Afrikaners lament: ‘our children just go missing’ …

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Afrikaans poet laments: “Our children just go missing; blonde girls, blue-eyed boys…

Missing Afrikaans girl Abigayle Schoonraad, 17 found: June 4 2014: Sinoville found back on June 4 2014

Circumstances: Abigayle was last seen at approx 07.15 am when she left Overkruin High School in Pretoria.
Thanks SAPS Sinoville/Garsfontein. Thanks Lyttelton Sector 4 for spotting the vehicle, Nana PLTT, and all other networking role players she was found and safe home. The guy was arrested and the vehicle is recovered. Let healing begin Nana Head Operations SA
Missing Afrikaans girl found: Gabriella Greyling 13, Odendaalsrus FS, May 3 2014. OB no 15/05/2014.

Circumstances: She was last seen on May 3 2014 between 6am and 8am.
Thanks Officer Brits, family friends, Nana PLTT and all other networking role players she is found and safe home.
Social workers will be on hand soon. Let healing begin. Nana
Missing Afrikaans girl found: Florida GP Marielle Koekemoer, 15, April 25 2014. Reported to Hazyview MP 1/05/2014.

Circumstances: Marielle lives in Megs Place, Bergbron, Northcliff, Johannesburg and was last seen on 25 April.
Thanks to SAPS Florida Capt Mogwe verified case closed, SAPS Randburg & Linden, PLTT Andre Putter, Marius dad, mom friends and all other networking role players.
She is safely in the hands of Healing Wings. We pray that she will get all the help needed and give her the strength for a full recovery.
Missing Afrikaans girl found: Boksburg North, Nikita Foley, 28 May 2014. OB: 2304/05/2014.

Circumstances: She lives in Brown Street Witfield and was last seen on 28 May 2014 at approx 13.00.
Thanks SAPS Lt Coetzer, Wendy S, Nana PLTT and all other networking role players she is home safe. Let the healing begin.
Missing Afrikaans boy found: Springs GP Lehandre van der Merwe 15, May 26 2014.

Circumstances: Lehandre Van Der Merwe was last seen on 2014-05-26. Thanks Capt Brand Springs SAPS, PLTT and all other networking role players. He is found safe and unharmed. SAPS will follow through on an ongoing investigation. Let the healing begin
Missing Afrikaans boy found: Springs GP Herman Engelbrecht 11, May 19 2014.

Circumstances: Herman was last seen on the 19 May in the evening in Plantasie Road Springs Extension. Herman was brought home last night (Friday) from “Warden” and the Investigating Officer WO Jansen verified and cleared it on Saturday 24th May that the case may be closed. He is safe home now. There is an ongoing Investigation. His father was arrested yesterday morning and will be charged with the necessary charges. Thanks to WO Jansen, Barries, Wendy Stephan PLTT his is back safe. Child protection unit involved and expect social workers to also be involved. Thank goodness for this one. Thanks all other role players. Let the healing begin. Nana Head Operations SA
Missing Afrikaans girl found: Geraldine van der Merwe, 13, May 9 2014. OB: 678/05/2014.

Circumstances: Geraldine was last seen on the 9th May at approx 18.00 hrs.
Thanks SAPS Vosman/Witbank. Thanks PLTT dad Wimpie, family and all other networking role players she is safe and in good care.
Let the healing begin.  Nana, SA Missing Children Pink Ladies
Missing Afrikaans girl found: May 12 2014; Brakpan GP Belinda Elizabeth Van Eeden 17 yrs 12 May 2014 OB no 255/5/2014.

Circumstances: Belinda was last seen on the 12 May 2014 at approx 9.30 hrs. Thanks SAPS Brakpan Col Van Der Schyff and team,
PLTT family friends and all other role players she is home safe. There is an ongoing investigation. Let healing begin.
Missing Afrikaans girl found: Charlotte Geldenhuys, 14 found May 8 2014: missing since Oct 14 2013 from Rosenhof High School Bloemfontein Parkweg.

Circumstances: Charlotte went missing on 21 Oct 2013 from Rosenhof High School in Bloemfontein.
“She is in the programme and must be located and back to the school. Finally we have verified that she has been found and back safe (May 8 2014).
These cases can take such a long time because of the red tape when a child is in the system.”
Thanks WO Van Zyl, Nana Pltt and all other networking role players. This case is closed. Nana Head Operations SA.

Huge shortage of children’s care homes in South Africa leads to abuse, reports Carte Blanche tv April 2014:


Jedidiah Children’s home, the only place of safety in the entire Brits region, where child-victims of domestic violence were referred to by the law courts, was forced to close its doors.

The children were taken away to an unknown place by social workers. Carte Blanche video showed abusive behaviour by its Afrikaans manageress.April 2014:

Kidnappings of children are censored by SAPS and by charities in South Africa:


Afrikaner Children also are targetted by sadistic black–racists:


Above: 6-year-old Chaney was lucky to be alive after black-racist attackers in Louis Trichardt tried to strangle the child and her grandmother to death. The two were attacked and tortured on February 6 2014 in Mrs Weyer’s apartment in the high-security Kitmet complex in Anderson Street, just one week before the grandmother’s 66th birthday. A journalist from the Zoutpansberger newspaper described how Mrs Weyers, still coated in blood and in shock, described their night of terror. ‘It was difficult to ignore the blue bruises on the child’s little face and the thick, red finger-marks around her little neck where the black male attacker had strangled the little girl, writes the journalist.

Sex-slavery gangs kidnaps Afrikaner mom of 5 young children to force them into prostitution:



Afrikaner children also are greatly endangered by the filthy cholera-infested water in internal refugee camps:


Thousands of Afrikaner children’s lives are also endangered each day by the increasingly desperate conditions in ‘white’ squatter camps.  It is estimated that at least 1million of the 3,4 million Afrikaners in South Africa – refused access to the job market by more than 100 anti-white ANC-laws – now have no homes, nor any source of income and are forced to live in derelict sites. Often these families only get one meal a week or even less. Recently a muslim charity was alerted to the widespread hunger among Afrikaner miners in Rustenburg, and rushed to their aid.
















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