Pastor Responds to Bill O’Reilly’s Request to be “Smarter” on Issue of Gay Marriage

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Promoting true love and tolerance for everyone. We hope everyone can become educated and will find help in Christ who can save us from our sin.

“200 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO GET HIV” if involved in sodomy, yet governments promote it with extreme prejudice against all establishments of religion

US “prohibiting free exercise of religion”, sodomy prohibited from being called sin, but must be praised/WORSHIPPED as good or Congress will have you thrown in jail or worse!



Our motto, “Peace Without Forced Blasphemy”.
This scientific report has been compiled for our responsible and balanced Associates who can use the information for their own personal advisement, and for larger studies as per each local jurisdiction as is applicable. There has been a public demand justifying the compilation of this report of the higher likelihoods for some of the most major diseases, including the viral Hepatitis A and B.
There should be no bias against one sort of reporting versus another. There has been a slant to keep this information out of the public eye, to favor the various “stunt politics” of the day. This is all highly unscientific to practice. You may however, still find (as in the attached reference from the book “Getting it Straight”, chapter “Is Homosexuality a Health Risk“. is-homosexuality-a-health-risk.pdf these facts are true regardless of religion.)
Cigarette smoking makes someone 10-15 times more likely to get lung cancer. While homosexuality makes someone 200 times more likely to get HIV, 40 times more likely to get cancer, 70 times more likely to get syphilis, and other more terrible HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS diseases, for example 30 times more likely to carry viral hepatitis A or B. As with many diseases effecting the liver, kidney or brain these are accompanied almost without exception, with many extremely contagious bacterial, fungal, and viral microbial infections, all as other documented major threats that are further heightened to all their neighbors (ie MRSA stapf bacteria, Tuberculosis, noro virus, etc). When any of these are found present in a clean environment like a hospital, they have to shut down whole wards until it can be cleaned. In the workplace they can’t quarantine, although it’s required by law in medical facilities. These things only multiply and grow worse into other symptoms.  Based on these figures, spending time in the presence of a homosexual for some moments is 40 times more unhealthy than an hour sitting in second hand smoke. Even some of the most smallest feces particle passed through the air, of an unclosed anal cavity (as is common in homosexuals), is enough to transmit hepatitis. Let alone the practice of sharing chairs or other spaces with them for 50+ hours a week. If you love your friends and family, please work on raising awareness, spread this article, and promote warning labels for these terrible self-mutilation disorders falsely promoted by renegade agents of government and society who falsely call it a desirous and perfectly healthy gay-happy lifestyle. The psychological, criminal and social disorders more prevelant in their group far outweighs all these likelihoods on the physical health side of things, but that is another study altogether. Help your neighbors, love your neighbor as yourself.
This report shows more reasons why God was correct that we must all confess and repent from all sins before being allowed to partake of the Holy Communion. Only after being washed and cleansed, and even with proof of baptism and confession, is anyone allowed to partake of the Holy Communion, an essential part of our worship. Repentance from all sins is a basic fundamental requirement for the worship services in all branches of Christianity worldwide. If sin is required by state policy then it is worship that is under attack. Congress has made runaway unconstitutional laws (stunt politics) that prohibit the free exercise of religion (confessing sodomy is a sin, as is basic in our religion). 
2010 CDC STATISTIC: HOMOSEXUALS CONTRACT HIV 200 TIMES MORE OFTEN THAN STRAIGHTS. Although homosexuals only make up 2% of the population, Recently the CDC reported 61% of all HIV infections in 2010 were from homosexual sodomy. Therefore about 200 times as many homosexuals are contracting HIV than straight people.

HIV statistics gay vs straight

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RISK ADVISORY: Cigarette Smokers are only 15 times more likely to get lung cancer (than non-smokers). While homosexuals are at least 35 times more likely to get rectal cancer(than non-homosexuals). A person who truly cares should be emotional and perhaps in tears reading these figures. We who are caring should want to share it with as many people as possible. We might have to make a new video that is more proportionate to the facts and figures and the impact it has on killing people, source:

Rev Stephen Michael of the Christ’s Assembly Worldwide responds to Bill OReilly’s request to be “smarter” on the issue of gay marriage.


In alignment with our seminars on how “God’s Law is Scientific” Rev Stephen Michael goes over some of the most convincing arguments for the traditional interpretation of marriage.

Major medical consequences of sodomy include being more than 35 times likely to contract “rectal cancer”. The United States kept sodomy a felony, even if it was consensual between a married man and woman in the privacy of their own bedroom. Today in the military it is still outlawed.

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