Joshua, Jesus, Yahshua, Hosanna, Yahoshua are all Greek and Babylonian Corruptions of Our Saviour’s Name

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The intention of this writing is to exhort those who are doing a deeper research into the Hebrew language and knowing more about the personal name of our King YAHWEH YAHSHA, the one we will all confess and bow to one day. This article is not really for beginner students although they are definately welcome. This is for those who seek a deeper walk and understanding. Over the last 15 years I’ve repeatedly placed this issue of the spellings of His name on the back burner. Now the Holy Spirit has given for me to share with you a deeper insight on His most marvelous name and that has the meaning of Deliveror / Saviour. In all cases when researching His name, the only thing substantial I’ve found is it’s the word Yasha #3467 meaning Savior/Deliveror. The rest of the parts that modern Jews have added to His name are proven to be false. This article is to help prove that His name truly is indeed SAVIOUR YAHWEH Yasha, the King of Kings.

As we’re exhorted to “Prove all things, hold fast that which is good” (1Thesselonians 5:21), I think those who prefer to pray in the Spirit with understanding would be most grateful of gaining the below understanding.

[DISCLAIMER: This is not to say He doesn’t deal with us in grace when we cry out to Him. However, there comes a time when we no longer be babes but understand every word is God breathed, even His name. We are not only commanded to live by every word, but it is the word that is a light to our path. Missing parts can mean not having visibility of your path.

There are those also on the other extreme which say we can NEVER know His name and never speak His name. If they say this, then remember, “…He magnifies His word ABOVE His name…” (Psalms 138:2). So since His word is higher than His name then we could never know what any of His word says either? No! Our God has preserved all of His word perfectly in the original. King James Version is normally good enough, it sometimes helps to utilize the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries/lexicons/concordances for exegetical usage studies. While sometimes that can completely be done with King James Version alone, these books are always readily available for deeper understanding. That is the main purpose of this article. He said if you continue in His word you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. “The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth” (John 16:13).]

Yahshua cannot be the name of the saviour because the SHUA means riches/wealth/crying NOT salvation. We’ll prove it in this article with the Hebrew and Greek words.

“The Angel of the Lord said, Call his name Save (or Saviour) because he will save his people from their sin.” (Matthew 1:21)

The Only Name That Means Deliveror is Yasha

Notice #3468, # 3469, and #3470 are all from #3467, Yasha (yaw-sha). You will find that Saviour in Isaiah 43:3 (“For I am Yahweh, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour . . . ,”) and verse 11, (“I, even I, am Yahweh and there is no Saviour besides me.) and Hosea 13:4 (“Yet I am Yahweh, your God, from the land of Egypt; and you shall know no other gods than Me, for there is no Saviour besides Me.) are all from #3467: Yasha,  the Hebrew word for Saviour.

The name Isaiah (#3470), before it was corrupted by translators, was spelled YashaYah, meaning “Yah has saved. Many of the names of the prophets and patriarchs in the Bible contain the name of the Father or Saviour, but nowhere does it refer you to numbers #7769, shuwa or #7770, shua, or #7744, shuah. They are Cannaanite or Chaldean/Babylonian words and names,  not Hebrew.

Yahshua, Joshua, Hoshana are from Greek corruptions.

In the First century already they were mainly using the Septuagint Greek version of the text. There was heavy Greek influence, however, we all know our King wasn’t a Greek.

Everyone agrees in every theory possible that His name comes from the root #3467, but the go no further. This article will help you take this study further, rather than keep this simply as another “unknown mystery”.

People have been just assuming perhaps the modern Jews are right with their 2,000 year modern mutations of newer Hebrew forms, and words. They think we should go with those, rather than the Bible’s version of Hebrew.

PROOF: Related and Unrelated Hebrew to our King’s name

Related: #3467 = Yasha – masculine a prim root means – avenging, defend, deliver, Deliverer, help, preserve, rescue, be safe, bring (having) salvation, save (iour) [Savior], get victory.

Unrelated: #G2424= Iesus/Jesus – Greek for Joshua from #3091
Unrelated: #3091 = Yehoshua/Joshua – Yah Crying or Feminine Wealth of God.
(Joshua is also a Babylonian and Greek corruption, Yasha is the unadulterated name)

Note the u or “oo” sound in the name Yashua is by adding a Qubbus, a vowel point which is not in the original Hebrew. Those types of markings weren’t added until 1,000 years after Christ walked the earth. Babylonian Talmudism was already bad in His days.

Unrelated: #7768 = Shava – To cry out (primitive root)
Unrelated: #7769 = Shua – Crying
Unrelated: #7774 = Shuaa – A woman’s name meaning wealth
Unrelated: #3444 = Yeshuah – feminine. From # 3467.
Unrelated: #8668 = Teshuah – from 7768 in the sense of # 3467.
Unrelated: #4190 = Mowshah – from # 3467
Unrelated: #7744 = Shuah To dell down or sink

Related: #3468 = Yesha – from #3467
Related: #0477 = Eliyasha – God is Salvation
Related: #3470 = Yeshayah – YAHWEH has saved
Related: #G5614= Hosanna-Hoshia na – Greek word for Yasha Ana (Combination 577 and 3467) meaning Deliver now.

Any time there’s an “ua” ending it is feminine. (Most people know this from non-English speaking cultures. Examples, Fredrik- Fredrika, Alex- Alexa, Albert- Alberta, etc). The “ah” ending is also feminine in Hebrew. Understanding the linguistics of what you’re saying is power, God doesn’t want you to have so little power if you’re one of His children.

Shua is a girl name of an Asheritess, daughter of Heber and sister to Japhlet, Shomer, and Hotham 1 Chronicles 7:32. There is another woman called Shua in 2 Chronicles 2:3 she is called a Canaanite woman.

Yasha is the true and masculine name that is above every name, meaning “DELIVEROR”. Praise YAHWEH YASHA, Worthy is the Lamb to recieve all praise, including praise of His true name!

Up until the 10th century our Saviour’s name would have only been spelled Yasha. That is when non-believing talmudic judaic babylonian condemned Idumeans began adding the extra markings to the pure  Hebrew. These newer forms written by such non-believing Jews can have a major new kabbalistic influence of evil. Sure perhaps 95% of the time it doesn’t change the meaning, however, things as trival as the mutations of the pronunciation of a name you might want to be aware of. Especially since it was a whole new culture after coming out of Babylon with the Talmud and intermarrying and completely removing every trace of Hebrew roots from Judaic beliefs by the 2nd Century.

Strong’s dictionary and many Lexicons may be imperfect because of relying on modern Jewry, but they at least give you the full root words, and full original spellings. Anyone under the anointing of the Holy Spirit can then do a deeper study by the word of God to discover that modern Hebrew can be opposite to original Hebrew.

However, even though everyone is saying “YAHWEH CRYING” when they say the name Yahshua, they in their heart believe they’re not saying the jewish meaning, but the original meaning that YAHWEH is DELIVERING us. He will always answer us, even though we don’t know how to say His name perfectly. However it is truly empowering to know His true name and meaning that we have a MIGHTY DELIVEROR, not a cry baby for a God.

Modern Hebrew and words are part of a foreign culture rather than the original. Think about it, our King Yasha said if they don’t believe in Him then they don’t believe in the Father. The only way to the Father is through the Son.

“Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” (1John 2:22)

He even said many times that by their new manmade traditions and commandments of men they’re “rejecting the law of Moses” (see Mark 7:9 and John 5:46)

So Praise YAHWEH YAHSHA ! Proclaim them like He did when he rode in on the Donkey, Hosanna in Greek or YASHA ANA! (Meaning YAHWEH DELIVEROR NOW). Soon He will return on a white horse, throw His enemies in the winepress, till every knee bows and confesses His name is Sovereign YAHWEH, and He will be crowned our King at David’s throne, the stone of scone. Lets throw out the man-made traditions and get back with YAHWEH in what He has given us in our Spiritual convictions. We will only have to answer to Him in the end. I hope this helps.

Some references are from the Strong’s Concordance, EliYah forum and Christ The Creative Word.

We have posted a new study “YASHUA IS 1/3 of YAHWEH” mainly on Scriptures which say Jesus/Yahshua is God and Jesus/Yahshua is YAHWEH.

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