FIRST EVER DISCLOSED Zodiac Procession/Ascension Order By Israelite Tribal Encampment

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by Rev Dr. Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick

Finally disclosure on just what is that “Gospel in the stars”. While many Authors and Preachers mention the stars proclaim the gospel to the gentiles, they never say what it is. While many Authors have covered that there seems to be a mapping of the tribes to the Zodiac, they skip over all these vital Biblical points about how it actually applies for success. I believe this is part of the culmination of the most thoroughly researched information on numerous points that even the best scholars never even heard of. Our teacher had to be taken to heaven 17 times and be explicitly commanded by YAHWEH to teach precisely what these verses say. While in no means exhaustive, this writing documents the correct order the tribes map to the stars and how to exercise these mappings in the life of the believer for proper order of activation and ascension into their “Spirit body”. This is only reached by recognizing exactly what has been redeemed in you the blood of the Lamb.

Nearly all scholars on the subject agree that Leo lines up as Judah the Lion, Aquarius is Ruben, Taurus is Joseph, and Scorpio is Dan. These constellations have the brightest stars, and these are also the brigade tribes (each with two other tribes under them).

While that part is agreed upon, almost no scholar puts their list in the order of the commanded encampments. Most writers list them according to the order of birth, or in some other order.

I believe when we leave alone the order as found in the heavens it paints a marvellous picture. Not to mention the order of the encampments.

Pastor Leroy Crouch taught for 40 years on the topic of these four main brigade tribes, each of which maps to 1/4 of our redeemed character in Christ. The Zodiac lists these also in the same order as found in the encampment as pictured here:

YAHWEH has continued to keep the encampment principle, and so should we. Not only do the heavens continue to show the principle, but also in the Scripture the Israelites are to march as such at the three pilgrimage festivals per year. Even today YAHWEH in His humor has placed the tribes still in the same fashion of the encampments.The three Scandinavian tribes to the North, the three Latin tribes to the South, the three Anglo tribes to the West and the three Germanic tribes to the east (with some tribes also scattered among all other tribes).There is truly good reason to map the tribes in the correct order. YAHWEH has put them together in order with all the other tribes from the Zodiac’s standpoint in order of procession. In this article we’ll show the spiralling nature of the 12 tribes according to the Zodiac.Today many people are fascinated by the story painted in the stars. Very few have ever realized these are the same 4 major creatures found in Ezekiel Chapter 1 called “the glory of YAHWEH”. Even fewer have taken it to heart that the word there for beasts or creatures is actually the hebrew word “Chai” meaning “fullness of divine life”. And yet even fewer have read in Revelation where it says there are millions of these beings and that they are “redeemed by the blood of the Lamb” (Revelation 5:9).  Each believer has these four creatures in their interdimensional nature. Note that wherever they go it says their wings are always touching (always together in harmony and balance).People like to say we are all multi-dimensional beings with the ability to ascend. However they go no farther from there. They totally leave out the Scriptures that cover our 4 bodies spanning also within 3 heavens, and the three sets of wings they have etc. We at the Christ’s assembly cover in much detail every week all three levels of all four beings in our nature that Christ purchased by His blood. If you go “BEYOND THE CURTAIN” to the higher realms, don’t tell me you’ll still only be a mere 3D person with a 3D body. Hogwash! This is the multidimensional body above the 3D the Scripture regularly speaks so plainly about. It is only activated by the Blood of the Lamb (Jesus Yasha the Christ).In Revelation 4:6 it says these are they who are in the midst of the throne and round about the throne.In Revelation 5:11 it describes them as numbering in the millions upon millions of Saints.All psychology books agree there are four major character types that also go in four different directions. A balanced and overcoming person will have all four in balance working together. These are also called the four temperaments, which are sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable ), choleric (ambitious and leader-like), melancholic (introverted and thoughtful), and phlegmatic (relaxed and quiet). To get them all in balance it would be helpful to meditate on the rest of the tribes in their meanings and their orders under them. Each is like a leg stool holding up their main character. There is no source of astrology that gets them in the right order, although YAHWEH told us the order. I’ve searched hundreds of sources, both from astrology as well as from Israel tribal identity scholars, however none of them simply follow the order YAHWEH has given. Not only do they not follow or list the order as YAHWEH has given both in Scripture as well as in the heavens, but they also do not give any Biblical teaching on it like we do at TCAWW.While all the best books will agree the identification of various tribes to their zodiac sign, none have listed them in order as per their procession. Not only have they not listed it but they are at the farthest cry from ever teaching on it. The procession of them is important to understand the balance of YAHWEH, and how each tribe works together.After 40 years of research and teaching on this subject, Pastor Leroy Crouch listed this most important order of ascension in the Spirit. In a future study I will go much deeper into each tribe but for now I list you the order of procession.THE CAMP OF DAN (TRUTH/logic 1st heaven earthly) EARTH
1. Dan was given the Scorpion, meaning conflict or contention. He led the way to the isles, and
contended against the nations.
2. Ashur stands for Sagittarius, an archer, a destroyer. His shoes were “iron and brass,” and he was
acceptable to his brethren.
3. Naphtali stands for Capricorn, a goat, meaning, in Hebrew, “cut of”; “a hind let loose,” bounding
“with goodly words.”

CAMP OF REUBEN (RIGHTEOUSNESS/emotions 2nd heaven soul realm) WATER
4. Jacob said of Reuben, “Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel.” The tribe of Reuben corresponded
with the sign Aquarius, which means water.
5. Simeon stands for Pisces, or fish, scattered through the waters. Simeon dwelt among Judah, and
always assisted in the wars of that tribe.
6. Gad was given Aries, a ram, and signifies “sent forth;” from him issued judgment, and “he came
with the heads of the people.”—Deut. 33: 21.

CAMP OF JOSEPH (SERVANTHOOD/spiritual 3rd heaven fruit of the spirit) AIR
7. Joseph represented Taurus, a bull, which, in Hebrew, means coming. The era of glory, the
millennial joys, are coming through Joseph.
8. Benjamin is given the Twins(Gemini), meaning united—in Christ all shall be one.
9. Issachar is associated with Cancer, a crab, meaning holding fast.—”A servant unto tribute.”—
Gen. 49:15.

10. Judah is associated with Ariel, or Leo, the lion (Isa. 29:1), which, in Hebrew, means eminence,
distinction; “Unto him shall the gathering of the people be.”—Gen. 49: 10.
11. Zebulun was given Virgo, a virgin, which means purity. “He sucked of the abundance of the
seas, and of treasures hid in the sand.”—Deut. 33: 19.
12. Levi stands for Libra, which signifies balances, an instrument for weighing. It was fit that Libra
should be given to Levi, since he was to teach the people the law.

There is a different gem for each tribe, which also are foundation pillars in the new Jerusalem city. The Polish practice using the gems also matching to each of the twelve apostles (as it says there are twelve thrones for the twelve apostles, each ruling over one of the tribes of Israel. And over each one of the gates to the New Jerusalem city is one of the names of each of the twelve tribes. It says also there are twelve fruits that grow from the tree of life, one fruit for each month. So it behooves us to understand and know these teachings of the seasons like they understood and wrote about so freely in Biblical times. We are in Biblical times now, so it’s more time to awake out of sleep! (Deeper teachings are for converted, baptized born again, confirmed and faithful believers who daily walk with God. Our Priory has teachings that apply these truths to our daily lives how to walk in victory in every circumstance.)

In the next lesson we’ll go more into the spiritual natures of each tribe in the zodiac. The next lesson is by request for advanced students. It will include a full graphic demonstrating the procession along with all detailed psychological and spiritual notes. If you would like to receive it email Minister@ChristsAssembly.comGet the E-Book TWO STICKS OR THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL DISCOVERED

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