshevik persecutions and kept themselves pure from the new state church.


There are numerous ecclesiastical solutions for the problems of the time in which we live. Many agree there are several jurisdictions of churches who have left and denied the faith, fallen off the path of life and into the way of destruction. They don’t know what to do, or where to turn. However they know that very new blasphemies just got endorsed by their beloved church. As it says in prophecy, that in the end times the church would have a “great falling away” or APOSTACY.

Our English Orthodox liturgy (and others) require a full confession of any sin and requires our communicants to do the works necessary to show a full conversion has occurred and is maintained. Some may still give lip service in following a perfect liturgy, however they must remember that includes the confession and a full turning away from all sin. In many communities it can be a challenge to have enough Pastors or Biblical counsellors to admonish their flocks. God gives us a safeguard in requiring a full conversion. We praise the congregations who have held onto the liturgy. However if their ministry is represented by a centralized apostate who recently has made new covenants that throw away the very foundations of our faith, then the whole is doomed. Our communion offers a solution to come together in re-establishing the original faith once delivered to the Saints.

However if they then turn to “bless” any abominations, sins or wickedness, or even promote “pride” in various sins then they for sure have left the faith. Some even go as far as to promote “pride parades” who dance around naked, promoting an atheist philosophy and even doing pornographic acts in the parades that include children! Some have even taught a new form of families that have never been part of any Orthodox church.

However still, every denomination in the world will agree that we cannot distribute the holy communion to any person who is living in willful sin without a complete repentance and renouncing all sins. Those who now have begun to turn from this solid way of our faith have all denied both the liturgy and the faith.

Our ministry is a solution that ministers may re-integrate back to the Orthodox faith of our forefathers.

We continue in the English Liturgy that is handed down since the First Century. This liturgy has been used uniformly by both Protestants and Catholics. Even in the most non-conformist American denominations “Congregationalists” for the first several centuries in America was used the Orthodox compliant “Book of Common Prayer” English Liturgy.

If you’re ready to get started in the reintegration, ordination, incardination, or consecrations, just email your resume to marshalofsalem@yahoo.com .

The church is witnessing “the GREAT abominations that make desolate”. Our King told us when we see these things happening in the holy places, that we must “flee for the mountains”, or actually “flee the jurisdiction”. Incardinate to another church or reintegrate back to the Orthodox church of our forefathers.

Several of these “great falling away” apostates have sought to legitimize their unorthodoxy by getting a state secular organization registration. While churches are free to utilize such forms, it is never what makes a church valid. Most countries of the world agree that it is optional for any church to operate in their countries. It isn’t what makes a church, it’s just a tool. Church is worship, praise and advancement of His religion, pure and simple.

Those who think that God doesn’t need to come first in a church, but the local government should give “permission” first, that may be in breach of the first commandment “have no other rulers before Me”. Many splits have occurred within those types of government/secular church denominations that cooperate with the “redefining of the family” and even bless sins that would never have been imaginable in any church. If that is their basis of operating, just a local “non-profit” registration, any time they deviate from their original charter, they may lose their non-profit status.

The Orthodox Church of the Culdees (OCC) does operate as a non-profit organization and is legally registered for the following purposes:

+ Advancement of the Orthodox (Christian) Culdean Religion that is rooted in the Hebrew faith and identity brought to Glastonbury by the Apostles in the First Century.

+ Restoring and preserving the libraries on British Israelism.

+ Equality advocacy for protection of persecuted minorities of Culdean origin, against any prejudicial discrimination against their ethnic or orthodox cultural religious practices.

+ Political advocacy for the Restoration of the Glastonbury Culdees’ authority to judge in the Royally prescribed matters that go beyond the spiritual, into the realms of the civil, criminal and international jurisprudence.

+ International associations for peaceful inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.

Priestly Ordinations are matters of great magnitude. One who Ministers the Holy Word of God does exercise the highest office in this world.  Men to be selected for the applicant process are of good ethical and moral character. Such a one that is eligible will be known to strongly profess their belief in the scriptures as the word of God, and the infallible rule, (2Tim 3:16, Eph 2:20), of faith and practice; to receive our confession of faith as the system of doctrine taught in the sacred scriptures; to approve the form of church government, and promise subjection to his brethren,  zealous and faithful in maintaining the truths of the gospel, and the peace and purity of the church amidst any and all opposition and persecution, and to say whether “he has been induced, as far as he knows his own heart, to see the office of the holy ministry from love to God, & a sincere desire to promote His glory in the gospel of His Son,” (1Cor 2:2, 2 Cor 4:5). Only men of such steadfastness may step forward to apply. After the adoption and utilization of our liturgy, and that he has followed approved and required courses of study, and that a Bishop has first granted him a probationary license to preach the gospel, so that after a competent trial of his talents, and receiving good report, he may in due time be ordained to the Pastoral office. (2Tim 3:7,9 & 3 John 12). The scripture does require that there be some trial of those who are to be ordained to the ministry of the gospel, that this sacred office may not be degraded, by being committed to weak or unworthy men, (1 Tim 3:6, and 2 Tim 2:2).

Send your CV (resume) to marshalofsalem@yahoo.com to get the process started.

There are requirements to have the weekly Sabbaths and the annual assemblies. We support you in starting up your Friday Agape Feasts, that help get people active in your diocese. It’s a normal practice to save up the Biblical “second tithe” that you spend for your journey to the Pilgrimage Festivals annually.  All of these events can be supported from the OCC Holy Synod.


Those who are baptized, confirmed and called to the religious orders of the OCC may be first installed into the office Deacons, then Priests, Bishops, Archbishops, and Evangelistic Prelates. We have a Primace (Archbishop) who oversees the other Bishops at the OCC Holy Synod. For each local jurisdiction there is normally no higher than a Bishop of a local city, and in some stages of demanded growth, and numerous assemblies there is a place for Archbishops.

We pass down to our members the valid lines of Apostolic Succession from Orthodox Culdee Bishops.

You may write us for more information. Otherwise you may find online the category on ordination from our website.

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