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Farm Murders for 2016/2017 show dramatic increase in frequency and deadliness of farm attacks and farm murders in South Africa — Afriforum Research Institute warns. The independent human-rights watchdog group Afriforum ‘s Research Institute has released its annual 2016/2017 archives – and handed over their findings to the office of the President in Pretoria on […]

Peek inside deserted nuclear bomb-factory where 100 Boers built the Bomb

Die Sirkel – South Africa’s top-secret, derelict nuclear-bomb facility in Pretoria: PELINDABA, South Africa. During the early 90’s South African President F W de Klerk abandoned his predecessor P W Botha’s  top-secret nuclear-bomb production programme.      The 100 Afrikaner scientists and plutonium-enrichment experts who were building nuclear warheads for the country’s Air Force missiles left […]