Murderer Robert McBride’s killer-bomb exploded 28 years ago

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Murderer Robert McBride’s killer-bomb exploded 28 years ago

June 14 2014 – South Africa. Yet murderer Robert McBride, responsible for killing 3 innocent women and maiming 71 other people, now is the head of South Africa’s
police-watchdog agency, the ‘Independent Police Investigative Directorate’.

Pretoria. On June 14 1986, 28 years ago, Robert McBride – now the newly appointed head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate — planted
one of his bombs – later ruled ‘crimes against humanity’ by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission — at the MacGoo Bar in Durban, killing 3 people and injuring 71.   He also planted a bomb in January that year at the Brighton sub-station in Zululand. 

25 years ago it was reported that one of McBride’s injured victims, ex-cop Rudi van der Merwe,  has somehow battled on after he was maimed by the Brighton substation-bomb.


Three years ago, AfriForum paid homage to the civilian bombing victims of ANC-murderer Robert Mc Bride’s Magoo Bar’s bomb 25 years ago in Durban – which the Truth and Reconciliation commission ruled was ‘a gross violation of human rights’.

McBride’s bomb – for which he was given amnesty – dispelled the myth that the ‘ANC-struggle was noble and innocent?…’
Three civilian women died in the bombings and 71 civilians were injured.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission ruled that these had been a gross violation of human rights.
“Few, if any, of the victims were members of the security forces.”

McBride can be legally referred to as ‘a murderer- court ruling.

The Constitutional Court also ruled three years ago that McBride may be legally referred to as ‘a murderer’ even though he had ‘received amnesty’.

  • To summarise: Robert McBride, who now is the head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, is officially a ‘Murderer’.
  • Afriforum forum said in a statement 3 years ago on the 25th anniversary of the bomb:
    “We don’t approve of the history of young Afrikaners being criminalised, while the history of the ANC is romanticised.”

ANC ‘struggle’ was neither noble, nor innocent: Afriforum:

Afriforum’s Charl Oberholtzer said at the time that ‘it remains important to commemorate the bombing which took place during the run-up to ‘youth day’ — to dispel the myth that
the ANC’ struggle was entirely noble and innocent.

“Our thoughts are with the next of kin of those victims who died and the 71 innocent victims who were injured in the blast,” Oberholzer said.

Victim Lorraine de la Rosa: “I don’t think that man has any remorse. I think he’s a very violent person:”


Above: Lorraine de la Rosa, victim of Robert McBride’s Magoo Bar bombing June 14, 1986 was quoted by Bronwyn Fourie of the Natal Mercury three years ago as saying:
“I don’t think that man has any remorse. I think he’s a violent person’ … She was one of the 71 injured victims of Robert McBride’s MacGoo bar bomb: 
“ On June 14, 1986, staring out of the Why Not restaurant window with her freshly made Irish coffee, 33-year-old Lorraine de la Rosa watched as a man “fiddled in his car”. It was a Saturday night. Unbeknown to her it was Robert McBride, the ‘mastermind’ behind the infamous car bomb. A short while later it would tear through Why Not and the neighbouring Magoo’s Bar, killing three people, injuring (69) more, and blowing off her stomach. “It was close to 10pm. We had all been to rugby, and there was always a nice atmosphere… I was looking out of the window, watching the man, and then saw another car quickly pull off. The man then ran away from the car and not long after that, as I was about to take a sip of my Irish coffee, the bomb went off.”

Immediately after the explosion there was dead silence and then the screams of fear.She ran out of the restaurant, collapsing near the Edward Hotel. “Army guys who arrived to assist asked me what was wrong. I said that I did not know. But I was bleeding, and when they lifted my shirt, they saw that my stomach had been blown away.”After three operations, including plastic surgery reconstruction on her stomach, and seven months in hospital, De La Rosa was finally discharged from hospital.She returned to her Wild Coast restaurant and coffee shop, only to find that the business had collapsed during her absence.It would take a Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearing, and many years of resentment and fear before De La Rosa would be able to put the incident behind her. “We went through hell with the TRC,” she said.”It was very emotional and we had to hear a lot of terrible things from both sides. We met Robert McBride and got to shake his hand. But he was not a remorseful person. He said to me that when the guys put on their uniforms, they were the enemy. But back then going to army was compulsory. Our young men had no choice.” De La Rosa sighs: “I can’t believe it’s been 25 years… I don’t think that man has any remorse. I think he’s a violent person.”

Three women died in the MacGoo bar bombing:
Angelique Pattenden,

Julie van der Linde and Marchelle Gerand

Injured were: 
1.   D. Arnold
2.   Michael Blair
3.   J. Blair
4.   E. Booth
5.   D. Bret
6.   Kevin Byrne
7.   P. Byrom
8.   Christopher Clarkson
9.   M. Coeks
10. Jenny Cubbit
11. M. Cyrnow
12. A. de Chalain
13. Lorraine de la Rosa
14. L. Donaghue
15. F. Drummel
16. A. Duncan
17. Rajesh Durlcharan
18. Dennis Eaby
19. C. Edgar
20. K. English
21. B. Erasmus
22. E. Ethell
23. James Ferguson
24. R. Ferreira
25. R.M. Ferreria
26. Mr. Fiddler
27. Mrs. Fiddler
28. David Fletcher
29. L. Friar
30. B. Giddy
31. Carl Hadden
32. Paula Harvey
33. T. Hempstead
34. Keith Hulse
35. Jonathan Jeffers
36. S. Jeffries
37. I. Joao
38. Helen Kearney
39. C. Kenning
40. J. Kerlen
41. L. Koenig
42. E. Langridge
43. L. Livingstone
44. E. Maker
45. Gavin Maxwell
46. Victor Mchunu
47. John McKenna
48. H. Merval
49. S. Mintz
50. L. Mitchell
51. P. Mulholland
52. B. Newby-Fraser
53. C. Olds
54. L. Oliver
55. D. Pavillon
56. M. Plaatjies
57. W. Puttock
58. M. Rathbone
59. K. Robert
60. F. Robits
61. M. Roe
62. J. Saich
63. Roger Shillaw
64. A. Strydom
65. P. Swart
66. G. Tonetti
67. A. van Wyk
68. T. Vilonel
69. L. Valentine
70. L. Waterworth
71. I. Walton

Statement issued by Charl Oberholzer, AfriForum Youth national chairperson, June 14 2011

ANC double standards: McBride and Boer:

Rudi van der Merwe, burn victim of McBride bomb: battles on: