SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL “LAW ENFORCEMENT” Oath of Office to Protect and Defend the Constitution

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I just want to take a moment to thank all officers of the law, who follow their oaths.

The central part of the oath:

“…to protect and defend the constitution”

The central part of the constitution is known as the “Bill of Rights”. These are called our “constitutional rights”.



Against anyone internally or externally (foreign or domestic) who would not also defend and protect the constitutional rights of every US citizen.

Thank you for your service, those who keep their oaths! No matter what entity has interest in reducing such rights of the oath.

We can call it the “oath of restraining tyranny” or “the oath of limiting the powers of government from interfering in personal freedoms”, ie freedom of assembly/assocation/church etc.

Thank God it doesn’t say just “attack anyone foreign or domestic, who somebody who got inside of the government declared to be an enemy”. Instead the oath is very specific it’s only “protecting the constitution(rights/etc) against..”.

It is such a wonderful government where we are all equal to the government, and no one is above the law. Hence the true meaning of “all men are created equal” when it was first written against the dictator government of England. The cictatorship of England believed their government was above the people, so the phrase was made “all men are created equal”.

Renegade agents and unequal dictators who think they’re above the rest of the population are excluded. Any who think they “know better” than the people, are not included in this giving of thanks. They go against all intents of the phrases and laws of America which all do restrict “governmental pretenders” from interfering in the people’s rights that are defined in the Constitutional Rights.

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