Southern Baptists Choose New Beliefs Against God’s Word

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This is proof that the Holy Spirit has left this denomination long ago. One Bible believer will normally put 1,000 non-Bible believers to flight. Non-believers normally wouldn’t be able to exist in such an environment. Here we see that such extreme hate against our Loving Creator is not only sanctioned but the most radical stunt politics (even against science) is so extremely celebrated in their holy sanctuary. This is a proof they stopped serving the God of Israel. We know which god they now serve based upon which laws they’re now following. Surely those aren’t found in any of God’s laws. (1John 3:4 gives us the definition of sin. Read “the definition of love” direct from the word of God, as quoted here: Definition of True Biblical Love Cannot Be Lawlessness. Is your definition of love sober or is it half-hazard?)

I think the spirit left when they stopped acknowledging Sabbath about a century ago. A century ago it was more popular to worship together with the rest of the church which called themselves “Seventh Day Baptists”.

Baptists have prided themselves in not conforming to state enforced religion, and to have Jesus Christ as our King. Baptists have stood for unity with all who take the Scriptures literally. However, it has been official doctrine in the Bapist seminaries for some time that the word of God is not inspired. They even teach that Jesus Christ did not die for our sins.

The first Baptists were known as resisters against State enforced religion. The earliest published confessions of General Baptists prove this. In England they were first known as the Hebrew Culdees, later they were known as “the Dissenter churches”, Anabaptists, Seventh Day Baptists, and Congregationalists. On the continent of Europe they were known primarily as Waldensians.

In America, for the first three centuries the official government constitutions were known as the “Articles of Confederation“. In these since 1640 till even after the revolutionary war, it defined our “perpetual union” to be solely for worshipping Jesus Christ. It states the reasons (as many other documents such as the Mayflower Compact) that they risked everything to come to America. The one reason of unity is clearly mentioned. The one purpose as it states “for freedom to obey the literal word of Jesus the Christ.”

Now another Baptist church has fallen away. The Church which produced first Southern Baptist Convention president will now allow sodomites to hold high office, be ordained as their renegade priests and promote abominations to be celebrated in their so-called holy sanctuaries.


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