Eternal Salvation Based on Blood of (Jesus) YAHWEH Yasha, Not Works

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A lot of Christians think Paul said we don’t need to keep the law at all. However, the only time he said anything near that was in an entirely different context.

In every case his audience specifically said, “you’re not eligible for eternal salvation until after you did all the good works in the law of Moses perfectly.” (Acts 15:1, Hebrews, etc)

It was always a dispute with Hebrews. Most of them thought only blood of bulls and goats could save them. However some that did recieve (Jesus) YAHWEH Yasha, were saying “salvation” could not be recieved until after going through a very long process of conversion into Judaism and becoming recognized as circumcized, etc. While it was all good works they had in mind, they had it in reverse order. Salvation is not earned. Good works only later evidence that we are saved.
Paul did lay out at least several items at the time of conversion that even the Gentiles should already be practicing. In specific he outlined the laws pertaining to idols, sexual sins, dietary and regarding blood, with the mention they can learn it in detail in the synagogues of every city on every Sabbath day. (see Acts 15 and Acts 25)
If the law was to be the basis of our eternal salvation then we would need to keep the law perfect like Jesus (YAHWEH Yasha) kept it.
As we are all born sinners (except YAHWEH YASHA/Jesus) no one, can qualify the eternal salvation based solely on works. Eternal salvation is a free gift that our heavenly Father gives to all those who confess they will repent of their sins, and let YAHWEH Yasha (Jesus) take the death penalty for sin in their place.
While it doesn’t earn our salvation, we want to keep it now, and it is now the desire of all of our hearts, to love it and rejoice greatly in all of His wonderful commandments. Like Paul said we all delight in the law of YAHWEH after the inward man (Romans 7:22).
Good works are only for “doing well” and in many cases help us for “bare survival in the earth”. Eternal Salvation is for the afterlife. The good works are just for having a good life at this time, delighting greatly in all of His law like Paul and King David said we do.

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