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Farm Murders for 2016/2017 show dramatic increase in frequency and deadliness of farm attacks and farm murders in South Africa — Afriforum Research Institute warns.

The independent human-rights watchdog group Afriforum ‘s Research Institute has released its annual 2016/2017 archives – and handed over their findings to the office of the President in Pretoria on 26 April 2017.

     View the report here: 

   The research institute’s lawyers and branch managers archive details of crime scenes of farm-attacks and farm-murders shortly after they  occurred,  Their Crime Analyst Lorraine Claasen revealed that the verified farm attacks for the 2016/2017 period were 357-  and 74 white farmers were murdered by black people during the 2016/17 year.
     “If this attack frequency rate continues, the 2017/8 financial year ‘s death- and attack-rates will be even higher.”
   The original number of white farmers were 85,00+ before 1994. Now only 35,000 white farmers raise crops for the entire population of 65-million South Africans on less than 0,5% of the entire land-surface of the country.
      Lorraine Claasen pointed out that there has been increased international scrutiny and concern -“especially after  citizens of Britain and the Netherlands  were among the recent victims of these inexpplicable, organised attacks, invariably by black people.
    And she also warned that the 2017-18 financial year showed worrying signs of another increase of these attacks: “If the frequency of thse  farm-attacks and farm-murders remain the same throughout the 2017 calendar year,
it would seem that the numbers would again increase. To date thus far this year, there have been 113 attacks and 29 white farmers verified murdered in these attacks.”
Claasen adds that it is of utmost importance that all people in rural areas increase their security. AfriForum encourages communities to become involved with security networks in their area.
  She added:  “It is essential to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to gain access to dwellings as the families and employees of these farmers also are in great danger”.
   She urged  victims and/or family of victims of farm attacks to immediately report incidents at stopdiemoorde@afriforum.co.za or stopthemurders@afriforum.co.za so that Afriforum can archive these at once.
  They are archived for a specific purpose: namely to have an independent watchdog also archiving these attacks so that they can be compared to the  understated annual crime statistics reports of the South African Police
Service (SAPS) which since 2006, no longer archive the Farm Attacks and Farm Murders seperately from their crime statistics.

In 2017, the independent civil-rights watchdog @Afriforum’s Research Institute published its 2016/2017 report of verified #FarmAttacks and #FarmMurders on white farmers by black attackers.
Their Crime Analyst Lorraine Claassen revealed that the 2016/2017 statistics were 357 attacks in which74 white farmers were murdered.

Drastic increase in farm murders: AfriForum