Glastonbury Apostolic See Gave America Independence, Quick Summary:

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SUMMARY On How America Gained It’s First Independence In 1639, And The Spiritually Important Truths Regarding Covenantal Sovereignty: 

Archbishop Parker, the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth promised in his letter to Calvin, concerning the proposal of a union among all Protestants, reminding him that the Church of England would “retain her Episcopacy; but not as from Pope Gregory, who sent Augustine the monk hither, but from Joseph of Arimathea.”

Over a dozen international charters confirm Glastonbury Sovereignty both civil and ecclesiastically over all the lands owned by the ruling clerics. These lands are legally recognized as the first lands of the twelve hydes given to Joseph of Arimathea. Throughout the ages also Rome stood down against any claim, and agreed Glastonbury has a right never to be under any Bishop. This and many other rights were guaranteed perpetually to the successor monks and clerics in hebrew culdee traditions that fulfill God’s word. Only one cleric monk John Nott refused to sign Henry VIII’s act of supremacy, and raised official protest to Queen Elizabeth that guaranteed the succession the chartered rights to his successors.

In the first generation therafter Judge John Nott made the borders of the land of Glastonbury in Connecticut (as surveoyor, and called them Glastonbury’s land) in 1653, and he called forth Glastonbury’s militia. This is all in official records by his hand. He was chief judge at America’s oldest sovereign court house at Wethersfield Connecticut (the oldest of the Hartford area), where America’s first constitution was drafted, which gave the name of Connecticut “the Constitution state”.

At his court was drafted and covenanted that his state and later all additional states adopted it (originally without any creedance to any monarchy) the following definition of our Union: Whereas we all came into these parts of America with one and the same end and aim, namely, to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and to enjoy the liberties of the Gospel in purity with peace; and whereas in our settling (by a wise providence of God) we are further dispersed upon the sea coasts and rivers than was at first intended, so that we can not according to our desire with convenience communicate in one government and jurisdiction; and whereas we live encompassed with people of several nations and strange languages which hereafter may prove injurious to us or our posterity .” (note some states used a shortened version, but this is the text of the original Articles of PERPETUAL Confederation.)

The sole-founder of Glastonbury in America was successor of the old Glastonbury. He was Judge and militia Sergeant John Nott. He defeated many savage ndians when greatly outnumbered. He judged the area for decades longer, handing his court position down to his successors. The Nott family heirs have lead in many capacities thenceforth at the peak of American providence toward God’s Western and Modern Israel. We see the end of America and it’s doom as all forget what it meant when today’s constitution says “it is for the perfecting of the union”. Many have forgotten our Christian heritage that was called the “perpetual confederation”(or Union) as above text underlined in italics.

The Priory of Salem, together with the Orthodox Church of the Culdees, and the Christ’s Assembly Worldwide is now working at the old Glastonbury in England to bring back the British Israel books to a bookshop at the site, and eventually back into the civil recognized Abbey buildings. Hundreds of books on Glastonbury could be in the Abbey library and bookshop but all Christian books have recently been taken out and replaced with books on sorcery. Last week Rev Stephen M assisted our Glastonbury Clerics who live and minister daily there around the site and tor for reesablishing the original faith within the lands. We took steps to securing the new bookshop for the area. We believe the original Christian truth will disperse all the evil they are doing at the site. We know God has promised there will be a great witness of His Kingdom before the end does come. Your donations will go towards it. Lets not let them sweep away the memory of Christianity in the earth.

As Christianity was the “one aim” of the Union (the perpetual union (un-ending) that was “perfected” in the latest Constitution and Bill of Rights) we ought to regain our coherency to continue on lawfully and orderly in it. This is the only charter that gave us right to separate from all worldly powers. Any who operate outside of this perpetual Christian union are operating in another government that has nothing to do with the Government operating in America.


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