Love and Truth or ‘Inciting Hate’? Biblical Definitions of love, truth, and hate, incitement to love etc

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Love and Truth or ‘Inciting Hate’? Biblical Definitions of love, truth, and hate, incitement to love etc Love & Truth or ‘Inciting Hate’?

(From the Christ’s Assembly Newsletter)

With the new Religious or Ethnic Incitement to hate law of Britain, about to be signed into statutory law, any comment in preference of one religion over another can be construed to be ‘inciting hate’ and you can be thrown in prison. (source: “UK law: Incitement to racial hatred“)

Hasn’t every good reform in history come from ‘stirring up’ or inciting love for good and hate for evil? love for truth and HATE for lies? Now it is illegal to have love for truth, and hate for lies. This would mean any tyrannical act can be perpetrated upon the people of the UK and anyone who exposes it can be thrown in prison. It is now illegal to seek to research and publish the truth, as that can be considered stirring up any form of being for or against any particular religion or ethnicity. Since everyone is involved in one or the other it concerns them.


The right to freedom of association (or disassociation based on ANY criteria) is globally recognized as a human right, a political freedom and a civil liberty.

Is there one ounce of freedom democracy still remaining in Britain?

In Britain if you merely quote facts and statistics by themselves, say, about a group of atheists. By merely quoting the facts and figures widely available, without any personal commentary on the subject, you can now be thrown in prison for “inciting religious hatred”. When one person quotes two news stories together in regards to the high levels of pedophilia and unsocial behaviour, he can expect to be hauled off to prison on this new law (like the new inquisition), a truly religious law, although is purely anti-religious.

In the wake of multiple train bombings in London, highest disproportionate crime statistics, thousands of Islamic protestors in Britain carrying signs and wearing fake suicide belts saying they will behead all those who do not submit to Islam there were some English tempers beginning to flare. Dozens of mainstream religious Imams went on British TV declaring they must wage Jihad against Britain and the West. It was at the most powerful times of their attacks on Britain that this law was hurrily passed. In a major case the BNP Chairman Nick Griffin was prosecuted for his prediction that second generation Pakistanis would bomb the tube tunnel, (never mind that it did happen more than once as he warned). This suppression of free speech is being justified by an attempt to not speak about the problems in hopes they will go away on their own. Yet the facts of the problem remains and grows to the contrary. It has proven to be the wrong choice to restrict everyone from speaking out against Religious Islamic crime in their factual continual, historical and methodical Islamic conquest of the West. Sure some of the legislators were well intending to try and do something to keep people from focusing on their current problems.

Yet what recourse do you give all the thousands of families that fall victim to their claimed ‘Islamic’ crimes every day? No one can mention the facts that the leading Islamic clerics of Britain recently urged peace only for a time until they have enough power to wage their jihad. While their impatient ones will do their best to weaken the host nation as much as possible day by day in whatever way is given to them. In Germany they’ve tried doing similar things restricting anyone from talking about the problems, but it has only bottled up their rage until it evidences itself out in the streets in violence. Giving these people no way to vent, while they see their society castrated before their eyes is not the solution. I would hate to see things erupt like they have in so many times in the past when such restrictions against free speech were imposed.

With being unable to report on the war being waged by foreigners inside Britain, and prosecuting those that do quote facts, makes this a serious issue of freedom, and a true test of democracy. You might as well just say all English people need to get on the train to Auschwitz. This is the most tyrannical form of censorship, oppression, and occupation, probably worse than anywhere else in the world. With all the technology in Britain this tyranny reaches a scale of tyranny never heard of before. Freedom and Democracy has been dead in Britain for a long time if such a law as this could be passed.

Without being able to even speak about the issues, and for everyone to just be “silenced” I hate to predict what naturally always occurs.

Most people stand for something when they sincerely believe it to be “good”, “right” and loving for the betterment of all people. Labeling someone as being “hateful” 100% of the time wrong, especially when according to their beliefs, sincere convictions, spiritual, intellectual and psychological they’re really practicing love as they understand it and loving towards the world in their beliefs. It is indeed the epidomy of hate for someone to accuse such a loving person that stands for good and truth in this earth, to accuse such a good person of hate really is an insanity that must be addressed.

This assault on free speech, democracy and freedom must be debated and discussed at length. Since I’m not a legal professional of Britain and have never traveled to Britain I hope those who understand the legal rescinding processes will begin it very soon. I know all democratic countries have methods for these most needed recalls and referendums. I hope so before it is too late.

Speaking the truth in love cannot remain illegal for long without severe consequences, even if it be directly from God Himself.

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