“Old Races” or Pre-Adamites, the Most Scientific, Biblical and Respectful Theory for all Races

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Is there a good spiritual basis in the dominant Christian separatist doctrine that kept nearly 100% of America’s churches racially segregated through the 1960s?

The below genetics studies, mainstream Universities and theology textbooks, demonstrate that the non-white races did not descend from the 6,000 year old Adamic-man but were part of the “older races”. This has been the universally held position, and the advances in science have only further proven it, never refuted.

Isaiah 85:10 “Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.” 

Since Soviet Communist times, Christians have been violently bullied into stopping all study of race, and labelled a Nazi (Stalin even made such studies the death penalty during his campaign of mass-murdering 66 million of his own people, which was highlighted by Nobel Prize-winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn and numerous other prominent authors). In America you also got labelled a Nazi and were banned or destroyed in other ways. Rather than let the light shine, darkness and lies about it has been a weapon of destroying the Nations God made good. It says all His creation was good, including those He created in the earlier creation, such species or races are highlighted as mainstream theology in the below text. This “covering up” and hiding of truth has caused things to go haywire for all races. Mainly if there’s disrespect for one, there’s disrespect for all. As we see everywhere, the forced integration programs have only led to more chaos. Even through the 1990s we saw top Harvard University Professors in the faculties of Anthropology violently attacked, but not discredited. However, as you will read herein, that now with the advent of the field of genetics, the proponents of the “old race” theories have been vindicated. These which were badly attacked for speaking the truth, have all been vindicated 100x over as being absolutely correct.

We now see in the latest DNA studies, the verifiable proof that there are no common ancestors between the distinct races, but these all are actually different species. (However, a subset of these scientists will leave room for a tiny possibility that millions of years before Adam man was created and placed on earth, that a common ancestor could have factored in on one of the roots, but not all.)

This study for the true tolerance, acceptance, and respect of all races is long overdue. St Andrew’s OCC and any other Jesus loving or freedom loving institution should do the same. More ministries should ask for rights to publish this good study by Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies.


This article from the Priory of Salem – Institute of Peace Studies (Copyright 2024), is hosted with permission, at St Andrew’s O.C.C. https://celticorthodoxy.com. This article brings awareness consistent with the American founder’s faith in the true “liberty” as found in God’s word, and the “life” as created by the Creator, unmixed and separate, distinct, as “kind after kind” which He created and made 6,000 years ago (in the Adam-man creation), with tolerance towards His creation which He made millions of years ago (the older races), etc.

“Old Races” or Pre-Adamites, the Most Scientific, Biblical and Respectful Theory for all Races

It should be needless to say, that it’s generally accepted that certain races are older than others. However, this article is to remind and document that from time immemorial, the scientific teaching, and even Biblical doctrine of “the older races” being separate creations, has been the most common understanding. Also at the bottom of this article is included links to several University textbooks, which were carried in virtually any secular or religious schools, showing the scientific basis of the Pre-Adamic nations as being widely taught. This is not only a phenomena as the prevalent teaching of the 1980’s and 90s. This “separate creations” doctrine only exploded in more proof since implementing genetic data. Utilizing the latest genetic and evolution theories, these go from what we had considered as the races only being 30,000 years apart, now to at least 500,000 to 1 million years apart from having a common ancestor. These will also agree that Adam-man (Caucasians) only came to being 6,000 years ago. So, rather than believing in a 6,000 year old earth, the latest genetic research requires you to go back 500,000 to 1 million years in order to find a common ancestor (only one of the pair of the earliest ancestors).

However, even before the genetics data, in any mainstream field of science concerning it, the Negro types and Australian aborigines are recognized as existing back to 40,000 years. In more specialist fields, such as evolutionary geneticists Carina M. Schlebusch and others place the African genomes’ divergence to at least 350,000 to 260,000 years ago. Eric Stringer in February 2021 has endorsed a recent study “Archaic Admixture in Africans Distinct, New Study by Swedish Team” where it shows the genetic results of two different African genomes, the Shum Laka and the West African. It shows by basic genetics, that it would take over 100,000-200,000 of evolution for one tribe to be related to the other. In layman’s terms that would mean God created several of the distinct African tribes as separate species in separate creations. However, even Darwin in his “Descent of Man” said you must never presume the different races to have a common pair of ancestors, and that he preferred to call them separate species of man.

Any of the latest scientific fields that attempt to diverge from this understanding of separate un-related races, is met only with theories that there could only be 1 of the 2 original progenitors of a race could have had any commonality at least 500,000 to 1 million years ago. This again goes beyond the scope of when the Creator inserted Adam-man to restore order to the world and “replenish” it, only 6,000 years ago. These same paleo geneticists and anthropologists will still agree that Caucasians as we know them, did only come on the scene 6,000 years ago. This would further prove the 8th day creation of Adamic man with God’s Spirit, in Genesis 2:5, when there was still no man to “till the ground” (or cultivate) in Hebrew. Finally God made Adam-man, which could have been millions of years later, and commanded Adam-man to “dress the garden and keep it” (that is to build a military fortress and guard it, in Hebrew). Not only does the Bible afford a long passage of time in Genesis 2:5, but also between Genesis 1:1 und Genesis 1:2 when after the earth was finished (Hebrew word “bara” meaning completed), that it later in verse 2 “became without form and void”, and later God “re-made” (or “asa” in Henrew) NOT “bara” (not creating) anything else in the earth during the 6 day work of making / asa. This traditional “gap theory” has been kept by half the church world, under various names, including the “old earth” doctrine / theory. It was so well accepted in the church, that the popular Scolfield Bible plainly wrote the gap theory into the footnotes of Genesis Chapter 1. Other great Biblical scientists such as the late Chuck Missler, had explained these phenomena in harder to prove theories such as time passing differently in the early Genesis periods. He may have a point on the situation of the glory of God which helps explain the circumstances surrounding the richer meaning of the Hebrew words. We can even look at what changes the earth went through after the flood of Noah, the canopy over the earth was destroyed and man’s lifespan became less, earth phenomena less, as well as various other feats of men became less and less as were recorded in the mythologies. However if Missler simply would have accounted for the differences of the word “created” bara and “made” asa, many of his outstanding issues would have been solved. This knowledge is key to explaining the pre-Adamic races where Cain found his wife(Gen 4:16), the established doctrine of Lillith as the Pre-Adamic woman committing adulteration with Adam, eve committing adulteration with Lucifer, and the Serpent seedlines. As well as knowing where the pure, promised seedline of Seth had found a suitable wife of the other trees (not the forbidden tree) to carry out God’s command to “be fruitful, multiple and re-plenish the earth”. Multiplying to re-plenish the earth also infers it was filled in pre-Adamic times before it “became without form and void”, a time when “Satan did weaken the nations” (Isa 14:12) in the earlier era of desolation when Satan was cast out of heaven. However Seth would have had the ability to marry for example the non-forbidden trees, for example the “Syrian Tree” listed in Ezekiel chapter 31. Assyrian were also called the “cedars in the garden of God… ” and it described how “all the trees of Eden, that were in the garden of God envied him.” (Eze 31:8-9).

In addition to the great differences between Black and White (cited earlier), you can look at the data on any other race. Each non-White race is well established deep into the pre-Adamic period. No one puts the origin of the Oriental any more recent than  25,000 years, the American Indian and Polynesian for 15,000, and some of the Arabic types for about 10,000 years. Recently DNA studies have shown the highest percentage of Neanderthal DNA are in East Asians. The Cro-Magnon and Neanderthalic races date over 50,000-100,000 years.

None of the above races are documented as able to produce a whole other race, such as the Adamic white man, who only came into being 6,000 years ago.

Only very recently, in a small portion of the world, has this scientific and historical approach of race been so adamantly opposed and discarded. In some territories they made it law (like in Stalinist/Bolshevist Soviet countries) that any study of race would be the death penalty. Even today, this beautiful concept of studying the races is banned in other countries, calling them Hitler followers etc, as if Stalin was still alive today. There are many tactics they have to get such good intended people’s lives destroyed, branded as Hitler followers or worse. This kind of fear exists in the psyche of many people, as if they lived in a time of the 1930s when no one heard of de-segregated areas anywhere in the world. Everyone is supposed to ignore what God made good, and accept the state propaganda to wipe away God’s good creation. However some still believe, “life and liberty” comes from the Creator. All life forms have a right to exist.

It’s the atheist states that need to attack our origins. They bully populations by various measures into ignoring our uniqueness that God made good, and  had commanded to be preserved, and honored. Till recently, virtually anywhere in the world used this approach either of “older races” or “no common origin” whenever there was a study on the races. Each were made uniquely and separately. Any field of study has had this approach, whether theological, cultural, or physical science based.

Why does everyone now say “older races”?

It does not take a special degree to qualify to analyze that the weather or climate of a certain area does not change any one race into a new race. We can see this in any of the colonies established by Caucasian peoples 500 years previous, as an easy example.

Atheists and geneticists seeking to promote the common origin theory have to claim “millions of years” passed between the ages to finally trace the separate races back to a common ancestor. Although atheists like to claim evolution is not racist, they do make the major cornerstone of their teaching that pre Adamic (meaning older than 6,000 years) peoples had pre-existed the Christian or Hebrew based races, by up to millions of years.

Pre Adamic races are up to millions of years older than the Adamic man. Some of the most progressive geneticists, including multi racial themselves claimed it takes about 30 million years for dna to mutate from an original ancestor to a present race. One example being ancestrybydna.com. We should also honor and appreciate the uniqueness God had so instilled in each of His creation.

Darwin wasn’t the only one saying it’s impossible to have a common ancestor, and that the races grew as separate species in separate locations. Till recent times there have always been numerous top anthropologists etc showing us that the races did not have a common ancestor, but were created as separate species. Now genetics studies show this even more conclusively, even adding it would take millions of years for one race to mutate their genes so far as to have a common ancestor.

The leading anthropologist and Harvard University Professor Carleton Coon published several great books on racial origins through the 1980s. He not only was a lead anthropologist at Harvard, but also University of Pennsylvania. He also was president of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. In several of his books, these main-line findings of a non-common origin of races were laid out. One of them being “The Origin of Races”, pub 1962, where I quote: “All the evidence available from comparative ethnology, linguistics, and prehistoric archeology indicates a long separation of the principal races of man. . .. To derive an Australian aborigine or a Congo Pygmy from European ancestors of modern type would be biologically impossible.”

Another Harvard professor of anthropology, Dr. William White Howells, who published many authoritative works on race through till 1995, wrote “Mankind so far”, where on page 221 he stated “The great, familiar racial stocks, the White, Yellow, and Black, obviously represent an ancient separation.” As himself being a proponent of biological evolution, ancient could mean millions of years to him.

Several Textbooks on the “Pre-Adamic races” used in Mainstream Bible schools and other top Universities.

Several of these books you can get in a higher quality print format from https://sacredtruthministries.com/

To help shine the light on the mainstream nature of this respect for all. Several such mainstream books are attached and included herein. Here are some of the Classics (a few more to be added to this page, check back later):

“Pre Adamites” or a demonstration of the Existence of men Before Adam; together with a study of their condition, antiquity, racial affinities, and progressive dispersion over the earth. With charts and other illustrations. by Professor Alexander Winchell, LLD, as Professor of Geology and Paleontology in the University of Michigan.
Book carried by Harvard as a standard textbook.

Origin of Races” by Charleton Coon, one of several texts published through the 1980s for Harvard University. A leading anthropologist and Harvard University Professor, University of Michigan Professor, and President of the American Association of Pysichal Anthropologists.

Mankind So Far” by Howells, Harvard University Professor of Anthropology, who published many authoritative works on race through till 1995.

Adamites and PreAdamites” A Popular Discussion concerning The Remote Representatives of Human Species and their Relation to the Biblical Adam. by Alexander Winchell, LLD, as Professor of Geology and Zoology in Syracuse University, and of Historical Geology at Vanderbilt University.

The Genesis question: scientific advances and the accuracy of Genesis by Hugh Ross Norman, a Canadian-born astrophysicist and creationist Christian apologist. Former Vice-President of Research and Apologetics, Fazale Rana, was named President and CEO in July 2022, Founder of “Reasons to Believe” Evengelical ministry.

Creation and Chaos: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Biblical Cosmogony” by Waltke (Portland Oregon: Western Conservative Baptist Seminary 1974) author since prepared 900 page manuscript on the first three verses of Genesis.

Chaldean Account of Genesis” from the archives of the British History Museum, in the Princeton Theological Seminary.

Races in Chaos” Kind Unto Kind & The Role of the Mixed Multitude by W.G. Finlay With Foreword By Prof. O.S. HEYNS M.A., D.Sc., F.R.C.O.G. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of the Witwatersrand.

Pre-Adamite Man“, or The Story of our Old Planet and its Inhabitants, told by Scripture & Science, by Isabelle Duncan of an influential Scottish family

Anthropology for the People” a refutation of the theory of the adamic origin of all races. From the University of Harvard Library. by Rev William H. Campbell

Genesis veröffentlicht” subheading: Being The Discovery of a Stupendous Error which changes the Entire Nature of the Account of the Creation of Mankind. Also showing A DIVINE LAW, PLAINLY LAID DOWN, PROVING THE ERROR THAT ALL MEN HAVE DESCENDED FROM ADAM AND EVE. by Thomas A. Davies dedicated to the Ever Living God, as a VINDICATION of His Word, Command, and Law of REPRODUCTION “AFTER HIS KIND”.

by General Thomas A. Davies, Davies was Retired Brigadier General in the Union Army during the civil war. As an established Episcopal Theologian, he wrote the following books “Cosmogony; or, Mysteries of Creation”, “Adam and Ha-Adam”, “Genesis Disclosed”, and “Answer to Hugh Miller and Theoretical Geologists”. He was one of the oldest and influential members of St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, New York. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1874, by G.W. Carleton & Co, into the Congressional National Library at Washington DC. Standard Theology textbook of the University of Claremont California as in cover pages of the book, and carried by Universities throughout America as in agreement with Scolfield’s highly popular “Gap Theory” footnotes in the Holy Bible.

Several more universities: https://rumble.com/v4j9kx3-pro-slavery-confederate-ancestor-defended-and-vindicated.html

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