Kingdom Come, Sanctuary for True Judah, and the coming Judgement

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It is indeed time to get right with Yahweh and so we send this annual festal message. Let us prayerfully come to Him and study, reflect, and beg His forgiveness for ourselves and our nation (as His prayer tells us to pray for OUR sins, being His Kingdom people Israel’s sins). That we all be washed in His blood, and that our homes be spared of those great coming days, that we might escape the punishments coming on the whole earth, in the lead up periods to His second coming.We unite in Christ in celebration with the whole church worldwide of that time of Christ’s great suffering and great victory, that time His people (The only people He directly contacted as Creator, His only bride of the New and Old testaments etc, the House of Israel Christendom and House of Judah mixture of both.).Below please find a supplemental theological article, supportive of our lectionary sermon from our Liturgy of the eve of the Feast of Unleavened Bread day 1. Today is that high holy day, and so we share that message with you today. The lection declares *as is in most of the daily liturgies of the world*, we celebrate the return of Christ, to be our judge. It is in our creeds and prayers of which we exalt in a greater way today as throughout all Christendom.

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