Ireland Changes Definition of Marriage (loses all ability to govern)

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TODAY IRELAND FALLS.. Today Ireland Promotes sexual divergency officially by their “government” as discriminating against the traditional form of marriage that our Creator has given His good creation. For this to be called “governing”, I remind you this only proves their illegitimacy, lack of authority, and lack of power. As it says in the book of Romans that the only powers that exist are those that are ordained of God. (They have no power, just vaccum of attacking nature… which always has consequence.) Their current government has also lost all power to govern, in that they’re experiencing some of the worst times of poverty by really all definitions, as well as a very high rate of disease. All proof it failed, and that they no longer govern. They’ve reverted to the quick credit they can get for selling out the last of their few healthy Christians to be preyed upon. The bank uses those credits to pay back the interest debt as well as look to future securing themselves in a more easy to control mongrel society. – +++ Rev Stephen M.K.

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