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Stage 6 Genocide in South Africa, Plea to the world in the middle of a holocaust, GenocideWatch.org higher stage classification

Very important information as the world turns a blind eye to this holocaust. We are building up a section of news articles on this topic as found at http://celticorthodoxy.com/category/south-africa-crisis/ and throughout our website. From GenocideWatch.org, South Africa remains in the final stages of full Genocide, as Whites are selectively murdered at an ever increasing rate. Every […]

SA ex-president Zuma proudly admitted to ordering the murders of white citizens in the bombing at the Amanzimtoti shopping center

  6 May 2019 – South Africa’s ex- President Jacob Zuma admits that he ordered the bomb attack in which 4 white South African civilians – including 2 Afrikaner children — were murdered in Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal on 23-12-1985.  Zuma admitted this in a speech in his native Zulu language while donating a new house to […]

Court orders 300 homeless Afrikaners to crime-ridden township

Video: Cruel court order forcibly removes 300 homeless Afrikaners to a rubbish-tip without clean water or schools – in high-crime Muncieville   Afrikaans story on http://krugersdorpnews.co.za/239694/video-hof-beslis-wit-plakkers-moet-uit/   What the court-order entails is that 122 very poor white families with an average monthly income of R300 from private donors, and without transport, will have to move […]

Hatecrime-murders of whites by blacks in South Africa 2014 and 2013

Hatecrime-murders of whites by blacks in SA in 2014 and 2013: Civil War developing in South Africa: Roodepoort security expert Louis Groblerhttp://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/2420  Anti-white hiring laws by ANC are killing babies and must be scrapped warns SA Institute for race-relations:http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/2419 Monthly summaries: whites murdered in first six months of 2014: January 2014 murders of whites by […]

Murderer Robert McBride’s killer-bomb exploded 28 years ago

Murderer Robert McBride’s killer-bomb exploded 28 years ago June 14 2014 – South Africa. Yet murderer Robert McBride, responsible for killing 3 innocent women and maiming 71 other people, now is the head of South Africa’s police-watchdog agency, the ‘Independent Police Investigative Directorate’. Pretoria. On June 14 1986, 28 years ago, Robert McBride – now […]

Afrikaners lament: ‘our children just go missing’ …

  Afrikaans poet laments: “Our children just go missing; blonde girls, blue-eyed boys… Missing Afrikaans girl Abigayle Schoonraad, 17 found: June 4 2014: Sinoville found back on June 4 2014 Circumstances: Abigayle was last seen at approx 07.15 am when she left Overkruin High School in Pretoria.Thanks SAPS Sinoville/Garsfontein. Thanks Lyttelton Sector 4 for spotting […]