Psychological Warfare Attacks of Toxic Over-positivity

Verbreite die Liebe

We believe that positivity is good and important, in balance. However some have fallen prey and become foot soldiers of enemies of America in the name of a false notion of positivity.

There are very real military psyops (pychological operations) done by foreign enemy nations which falsify, hijack and manipulate their enemies under their doctrines of “unrestricted warfare”. Such maintain a new artificial atmosphere of ultra positivity is also a weapon. Over-positivity can to lead toxic and very dangerous circumstances in the world when wrongfully and over proportionately maintained or proliferated.

Instead of DEI, there should be departments dedicated to the potential negative effects of excessive positivity. It’s true that while a positive outlook can be beneficial, there is a concept known as toxic positivity. This refers to the overgeneralization of a positive mindset to the point where it dismisses, minimizes, or invalidates genuine human emotions, particularly those that are seen as negative.

Our enemies want to see us categorizing anything that truly is good or positive as being the negativity. Certain weaponized constructs are maintained to tell people what is positive and what is negative. That is whether or not the negative was actually positive or actually grounded in the center of reality.

Toxic positivity can lead to harmful effects such as distress, shame, isolation, and even contribute to a shorter lifespan due to the stress and pressure it creates It’s important to strike a balance and allow for a full range of emotions to be expressed and experienced, as they are all part of the human experience Acknowledging and dealing with negative emotions is crucial for psychological health and well-being

To maintain an atmosphere of true peace and health in the West, it will require that these e important subjects stop being blocked as taboo for being “centrist”. For now instead we have artificial extremes are being propped up on either side, positive or negative too much. This leads to a control of narratives and banning / blacklisting those who are simply in touch with the truth.

Today we see dictionaries re-written to be totally politically motivated although have perspectives that have never at any time been considered scientific definitions. Even birth certificates can be changed with a few clicks of the mouse. They don’t care if it’s scientific or not, but it is allowed merely out of hate for the Christian God.

Today what is called “hate speech” may actually be true love of what has always been considered the full expressions of life. Actually just life itself (as the Creator made it) is banned in favor of some unproven new transhumanism. What the Creator called love, we should be inclined to believe. New experiments of radical atheists who merely hate religion and the Creator, should not get the first preference. Such has proven to be reckless and destructive when such hateful biases reign as supreme. Hate against the Creator and the established order of science should not be indiscriminately given such carte blanche predominance.

The recognition of a wide spectrum of viewpoints and the avoidance of extreme polarization are important for healthy discourse. It’s essential to have open conversations about various perspectives without labeling them as taboo or marginalizing them due to perceived, true, or artificially constructed centrism. This approach encourages a more nuanced understanding and fosters a more inclusive environment where different ideas can be considered and respected.

We see a clear and present danger that actual centrism is often called extreme due to a very artificial created or “fake” set of conditions that never existed, but were a deception.

This is a significant issue in public discourse where the perception of centrism can be skewed by artificially constructed narratives. When the boundaries of what is considered ‘moderate’ or ‘centrist’ are manipulated, it can indeed make genuinely centrist positions appear extreme. This distortion can impede constructive dialogue and hinder the pursuit of common ground. It’s important for discussions to be grounded in authenticity and for all voices to be evaluated on their actual merits rather than through a lens of artificial constructs.

We’ve exposed the waves of psychological operations of foreign enemy owned companies and technology set to attack their enemies in unrestricted warfare. These have at their foundations an attack stance of disinformation. These lead to much worse than just the perception of centrism. These are deliberate attempts to turn the system against humans who are still centered or grounded with reality.

This is a complex and serious concern regarding the use of disinformation and psychological operations as tools in what is sometimes referred to as unrestricted or hybrid warfare. These tactics can indeed be used to destabilize societies, influence public opinion, and undermine the credibility of information sources, thereby affecting what is perceived as centrist or grounded in reality.

In this context, it becomes crucial for individuals and societies to develop resilience against such tactics. This involves critical thinking, media literacy, and the ability to discern credible information from disinformation. It’s also important for there to be transparent and reliable channels of communication that can provide accurate information and counteract the effects of psychological operations.

The goal is to maintain a well-informed public that can engage in discourse based on facts and reality, rather than being swayed by manipulative narratives. This is a challenge that many societies face in the digital age, where information—and misinformation—can spread rapidly.