New Billboards” “We Must Obey God Rather Than Men” Acts 5:29

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In memory of the valiant efforts of the two bakers that defied the dictates of man, in order to serve the Living God:
COMING SOON: $10 Million dollar fines if you dare deny gay marriages in your holy sanctuaries.  (at the forefront, listen to mp3 from July 3rd)
We are in progress of putting up the artwork on a Nevada Billboard, more can go up with your helpful donations 
Aaron and Melissa Klein were fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.
The Christian owners of a former bakery were officially ordered Thursday by the Oregon labor commissioner to pay $135,000 in fines to a lesbian couple after the bakers declined to bake a wedding cake for the couple due to their religious beliefs…. WND.COM
America’s first seal after the Revolution. As proposed by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. They were three of the five primary authors of the Declaration of Independence. (Moses parting the Red Sea, drowning Pharoh’s armies, and the pillar of fire.) 

Acts 5:29 “But Peter and the apostles answered, We MUST obey God rather than men.”
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Felony Hate Crimes for Churches, As Supreme Court’s Tyrannical Edict Goes Against Nature and Families

Posted On July 3, 2015 by Editor
It’s not just about civil unions. In each case, the extremist rainbow flag wavers have taken the issues ten times farther than ever dreamed. Now our beliefs and nature itself is a hate crime against a protected group”LGBT”. Now their protected new “rights” are to control our churches (or such churches can lose their 501c3 status and even be charged with felonies of hate crimes). Now we all must not only condone, but must celebrate Sodomy Marriages (a form of worship) in the Holy Sanctuaries of our churches. If any treats them different from the others, ie denying a certain portion of the sanctuary, such church is committing a felony hate crime. They can then be charged with HATE CRIMES and be imprisoned just like Jesus and all the Saints before us.

Attack Against States Rights

Many states overwhelmingly voted marriage is between a man and a woman and same sex marriage is banned. Their votes all meant nothing as radical extremist fanatical activist judges (that represent less than 0.5% of the world’s population) think they can bypass the legislative system, time and time again. Now the Supreme Court’s Edict makes it now basically a right. So any who denies this new right to be performed or celebrated in their Holy Sanctuaries, the priests can get many years in prison as a hate crime. Our votes have meant nothing, and 99.5% of the world is also being trampled under by these extreme edicts against all nature, all psychology and science fields.

Attack Against Secular Scientists

Doctors, Scientists and Psychologists (who have no religious affiliations) are now being fired in epic numbers, for simply remaining neutral and scientific on the matters. This is like Joseph Stalin’s and the most extreme Bolshevist’s wet dream.

Attack Against All Holy Sanctuaries

Now any priests who refuse to give a “marriage” between two men at the prominent place of their holy sanctuary (even if before only virgins were allowed to marry at that portion of the sanctuary), then such priests will go to jail. Lawsuits have been filed in all 50 states against the churches and priests who have faith that God and nature is correct. Now renegade public servants have decided that sodomites, trangenders and lesbians must be celebrated and taught as good to all children within the walls of any church the said wicked promoters so choose to have it held. 

Now It’s a State Sponsored Hate Gestapo

Now domestic insurrection against our inalienable rights (FROM THE CREATOR) is being waged not only by private individuals, but by the renegade public servants themselves. Obama has used the recent court decision to deny funding for children’s meals at schools that won’t radically alter their teachings to include pornographic sexual material in favor of transgenders (all nearing the realm of pedophillia).  So now in the US, if any church says they believe marriage is between a man and a woman then the state will prosecute him for hate crimes. The priests, and any who stand with him, will go to jail, and the said church would be destroyed in favor of the new state endorsement of faith against nature.

Protect Yourselves

I suggest everyone have a “Public Servant Questionnaire” onhand to ensure our fundamental rights to freedom of association and disassociation is respected by such agents. 

Ensure Privacy. Downloadable PUBLIC SERVANT’S QUESTIONNAIRE – Public Law 93-579

Please use downloadable format for any time you believe your privacy is being violated. If the person/agent signs, it demonstrates good faith that the said person/agent does not intend to violate our rights. Download: Public Servant Questionnaire in *PDF* (click here)

Remember, there will be no lukewarm in the end times, no on the fence. Just light vs darkness. This was foretold clearly in Revelation that such abominations will be exalted above everything of God, and to be worshipped in our very holy places (to exalt ABOMINATIONS with much love from the heart ie GAYNESS) rather than delighting in God’s commandments with all the heart, like David did. The agents of Satan won’t rest until all civilization (Christian civilization) is destroyed. Call on your neighbours, family, friends and community to prepare as if for Armageddon.
Learn about the groups who are the authorities in informing the Public Servants to come and persecute you. Groups such as the ADL, and their history of spying, kidnapping and torture.

Foreign ADL Hitmen Layoffs, Now With Control of All Local Law Enforcement.

Coming soon? $10 Million fines for churches who fail to perform weddings in their holy sanctuaries? **special mp3**  (also listen in on our updates on “The Kingdom Message” at Watchmen of the Christ’s Assembly | Proclaiming the truth as is the duty of all Christian Israelites

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